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Ref: KIMENG        306 / 2011

June 20, 2011

Subject:           Notification of the Settlement Price and Net Cash Settlement Amount of

To:                Managing Director
                   The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Refer to : Ref: KIMENG 263/2011, Subject: Notification of Book Closed Date and Trading
Suspension of TUF42CA

Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“the Company”) has offered and
issued Call Warrants on TUF issued by KEST # A (“TUF42CA”) of 30,000,000 units. The
underlying share is the Common share of THAI UNION FROZEN PRODUCTS PLC. The terms
are from January 21, 2011 to June 24, 2011.

The Company would like to announce the detail of the Settlement Price and the Net Cash
Settlement Amount of TUF42CA as follows:

1.    Settlement Price
      Settlement Price =         47.50 Baht (The Closing Price of the Common Share of THAI
                                 UNION FROZEN PRODUCTS PLC. (“TUF”) on June 20, 2011.

2.    Net Cash Settlement Amount
      Net Cash Settlement Amount           =   Cash Settlement Amount – Exercise Expense
                                               (charged by issuer)
                                           =   0.00 – 0
                                           =   0.00

      Where Cash Settlement Amount = 0 Baht (As the Settlement Price < Exercise Price)
                Exercise Price             = 50.00 Baht
                Exercise Ratio             = 0.10 (10 units per 1 underlying share)
                Exercise Expense (charged by issuer) = 0 Baht (None)

Please be informed accordingly.
Sincerely yours,
Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) Plc.

(Mr. Pusit Kaewmongkolsri)
Director & Chief Operating Officer

Corporate Secretary
Tel. 0-2658-5166

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