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									                             D.A.V PUPLIC SCHOOL (2010-2011)
                                     QUESTION BANK
                                      STD X-English
                                        Section A

     Q.1 Read the given passage carefully:
     My next pet was a pigeon, the most revolting bird to look at, with his feathers pushing
     through the wrinkled scarlet skin, mixed with the horrible yellow down that covers baby
     pigeons and makes them look as though they have been peroxiding their hair. Because of
     his repulsive and obese appearance, we called him Quasimodo.
     Since he had an unorthodox upbringing, without parents to teach him, Quasimodo
     became convinced that he was not a bird at all, and refused to fly. He walked everywhere.
     He was always eager to join us in anything we did. He would even try to come for walks
     with us. So you had to either carry him on your shoulder, which was risking an accident
     to your clothes, or else you let him walk behind. If you let him walk, then you had to
     slow down your own pace to suit his, for should you get too far ahead you would hearthe
     most frantic and imploring coos and turn around to find Quasimodo running desperately
     after you.
                                      Gerald Durrell: Adapted from My Family and other animals
     Q1. Read the questions given below and write the option you consider the most
     appropriate in your answer sheet.
     1. The narrator describes the pigeon as a „revolting bird‟ because
a)      he could not fly
b)      he had to be carried everywhere
c)      he had wrinkled skin covered with yellow feathers
d)     he was fat
     2. Quasimodo got his name because
a)      he was a fat and ugly
b)      he was attractive
c)      he could not fly
d)     he love behaving like human beings
     3. We know that Quasimodo was always eager to go on walks because
a)      he walked everywhere
b)      he did not know how to fly
c)      he complained loudly if he was not taken along
d)     he always copied whatever humans did
     4. Quasimodo protested when he was
a)      left at home
b)      lifted on human shoulders
c)      taken for a walk
d)     left behind during walks
     5. The phrase „risking an accident to your clothes‟ means
a)      the bird pecked at their clothes
b)      there was a chance of the bird soiling their clothes
c)      the bird risked a fall
d)     the bird did not like their clothes
Q.2 Read the poem given below carefully
      I have heard
      There is a law of the jungle
      I have heard when the lion has eaten his fill
      He never attacks
      He goes to lie under dense shady trees
      And when the rough gusts
      Shake branches of trees
      The mynah leaving her own young
      Covers the frail crow’s eggs
      With her protective wings.
      I have heard
      When any bird-young falls out of the nest
      The entire jungle wakes to rescue.
      I have heard
      When the weaver bird’s nest
      Reflects on the lake
      The silvery fishes adopt it as neighbour.
      And if a rough storm breaks the foot-bridge.
      Then on a wooden plank
      Squirrel, snake, goat and cheetah walk in a file.
      I have heard
      There is a law of the jungle
      O God. All Powerful. All Seeing. All Wise.
      In this my city
      Proclaim a law,
      Even the law of the jungle
                                                              Translated from the Urdu by
Syeda Hameed
Read the questions given below and write the option you consider the most appropriate in
your answer sheet
1) The lines „……………when the lion has eaten his fill
        He never attacks’ mean that the lion
        a) becomes lazy on full stomach
        b) kills only to survive
        c) does not attack an easy prey
        d) likes to sleep under the shady tree
2) In case of a natural calamity, all the animals
        a) run helter-skelter
        b) create confusion
        c) protect/ safeguard each other
        d) take cover in other‟s home
3) “I have heard when the lion has eaten his fill, he never attacks”
        The emotion conveyed through the above line is
        a) contentment
          b) selflessness
          c) community feeling
          d) co-operation
 4) „Proclaim a law‟ means
          a) make an announcement
          b) break a law
          c) change the law
          d) amend the city law
 5) The poet prays to God for
          a) turning the city into a jungle
          b) making people more empathetic/ understanding
          c) killing all animals
          d) letting animals rule man
                           SECTION –B WRITING
Q1. You don‟t approve of the ways of people as they waste a lot of water in different
 activities. Even the taps in schools are not closed properly, thereby, wasting the valuable
 water due to negligence and carelessness. You wish to spread awareness among students
 about it. Write down your views appealing students of your school to conserve water and
 to save it for future in an article for school magazine in about 125-150 words.
 Q2.Your cousin is a brilliant student but he is not keeping good health because he avoids
 homemade food and is very fond of eating outside. Write a letter telling him/her about
 the harmful effects of junk food and advising him/her how to maintain good health in not
 more than 100 words. You are Arpil/Arpita of C-8 Lawrence Road, Delhi

