PISCES FORECAST 2012 by zulfikarads2010


									You possess very distinctive qualities and tend to be rather successful
in all of your endeavours both personal and professional. You are
friendly, smart, practical, influential, and sensible people, but also
you are quite stubborn, which often associates with determination and a
great will to succeed.• Due to the effects of Jupiter you will enjoy
good well-being, mental andspiritual peace. With your efforts the
atmosphere will peaceful in your home. You can successfully launch most
of your projects. Desired success and profit is indicated in your field
of work or business. Your financial position will be normal as you will
earn the required amount of money. The people around you will admire and
respect you. Land property and building a home are in your cards in 2012.
You will be supported by your mother and in-laws. The other transits are
malefic for you but dasha will give you good results. But you may face
delays in your important works sometimes. • Due to the effects of
Saturn, you will enjoy better physical and mental health and you would
accomplish most of your important works with hard work and enthusiasm.
You would be happy with the progress of your wife's health as it will
give you a chance to enjoy a happily married life. Even financially you
will be secure in year 2012. Probably your source of income will increase
in year 2012. You will maintain a good relationship with you colloquies
and subordinates. You will have better relationship with your employer
also.• To minimise the ill effects of Saturn's dasha, you must worship
Saturn and give donations to poor and temple. You must wear blue sapphire
or iron ring in the middle finger of your left hand.• During the
effects of Rahu and Ketu you will get the wanted success in your field of
work or business. You can get a promotion to an important position if you
are in service or politics. During this period you will come in contact
with some political personalities and they will give you benefits in a
big way with their help. Your social status will be improved. People
around you will impress with your effect. Financially you will enjoy a
good period. You will be satisfied with the health of your parents.•
The sub period of Saturn will not give you satisfactory results as your
hard work will not give you satisfactory results. Your business and work
place will not do well. At this time your source of income will not be
good. Wasted money and travels are indicated in this period. The family
atmosphere will not be peaceful and lack of harmony among the members can
make you worried. So you will have to face a lot of problem in this
period. Try to look on the optimistic side of things otherwise the
situation will seem unbearable to you.WORK AND CARRERAfter some
interruptions in your career growth in 2011, you will surely get good
affluence and an excellent career growth. You know about your calibre and
your abilities, the only need to plan the year 2012 accordingly. You will
do hard work and in anything that you do, you will get wanted success in
year 2012. You are advised to put in your very best efforts and then you
will get to see the result through unbelievable rewards.OVERALL FEELING
AND AGGRESSIONFew things may not favourable for you in year 2012. You are
advised that it is not worth acting in this particular moment as the
general situation is not entirely favourable. You will get more profits
by drawing back temporarily and maintaining your independence. Do not
create a tussle and better to avoidhostilepeople as it can create anxiety
in your life. You need not to fear of anything as this will be a
favourable year for you. You can reach your goal slowly and consistently.
Along the way you'll meet important and influential people, but if they
deserve your trust, make friends with them otherwise walk quietly on your
way.LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPSYou would show different attitude this year but
you will be cool and quiet from deep within. Your fierce emotions will be
in control of you that can lower down your interior tensions and it will
be a good for you love life. Do not show your temperament to your loved
ones as it already created a lot of problems last year. Romance is
certainly in the air for you. If you are in a relationship, you will have
some great time together. A romantic trip is on the card. You are advised
to keep a balance between your romantic and personal life. If you are
single, you can expect for a life partner finally, meet the dream man or
woman. The emotional ground will be stabilized and you can handle
emotional outbreaks with comfort. This year in 2012 your efforts to
resolve differences in a relationship will not go in vain. You would be
able to fulfil the desires of your partner when it comes to love and
romance. This is a great time for you to spend some reserved time
together. MONEY AND FINANCEMoney will pour in towards the 2nd half of the
year. If try hard business deals will turn out to be fruitful. The 3rd
quarter of the year will be more successful than the first two quarters.
Problems that were tangledlast year will now be resolved. You will
achieve your dreams and goals, as you will experience a lot of financial
gain. You are advised to be diplomatic while handling your seniors. They
may help in one of your projects. This is the time when you should go for
long term business deals. Your financial position will be good throughout
the year.SOCIAL LIFEYou are extremely passionate about the people and
beliefs they care,affectionate as well as loyal for you. These qualities
willhelp you well in the year 2012 tomake it a point to express your
feelings, verbally, emotionally, and physically to those you love and
care. Take out some time to socialize with family and friends while
taking a break from stress and tension.You feel no trouble making new
friends and 2012 is no different, especially in the very end of the year
when new relationships could form. But, do take care while engaging in
one of your great debates not to offend those who aren't yet fond of you,
although everyone is usually completely mesmerized by your wit, wisdom,
and knowledge on a wide variety of interesting subjects.HEALTHYou are
advised to take care of your health problems during the final quarter of
the year as you may be affected in some way by a minor accident in the
third quarter.Although you are generally healthy and strong, even you
should watch for things like stomach conditions or those affecting the
lungs toward the end of the year like coughs, colds, and respiratory
ailments. Try to listen to the often indirect signals sent by your body
while making exercise and nutrition finally a priority.MARRIED LIFEYour
emotional level is calmed, this year. It will help to reduce the interior
tensions which stirred up you so much last year. You will see your
sentimental situation with be more balanced in year 2012. This mental
understanding will help you to analyse your actions with better
understanding and certain refinements. You will be ready to make efforts
to bring you closer to your partner. You will refine yourself if needed
and withdrawing what is not essential. The pure seduction and desire will
not be enough for you. An intense need; authenticity will push you to act
in a constructive direction. In this moment, you will see your emotional
needs still growing. Your partner will be more involving. Do not hesitate
to spend spare time with each other. BUSINESS AND SERVICEAlthough you had
to face a lot of things last year but they will end in year 2012. This is
high time to develop strategies to acquire the house, business and
work.Now this is a good time to meet others and make projects together.
Remember that in a group one must always consider different ideas and
different expectations. Avoid all pretensions. You must find the best way
to behave diplomatically towards others. If you learn how to behave
correctly, you will manage to conquer those people you want to, whatever
the position. Through kindness, you will also gain a great deal from
difficult and unpleasant people and can achieve good results in your

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