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                 <p>Virgos are people born under 23rd of August-22nd of
the September. Virgos are symbolized by a female character which is known
as "The Virgin". Virgos are very smart by nature; they are also, very
artistic and innovative people. Apart, from this Virgos are also
powerful, sophisticated and are vulnerable by nature. This year Virgos
will be very fortunate and they will earn lots of success and will get
many lucrative opportunities.</p>
<p>Virgo January 2012 prediction</p>
<p>On the 6th of this month Virgos should listen to your partner, as
their ideas will work wonders for you. On 13th you should avoid listening
to everything you hear in the office. On 25th of this month look within
and you should avoid logical decisions.</p>
<p>Virgo February 2012 prediction</p>
<p>This month you should show your loved ones that how much you care for
others. This will help you in making your relationship stronger. This
month you should leave your own concerns aside and you should offer
others praise and sustenance. This year listen to your heart and then
<p>Virgo March 2012 prediction</p>
<p>This month you should be very careful in spending money. If you are
keeping something secret, then handle that carefully. This month you
might plan a trip to visit relatives or friends.</p>

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<p>Virgo April 2012 prediction</p>
<p>This month you should spend your time very carefully and give priority
to things that are to be completed on time. This month Pleasure might not
be abundance for you.</p>
<p>Virgo May 2012 prediction</p>
<p>On the 3rd of the month your dream might bring an approach regarding
your career. On the 6th of this month others will appreciate your point
of view. On the 15th of this month avoid manipulating others.</p>
<p>Virgo June 2012 prediction</p>
<p>On the 12th of this month you will come across an inspiration about
additional money from career. On 14th of this month you should try to
avoid argument with friends as this might provoke them. On the 17th of
the month you might find a solution to personal problems.</p>
<p>Virgo July 2012 prediction</p>
<p>On the 10th of the month new idea will get money in your career. On
the 12th of this month you can trust your intuition over others. </p>
<p>Virgo August 2012 prediction</p>
<p>On the 6th avoid indulging in any arguments. On the 12th you might
find many hidden forces are working against you.</p>
<p>Virgo September 2012 prediction</p>
<p>On 5th of the month you will be creative. On the 6th of the month keep
the ideas you get to yourself.</p>
<p>Virgo October 2012 prediction</p>
<p>On the 7th of the month you should look inside for inspiration. On the
14th of the month you will be stressed and restless. On 14th of the month
you can communicate to your partner. On 30th avoid participating in any
<p>Virgo November 2012 prediction</p>
<p>On 12th of the month you might have many money making ideas. On16th of
the month your work will be your priority. However, this month you should
be every patient.</p>
<p>Virgo December 2012 prediction</p>
<p>On the 6th of the month your partner might have many ideas for you,
which will surprise you.</p>
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