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					                             Award Received by IITM Scientists

No. Title of Award            Year Name of Person Title of Paper               Bibliographical Details
58   Best Student Paper       2008   (i) Vimalesh Pant (i) Measurements of (i) Journal of Geophysical
     Award by Indian                        positive ions and       Research, Vol. 112, 2007,
     Institute of Tropical                                  air-earth current       D13212, 1-9
     Meteorology                                            density at Maitri
                                     (ii) S.M.              Antarctica         (ii) Annales Geophysicae, 25,
                                          Deshpande,                                2007, 2103-2111
                                                       (ii) Comparative
                                          P.E. Raj
                                                            study of structure
                                                            of vertical
                                                            motions in the
                                                            troposphere over
                                                            Pune, a tropical
                                                            Indian station in
                                                            March 2004 and
                                                            2005 using wind
                                                            profiler data

57   Certificate of Merit 2008 G. Beig                             ---                        ---
     Award by Ministry of
     Earth Sciences

56   Norbert Gerbier-   2008 K. Krishna Kumar,            Unraveling the       Science, vol. 314, 2006, 115-118
     MUMM International                       Mystery of Indian
     Award for the year                                   Monsoon Failure
     2009 by WMO             (Selected)                   during El Nino
     (Award ceremony in
     June 2009)

55   The Kalpathi             2008 B.N. Goswami                    ---                        ---
     Ramanathan Medal

54   Contributor to Nobel     2007 G.B. Pant, Rupa                 ---                        ---
     Peace Prize for 2007          Kumar K.
     to IPCC

53   Prof. A.D. Vernekar      2007 R. Krishnan, M.        Abnormal Indian      Journal of Climate, vol.16, 2003,
     Award - 2003-04               Mijumdar, V.           summer monsoon       1177-1194
                                   Vaidya, K.V.           of 2000
                                   Ramesh, V. Satyan

52   18th Silver Jubilee      2007 R. Krishnan, K.V.      Coupling of mixed Journal of Geophysical Research,
     Award for the year            Ramesh                 layer processes and vol.110, 2005,
     2005                                                 thermocline         doi:10.1029/2004JC002515
                                                          variations in the
                                                          Arabian Sea
51   Certificate of Merit 2007 K. Krishna Kumar                    ---                        ---
     Award by Ministry of
     Earth Sciences
50   Maharana Udai Singh 2007 G. Beig                        ---                      ---
     National Award-2007
     by the Maharana
     Mewar Foundation

49   Shanti Swarup           2006 G. Beig                    ---                      ---
     Bhatnagar (SSB)
     Award of Council of
     Scientific and
     Industrial Research
     (CSIR) for young
     Scientists for the year

48   Nobert-Gerbier        2005 G. Beig, S.S.       Review of           Reviews of Geophysics, 41,
     Mumm International         Fadnavis      Mesopheric          December
     Award for 2005                                 Temperature         2003,doi:10.1029/2002RG000121
47   Best Paper Award at 2004 R. Bhawar             Ground-based                      ---
     the IASTA Meeting                              Radiometric
     andInternational                               Measurements of
     Conference on                                  Aerosols and Pre-
     "Aerosols, Clouds                              cursor Gases over
     and Indian Monsoon"                            Pune and their
                                                    comparison with
                                                    TOMS and MODIS
                                                    Satellite Data
46   Best Paper Award at   2004 A.M. Grimm, A.K.    Long-term                         ---
     the 3rd Brazilian          Sahai, C.F.         variations in the
     Symposium of               Ropelewski          performance of
     Atmospheric                                    climate models
     Modellling in the
     13th Brazilian
     Congress of

