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									                                                    EULEX Kosovo
                                              Administration Handbook
                                               for International Staff*

HUMAN RESOURCES/PERSONNEL                             For Mission members that are required to work
                                                      under special duty conditions (including staff
                                                      working in shifts), it is for their respective line
   International staff overview                      managers and the Chief of Human Resources to
   Duty hours                                        determine the most efficient and effective work
   Leave AL & CTO                                    schedule which is subject to the final approval by
   Other types of Leave                              the Head of Mission.
   Mission Holidays
   Salaries and Per Diem                             EULEX Policy Guidelines for Shift Work,
   Other allowances                                  Overtime, Irregular Working Hours, Stand-by
   Travel liberty & duty                             and On Call Duty can be accessed at >>
   High-risk insurance                               \\gaia\info$\Administration\Sections\Human
   Summary                                           Resources or on Intranet.

EULEX International Staff – an overview               Leave
From Member States and 3rd Countries                  Annual Leave (AL) – 2.5 days of AL are earned
contributing to EULEX                                 per completed month of service.
 Member States – 84.7%                               Compensatory Time Off (CTO) – 1.5 days of
 3rd States – 15.3% (Switzerland, Norway,            CTO are earned per completed month of service.
    Croatia, Turkey and USA)                          CTO is considered to cover:
Seconded and Contracted (so far selected)              All overtime duty performed for operational
 Seconded – contracts with Member states or              reasons;
    3rd countries, approx. 85.6%                       All standby available duty (on-call duty).
 Contracted – contracts with Head of Mission,        CTO and AL may be taken separately or in
    approx. 14.4%                                     conjunction.
Male (82.8%) and female (17.2%) (so far               Staff   members     are   encouraged     not   to
selected – without IPUs, due to lack of               accumulate more than 16 AL/CTO days.
information on gender)                                 Maximum 12 AL/CTO days are transferable.
Working in Police (58.6%), Justice (17.6%),            No payment can be granted for unused
Customs (2.7%), Office of the Head of Mission             AL/CTO at the end of the contract/tour of
(11.8%) and Administration (9.3%)                         duty.
>>http://www.eulex-                                   Limitation that no more than 23 calendar days,                 including weekend periods and Mission Holiday,
While the seconded staff remains under the            are spent out of work in one stretch. (exceptions
authority of their Sending State, all staff           to be approved by line manager and Chief of
members shall carry out their duties following        Personnel)
the Mission chain of command and shall act in         Coordination with units – 60% of the established
the sole interest of the Mission.                     strength!
                                                      4WD – 16WD – 23CD
Duty Hours
Normal working hours are from 09:00 to 18:00,         Other types of Leave
from Monday to Thursday, and from 09:00 to
14:00 on Friday.                                      Sick Leave
This schedule includes a half hour lunch break.       Uncertified Sick Leave
Mission staff may be directed by their respective     Sick leave in Mission area/Kosovo that is not
chain of command to work irregular or longer          certified by a physician may be taken for a
hours than normally scheduled.                        maximum period of 3 days at a time.
All Mission members are considered to be on call      The total of uncertified sick leave days cannot
at all times. Thus, they must be reachable by         exceed six days during a twelve month period.
mobile phone at all times when in the Mission
Area excluding AL/CTO periods.

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The line manager must be informed of any
period of sick leave taken by a Mission member     Salaries
as soon as possible, but not later than 24 hrs.    For Seconded staff, paid by their Member State;
No provision for USL outside Kosovo.               For Contracted staff, paid by EULEX mission
Certified Sick Leave                               Salary   grid   for    Contracted   International
If more than three days, certification by a        Personnel
qualified physician required, to be submitted to   >>
the Personnel Office.                              e.asp?id=1420&lang=en&mode=g
The absence of more than 20 consecutive days
of a seconded staff member may lead to a           Daily Allowance
request to the Sending State to consider the       Daily Allowance paid to both Seconded and
repatriation from the Mission Area of the staff    Contracted staff by the EULEX mission.
member.                                            Daily Allowance consists of Risk Allowance and
The absence of more than 45 days per year of an    a daily Board and Lodging Allowance which
international contracted staff member may lead     is intended to cover the living expenses incurred
to a decision by the HoM to break the              by international mission members in Mission
employment contract of that staff member.          Area.
                                                   Daily Allowance is calculated on the basis of 105
Unpaid leave (UPL)                                 € per person/day in the current period. The
A staff member who has a compelling and valid      amount is reviewed in every 6 months period.
reason to do so may request a period of Unpaid     Paid twice per month – 15th and end of month.
Leave. This request must be duly justified by a
written memorandum and can only be granted         All mission members are required to open a local
upon approval by the line manager and the HoM.     bank      account    with      ProCredit  bank.
Maximum 1 month in one year.                       Administration opens local bank account after
                                                   each staff member fills in required paperwork
Compassionate and Emergency Leave                  during the check-in procedure. However, it is up
Can only be granted under serious circumstances    to the staff member to request an ATM/Maestro
(attendance of a funeral of a close family         or any other card by visiting the bank.
member, critical or life threatening illness or    >>,1
injury of a close family member, staff member‟s
own wedding or civilian registered partnership).   Daily Allowance will only be paid to local bank
Maximum 5 days, may be taken in conjunction        account.
with earned AL/CTO. The 23 calendar day rule       Salary payments can be split between a local
can be waived. Paid. Supporting documents!         bank account and home bank account, or full
                                                   amount sent to either (international transfer fees
Special Leave                                      charged to staff member).
Special Leave can be requested to cover absence
from    the    Mission   area    in  exceptional   Other allowances
circumstances on serious professional or legal
grounds (court hearings, promotion boards,         Seconded
compulsory training courses, etc.) Authorization    As per Seconded staff member‟s contract.
for seconded Mission members to take special       Contracted
leave must be given by the Sending State,           Sum equivalent to one return journey for
authorization for contracted staff must be given      every 6 months
by the HoM. Maximum duration of Special Leave       End of contract (Removal allowance, unless
is 30 days. Paid. Supporting documents!               recruited in Kosovo, and travel home)