 Q3.You have to take part in a debate on the theme „Examinations affect Teaching and
 Learning in schools‟ Write down your arguments in favour or against the motion in about
 125 to 150 words
 Q4 Given below is a profile of Mr. Raj, the school gardener. Write a short bio sketch of
 Mr. Raj. You could take the help of the clues given

        age- around 50 years
        height/weight- six feet, solid built
        family- large _six children, four boys, two girls
        education- high school
        his likes/dislikes-plant, nursery, manure, organic
        why he is popular/unpopular- believes children are like young saplings…
                  Section C      Grammar

 Q1. Choose the best word from the options given below to complete the following
 Most UFO sightings occur (a) _________ (at, in, on, during) the night, either late in the
 evening or in the early hours of the morning. (b)________ (as, while, when, often) they
 take place on a dark moonless night when the person (c) _________ (are, is, were, was)
          alone on a country road. This eerie atmosphere is perfect (d) _________ (of, for, off, on)
          playing tricks on a person‟s imagination. Police and newspaper officers are often
          swamped (e) _________ (in, for, with, among) calls when something strange is seen in
          the skies. (f)_________ (how, then, once, before) an explanation is given, most people
          are happy to accept it. But (g)________ (all, since, those, some) people are hard to
          convince. However, with (h)__________ (few, many, each, some) sightings, the interest
          is increasing.
          Q2. Edit the letter given below by choosing from the appropriate options:

          A 21 Chanakyapuri
          New Delhi

          21 August 2009

          Dear Sanjay
          Your school (a) is going to be closed for the summer vacation (b) for next Monday. (c)
          Thereafter you will have a lot of time at your (d) dispersal. I (e) hence invite you to spend
          some days with me. My mother will (f) happily see you. I am looking forward (g)
          towards it. Let me know. I will be there at the station (h) for receiving you.
          Yours affectionately