45   17th IITM Silver      2004 C.G. Deshpande,     Atmospheric         Atmospheric Research, Vol. 70,
     Jubilee Award for          A.K. Kamra          electric            2004, 77–87
     2004                                           conductivity and
                                                    during fog over the
                                                    Indian Ocean
44   16th IITM Silver      2003 A.K. Sahai, A.M.    Long lead           Climate Dynamics, Vol. 20, 2003,
     Jubilee Award for          Grimm, V. Satyan,   predictions of      855-863
     2003                       G.B. Pant           Indian summer
                                                    monsoon rainfall
                                                    from global SST
43   15th IITM Silver      2002 J. Sanjay, P.       Impact of nonlocal Meteorology and Atmospheric
     Jubilee Award for          Mukhopadhyay and    boundary-layer     Science, Vol. 80, 2002,207-216
     2002                       S.S. Singh          diffusion scheme
                                                    on forecasts over
                                                    Indian region
42   Dr. Vikram Sarabhai   2001 G.B. Pant                     ---                          ---
     Memorial Lecture
     and Cash Award by
     the Indian Remote
     Sensing Society

41   14th IITM Silver      2001 R.G. Ashrit, K.       ENSO-monsoon         Geophysical Research Letters,
     Jubilee Award for          Rupa Kumar and K.     relationships in a   Vol. 28, 2001,1727-1730
     2001                       Krishna Kumar         green house
                                                      warming scenario

40   13th IITM Silver      2000 G. Beig               Relative            Journal of Geophysical Research,
     Jubilee Award for                                importance of Solar Vol. 105, 19, 2000, 841-856
     2000                                             Activity and
                                                      Incluences on the
                                                      Ion Composition,
                                                      Temperature and
                                                      Associated Neurals
                                                      of the Middle
39   National Young         1999 G. Beig                      ---                          ---
     Scientist Award in the
     Physical Sciences for
     1999-2000 by
     Muslim Association
     for Advancement in
     Science and Centre
     for Studies on

38   Bose-Nandi Award of 1999 N.R. Deshpande,         On computation of Journal of Calcutta Statistical
     Calcutta Statistical     A.O. Gore               probabale         Association Bulletin, Vol. 49,
     Association                                      maximum           1999, 193-194
37 12th IITM Silver        1999 G.K. Manohar, S.S. Thunderstorm            Geophysical Research, Vol 104,
   Jubilee Award for            Kandalgaonkar and activity over India      1999, 4169-4188
   1998                         M.I.R Tinmaker    and the Indian
                                                  southwest monsoon.
36   11th IITM Silver      1998 R. Krishnan, C.       Dynamics of upper Proc. Indian Academy of
     Jubilee Award for          Venkatesan and        tropospheric      Sciences (Earth and Planetary
     1998                       R.N.                  stationary wave   Sciences), Vol. 107, 1998, 65-90
                                Keshavamurthy         anomalies induced
                                                      by ENSO during
                                                      the northern
                                                      summer: A GCM
35   J. Das Gupta Award    1999 P.C.S. Devara, P.E.   A high spectral      Journal of Instrumentation
     for 1995-96                Raj, G. Pandithurai   resolution           Society of India, Vol. 25, (3&4),
                                and S. Sharma         radiometer for       142-154
34   10th IITM Silver      1997 R.H. Kripalani and    Rainfall variability International Journal of
     Jubilee Award for                                over south-east      Climatology, Vol. 17, 1997,1155-
     1997                        A.A. Kulkarni       Asia- connections    1168
                                                     with Indian
                                                     monsoon and
                                                     ENSO extremes:
                                                     New perspectives
33   13th SAARC Award      1998 N. Singh             Optimizing a      International Journal of
     for 1993-1994                                   network of rain-  Climatology, Vol. 14, 1994, 61-
                                                     gauges over India 70
                                                     to monitor summer
                                                     monsoon rainfall
32   9th IITM Silver       1996 H.P. Borgaonkar,     Ring-width           International Journal of
     Jubilee Award for          G.B. Pant and K.     variations in Cedrus Climatology, Vol. 16, 1996,
     1996                       RupaKumar            deodara and its      1409-1422
                                                     climatic response
                                                     over the western
31   8th IITM Silver       1995 A.M. Selvam and      Universal spectrum International Journal of
     Jubilee Award for          R.R. Joshi           for interannual    Climatology, Vol. 15, 1995, 613-
     1995                                            variability in     623
                                                     COADS global air
                                                     and sea-surface
30   7th IITM Silver       1994 S. Sharma, P.C.S.    An optical           Journal of the Institution of
     Jubilee Award for          Devara, P.E. Raj     scintillometer for   Electronic and
     1994                       and G. Pandithurai   simultaneous         Telecommunication Engineers,
                                                     measurements of      Vol. 40, 1994, 101-104.
                                                     atmospheric C2n
                                                     and winds
29   6th IITM Silver       1993 P.E. Raj, S.         Study of Laser       Journal of Applied Meteorology,
     Jubilee Award for          Sharma, P.C.S.       Scintillation in     Vol. 32, 1993, 1161-2167
     1993                       Devara and G.        different
                                Pandithurai          atmospheric
28   Best Research Paper   1996 R.V. Kharul, S.S.    Numerical                           ---
     Award at the NSSS-         Parasnis and M.G.    simulation of wind
     96, Hyderabad              Takwale              pattern for wind
                                                     energy generator