Maternity and paternity leave                      What to do before your travel
16 weeks Maternity Leave (4 pre and 12 post,
flexible)                                          Weekend/holiday/no AL/CTO travel
5 days Paternity Leave                             If out of Kosovo, Movement of Personnel
                                                   Form/MOP to be sent by email to Security, cc
Mission Holidays                                   warden, deadline Friday noon!
List of holidays for 2009 is available at the      MOP >> Info Drive I:\Security\Security Forms
following link:                                    If within Kosovo, inform your Area Security
>> Info drive I:\General Info                      Officer of your travel and the Operation Room
If a mission member is required for operational    (038 504 604 #5655) when you begin your
reasons to work on a given mission holiday, s/he   journey. The information required: vehicle reg.
can be compensated by a subsequent day off         number,     vehicle  occupants,   route,   final
(Accumulated Day, AD)                              destination, and expected return time. Inform
                                                   Operation Room on your return, otherwise they
Salaries and per diem

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will be under the impression that you are
missing.                                                Official use of vehicles
                                                        Vehicle / staff ratio & pooling
AL/CTO travel – MOP + Leave Request                     Vehicle maintenance
Movement of Personnel Form/MOP to be sent by            Private use of EULEX vehicles
email to Security, cc warden 3 days prior to            Trip ticket – fuel points – fuel permit
travel, Leave Request signed by line manager to         Personnel authorized to travel in EULEX
be sent to Personnel                                     vehicles
Leave request >> Info Drive                             Accidents
I:\Administration\Forms\Personnel                       Driving conditions
                                                        Privately Owned Vehicles (POV)
Duty trips                                              Transport section contacts
      All duty trips inside or outside of mission
area shall be authorised by the Line Manager of      Official use of Vehicles
the staff member and the Authorising Officer on      Mission vehicles are provided primarily for the
the Duty Travel Authorisation Form 7 days prior      performance of official duties.
to the departure day.                                Both international and local staff are allowed to
      The approved form shall be submitted to       drive for official purpose.
Administration Department to arrange the flight      International staff require valid national driving
ticket / hotel reservation, etc. if needed.          license. No further test needed at present.
      Upon return the staff member shall            Local staff require valid driving license + EULEX
submit the Statement of Mission Expenses form        driving test.
to Administration Department, all the original
supporting documents (tickets, boarding passes,      Vehicle / staff ratio & pooling
hotel and relevant taxi invoices) attached to it.    Current ratio in Mission is 2 persons/1 vehicles,
      The reimbursement of Mission Expenses         but changes possible. (3/1?)
will be approved by the Authorising Officer.         Heads of Sections and Units shall ensure that
Official Duty Travel Authorisation Form and          vehicles assigned to them are pooled for
Statement of Mission Expenses forms >> Info          maximum usage.
Drive I:\Administration\Forms\Personnel              Pooling! - All personnel are reminded of the
Detailed rules – EC Mission Guide 2004 >> Info       importance of traveling in groups whenever
Drive I:\SOPs                                        possible.

High Risk Insurance                                  Vehicle maintenance
Staff members seconded by EU Member States           Vehicle maintenance will be performed by
and international contracted staff members are       maintenance technicians according the vehicle
covered by Vanbreda High Risk Insurance policy.      specifications and EULEX SOP‟s, all request for
The policy offers coverage for the following         maintenance shall be made via email/phone to
fields:   Medical   care,     Death,   Disability,   Transport Section Pristina: Vincent Slevin 044
Repatriation, Income Protection, Kidnap and          168940, ext: 4687 or regional transport officers.
Wrongful Detention, Assistance Luggage and
Public Liability.                                    Private use of EULEX vehicles
Dependants may be included - spouse and              Only for international staff.
children up to 18 (25 if continuous studies) paid    Daily:
by the staff member.                                 40 km of liberty mileage allowed per day; not
Email notification will be sent to the staff         charged to staff member.
member by VanBreda directly with your personal       Weekends/Leave/CTO:
number and password. Card to follow.                 Allowed both in and outside Kosovo.
The Group Insurance Contract with all the details    Maximum 4 days per one private trip, max
of coverage and claim procedure is available on      destination distance 600km.
>> R:\Administration.                                >> Vehicle Request for Private Trip + Collective
                                                     Private Trip Bill on I: / Administration / Forms /
Summary:                                             Transport
All HR related information can be found in your      Private use of the official vehicle must be
contract, in this handout or on administration       approved 3 days prior (5 days if vehicle from TPT
share drives.                                        pool) trip by Security & Transport Section (MOP,
Most important – Annex S on Personnel                Request for private use of the vehicle).
Administration >> R:\OPLAN\Final OPLAN\Annex         Send the forms to „Transport Private Trips‟ email
S                                                    address. Send any inquires on private use of
If further questions, contact Personnel (all         EULEX vehicle to same address.
contacts in Tel. directory).                         Charges - 10€ per 100km + fuel + if accident,
                                                     additional charges

