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									Consortium Green IT Amsterdam Region

             green it!

                                                                                  The experience and knowledge gathered in this process will be an impetus
BACkGROUND                                                                        for the emergence of a Green Collar Economy in the Amsterdam region.
The city of Amsterdam has the ambition to reduce the emission of CO2 with
40% by 2025 compared to 1990. The city’s climate program identifies green         The consortium supports national and international initiatives that advance
IT as one of the cornerstones for increased energy efficiency.                    green IT, such as the Multi-Annual Agreements for Energy Efficiency, and
                                                                                  actively strives for cooperation.
In 2008, the so-called Green IT Initiative was launched in Amsterdam. After
key partners and objectives were identified, in 2009 the city of Amsterdam        The partnership will run for a minimum period of four years, from
signed a declaration of cooperation with 27 companies operating in                2010 to 2013.
the Amsterdam region. This declaration was a first step towards the
establishment of a green IT consortium, with the aim to develop concrete
targets and projects for the sector in the Amsterdam region.                      PROGRAM Of COOPERATION
                                                                                  The program is developed along four axes:
To show willingness to put the ideas into practice, Amsterdam has also
signed Eurocities’ Green Digital Charter in 2010.                                 1. Collect and share relevant knowledge, (measuring) methods, best practices,
                                                                                     and tools. Projects: innovative metrics in cooperation with The Green Grid
                                                                                     and other international initiatives.
CONSORTIUM GREEN IT AMSTERDAM REGION                                              2. Develop projects to increase energy efficiency in the IT sector, especially data
On 8 June 2010, the Consortium Green IT Amsterdam Region is founded                  centres. Projects: development of concepts for Energy Self Sufficient Data
with the following objectives:                                                       Centres and large scale application of virtual data infrastructures and cloud
      • To realise substantial energy savings in the IT sector (greening of IT)      computing.
      • To stimulate innovative use of IT to reduce CO2 emissions                 3. Use IT to green other sectors in the region, i.e. the built environment, mobility,
        (greening by IT)                                                             or industry. Projects started on smart energy for SMEs and contributions
      • To create new business opportunities for the Green IT Economy                are made to the development of a Smart Grid testbed. In the coming period
                                                                                     cooperation in a number of domains will be developed.
The Consortium consists of companies in the IT sector, regional authorities,      4. Work together with local authorities in the areas of energy saving in
knowledge institutes and related companies. These partners will work                 municipal IT, innovative public procurement, policy making and (self-)
out a program of specific projects, in which they will invest time and               regulation. Activities to closely connect innovation, green labeling and
knowledge. In addition, the Consortium will identify and develop business            stimulating new markets for Green IT.
opportunities in the Amsterdam region.
 in 2009

 ASP4all                        ICTroom
 Capgemini                      InterXion
 Cisco                          kPN/Getronics/Xs4all
 Colt Telecom                   Man Systems
 Compertius                     MDES
 Dell                           Microsoft
 ECN                            Parthenon
 EMC                            Pro-AT
 Ecofys                         Haskoning Nederland
 Equinix                        RDC
 Gartner                        Symantec
 Gemeente Amsterdam             Sara
 Groene IT                      Sun Microsystems
 IBM                            TNO

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