          a) 1) is closing                                           b) 1) from
              2) closed                                                 2) at
              3) will be closing                                         3)
              4) will be closed                                          4) since
          c) 1) because                                             d) 1) disposition
             2) hence                                                   2) disapproval
             3) as                                                      3) disposal
             4) since                                                   4) deposit
          e) 1) therefore                                           f) 1) welcome you
             2) must                                                   2) be glad to see you
             3) shall                                                   3) cheerfully see you
             4) can                                                    4) joyously see you
          g) 1) for                                                 h) 1) to receive
             2) to                                                     2) receiving
             3) about                                                  3) receive
             4) at                                                     4) to have received
          Q3. Complete the headlines by choosing the correct answer from the options below:
       1.Ban on Smoking
           Smoking______________in all public places.
i)                is banned
ii)              has been banned
iii)            was banned
iv)             will be banned
       2.        12 injured as buses collide
       About _________________________ at the K.N.P. junction here today.
i)            12 persons were injured as two buses collided
ii)           12 persons have been injured when two buses collided
iii)         12 persons had been injured as two buses collided
iv)          12 persons can be injured as two buses collided
       3.        Drive against Liquor Mafia launched.
       The police_________________________ engaged in smuggling of liquor to the state.
i)            has launched a drive against the mafia who are
ii)           have launched a drive against the mafia that is
iii)         had launched a drive against mafia that will be
iv)          had launched a drive against mafia who were
       4.        China develops medical robot
       A polytechnic university in China___________________ that can conduct surgeries.
i)            have developed a medical robot
ii)           has developed a medical robot
iii)         is developing a medical robot
iv)          will be developing a medial robot
       Q4. Complete the dialogue choosing the correct option:
       Manu: I am really thrilled about our trip to South India. I have heard it has some
       wonderful beaches. I don‟t know (a) ___________when I will find myself standing
       before the vast sea.
       Arun: Yes, it is a wonderful experience to see the vast waves rising and striking the
       Manu: Tell me, (b) _______________________Goa?
       Arun: We shall reach within two days as we are going there first. Do you know (c)
       _________ since it‟s your first trip outside?
       Manu: Oh my God! I forgot that completely. Actually I had (d) ______________, but the
       excitement was so much that it escaped my mind completely.
       (A) 1) what to do
            2) how I shall feel
            3) what I will do
            4) what will I do.
       (B) 1) when we shall reach
          2) when we will reach
          3) when shall we reach
          4) when will we reach
       (C) 1) where you will go
           2) what you will do
           3) what to carry
           4) what you will carry
       (D) 1) come to you to know that
           2) come to tell you that
           3) come to ask you that
           4) come to ask that from you
     Q5. Read the conversation between a patient and a receptionist at a doctor‟s clinic. Then
     complete the following in reported speech by choosing from the options given
     Patient:       Can I have an appointment with the doctor this evening? I am very sick.
     Receptionist : I‟m sorry. There‟s a long waiting list. You will have to wait for at least two
     Patient:        But by then I could be dead.
     Receptionist : No problem. If your wife informs me, I can cancel the appointment.
1)      A patient went to his doctor‟s clinic and asked the receptionist
     a)            can I have an appointment with the doctor that evening?
     b)            whether I can have an appointment with the doctor that evening
     c)            whether he can have an appointment with the doctor that evening
     d)           whether he could have an appointment with the doctor that evening
2)      The receptionist_______________________________________
     a)            said sorry, there‟s a long waiting list
     b)            apologized saying that there was a long waiting list
     c)            said sorry that there was a long waiting list
     d)           apologized me that there was a long waiting list
3)      She further added that_________________________________
     a)            you would have to wait for at least two weeks
     b)            he would be waiting for at least two weeks.
     c)            he would have to wait for at least two weeks.
     d)           he would be having to wait for at least two weeks
4)      When the patient said that he could be dead by then, the receptionist calmly replied
     a)            there is no problem, if my wife informs me, i can cancel the appointment.
     b)            there was no problem, if my wife informs me, she can cancel the
     c)            there was no problem, if his wife informed her, she could cancel the
     d)           there was no problem, if his wife informed him, she could cancel the
                                 [The Tribute]
     Q.1: Give two incidents from the lesson „The Tribute‟ to show that Babuli regretted being
     ungrateful to his brother.
     Q.2: “I shivered with cold, and my own ingratitude” says Babuli. Quote two instances
     from the story which reveals his ingratitude.
     Q.3: “He stopped for a moment near the pile of things and unfastened the strap of his
     wrist-watch and placed it on the heap with the other things.”
     (a) Why did the elder brother do so? How did he feel?
     (b) Mention any four traits of the elder brother that you get to know from the story.
Q.4: Do you think the title of the story “The Tribute” is appropriate? Why or why not?
Q.5: What impression do you get about the elder brother after reading the story „The
Q.6: “I can’t understand how a stranger could all of a sudden become so intimate, only
sharing a little warmth by giving a silent promise of keeping close.” Who is Babuli
referring to here and why so?
Q.7: Imagine you are Babuli‟s elder brother. The partition has taken place and you
received Babuli‟s note that reads:
What shall I do with the lands? You are my land from where I could harvest everything in
life. I need nothing save you. Accept this please. If you deny, I shall never show my face
to you again.
Overwhelmed with emotions answer here as you write a letter to Babuli.
                             THE LETTER - by Dhumaketu

