Beware These Penny Auction Scams

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					Beware these Penny Auction Scams
Though penny auctions can be a great way to get top-of-the-line products, at least at the
best online auction sites like, bidders should beware of the more
unscrupulous web sites which attempt to take advantage of this latest online craze.

Below are some of the common pitfalls that penny auctions players should avoid:

Simply not delivering the product. Many penny auction sites are just front operations
created to steal money and information of their bidders. They have no intention of
mailing you the product that you just won. This is why you should visit independent third
party review sites online to make sure that no one has complained about the penny
auction site that you are about to use — or simply stick to highly rated ones like

Using human or computer shills. As you know, each bid on a penny auction site resets
the clock for that item. When the clock runs out, if you are the winner, then you have
earned the right to buy the item at the final price. However, some companies will employ
computer robots or even human “shills” to keep the bid auctions going and hike the final
auction price up, so real customers like you will buy and spend more bid packs.

Hidden costs in the fine print. Many of the more unscrupulous penny auction sites will
charge you extra fees and hide these extra costs in the Terms of Service (TOS). Make
sure you read the TOS before signing up on a penny auction site.

Using misleading terms. Some penny auction web sites use misleading terms to make
you think that you are getting free bids, when they are charging you for every one and
automatically debiting your credit card for such.

The best penny auction site does not have to use any of these dirty tricks in order to have
one of the best online auction sites around. is your place for safe, stable
bid auctions. If you are looking for the absolute best penny auction site, where you can
bid on brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and more at a fraction of the retail price, then is your home.

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