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					 Spokane Valley – Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer Study

Welcome and Introduction
                  Presented by
           Guy J. Gregory
     Washington Dept. of Ecology
           Spokane, WA
            May 8, 2007
                   Purpose and Goal
• The purpose of this project is to
  provide a scientific foundation for
  management of the SVRP aquifer. The
  study will culminate in the development
  of a numerical ground-water model that
  Washington and Idaho can use to
  cooperatively manage the SVRP aquifer
  and adjacent rivers and lakes
                     Common problems,
                    Uncommon solutions
• Pressures……
  – State Water management agency pressure
     • Cogentrix, etc.
  – Local Government management planning processes
     • WRIA, Kootenai County process
  – Stakeholder/NGO cooperation
     • Policy Advisory Committee
• Product….
  – Three Party Memorandum of Agreement
     • USGS participation, two-state study
• Results….
  – Partnership of state water-management agencies
  – Product-oriented investigation
          Administrative Organization

                                                        TAC           ADVISES

                            DIRECTS            AUDITS


                                MODELING       DATA           FIELD
                                  TEAM         TEAM           TEAM
• Congressional Funding to USGS, Late
  Fall, 2003
• Washington Legislative Appropriation,
  2004 Session
• Congressional Funding through EPA,
• Idaho Legislative Appropriation-2005
• Congressional Funding through EPA,
  2006 and 2007
Success has many parents, failure
                    is an orphan-
• A few of the parents…..
  – USGS Scientists:
     • Boise, Post Falls, Menlo Park, Tacoma, Spokane,
  – Idaho Affiliates:
     • Idaho Falls (IWRRI), Boise (IDWR)
  – Washington Affiliates:
     • Pullman (WWRC), Mercer Island (Keta Waters)
  – Local Affiliates:
     • SAJB, Spokane County, SRCC, organizations and
       individuals far and wide…
                          Sharing the blame….
•   Keith Hein, and all at USGS/Post Falls Office
•   Greg Parry, and all his colleagues at USGS/Spokane
•   Molly Maupin, Annette Campbell-USGS/Boise
•   Mark Savoca, Sheila Loyd –USGS/Tacoma
•   Bob Haynes and his entire IDWR Northern Region Staff, especially
    Dave Lepard
•   Gary Stevens, IDEQ/Cd’A, service above and beyond the call
•   John Covert, and all my colleagues past and present at Ecology ERO
•   The TAC: Lloyd Brewer, Stan Miller, Bryony Hansen, Dale Ralston, and
•   Local agencies: City of Spokane, Bea Lackaff, Spokane County, Rob
    Lindsay, Reanette Boese, Jim McLefresh
•   Panhandle Health Dept.
•   EPA Region 10: Jennifer Parker, full partner
•   Spokane Regional Chamber of Commerce: Amy Johnson
                                Additional help

•   Kootenai Environmental Alliance
•   Sierra Club
•   The Lands Council
•   The Spokane Aquifer Joint Board
•   Spokane Rifle Club
•   The Cities of Spirit Lake, Athol, Coeur d’Alene,
    Spokane Valley, Spokane, Post Falls, and the hundreds
    of well owners, agency employees consultants and just
    plain folks who allowed us access, helped us gather
    data, asked good questions, critiqued presentations,
    questioned authority, and demanded accountability
                                                  Today’s Schedule
•   Hydrogeologic Setting of the SVRP Aquifer ● Sue Kahle, U.S. Geological Survey

•   Geophysics ● John Oldow and Mark Nell, University of Idaho

•   Recharge from Precipitation ● Jim Bartolino, U.S. Geological Survey

•   Inflows from Tributary Basins, Adjacent Uplands, and
    Lakes ● Gary Johnson, ID Water Resources Research Institute

•   Interaction Between River and Aquifer ● Mike Barber, State of WA Water Research Center

•   Well Withdrawal and Water Use ● Bryce Contor, ID Water Resources Research Institute

•   Water Levels in the SVRP Aquifer ● Joseph Jones, U.S. Geological Survey

•   Overview of the SVRP Aquifer Model ● Akram Hossain, State of WA Water Research Center

•   Model Calibration ● Allan Wylie, Idaho Dept. of Water Resources

•   Model Limitations and Uncertainties ● Paul Hsieh, U.S. Geological Survey

•   Scenarios: Aquifer Simulations

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