Q.1: How does Ali feel when he sees the wooden arch of the post office building?
Q.2: Why did Ali give Lakshmi Das all the money he had saved?
Q.3: Briefly describe how the post office became a place of pilgrimage for Ali. Also
describe the attitude of the others towards him.
Q.4: Describe Ali‟s appearance when he came to the post office after a gap of several
Q.5: What did the post master and Lakshmi Das do to Ali‟s letter?
Q.6: What problem did the postmaster face? How did this bring a change in him?
(i) In the story „The Letter‟, Lakshmi Das is touched when Ali gave him five guineas to
ensure that his daughter‟s letter reach in his grave. He writes a letter to his wife
describing Ali‟s regular visit to the post office, the humiliation he had to encounter, also
relating Ali‟s handing over the five gold guineas to him (in 175-200 words).
(ii) Imagine you are the postmaster. Since you have realized the pain Ali has gone
through, you are full of remorse. Write a letter to your friend.
                  Night of the scorpion
 Q1 What had driven the scorpion to the poet's home?

 Q2 Why did he return to the rain outside

 a)He could see the lightning

 b)He was chased away

 c)He liked the rain

 d). He bit the mother and escaped

 Q3.The peasants came like swarms of flies. The figure of speech is





 Q4. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow. Write each
 answer in your answer sheet in one or two lines only.
 'I watched the flame feeding on my mother.
 I watched the holy man perform his rites
 to tame the poison with an incantation.
 After 24 hours
 it lost its sting.
 (a) Why was the flame feeding on the mother?
 (b) Explain 'incantation'.
 (c) What do these lines tell us about the attitude of the peasants?

                              Ode To The West Wind
Q1.The last line of the poem is often quoted. What do you understand the line to mean -
 other than that one season follows another?
 Points for consideration:
1. The Autumn season is presented in the poem.
2. When the West Wind‟s azure sister of the spring blows, the dormant seeds sprout and
grow into plants yielding multicolored flowers with sweet smell.
3. The gathered clouds indicate an imminent storm.
4. The West Wind blows very fast. It scatters clouds in the sky in the same way as it
sheds decaying leaves on earth. The dark clouds cover the whole of the sky as if they are
being shaken out of a celestial tree. The poet compared the locks of the approaching
storm with the open locks of Maenad, a follower of God Bacchus. The storm moves the
clouds fast and the sky looks like the dome of a vast sepulcher made of water vapours.
Thus the West Wind brings torrential rain, lightening, hail-storm in its trail.
5. The West Wind, which blows in autumn, comes to waken the peaceful sleep of the
blue Mediterranean.
6. He says: “Oh, lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud!”
7. He describes himself as “tame less, and swift and proud‟ in the past. But now that
strong person feels chained and bowed by the heavy burdens of life.
8. This time contains a beautiful and optimistic message to suffering humanity.