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Trip ticket – fuel points – fuel permit                In summer, the tarmac roads are very slippery
! Every time when using a Mission vehicle, a trip      when raining due the oily composition of tarmac
ticket must be filled accordingly, both duty and       and mud and dust on surface.
private use.                                           Avoid any unnecessary trips at night.
Start and end mileage!, quantity of fuel added,        If you need to drive at night, drive slowly; there
car wash, tire repair etc. must be indicated in        are many extra hazards at night:
trip ticket!                                            vehicles with no lights;
! At the end of the month, submit original              uncertain street lights;
completed and signed used trip ticket to                cyclists with no reflective stripes, in dark
Transport Section. Print new trip ticket from              clothing;
share drive.                                            horse-driven carriages, tractors, etc.;
Designated EULEX fuel points are located in             potholes, etc.
Prishtinë/Priština, near TSS compound; also in          Pay extra attention to pedestrians and
the regions.                                               cyclists!
Fuel only at designated fuel points (except when        Increase the „safe braking‟ distance by
on a trip outside of Kosovo).                              100%!
Fuel permit will be issued by Transport Section         Use headlights correctly (low / high beam)!
to all international staff.                            Always plan your trip so that you consider
                                                       possible    traffic congestion     and    weather
Personnel authorized to travel in EULEX                conditions! Rapid changes in weather are
vehicles                                               possible.
 EULEX staff members;                                 Always tell someone where you are going and
 Official guests of the Mission;                      when you expect to return.
 Non-EULEX personnel are only permitted to
    travel in Mission vehicles with a duly certified   Obey local speed limits and all traffic rules!
    waiver. The waiver must be approved prior          Drive defensively!
    to the planned trip, for both official and
    private trips, and sent to Security.               Privately Owned Vehicles (POV)
Waiver - General Release from Liability on             EULEX staff members have privilege to use EU
Account of use of EULEX KOSOVO Transport, can          POV-number plates for their personal vehicles.
be found on                                            EU POV vehicle registration is Kosovo tax-free for
>>I:/Administration/Forms/Transport                    persons employed by EULEX.
                                                       Info on procedure how to obtain EU POV plates
What to do in case of an accident                      can be obtained from Transport Section (EU POV
Stop the vehicle and ensure that the situation         focal point - Fatmir Neziri, 044 418 332; #8898,
will not escalate by warning other road users          location – UNMIK Transport Compound).
(warning triangle, etc.).                              Application form can be obtained from the
Report the accident immediately to KPS (tel.           Transport Office in UNMIK Transport Compound.
112) and EULEX Security                                Required documents for obtaining EU PV License
 by radio - Echo Uniform Base                         Plates (2 copies required of each document):
 by landline 038 504 604 #5655 and                     Passport copy
                038 5139 #150 and #160                  Copy of valid national driving license
 by mobile 044 572 066 and 044 701 372                 Copy of ID Card (expiry date must be no less
EULEX Security will take the necessary action to           than three months from the date of
ensure that you are assisted (recovery etc.) and           application)
the accident investigated.                              Copy of valid vehicle insurance that explicitly
Remain at the scene of the accident until you are          covers Kosovo region
permitted to leave by the KPS / EULEX Security          Copy of vehicle documents
unless your personal safety is manifestly               Copy of vehicle sales contract
Render such first aid to any injured person(s)         All transport related information, forms and
you are qualified to administer.                       instructions can be found on share drive
After the accident, fill out Drivers Accident
Report form and deliver it to Security Section in      >>I: / Administration / Forms / Transport
your region.                                           >>I: / SOP (Use of Vehicles, Private Use of
The damage will be inspected by the Transport          Vehicles, and Registration Plates for Private
Section, who will decide on repair, write-off, etc.    Vehicles)
No repair action to be taken by staff member!
                                                       If further questions, contact 24/7 transport duty
Driving Conditions                                     officer at 044 697 091.
In winter, the roads are snowy and icy.
                                                       Transport Section Contacts