27   10th SAARC Award      1994 M.K. Soman and K.    Some aspects of      International Journal of
     for 1992                   Krishna Kumar        daily rainfall       Climatology, Vol. 10, 1990, 299-
                                                     distribution over    311
                                                     India during the
                                                     monsoon season
26   5th IITM Silver       1992 S.S. Dhanorkar and   Relationship         Journal of Geophysical Research,
     Jubilee Award for          A.K. Kamra           between electrical   Vol. 97, 1992, 20345-20360
     1992                                            conductivity and
                                                     small ions in the
                                                     pressure of
                                                     intermediate and
                                                     large ions in the
                                                   lower atmosphere

25   4th IITM Silver      1993 P.N. Mahajan and    Assessment of         Mausam , Vol. 42, 1991, 347-352
     Jubilee Award for         S.P. Ghanekar       satellite-observed
     1991                                          HRC data for
                                                   rainfall estimates
                                                   over the tropical
                                                   Indian Ocean
24   Dr. B.N. Desai       1992 S. Rajamani         Some dynamical       Tellus, Vol. 41A, 3, 1989, 255-
     Award                                         characteristics and 269
                                                   thermal structure of
                                                   depression over the
                                                   Bay of Bengal
23   7th SAARC Award      1991 M.K. Tandon         Robert's recursive    Meteorology and Atmospheric
     for 1988                                      frequency filter: a   Physics, Vol. 37, 1987, 48-59
22   3rd IITM Silver      1990 S.S. Parasnis and   Thermodynamic     Atmospheric Environment, Vol.
     Jubilee Award for         S.B. Morwal (S.S.   features of the   24A, 1990, 743-352
     1990                      Goyal)              atmospheric
                                                   boundary layer
                                                   during the summer
21   2nd IITM Silver      1989 A.K. Kamra and      Wind-tunnel          Atmospheric Research, Vol.
     Jubilee Award for         D.V. Ahire          studies of the shape 23,1989, 117-134
     1989                                          of charged and
                                                   uncharged water
                                                   drops in the
                                                   absence or presence
                                                   of an electric field
20   6rh SAARC Award      1987 S.V. Singh, R.H.    Application of      Monthly Weather Review, Vol.
     for 1987                  Kripalani           extended emprical 114, 8, 1986, 1603-1610
                                                   orthogonal function
                                                   analysis to
                                                   and sequential
                                                   evolution of
                                                   monsoon fields
19   J. Das Gupta Award   1990 K.G. Vernekar, S.   Estimation of      Mausam, Vol. 38, 2, 1987, 157-
     for 1987-88               Sivaramakrishnan,   fluxes from wind   162
                               Brij Mohan and S.   and temperature
                               Saxena              profiles in the
                                                   marine atmospheric
                                                   surface boundary
18   Young Scientist       1990 K. Indira          Changes in                           ---
     Award for Best                                dynamical
     Presentation of Paper                         parameters of the
     at the Seminar on                             middle atmosphere
     Geophysics in                                 associated with the
     National Develoment,                          storm activity over
     Banaras Hindu                                 Bay of Bengal
     University, Varanasi
17   1st IITM Silver       1988 K. D. Prasad and     Large-scale          Advances in ATmospheric
     Jubilee Research           S.V. Singh           features of the      Sciences, Vol. 5, 1988, 499-513
     Award                                           Indian summer
                                                     monsoon rainfall
                                                     and their
                                                     association with
                                                     some oceanic and
16   Best Paper Award of   1987 R.K. Verma                   ---                         ---
15   14th Mausam Award     1986- P.S. Salvekar and   Effect of Ekman      Mausam, Vol. 37, 2, 1987, 147-
                           1987 SK. Mishra           boundary layer       152
                                                     friction on the
                                                     baroclinic growth
                                                     of monsoon
14   2nd SAARC Award       1985 S.K. Mishra, M.D.    A primitive          Quarterly Journal of Royal
                                Patwardhan and L.    equation barotropic Meteorological Society, Vol. 111.
                                George               instability study of 1985, 427-444
                                                     the monsoon onset
                                                     vortex, 1979
13   13th Mausam Award     1984- S. Rajamani         Energetics of the    Mausm, Vol. 36, 1, 1985, 7-12
                           1985                      monsoon
                                                     circulation over
                                                     south Asia : I-
                                                     Diabatic heating
                                                     and the generation   Mausam, Vol. 36, 4, 1985, 405-
                                                     of available         412
                                                     potential energy