Q2.The dark, difficult days of sufferings will not last for ever. Soon the bright, warm
days will bring joy, beauty and colour in our lives. As darkness is followed by light,
similarly sorrows and suffering will yield to joys and merry-making.
ansIn one sentence, the last line means that after wintry days of misfortune, the spring of
good fortune and happiness comes.
Q3.In „Ode To The West Wind‟ the West Wind is symbolic of death and re-birth. Find
instances from the poem to bring out this symbolism.
Consider these points in your answer
 Instances which make the West Wind symbolic of death -
(a) The winged seeds lying like corpses,
(b) The poet calls the wind a dirge and the approaching storm a sepulcher.
Instances which make the West Wind symbolic of re-birth -
(a) The sea blooms,
(b) The poet asks the West Wind to spread his dead thoughts over the universe as it
scatters the dead and decayed leaves,
(c) The poet asks the West Wind to scatter his message among the sleeping mankind. He
appeals to the West Wind to act as the trumpet of the prophecy of the onset of spring and
Q4: “Make me thy lyre, even . . . . . .
      . . . . . . . . Sweet though in sadness.”
     (a) What is the poet‟s appeal to the west wind in the stanza?
     (b) What is the west wind‟s lyre?
     (c) Who are „both‟?
     (d) What is the similarity between the forest and the poet?
     (e) What is the poetic device used in these lines?
(a) In the stanza the poet appeals to the west wind to make him her lyre and blow upon
his heart in the same way as she blows in the forest. The poet wants a complete
unification with the west wind.
(b) The forest is the west wind‟s lyre.
(c) „Both‟ here refers to the poet and the west wind.
(d) The poet‟s ideas have become old and powerless in the same way as the shedding
leaves of the forest.
(e) The poetic device used here is the simile. The poet compares the sound of the west
wind to a song.
Q5: “Scatter, as from an extinguished . . . . . . . . . .
       . . . . . . trumpet of a prophecy.”
(a) Who will blow „The trumpet of a prophecy‟?
(b) What is the prophecy?
(c) What is meant by „unawakened earth‟?
(d) What does the poet wants the west wind to do? or What is the poet‟s appeal to the
west wind here?
(a) The west wind will blow „The trumpet of a prophecy‟.
(b) The prophecy is that the dark and difficult days of sufferings will not last long. As
darkness is followed by light, similarly sorrows and bad days will yield to happiness and
bright days.
(c) „Unawakened earth‟ means here, the ignorant world around.
(d) The world is today full of sorrows, suffering and miseries. P.B. Shelley, the poet
appeals to the west wind to act as a trumpet of his prophecy and requests her to carry the
message of hope and optimism to the sleeping humanity.
Q.6: How does the poem, „Ode to the West Wind‟ reflect the poet‟s love for liberty?
Your answer should be around 100 words.
Ans: Shelley was a great lover of freedom. His „Ode to the West Wind‟ reflects his love
for liberty. He establishes a close link between his own personality and the personality of
the west wind. When hr finds the west wind driving away dead leaves, carrying the dark
clouds and awakening the blue Mediterranean, he recalls that he, too, in his boyhood, was
as swift, energetic and uncontrollable as the west wind. Though he no longer possesses
the same energy, his spirit is indomitable. He appeals to the west wind to infuse its wild
spirit in him. He wants to become one with the west wind and to scatter his dead thoughts
over the universe. The poet appeals to the west wind to act as a trumpet of prophecy and
carry the message of hope and optimism to the sleeping humanity.
                              A CHRISTMAS CAROL
Q1: 'Despite the bitterly cold weather, all of London is in a festive mood. But there is
no happy expression on Ebenezer Scrooge's lined face.'

a) What does this show of Scrooge?

b) What would the reaction of the society be to such a man?

Q2 : 'You're nothing but an undigested bit of meat Blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese.'

a) Who is being described here?

b) Why has the person made his appearance?
Q3: 'Another idol has displaced me, a golden one.'

a) Who is speaking to whom?

b) Why does the speaker say this?

c) Reflect on the character of the person spoken about.

Q4 Gentlemen: Most of them would rather die than do that.

Scrooge: Then let them do that and help decrease the surplus population

a) Why has the gentleman come?

b) Who are they talking about?

c) What character of Scrooge is revealed here?

Q5Which of these is not associated with Christmas?
1. Holly
2. Carols
3. Charity
4. Muffler
Q6: Why does scrooges dislike Christmas?
1. It's too cold
2. Christmas can be expensive
3. Christmas is noisy
4. He dislikes the pudding

Q7: Fred has come to Scrooge's home to
1. invite him home
2. wish him
3. ask for money
4. have dinner with him
Q8: How many days of Christmas vacation does Cratchit get?
1. One
2. Two
3. Three
4. Four
Q9Marley the Ghost visits Scrooge to
1. take revenge
2. scare him
3. warn him
4. entertain him

 Q10 The first Ghost is the Ghost of Christmas past and is
1. like a child with white hair
2. like a giant
3. like a fairy with wings
4. like a baby with golden hair

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