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Prishtinë/Priština                                    Submission
James (Shay) Martin Chief MTO; 044 721 836;           Submit the completely filled request to your GSS
#4686                                                 Officer or send it electronically to:
Andreas Sorensen: (Dispatch) 044 704523 ext:          GSS
Dubravko Birnbauer: (Fuel) 044 704493 ext:            Please note that it is important to obtain all
4741                                                  requisite signatures before submitting to
Frederick Ropers; 044 704 715; #8110                  Delivery of goods
Pejë/Pec                                              GSS will advise you where to collect the goods or
Juha Mantere; 044 701 589; #3433                      they may be delivered directly to you. Once
Mitrovicë/Mitrovica                                   delivered, you will need to sign the requester
Anders Nord; 044 701 686; #7106                       part under the delivery section.
Jan-Ove Bjork; 044 702 078; #7105
Gjilan/Gnjilane                                       Non-expendable items
Jan Nystrom; 044 702 099; #7761                       For Non-expendable items you always need to
                                                      sign an Issue voucher. These items will then be
Chief Transport Section                               registered under your name until you return it to
James (Shay) Martin                                   GSS.
044 721 836; #4686                          Returning issued equipment
UNMIK Transport Compound                              For non-expendable items please fill in a Return
                                                      voucher and have the Technical assessment
GENERAL SUPPLIES AND SERVICES                         completed by the appropriate personnel. Submit
                                                      both documents together with the goods to GSS.
General Supplies and Services, GSS, supplies
you with:                                             Vouchers and technical assessment forms can be
 Goods and services (computers, printers,            found on I: / Administration/ Forms/ Warehouse
    various IT equipment, furniture and other         & Inventory
    general items)
 Stationary                                          Always keep a copy of the Issue voucher,
 Business cards                                      Return vouchers!!

How to fill in a request                              If any question, please send an email to:
Make an appropriate request by filling a GSS
request form below:
           Request for Goods and Services
           Request for Stationary                    GSS Contacts
           Request for Business Cards                Chief GSS
The forms can be found on: I: / Administration /      James Grierson; 044 721 399; #4091
Forms / General Supplies and Services       
                                                      TSS, main bldg, room no. 16
1. Fill in the form completely and legibly.
2. Fill in the justification section.                 Main HQ
3. Be as detailed as possible with specifications     Brian Jupp; 044 945 275; #8916
    and     descriptions.     If   necessary,  use
    attachments with specifications.
4. Signatures required:                               Anna Sawstrom; 044 702 210; #8929
            You need to sign               
            Your immediate supervisor
            Head of IT (for IT equipment)            Prishtinë/ Priština TSS compound
            Head      of   Comms     (for  Comms     Walter Burolo; 044 704 846; #4092
            Personnel, IT and Comms for
             Business Cards.
In Prishtinë/ Priština Germia, Head of Mission,       Prishtinë/ Priština Germia and HoM Office
Justice Building, Police HQ and the regions, your     Robert Miller; 044 702 562
respective GSS Officer, see list below, will assist
you in obtaining signatures apart from your
immediate supervisor.                                 Prishtinë/ Priština Justice Office
                                                      Catherine Pascal; 044 705 235

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Prishtinë/ Priština Police HQ                   Local drives – NOT BACKED UP!
Yannick Le Flao; 044 925 294                     C drive: Local “System” drive, do not use;                   D       drive:    Local    “Data”    drive,   for
                                                     personal/private data (pictures, music, etc.)
Mitrovicë/ Mitrovica                            These drives/locations are NOT backed up!
Geanino Popovici; 044 701 567; #7116            Never save mission critical documents here!                This includes „My Documents‟ and „Desktop‟ as
GSS Requests          they are on C drive!
                                                It‟s your responsibility to back up your private
Gjilan/ Gnjilane                                files!
Andrew Male; 044 722 391; #7760                     Network Drives – BACKED UP / OFFICIAL USE
GSS Requests              P drive: Your personal mission drive. The
                                                   temporary and convenient storage of drafts
Pejë/ Pec                                          and background reference material only.
Magnus Larsson; 044 722 749; #3432                 Storage limit: 500MB                   U drive: Official “Department/Section/Unit”
GSS Requests                  drive. The official storage location for mission
                                                   records created by your team. No storage
Prizren                                            limit    (accessible     by    the    respective
Frederick Ropers; 044 704 715; #8110               components,      for    permission    finetuning                   contact the IT Helpdesk).
GSS Requests             N drive: “Info” drive (\\gaia\info$). General
                                                   and public mission information, forms,
BUILDING MANAGEMENT SECTION                        templates, letterheads, SOPs, security info
                                                   etc. (read-only access for all staff members).
                                                 R      drive:    Official    “Restricted”   drive
BMS – in charge of maintenance of premises
                                                   (\\gaia\restricted$). The official storage
                                                   location for key mission records (read-only
Work request form can be found on
                                                   access for International Staff).
N:\Administration\Forms\Building Management
                                                Other drives may exist depending on your
Specify type of work required, location and
                                                All network drives are backed up on a daily
BMS contacts
Axel Prehn; 044 799 323; #8897
                                                Private content (movies, music etc) will be
                                                deleted without prior notification from these
Andin Halimi; 044 115 181; #8904
Besnike Shala; #8821
                                                Contact Registry & Archives Unit for further
                                                Information Management advice and see also
                                                section below.
                                                Network Security
    Network and Local drives                   The network is secured by:
    Network security                            Installation of software blocked: Users can‟t
    Email                                         install any software or make system changes
    Internet access                               (no administrator rights).
    Webmail                                     Firewall: protecting us from the outside
    Use of IT equipment                           internet threats
                                                 Proxy: protecting us from our selves from
COMMS                                              visiting the wrong webpages with harmful
 GSM                                              contents
 Landline                                       Antivirus: to keep unwanted harmful
 Radio                                            programs away from our system
                                                 Automatic updates: to keep Windows and
                                                   Office up to date with security fixes, patches
IT                                                 and spam filtering
                                                 Password       security:  use    of    complex
Network drives and Local drives                    passwords and password validity 90 days