                                                     Energetics of the
                                                     circulation over
                                                     south Asia : II-
                                                     Energy terms and
12   B.P. Kapadia          1984 S.K. Sharma                  ---                         ---
     Memorial Prize
     Eighth All India
     Students Seminar,
     The Institution of
     Engineers (India)
11   Prof. P. T. Rao       1983 P.E. Raj                     ---                         ---
     Prize in Physics,
     Andhra University,
10   Dr. B.N. Desai        1981 D.R. Sikka and       Large-scale rainfall Indian Journal of Meteorology
    Award                        Sulochana Gadgil   over India during      and Geophysics, Vol. 29, 1978,
                                                    the summer             219-231
                                                    monsoon and its
                                                    relation to the
                                                    lower and upper
9   WMO Research           1981 S.K. Mishra and     Role of Baroclinic     Journal of theAtmospheric
    Award for                   P.S. Salvekar       instability in the     Sciences, Vol. 37, 2, 1980, 383-
    encouragement of                                development of         394
    Young Scientists                                monsoon

8   Young Scientist     1980 P.C.S. Devara                   ---                           ---
    Award by the Andhra
    Pradesh Academy of
    Sciences, Hyderabad
7   Second Prize           1980 S.K. Sharma         Multi-side coating     Journal of the Institution of
    (Students' Technical                            gadget for             Engineers (India), Vol. II, Part
    Session) The                                    measurement of         ST, No. S I, 1977, 27-29
    Institution of                                  cloud-droplets
    Engineers (India)
6   Third Prize (Students' 1977 S.K. Sharma         Field-testing of two The Student Journal, Vol. 13, pt,
    Technical Session)                              cloud-droplet        S4, 1980, 110-112
    The Institution of                              samplers
    Engineers (India)
5   Shri Hari Om Ashram 1976 A.S.R. Murty                    ---                           ---
    Prerit Dr. Vikram
    Sarabhai Research
4   WMO Research           1976 A.K. Kamra          The role of            ournal of Atmospheric Sciences,
    Award for                                       electrical forces in   Vol. 32, 1, 1975, 143-157
    encouragement of                                charge separation
    Young Scientists                                by falling
                                                    precipitation in
3   WMO Research           1974 B.M. Mishra         A time series      Indian Journal of Meteorology
    Award for                                       analysis of the    and Geophysics, Vol. 24, 3,
    encouragement of                                global atmospheric 1973, 251-256
    Young Scientists                                pressure

2   Indian Journal of      1969 R.V. Godbole and    Net Terrestrial        Indian Journal of Meteorology
    Meteorology and             R.R. Kelkar         radiative heat         and Geophysics, Vol. 20, 1, 1969,
    Geophysics Award                                fluxes over India       1-8
                                                    during monsoon
1   Dr. B.N. Desai         1968 R.N. Keshavamurty   On the maintenance Monthly Weather Review, Vol.
    Award                                           of the mean zonal 96, 1, 1968, 23-31
                                                    motion in the
                                                    Indian summer

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