FORSYTH COUNTY COURSE SYLLABUS

TEACHER NAME: Maggie Gustavus                     EMAIL:
ROOM #: 1412                                      PHONE: 770-781-2264 EXT. 101412

Course Description: Enhances Level Three skills in Spanish and provides further opportunities
to increase listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in an integrated way. Provides
continued language development through exploration of familiar and unfamiliar topics and
provides opportunities for a broader and more extensive understanding of Spanish speaking
cultures. The culture, literature, and history of Spain and Latin America are emphasized in this

Standards: Course standards may be found at

Textbook/Resources: With the emergence of technology as a tool for learning, South Forsyth
High School will be utilizing various resources to assist with instruction, including ANGEL,
online textbooks, and interactive websites. In addition to these web based instructional tools, this
course will also have a classroom set of textbooks. Should you feel that your child would benefit
from having a textbook at home in addition to the classroom textbook, please contact me.

Required Assignments: Each unit of study will include a written summative assessment as well
as several formative written and oral assessments. Students will be given advance notice in order
to prepare for them.

Homework: Students are encouraged to study and prepare for the class on a daily
basis. Homework assignments may include written assignments, language practice, and studying
for formative and summative assessments. Homework will be graded as a formative assessment
throughout the semester. Students should expect 30-40 minutes of homework per week. All
homework assignments and formative/summative assessment dates will be posted on Angel.
Students should get into the habit of checking Angel daily for notes and/or announcements for the

Retake policy: Formative assessments may be retaken once in preparation for the summative
assessment of the unit and must be completed prior to the summative assessment of the same unit.
Formative assessment retakes will only be allowed if a student has attended a minimum 30
minute tutoring session. Retakes of summative assessments will not be allowed.

Availability for Extra Help: Tutoring is available. Please see the tutoring schedule that is posted
in your classroom and on Angel to find out the time and place. Please speak to individual
teachers to know when they are available for extra help.

Makeup Work: All missed work and assessments are the responsibility of the student when they
are absent from school. A student who is absent on the class day before a regularly scheduled
assessment will be responsible for completing the assignment on the regularly scheduled day and
time. Students who have been absent more than two consecutive days (including the assessment
day) will be given five (5) school days to make up the assessment and/or other assignments. This
does not include major projects where the deadline has been posted in advance. The teacher has
the discretion to grant additional time to make up work if there are extenuating circumstances.

Grading Calculations:
Course Average = 50% First Semester Course work + 50% Second Semester Course work
Course Work = 75% Summative + 25% Formative

Grading Policy:
A = 90 – 100
B = 80 – 89
C = 70 – 79
Failing = Below 70

*Formative Assessments include, but are not limited to homework, class work, practice tests,
rough drafts, and sections of projects/ research papers/presentations.

*Summative Assessments include, but are not limited to unit tests, final projects, final essays,
final research papers, and final presentations. All summative assessments will include listening
and reading comprehension sections as well as writing and oral proficiency sections.

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