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    (users will be notified 14 days before           Credentials to logon is provided by IT (usually
    expiration).                                     Monday after check-in, one-page instruction
   Skype, MSN Messenger and similar instant         given by IT)
    messaging software: not allowed
                                                     Your e-mail account will be:
The network is classified as “UNCLASSIFIED”!
CHIASMUS encryption software is available for
transmission and/or exchange of data classiefied     e.g. for John Doe the           e-mail   would   be
up to “EU RESTREINT” level.                

E-mail                                               You need to change the password. Your new
E-mail, calendar, address lists available through    password must be at least 8 characters long and
Microsoft Outlook.                                   must include at least one capital letter, one
                                                     number and one special character.
Do not over-use email! A telephone call or face-     e.g. qWer268%
to-face meeting may be more appropriate.
                                                     The settings for Outlook within the EULEX
Email restrictions:                                  network are: Add e-mail account  Microsoft
 500MB – max email storage (delete                  Exchange  Server name: EULEXMAIL.
   regularly!). Manage your email within 500MB       If you still need IT support to configure your
   mailbox limits and do not create PST archive      email with Outlook, please contact the helpdesk
   files!                                            or your regional CIS officer.
 10MB – max email attachment, incoming and
   outgoing. Try not to send attachments with        Network printers are not installed but can easily
   internal emails. Save the attachment to a         be installed (print  find printer  add location,
   shared drive and send a hyperlink by email        e.g. TSS  locate your printer  OK; then go to
   or ask a web editor to save the file within the   start  printers and faxes  right-click on the
   content/document management system to             chosen printer and choose „set as default
   make it accessible via the Internet or            printer‟)
   Intranet, and send a hyperlink by email.
 Certain attachment types are blocked: .mp3,        If you have a problem to log on, password or
   .wav, .mpg, .exe etc.                             printer setting, contact your regional CIS Officer.
 Extra mailbox storage space is not
   permitted!                                        Email accounts are for official use ONLY!
                                                     Never use your official email address to make
Keep your mailbox tidy and clean from the            purchases on the internet or any other non-
beginning. Regularly use your delete key to          mission related activity.
remove non-records and remember to empty
your Deleted Items folder!                           You can find useful IT-related information and
                                                     manuals on:
Give records a meaningful title in the Subject
field e.g. re-title an email before forwarding if    N:\Administration\Sections\IT
appropriate. Regularly save email records
alongside related business documents in folders      Internet access
on your unit‟s shared drives.                        Through Internet Explorer 7.
                                                     Sites are made accessible or blocked according
If your mailbox is full (500MB reached), you will    to SOPs.
have to delete all non-records, all non-mission
related messages, clean up the Sent Items folder     Webmail
and ultimately empty the deleted items folder.       You can access your email from any computer
Attachments can also be deleted without deleting     through webmail.
the email itself.                                    Webmail address:

Please do not send messages to everyone in the
address book without approval!
                                                     Username and password are the same for
Emails regarding virus threats or other IT related   network logon and webmail logon!
info sent out by the EULEX IT must be strictly       Your webmail is same as Outlook (i.e. email,
adhered to!                                          calendar, contacts, tasks. etc.). No shared
                                                     calendars though via Webmail. Shared folders
First logon                                          are also accessible via Webmail.

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Detailed instructions can be found on the Info-      >
drive at the above mentioned link.
Use of IT services and facilities
The use of mission IT services and facilities is     Prishtinë/Priština Germia building (O/HoM)
dictated by the relevant SOPs, which can be          +381 (0) 38 51 39 #XXX
found on:
                                                     Prishtinë/Priština TSS (Admin) and all regions
N:\SOPs\SOP – Communication and Information          +381 (0) 38 504 604 #XXXX
Systems.pdf or
                                                     Perosonal PIN code provided for all (in Germia
R:\10.OPLAN\Final   OPLAN    2008\Annex         X    building, two PIN codes, one for Official and one
Communication and Information Systems.pdf            for Private calls) who has a landline.

