Putting Things Behind You

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					"Supernatural responses come when we make the necessary sacrifices to put dead things behind us."-Ruby Fleurcius What's in the past is in the past! My friend, there is no need to bury ourselves in the things of old. Actually, it is the things of old that keep our heads buried in the sand of mental anguish. Furthermore, when we allow ourselves to become too mentally entangled in someone or something, rest assured that emotional bondage will soon follow like a thief in the night. And, yes, most often it will take more than we are willing to give. Our willingness to put away dead things gives us the power to cope and eliminate our sensitivities of being misunderstood. My friend, everyday provides us with an opportunity to live better than we did the day before. Furthermore, when we allow ourselves to live in victory, we then open the door to succeed in places that we never knew existed. Putting things behind you will definitely give you a boost of confidence to move forward, when others are looking at the impossibilities at hand. My friend, God can and will do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you can ask or think as long as you trust and believe that He can and will. Prayer: Father, I am making a sacrifice to put away the people, places and things that are holding me back. Lord, as I move forward in the newness of everyday living, grant me the supernatural ability to succeed beyond all measure. In Jesus name. More info about Ruby Fleurcius. More Articles:
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