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					There has been a lot of speculation about the 2012 presidential
candidates for the GOP. Most of the candidates have already announced
their candidacy for this year, and other candidates are still deciding
whether to run. Some of the most popular candidates mentioned this year
have been Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, but the GOP includes many other
hopefuls who want to run against President Obama in 2012.Here is a look
at some of the candidates who could run against Obama in 2012:Mitt
RomneyFormer Governor Mitt Romney is one of the leading 2012 presidential
candidates running for the GOP this year. He is considered to be one of
the front running candidates for the nomination this year. Romney is a
great public speaker, and he has the name recognition that many of the
candidates lack. He narrowly lost the nomination in 2008 when John McCain
won, and he is near the top of the early exit polls.Romney does not come
without his share of baggage. Romney presided over Massachusetts when
they had their own healthcare mandate. ObamaCare used the Massachusetts
universal healthcare law as a model for the rest of the United States.
Romney was still defending his healthcare views as late as 2007, so he
will have to admit his own Massachusetts' law was a failure to run
against ObamaCare in 2012. His best chance to win is if Sarah Palin
decides to drop out of the race this year. If Palin does not run or drops
out, he is the favorite among the 2012 presidential candidates.Sarah
PalinOf all of the 2012 presidential candidates, Sarah Palin has the most
name recognition. The media has covered her every move for years since
the 2008 election loss. She is well liked by most conservative voters,
but the democrats hate her. Unlike most of the other candidates (except
Donald Trump), most people have already formed their opinions about her.
She is definitely one of the leading 2012 presidential candidates.Donald
TrumpIs he running for president? Will he run as a third party candidate?
While he may not be a true Republican candidate, he has the potential to
hand the race to President Obama in 2012 if he runs as a third candidate.
Since Donald Trump has been flipping back and forth on running for office
this year, he should be considered a threat for the Republican party
until election day in 2012.Herman CainHerman Cain is an intriguing
candidate. He is not well known, but he has a strong conservative record.
He can neutralize any racist allegations against the GOP in 2012, and he
seems to have great ideas for this year. He doesn't carry the baggage
that many of the other candidates have, and he leads the field among
church going Republicans. Herman Cain is one of the 2012 presidential
candidates that has a great chance to win the nomination.Ron PaulRon Paul
is an interesting candidate, but he may not have everything it takes to
win the nomination. There are a few things running against him. He will
be 77 years old in August 2012. I don't see any way this doesn't work
against him. His views on the military are the biggest reason he may not
win the nomination. He is not a pro-military candidate, and that simply
won't sit well with many Republicans voters.There are other 2012
presidential candidates that could emerge. Michelle Bachmann, Former
Governor Tim Pawlenty, former governor Gary Johnson, Rick Santorum, and
former governor Jon Huntsman of Utah all have a chance to win the
nomination. History has not been kind to candidates running against
incumbent presidents, but these 2012 presidential candidates have a
chance to win against Obama in 2012.

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