Use of equipment                                     Itemized bill will be sent, staff member should
Use of mission IT equipment on a non-mission         highlight official v. private phone calls and pay
network (including a dial-up internet access) is     private call costs.
strictly forbidden!
Use of non-mission equipment on the mission          RADIO
network is likewise strictly forbidden!
Limited, appropriate use of IT equipment for              All staff issued with radios and call signs
private purpose is permitted                              Strictly for safety and security usage
                                                          Each vehicle is fitted with a radio
Contact Helpdesk
All IT-related requests and issues must be           KEEP THE RADIO WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES!
reported/directed to the IT Helpdesk.                KEEP IT CHARGED!
Helpdesk can be reached on helpdesk@eulex-           KNOW HOW TO USE IT!                                            IN CASE OF CRISIS, MOBILE NETWORK MAY BE
                                                     SHUT DOWN! RADIO MIGHT BE YOUR ONLY WAY
                                                     OF COMMUNICATION!
                                                     YOUR CALL SIGN!

COMMS                                                Radio is your responsibility, you signed for it
                                                     (€500 charge if lost)
All international staff members are provided with    Radio channels
a GSM prepaid SIM-card.
You are required to be reachable 24/7 while you      1.    Work channel (simplex)
are in Kosovo.                                       2.    Work channel (simplex)
                                                     3.    Not in use (spare)
+377 (0) 44 xxx xxx                                  4.    EULEX Kosovo Wide Pristina
                                                     5.    EULEX Kosovo Wide Ferizaj
                                                     6.    EULEX Kosovo Wide Mitrovica
Prepaid card holders                                 7.    EULEX Kosovo Wide Prizren
Check your balance / credit:                         8.    EULEX Kosovo Wide Peja and Gjilane
 Dial 551 and wait for sms                          9.    Not in use (spare)
Get extra credit for official use:                   10.   Not in use (spare)
 email to             11.   Administration Mitrovica
Get extra credit for private use:                    12.   Administration Gjilane
 Visit PTK offices                                  13.   Administration Prizren
 Buy Vala scratch card, €5, €10, €20 & €50          14.   Administration Peja
    (dial 552, enter 14 digit code and press call    15.   Administration Pristina
    button. SMS will confirm new balance)            16.   Scanning Channels: 4,5,6,7,8

Prepaid rates:                                       EULEX Kosovo Wide channels 4,5,6,7 and 8 are
>          linked together, so everything said on these
                                                     channels are relayed between these channels.
Postpaid card holders
Itemized bill will be sent, staff member should      The EULEX Security Operations room monitors
highlight official v. private phone calls, and pay   EULEX Kosovo Wide channels 24/7.
private call costs.
                                                     EULEX Security Operations room call sign
Postpaid rates:                                       Pristina: Echo Uniform Base

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     Mitrovica: Echo Uniform Base 1                  will then control the call and assist as necessary.
     Peja: Echo Uniform Base 2                       Echo Uniform Base will then proceed according to
     Gjilane: Echo Uniform Base 3                    SOPs.
     Prizren: Echo Uniform Base 4
                                                      If you need to interrupt another radio
Keep in mind when transmitting:                       conversation, call:
 English is the operational language of the          (Wait for a break in their transmission /
   net.                                               immediately after you hear the transmitting
 It is important to maintain radio discipline.       station say “over”)
 It is not a phone!
 Before transmitting, listen, you may interrupt         BREAK, BREAK, BREAK
   others.                                               THIS IS ECHO ALFA XXX
 Clear speech, firm and strong voice, do not            I HAVE AN URGENT MESSAGE, OVER
 Hold the microphone 5-10 cm from your lips.         Other stations will hear your call and stop
                                                      transmitting, listen to ensure they have stopped,
Think - Press - Pause - Speak - Release               and then proceed with your message.

DO NOT TRANSMIT CONFIDENTIAL INFO OVER                Sample Radio Check
RADIO!                                                e.g. from EULEX 95 to EUBase

     Be aware that everything you say can be            Echo Uniform Base this is Echo Uniform Papa
      heard by other users on that channel                Tango Niner Five, radio check OVER
     Others may also listen to our channels             Echo Uniform Papa Tango Niner Five this is
     Never transmit military or other confidential       Echo Uniform Base I read you loud and clear
      information over a radio network                    OVER
                                                         This is Echo Uniform Papa Tango Niner Five
Call sign                                                 you are loud and clear as well OUT
Remember your call sign (You will see it when
power on your radio and you can find the call         The often heard combination ”Over and Out” is
sign in the telephone directory)                      only heard in american police movies. Don‟t use
It is NOT the same as your EULEX ID!                  it. Either OVER or OUT

                                                      Sample Radio Message
Emergency Button/Assault button                       e.g. from EULEX 95 to EUBase
 Press it and hold until the radio appears as it
  is turned off                                          Echo Uniform Base this is Echo Uniform Papa
 It will transmit everything said for 3 X 10             Tango Niner Five message OVER.
  seconds                                                Echo Uniform Papa Tango Niner Five this is
 Only on the channel your are on                         Echo Uniform Base send your message over.
 It‟s a silent alarm                                    This is Echo Uniform Papa Tango Niner Five
 EU OPS room can see who you are but not                 the road to the airport is blocked by the
  where you are                                           railroad tracks. End of message, OVER.
 Try to give leading information                        This is Echo Uniform Base ROGER, OUT.

