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					Project #   Cluster #1A
1A-1        Holtz         Abby       Competition: Does it effect your time?
1A-2        Blind         Erin       Do shorter people shoot a 3-pointer better?
1A-3        Dooley        Joe        Which type of soil retains the most water?
1A-4        May           Zach       What type of kitchen sack can hold the most weight?
1A-5        Bender        Devin      The Effect of Stretching on Weight Lifting
1A-6        Morrison      Matt       Which ping pong paddle is most accurate?
1A-7        Lucero        Jessi      The Effect of Temperature on the Power Output of a PEM Hydrogen Fuel Cell

            Cluster #1B
1B-1        Hoehle        Alissa     Sex vs. Scent: Can males or females detect scent better?
1B-2        Detiege       Jimmy      How fast can fruit dehydrate in different liquids?
1B-3        Chalupa       Michelle   Stain Removers Fighting Stains
1B-4        Goldsmith     Tim        Which carpet cleaners can clean carpet best?
1B-5        Kakavas       Matt       Does caffeine effect sleep?
1B-6        Parysz        Michael    Red Bull: Does it help your memory?
1B-7        Anderson      Jake       The Effect of Drum Tempo on Heart Rate

            Cluster #2A
2A-1        Rooy          Elliot     Is red bull the same as sugar?
2A-2        Carlson       Shawn      The Effect of Music on Heart Rate
2A-3        Sherman       Kelly      Flies Eyes
2A-4        Randall       Maggie     Spikes vs. Running Shoes: Which work better?
2A-5        Dolezal       Dylan      Does color effect your mood?
2A-6        Elliott       Caitlyn    The Effect of Color on Memory
2A-7        Squires       Courtney   Running Surfaces vs. Running Time

            Cluster #2B
2B-1        Newkirk       Miles      Magnets, Wires, and a Lightbulb…Oh My!
2B-2        Lindquist     Corey      Does the color of the water effect the level of evaporation?
2B-3        Jones         Emily      Egg Shields: What will protect eggs from rotting?
2B-4        Stahle        Kyler      The Effect of Video Games on Your Reflexes
2B-5        Junge         Emily      Do different types of liquids melt ice at different rates?
2B-6        Cilek         Lauren     What type of liquid cleans a penny best?
2B-7        Irinaka       Trevor     Which kind of crystal grows the fastest?

            Cluster #3A
3A-1        Rundell       Hannah     Say Cheese!
3A-2        Deaton        Audrey     Bullying Today
3A-3        Yakish        Ashley     Diaper vs. Amount of Liquid
3A-4        Bruene        Blake      Free Throws: What warm-up works?
3A-5        Connelly      Kirsten    Pop, Pop, Pop…Which brand pops the most kernels?
3A-6        Breza         Kaitlyn    The Effect of Air on the Height of a Basketball Bounce
3A-7        Singkofer     Kaylie     Stain Removers vs. Amount of Stain

            Cluster #3B
3B-1        Wilford       Katie      Conductors vs. Insulators: Which material heats up fastest?
3B-2        Zimmerman     Erin       The Effect of Sound Volume on Heart Rate
3B-3        Huelsenbeck   Lindsey    What type of candle burns the longest?
3B-4        Lesan         Skylar     How do we compare to the national BMI average?
3B-5        Koehn         Marissa    Do plants grow better in water?
3B-6        Holubar       Tom        Which cooling method will cool a pop the fastest?
3B-7        Pearcy        Josh       Barrel Diameter and Price of Paintballs: How does it affect accuracy?
       Cluster #4A
4A-1   Corrigan      Jen         Human Lie Detectors: Which gender can detect lies more accurately?
4A-2   Vance         Jacob       Do 2 eyes effect depth perception?
4A-3   Sedlacek      Rick        The Stroop Effect
4A-4   Krall         Ashley      Light Colored Candles vs. Dark Colored Candles: Which burn faster?
4A-5   Messinger     Sarah       The Effect of Horror Music on the Heart Rate
4A-6   Pisarik       Peter       Where do crystals grow the fastest?
4A-7   Kline         Alex        Vegetarian Diets: How they effect weight and running time?

