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					                                   CURRICULUM VITAE

Name                            : Tarek Khodor Fawaz
Place & Date of Birth           : Chehim - Lebanon 28/4/1974
Nationality                     : Lebanese
Marital Status                  : Married (One Child)
Telephone                       : Qatar:    +974 5592231      & +974 4364922
                                  Lebanon: + 961 (3) 440473 & + 961 (7) 241587
E-mail                          : ;
Web Site              

Membership in Professional Societies:       The Lebanese Order of Engineers and Architects.

II. Objectives:
        Seeking a challenging position in a leading Multi-International company, where I can utilize my
        experience and educational background for the best interest of the company.


3.1 Professional Training:

   15 June 2009: Certified by Qatar Civil Defence as a Grade A Category and able to design, install
    Fire Alarm Systems for Industrial, residential and commercial premises.
   21 June 2008, trained by Construction Management Consultant for Professional Management of
    Projects Planning & Primavera (5) Application.
   25 December 2007, Trained by Qatar Chamber for Commercial and Industry under the title of
    Cost Engineering for Capital Project for four days, trainer by Dr. Mohan
   1 October 2006, Trained by Airedale for precision close control A/C for five days, Installation,
    Testing, Commissioning, maintenance, marketing and Microprocessor pCO1 and pCOWEB in
    Leeds England.
   13 November 2006, Aspirating Smoke Detection System, AirSense by Honeywell in Dubai –
   12 November 2006, Gas Detection (Flammable, Toxic, Asphyxiant) Zareba Gas Detection
    Instruments by Honeywell in Dubai – UAE.
   25 November 2004, Trained By Chloride Italy (United Kingdom) for UPS System, 70 Net, 90
    Net from 10 KVA up to 800 KVA, in Dubai Emirates.
   28 September 2003, trained By Morley – IAS (United Kingdom) for Fire Alarm system, Muscat,
    Sultanate of Oman for one week to earn the expertise of their products.

3.2 Academic:

   1999-2000: preparation for a Master Degree (DEA: D’iplôme d’étude Approfondie) in Network &
    Telecommunications at Saint-Joseph University (ESIB), with the collaboration with two French
    Universities and the Lebanese University (Theoretical Part).
   1993-1998: Electronic & Electrical Engineering - Lebanese University Major in communication
    & Computers (Note: 1998-1999 Military Service)
   1995, 1996, 1997 (summer): Working as an Assistant for my professor at the Lebanese
    University in the field of Electrical Installation.
   1992-1993: Secondary School Studies at Collège Universal School-Chehim, Lebanese Bacc II
    Mathematics section.

3.3 Seminars Attended:

   1999:Attended a series of lectures on the “Application of Electrical Installations, Road and Tunnel
     Lighting, Building management systems, Architectural lighting, Structured cabling system and
     Automatic device of network
   1999: Attended a series of lectures organized by Microsoft under the title of “ Open Door”
   1997: Attended a lecture on “ Neuron Network”

3.3 Computer skills:

   Operating system: Dos; Windows, 98, 2000 professional, Millennium, XP; UNIX; Linux.(up-to
   Microsoft office: Word, Excel, Power point, Access (Up to date) in addition
    AutoCAD (Up to date), Orcade, GIS and PCB
   Projects Management: Primavera (Up to date)
   Computer language: Pascal, SDL, LOTOS, C++, Java Script, Visual basic Script, Visual C++ and
   Knowledge of TorNado & TEMS programs, UML, MapInfo and Java.

    ICAS Qatar, Doha, Qatar                                                 Nov. 2007 – PRESENT

Project Manager (Full responsibility for all Projects executed from awarding until Handing over)

Successful Project execution and Management as well as an assignment to set up the data center.

Our projects consist of design and execution from the initial design including shop drawing,
submittals and approvals until the completion certificate aligned with asbuilt drawings and handing
over for full turnkey data center preparation and Low Current/security systems:

    I- Data Center Preparation and MEP:
    -   Complete power supply (MEP)composes of
        a- Power cabling and containments supply from Kahramaá
        b- Power generator up to 800 KVA (PERKINS FG-WILSON UK)
        c- Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) up 10 1200 W (Our Design)
        d- MDB, SMDB and DB up to 800 Amps (Marlin Gerin, Square D)
        e- UPS up to 500 KVA parallel topology with complete feedback and synchronization
            (Chloride Italy and UK)
        f- Power Transformers most are input transformers up to 500 KVA (Chloride and UK)
        g- Power distribution from 13 Amp. Up to 63 Amp single and three phase power sockets.
        h- Lighting (Local)
    -   Precision Close Control A/C
        From 17.5 KW (5 ton), up to 105 KW (30 Ton) cooling capacity manufactured by Airedale
    -   Security
        CCTV System, Access Control Emergency Monitoring system (RLE UK).
    -   Low current
        Fire Alarm and FM200 (Firex UAE and THORNUK)
    -    Civil work
         a- Fire Rated Gypsum Boards partitions.
         b- False Ceiling and Raised flooring
         c- Fire rated metal and wooden doors and windows

    II- Low Current and security systems
    -    CCTV partner of Vicon UK
    -    Fire Alarm Partner of Morley – IAS by Honeywell UK
    -    Access Control (Everfocus Taiwan & TDSi UK)
    -    CO System By Honeywell

Main Projects awarded and successfully handed over (For more projects please refer to Appendix A):

    -    Rayan Palace (DC & MEP)
    -    Beach Vila (DC & MEP)
    -    Barwa Al Jassim Tower (DC & MEP)
    -    Al Jazeera Islamic Building (Fire Alarm, CCTV and Fire Telephone)
    -    Al Faissal Tower (Fire Alarm)
    -    Barwa QPM (DC & MEP)
    -    GRPA (General Retirement Public Authority) (DC & MEP)
    -    Barwa Bank (DC & MEP)
    -    State audit Bureau (DC & MEP)
    -    Arrayan Bank (DC & MEP)
    -    ictQatar (DC & MEP) [Note that up to date the design by US and not officially awarded yet)
    -    AL Imadi Tower (CCTV)
    -    Al Faisal Tower (Fire Alarm)

    ICAS Qatar, Doha, Qatar                                                      Jan. 2005 – Oct. 2007

   Projects Manager.

