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					Securveiw Pro:
1. Support 32ipcam live view & record simultaneously etc.
2. Support win7, vista, xp,2000
Note: Install multi-ipcam needs survey PC storage and bandwidth and server requirement pls see
below link. Ipcam helper.

Securview Pro Feature: System, Device, Event, Schedule, Playback, View, Service.
Configuration see step 1~12 below
System: 1. Accunt setting, 2. auto login, start the s/w when windows starup
Device:1. Device setting, 2.Recording setting
Event: Alert sends email
Playback: search date/time to play recording video

1. Open Securview Pro, go to Start -> Program->Trendnet ->Securview Pro

                                                     User: admin
                                                     Password: admin

                                                     Auto login, don’t appear
                                                     user and password the

2. Main Page
                                                                                1.Mouse move “i ”, appear the
                                                                                Ipcam information

                                                                                  2.Double click 422, then show one
                                                                                  screen for ipcam

                                                                                  Talking and listening are available
                                                                                  for Ipcam with the features

                                                                                 3. do 2nd step first, then 422w is
                                                                                 available for pan& tile function,
                                                                                 Patrol need set it first on web
   Log out

3. System

4. Device:

                                                      Double click go to web

                                                    Select ipcam->Modify

                                                    Add the new IPcam

                      Show supporting Ipcam moels, select one model
   Search all ipcam

                                                                           go to web configuration , see
                                                                           next step set motion
                                                                           detection area

                                                                           Support WAN ip and DDNS
                                                                           as well

                                                                           Ipcam http port

                                                                           Preview “Live view”

                                                                        Record: select Motion or schedule.
                                                                        For motion, pls set motion detection
                                                                        area first, otherwise it can’t work
Note: For “Motion or Motion by schedule” needs to go to web cofniguation to set
1.)”motion detection” area, then click 2.)“Preview”, save all.
If once motion detection area updated on web confiuration, pls click “Preview”
then “save” on securview Pro.

5. Go to web configuration for setting Motion detection:
 Select Window 1 and 2, move mouse to screen, then draw the coverage range
 frame, the object moving in the frame, The camera will start detect, and sensitivity
 will start to jump. When jumping red line (sensitivity) over threshold, ipcamera will
 start take a picture or recording (whole screen).
Note1: move left position threshold lower (left: low, right: high), sensitivity will be



                                                                           Sensitivity: jumping
                                                                           mean detect moving
                                                                           object and start
                                                                           recording, as long as

Note:                                                                     recording setting done

the setting coverage range is bigger, the sensitivity need to set higher such window1,
the drawing detection range is smaller, the sensitivity set lower see window2

Schedule profile for Motion Trigger and Schedule Trigger, means Profile 1 would
settings like below sun 9:30~12:00. the profile 1 would look it on Motion trigger and
schedule trigger.

Suggestion: Window1 sets full coverage and higher sensitivity. Windows2 set small
range and not high sensitivity.
The sensitivity and coverage range are based on environment.
6. Record setting

                                                       Recording path: default is C:
                                                       Recording file: default is 60

7. Email alert: send image file for motion detection only.
               Create Email address

               Enable address for
               each ipcam

               Enable Play sound for

               Enable eMap for alert

8. Schedule:
9. Playback

                                                                         Select 1. Ipcam model, 2.
                                                                         Date/time (am or pm)
                                                                         click search record file,
                                                                         Pls do motion or schedule
                                                                         recording using the s/w

                                                                             Select 1 record file, click
                                                                             “play” to view it..

10. View for e-map and status
View Setting
Google find your location map. Save it to image file.
Click New -> Browse your location map image, type e-map “ Company” name-> save.
                         Click Modify -> click
                             camera location

Camera list: select Ipcam move
to right E-map which Ipcam
location.   Then save
2. Click

                  1.   View -> E-map view
                                                 3.Click one Ipcam which would
                                                 live view image.
     11. Status

                                                                    Green : ipcam is

     12. Service: All continuous recording, restore recording type and stop recroding

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