Emergency/Security                                    Radio Checks
                                                      Radio checks should be carried out periodically
In   the event of an emergency, call:                 during your trips
     EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY                 During field trips you should inform EU Ops
     Echo Uniform Base – Echo Uniform Base           Room of your planned route and expected time
     This is Echo Alfa XXX                           of arrival
     EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY over                       You should also inform them of the occupants of
                                                      the vehicle using their call signs, not names.
For lesser degrees of urgency, use the words:
                                                      If whilst on your trips you notice road closures or
     SECURITY, SECURITY, SECURITY                    delays due to traffic problems, pass this
     Echo Uniform Base – Echo Uniform Base           information back to ECHO UNIFORM BASE who
     This is Echo Alfa XXX                           can then keep other staff informed.
                                                      Phonetic alphabet
Any station hearing an “EMERGENCY” or                 A - Alfa
“SECURITY” call, should immediately stop              B - Bravo
transmitting and listen-out. Echo Uniform Base        C - Charlie

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D - Delta                                           Numbers to follow
E - Echo                                            I Say Again
F - Foxtrot                                         I am repeating all or part of the transmission
G - Golf                                            I Spell
H - Hotel                                           I will spell the next word phonically
I - India                                           This Is
J - Juliet                                          This transmission is from the station whose call
K - Kilo                                            sign immediately follows.
L - Lima                                            Time
M - Mike                                            That which follows is the time or date time.
N - November                                        Wait or Wait One
O - Oscar                                           I must pause for a few seconds.
P - Papa                                            Wait Out
Q - Quebec                                          I must pause for longer than a few seconds.
R - Romeo                                           Wilco
S - Sierra                                          I have received your transmission, understand it,
T - Tango                                           and will comply. Used only by the addressee.
U - Uniform                                         Since the meaning of Roger is included that of
V - Victor                                          Wilco, you never say Roger Wilco.
W - Whiskey                                         Word After
X - X-ray                                           I refer to the word of the message that follows.
Y - Yankee                                          Word Before
Z - Zulu                                            I refer to the word of the message that precedes.
0 - zeero                                           All After
1 - wun                                             I refer to all the transmission that follows.
2 - too                                             All Before
3 – thr-ree                                         I refer to all the transmission that preceded.
4 - fower
5 - fife                                            Radio helpdesk
6 - siks                                            For any radio related questions, helpdesk email
7 - seven                                 
8 - ate
9 - niner                                           Additional Comms and IT info on:

Examples of words that can be used                  >> I:\Administration\Sections\Comms
                                                    >> I:\Administration\Sections\IT
Radio Check                                         >> I:\SOPs
What is my signal strength and readability (i.e.,
How do you hear me?)                                Comms / IT Contacts
I have received your last transmission              Prishtinë/Priština
Say Again                                           Per Eriksson; 044 701 688; #4093
Repeat all of your last transmission                Pejë/Pec
Message                                             Radomir Klimm; 044 698 313; #4308
A transmission that requires recording is to        Mitrovicë/Mitrovica
follow                                              Boyan Gradev; 044 701 336; #7133
More To Follow                                      Gjilan/Gnjilane
I have additional traffic for you                   James Murray; 044 702 530; #7761
Out                                                 Ferizaj/Uroševac
This is the end of my transmission to you, and      Morgan Wemanis; 044 702 215; #4539
no response is needed or expected.                  Prizren
Over                                                Therese Lannemo; 044 966 639; #8900
This is the end of my transmission to you and a
response is required. You may now transmit.
Break                                               ELECTRONIC        &     MANUAL        RECORDS
I am separating the text from other parts of the    MANAGEMENT
message. Can also be used like a comma in
writing to separate items in a list.                Information  management       covers   a   wide
Correction                                          spectrum of activity ranging from the individual
There is an error in this transmission.             handling of email, the development and
Transmission will continue with the last word       maintenance of web content, the design and
correctly transmitted.                              commissioning of new information systems to

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the management        of   mission   manual   and    10. Transfer records worthy of permanent
electronic records.                                      preservation to the Archives of the Council of
                                                         the European Union.
Information created or received by EULEX is
owned by the mission, not you. You must adopt        MAIL COLLECTION & DELIVERY
shared standards and handle your information
consistently. All documents are not created equal    To ensure the accurate and timely collection and
– you must know how to identity a mission            delivery of your mail, please follow the
record, for example                                  procedures below.