       Cluster #4B
4B-1   Toomey        Daniel      Will the amount of caffeine effect your delicate muscular coordination?
4B-2   Funk          McKenzie    Will a certain compound have the most detrimental effect on the insects?
4B-3   Bucklin       Laura       Who really knows more about the opposite sex?
4B-4   Jones         Curtis      Which water purification will work the best?
4B-5   Dietzel       Donald      Which conduct electricity better?
4B-6   Metzler       Zach        What's the best way to position your feet in a manual in order to balance the longest?
4B-7   Krob          Amanda      The effect of horoscopes on a persons day

       Cluster #5A
5A-1   Wentzien      Tucker      Treubuchet Distance vs. Size of Rope
5A-2   Keller        Christina   The Disappearing Nail: Can a liquid dissolve a nail?
5A-3   Smith         BJ          Does the type of liquid effect plant growth?
5A-4   Knoedel       Lindsey     Effect of Whitening Toothpastes on Teeth
5A-5   Woods         Kyle        Can you loose weight just by not watching TV?
5A-6   Reed          Holly       The Effect of Different Beverages on Running Time

       Cluster #5B
5B-1   Green         Cody        What is the effect of the number of scoville units on the temperature in the mouth?
5B-2   Bandy         Amy         What happens to your hair after you dye, bleach, or straighten it?
5B-3   Takes         Josie       What chemical effects how well meat is preserved?
5B-4   Kidwell       Heidi       How does what you do while studying effect your memory?
5B-5   Virden        Alex        How does weather affect mood?
5B-6   Spicer        Scott       How does the type of bread affect mold growth?
5B-7   Carroll       Peter       The effect of what instrument a person plays on how well they keep rhythm?

       Cluster #6A
6A-1   Paulsen       Katie       Handwashing vs. Dishwashing! Which leaves more bacteria?
6A-2   Davis         Miranda     Dieting Trends in HS Students
6A-3   Erhart        Clint       Effect of Fertilizer on Plant Growth
6A-4   Haas          Noah        Effect of Music on Artistic Creativity
6A-5   Spading       Matt        Effect of Type of Paintball on Accuracy
6A-6   Schmitt       Kami        Colorful Personalities
6A-7   Klecker       Natalie     No Noise vs. Noise: Which helps you fall asleep faster?

       Cluster #6B
6B-1   Proffitt      Isaac       The effect of number of consecutive numbers on how many they can recall
6B-2   Yordi         Dan         The effect of kickers height on their distance and accuracy
6B-3   Blessing      Trevor      The effect of the mass of a football on how far it travels when kicked
6B-4   Miller        Molly       The effect of the actions of the experimenter on the reactions of the subject
6B-5   Beadle        Drew        The effect of soil on the vibration of a string
6B-6   St. John      Devin       How does the different type of suit affect the drag in the water?
6B-7   Swenson       Kristine    The effect of gender on speed and accuracy of solving a test
       Cluster #7A
7A-1   Westcot       Danielle    How the diamter of a hose effects the speed of a siphon?
7A-2   Beranek       Dylan       The Effect of Dry Ice on a Balloon
7A-3   Handley       Sam         Sunlight vs. Artificial Light: What do plants grow better in?
7A-3   Cooling       Robby       Can white flowers color be changed by adding food coloring to the water?
7A-4   Brumwell      Paige       Does bottled water have bacteria?!
7A-5   Johnson       Kaelie      Does the color of light effect plant growth?
7A-6   Koeppel       Jayme       Do you have to refridgerate different fruit for it to last longer?

