TeamWork (DOC) by rubyfleurcius


									“Our interconnectedness and interdependence with others is a great way to achieve that in which we cannot do for ourselves.” –Ruby Fleurcius We need people and people need us. I know that there is a lot of hype about being independent; and, yes, we all should be independent assuming responsibility for our own life. However, we must also have an openness to interdependence as well. Interdependence is our ability to work together with people to accomplish a common goal in the “WE” form—in so many words, “Teamwork.” There are times when greater success can be attained through a combined effort of those who are able to accentuate the greatness that’s already within us, without us becoming dependent upon them. Of course, trust must be developed in some way; however, it should never prevent us from becoming a team player in all that we do, say or think. In order to maximize our interdependency, we must hone into our ability to become a motivator or motivatee. As we all know, motivation is the key factor in communicating effectively with self, others and our environment. Our environment has a paramount effect upon us whether we admit to it or not. And, if our environment is comprised of selfishness--we have a tendency to become selfish as well, if we do not take the initiative to make the necessary changes. When we become willing to exhaust all of our resources, we therefore put ourselves in a position to overcome any known or unknown adversity that prevents us from taking responsibility for ourselves. Therefore, giving us the ability to achieve the desires of our heart or giving us the courage to get rid of what’s not working in our environment. We are the paradigm of our environment, we are the paradigm of our belief system, we are the paradigm of our thoughts, we are the paradigm of our actions, and we are the paradigm of our attitude. If we want our paradigm to change, we must change or adjust our level of dependency and responsibility of our mindset. It is through your mindset that governs your beliefs, and it is through your beliefs that govern the perception you have over your reality or the perspective that you have about yourself. My friend, it’s imperative that you avail yourself to become interconnected with your environment; therefore, enabling you to better understand whether the people, places and things in your life are enhancing or limiting your full-potential. Prayer: Father, help me to enhance my interconnectedness and interdependence with others to polish up my communication skills. Lord, as I assume responsibility for my thoughts, actions, and reactions, allow me to become an effective and productive team player. Today, as I become more aware of my environment, help me to exhaust all of my resources to ensure that I am able to maximize my full potential. In Jesus name. Amen. More info about Ruby Fleurcius. More Articles:
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