   Policy statements and implementation plans       Internal Mail Services
   Directives, decisions & approvals for a course     The EULEX postal service distributes internal
    of action                                           mail and incoming external mail using the
   Documents that initiate, authorise, change or       INBOXES and OUTBOXES in EULEX Police
    complete business transactions                      HQ, Justice Building, Germia, Farmed and
   Briefing papers, reports & background papers        TSS in Prishtinë/Priština. Where appropriate,
   Agendas and minutes of meetings                     sections within buildings will receive a
   Project documentation                               dedicated self-service lockable pigeon-hole.
                                                       Post is normally collected and delivered twice
The Registry & Archives Office can help you             per day, except for Fridays when there is one
comply with the “rules of the road” by writing          mail run in the morning.
policies/procedures   and providing     training,      All internal mail must be clearly addressed as
advice, and archival services. Teams are advised        follows. STAFF NAME (or Job Title)/
to perform the following ten management                 TEAM/COMPONENT/LOCATION. Write
actions;                                                also the sender‟s details in the top left-hand
                                                        corner of the envelope.
1. Contact your Document Management Officer            SENDER and RECIPIENT information from
   to co-ordinate electronic and manual                 internal mail collected from each OUTBOX
   recordkeeping, and liaise with the Registry &        will be logged by the Registry & Archives
   Archives Unit.                                       team.
2. Set up shared electronic and manual filings         To ensure proper registration of mail, all
   systems, using an approved vocabulary to             items sent from one component to another
   name files and folders. This may involve             must be placed in the OUTBOX provided in
   formal registry systems, and centralised             each location.
   mail-handling services                              Please note that local arrangements must be
3. Record details of mentoring functions and            in place to ensure the final distribution of
   maintain       appropriate      records    of        mail to desks – see the list of key mail
   correspondence between the ESDP MISSION              contacts below
   and external contacts.                              Transport does not normally provide further
4. Ensure that significant decisions (e.g.              ad hoc courier services.
   relating to purchasing, tendering, property         Regional Administration Coordinators can
   management and recruitment) are fully                collect the mail for their region from the
   documented and based on fact and                     pigeon-holes located in the lobby of Farmed.
   evidence-based opinion.                             Please note that the Council Security
5. Ensure that project leaders maintain records         Restrictions are applicable when sending
   of all key phases of the project.                    documents via the internal mail. RESTREINT
6. Apply appropriate security and access                UE documents should be circulated in a
   controls to records to prevent unauthorised          single, closed envelope bearing the name of
   disclosure of ESDP MISSION information.              the intended recipient.
7. Process personal data in accordance with            Documents marked CONFIDENTIEL UE or
   Directive    95/46/EC     of   the   European        SECRET UE should be distributed in two,
   Parliament and of the Council of 24 October          opaque strong envelopes. The outer envelop
   1995 and subsequent regulations.                     should not bear any signs of confidentiality.
8. Identify records that are essential for              The inner envelope should be marked
   business continuity and ensure tested back-          confidential and contain a receipt to be
   up procedures are in place to promptly               returned to the originator. Please refer to the
   restore these vital records in the event of a        Chief of Registry & Archives for further
   disaster.                                            information.
9. Dispose of records according to the ESDP            Internal mail may now be opened by each
   MISSION Records Retention Policy e.g.                component‟s local registry. If the mail is
   promptly destroy drafts, working papers and          personal or highly sensitive and should only
   correspondence, including emails, when they          be opened by the named recipient, please
   are no longer needed by the organisation.            clearly mark the item “PERSONAL”.

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Incoming External Mail
  The official PTK address of the mission for    OTHER IMPORTANT CONTACTS
   incoming mail is STAFF NAME (or Job
   EULEX Kosovo, P.O. Box: 268, 10000             Medical
   Pristina, Kosovo.
  You can also receive your personal mail via    UNMIK Clinic
   Austrian KFOR in Vienna, using the following   038 504 604 #5309
   template; STAFF NAME (or Job Title)/
   TEAM/COMPONENT/LOCATION; EULEX,                OSCE Medical Services
   Via UNMIK – Kosovo; A-1503 AUCON /             044 500249
   KFOR; AUSTRIA. Please restrict packages        044 500211
   or parcels to less than 2.5 Kg using this
   route.                                         EULEX Chief Medical Officer
                                                  Dr Andrzej Czerwiec, 044 500212
Outgoing External Mail
  Any items of business mail that need to be     ***
   delivered to domestic or international
   destinations should be routed through the
   Registry & Archives team by completing this
   order form N:\Administration\Forms\Registry
   & Archives\2008-12-02 EULEX Courier
   Request Form v1.0.pdf                          *Admin Handbook serves as a summary guidance for
  Outgoing private mail can be taken to any      information only. EULEX Staff Members are at all times
   PTK office in Kosovo. There is also a PTK      governed by the Standard Operating Procedures
   representative providing mail services at      (Annex S) as issued by the European Commission.
   UNMIK Mail & Pouch at TSS each Monday
   and Wednesday afternoon between 13:30
   and 17:00 hrs.
  An alternative method is to send private
   items via Austrian KFOR. There is an
   Austrian KFOR representative providing mail
   services at UNMIK Mail & Pouch, block E at
   TSS each Tuesday & Thursday between
   1400hrs and 1500hrs.
  Private (non-business) items of mail should
   not be placed in the inboxes and outboxes.

Registry & Archives Contacts

   Chief, Registry & Archives Unit
   Registry & Archives Officer
   Registry & Archives Assistants
   Tel: +381 38 504 604 8852 or 8834

   Key mail contacts within components
     Shqipe Kabashi - JUSTICE
     Venera Braha - POLICE
     Arbresha Dedinja - CUSTOMS
     Adelina Shabani – PRIVATE OFFICE

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