Juvenal Satire by liaoqinmei


									Juvenal: Satire 4
          Crispinus (ln 1-27)
• Satire 1: “blob of Nilotic scum, bred in
• Wholly immoral...and rich!
  – Enjoys luxurious property in the middle of the
• Adulterer and sex criminal in general
• Ln 8: “a villain is never happy...”
                 Crispinus (ctd)
• Extravagant eating
   – Buys a fish for an outrageous price (ln 24-25)
   – Does not share the fish
• “Purple-clad clown of the royal palace” (ln. 31)
   – Lit. scurra Palati
   – Palatine Hill, site of the imperial palace
• Segue into a description of Domitian
   – Similarities between Domitian and Crispinus
      • Both are adulterous and gluttonous
             Crispinus (ctd)
• Alleged affair with a Vestal Virgin
  – Description of the Vestal’s punishment (ln 10)
  – Is Crispinus punished?
     Bridge Passage (ln 28-72)
• Domitian
• Giant Fish
• Delatores
   Domitian’s Reign (ln 34-38)
• “last of the Flavian line” (ln 37)
  – Vespasian Titus  Domitian
• “a bald-headed Nero” (ln 38)
  – Nero and Domitian had similar reigns
• Damaged and subjugated world
        Giant Fish (ln 39-46)
• Caught in Ancona
• Juvenal’s description
  – Embellishment of the fish’s size
• Fisherman
  – Brings the “monster” (monstrum) to the high
    priest (pontifex maximus), i.e. the emperor (ln
 Informers-Delatores (ln 47-57)
• ln 46-52: dangers posed by
the delatores
• delatores, a.k.a inquisitores
   •Spies or informers who
   discovered or invented
   •Obviously not always
   truthful (ln 50-52)
     Informers-Delatores (ctd)
• ln 48: “public inspectors of
seaweed, scattered over the
  •Image of a desolate beach
  full of snoops, looking
  through rubbish
     Domitian’s Council (ln 58-149)

• Fisherman rushes to Alba
   – Site of Domitian’s villa
• Fish is admitted
   – Senators look on in amazement; they are blocked out!
   – Example of flattery by the fisherman
• Domitian’s chief advisory council is summoned
   – Why? –ln 72
           Domitian’s Council (ctd)
• Members of the Council
• Pegasus and Crispus (ln 78-93)
   – Examples of wasted potential in advisors
   – Pegasus: “Justice without her sword” ln 80-81
   – Crispus’ old age
• Acilius Glabrio
   – Forced to fight in the arena in Alba by Domitian, but is
   – Incurs the wrath of the emperor and is executed
           Domitian’s Council (ctd)
• Montanus (the Stomach)
   – Cf. “the...litter of Matho...filled with himself” –Satire 1
• Crispinus, again
   – Perfume smells like a pair of “funerals” (funera)
• Veiento
   – Flatterer and false prophet-figure (ln 123-129)
   – Parody of taking the auspices
• Blind Catullus, not Catullus the poet!
   – “no one was more amazed at the turbot. Facing left, he
     praised it greatly...However, the creature was lying on
     the right” (ln 119-120)
        Domitian’s Council (ctd)
• Domitian’s only words in the satire: “So
  what do you recommend? Cut in him
• Montanus has the final say
  – Ln 131-135
       Final Focus on Domitian
• Council is dismissed
   – Ln 146-148: shows the triviality of the meeting and
     apprehension Domitian causes
• “If only he had spent his entire reign on such silly
   – Domitian’s reign is cruel and bloody
   – While the aristocracy is too cowed to stand up to the
     emperor, the “workers” (cerdones) assassinate him
   – Final image of the satire: “hands stained with blood of
     the Lamiae” (ln 152)

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