       Cluster #7B
7B-1   Miller        Amanda      The effect of family history on cross-stitching
7B-2   Dietzel       Denita      The effect of eating with people or alone on how much elderly citizens eat?
7B-3   Schaffer      Catherine   The effect of different types of meat on the time to decay
7B-4   Carter        Lauren      The effect of vegetable preparation on amount of iron content in them
7B-5   Peterson      Sam         The effect of type of glove on its strength
7B-6   Privitt       Cam         The effect of type of food on mice's ability to go through maze
7B-7   Fittro        Michaela    The effect of time of day on their guess of what they eat

       Cluster #8A
8A-1   Gill          Hannah      Can you run faster drinking more water?
8A-2   Samek         Chase       The Accuracy of Different Paintballs
8A-3   Croy          Carlee      The Effect of Positive and Negative Comments on Reaction
8A-3   Witzberger    Kai         I love coffee! Do my teeth?
8A-4   Pardini       Emma        The effect that different types of artificial light have on the current produced by a solar panel
8A-5   Wise          Mackenzie   How does caffeine effect blood pressure?
8A-6   Eastwood      Steve       Effect of Ramp Angle and Distance

       Cluster #8B
8B-1   Worby         Paige       The effect of camping experience on the ability to put up a tent
8B-2   Walkner       Alexander   The effect of acid rain on plants over an extended time
8B-3   Lutz          A.J.        How will the size of the mirrors affect heat at the focus point?
8B-4   Zimmerman     Troy        How the material that suspends a pendulum affects the speed of the swing
8B-5   Handley       Melissa     How much do you throw away from fruit peelings?
8B-6   Williams      Austin      How food affects your running ability?
8B-7   Wears         Emily       The effect of different liquids on singing ability
        Cluster #9A
9A-1    Belger         Chad       How does the method of inflating a balloon affect its response to temperature?
9A-2    Upmeyer        Paul       How does the genre of music affect the time it takes to put together a puzzle?
9A-3    Adair          Emily      How does the genre of music affect how fast a person runs?
9A-4    Sedlacek       Michael    How does the temperature/dimples on different types of golf balls affect it's bouncing height?
9A-5    Cook           Mikaela    The effect of color on the behavior of frogs
9A-6    Hufford        Royce      How does the amount of scrubbing and type of cleaning affect the amount of germs?
9A-7    Lenz           Randi      How does the amount of dogs and cats affect animal shelters?

        Cluster #9B
9B-1    Ferguson       Clay       How does sunlight compare to artificial UV light in how it kills bacteria in water?
9B-2    Kasparek       Megan      How does noise affect your learning ability?
9B-3    Holubar        Courtney   How does the color of a liquid affect whether or not a child chooses it?
9B-4    Brase          Amanda     How does high fructose corn syrup affect mice?
9B-5    Arnold         Randi      How does gender affect short term memory?
9B-6    Moser          Sean       How does dust affect the performance speed of an XBOX DVD Laser?
9B-7    Ford           Alex       How does music affect the way a person drives?

        Cluster #10A
10A-1   Hoehle         Rachel     How does color affect a humans blood pressure and heart rate?
10A-2   Kakacek        John       How does audio or visual information affect how well it is remembered?
10A-3   Hauser         Lee        How do your senses affect how fast you react?
10A-4   Strait         Alyssa     How do germs from dirt affect bread?
10A-5   Hove           Abby       How do different types of fertilizers affect the growth of plants?
10A-6   Rooy           Zandria    How do different styles of music affect people's blood pressure & pulse?
10A-7   Squires        Jaysson    How do different colors affect the temperature of water?

        Cluster #10B
10B-1   Korpel         Hannah     How different types of levees hold up in flood conditions?
10B-2   Sleeper        Collin     How accurate is pound test compared to the actual break strength?
10B-3   Gillett        Laura      Does the temperature of a disposable battery affect how long it lasts?
10B-4   Bulechek       Kameron    Does music type effect how well high school students can concentrate?
10B-5   Curry          Danica     Does eating different types of breakfast affect performance?
10B-6   Miller         Myles      What size of spikes perform better on grass?
10B-7   Kaefring       Adam       How does magnet spacing on a MLA affect the distance of the projectile?

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