Assignments are to manage and direct, under any kind of high pressure, the projects altogether
logistically catering to their manpower requirements, managing all obstacles to handing over the
completed projects to the customers to their full satisfaction, after successful installation, testing and
commissioning, passing from preparing submittals, initial shop drawings and having approval for shop
drawings with the project works schedule to the as-built drawings, and finally the hand-over testing,
yet, fully involved in sales and preparing proposals, design and quotations.

Main Projects awarded and successfully handed over (For more projects please refer to Appendix A):

      Texas A&M University UPS System (360 KVA // UPSs + more than 30 Medium
         capacity UPSs)
        Ministry of Environment (DC & MEP)
        Amiri Guard (DC & MEP)
        Ministry of Finance (CCTV)
        Ministry of Educating (Fire Alarm and CCTV)
        HMC (DC & MEP)
        Sports City (DC & MEP)
        Ministry of Education (Fire Alarm)
         Oasis Hotel (CCTV and UPS)
         Doha 2006 Asian Games Village Hamad Medical City – Doha
          Fire Alarm, CCTV Systems BMS Installation
         DAGOC (Doha Asian Game Organizing Community) (DC & MEP)
         Al – Udeid Project (American Base) (Frequency Converter up to 120 KVA 200/120 V)
         Al – Udeid Project (American Base) (26 UPSs up to 160 KVA)

    ICAS Qatar, Doha, Qatar                                                      May.2003 – Jan 2005

   Systems Engineer

        Working as a Technical and Sales Engineer in the Low Current field as the followings:

         Design of Fire Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Public Address, Master Clock System,
          Frequency converter and Intercom System and testing and commissioning
         Computer room preparation (FM200, UPS, A/C, Fire Alarm, water Leakage detection,
          Sensaphone Express II, Raised Floor and Electrical works)
         UPS System and batteries, design and calculation.
         Involvement with fixed telephone, data networking, Nurse Call and Dimming Systems.
         Analysis of the Project Specifications for the incoming Quotation Request of the Customer for
          their project.
         Preparing the Bill of Quantity per project.
         Preparing Quotations and follow-up them.
         Engaging in installation, testing and commissioning.
         In-charge of Site Visit for the project as needed.
         Preparing tender documents for bidding.
         Preparing Technical Submittal as request by the Customer.
         Making Comparative Analysis by means of surveying for the product as requested.

        Main Systems:

              Fire Alarm system (Morley – IAS UK),
              Fire Fighting FM 200 (Tyco)
              CCTV, CATV, MATV,
              Public Address, Voice Evacuation
              Access Control, Door Access, Intercom.
              Nurse Call System.
              Master Clock system. Simplex USA.
              UPS System (Chloride – Italy)
              A/C (Airedale Precision air conditioning) UK
              Frequency Converter FCX USA.
              Electrical Works (MDB, SMDB, DB c/w MCCB and MCB)

    EBC, Beirut, Lebanon                                                          Apr.2002 –Apr.2003

   Safety Officer Engineer

         Responsible for the construction, Take Off, safety for the Lebanese University Project with
          EBC as a subcontractor for Zoublin (Dutch company) Firm, providing the safety, security for
          all employees and availabilities objectives of equipments, electronic and communication
          devices as well.
    Inteltec Morocco, Casablanca, Morocco                                      Dec.2001 – Mar.2002

   Telecommunication Engineer as a Project Manager

          Ericsson Project: Installation and maintenance of RBS2202, GSM antenna, and transmission
           antennas (1+ 1) and (1+ 0) PDH MINI-LINK, Maintenance for SDH sites. (Méditel)

    Siemens, Casablanca, Morocco                                                  Jul.2001- Nov.2001

   Telecommunication Engineer under a limited contract with Siemens as a Project Manger,
    upgrade mission for transmission links (Refunding and reinstalling IDUs, ODUs, configuration,
    and commissioning – Sagem equipment), adding, I had training for the Network supervision,
    SRAL and Sagem equipment, Installation of rad, cisco, Qadaptors, Web-Rangers. (Méditel)

    CDC-Technology, Beirut, Lebanon                                             Jan. 2001- May.2001

   Computer Software Engineer on the RiskPro program for bank accounting using C++
    Language, under a contract with Linkvest (Switzerland company)

    Linfra Morocco, Casablanca, Morocco                                        Feb. 2000 – Nov. 2000

       Telecommunication Engineer under a contract with Siemens, Motorola and Ericsson, I worked
        in the following fields:


                  Installation and maintenance of (1) GSM antennas, cabling, connectors, TMA (Tower
                   Mounting Amplifier), orientation and tilting, Sweep (2) Microwave: assembling of
                   antennas, ODU, IDU (1+1) and (1+0) PDH, besides commissioning and 150 Full turn
                   key sites. (Méditel)
                  Planning of line-of-sight for microwave systems (Méditel)


                  Planning of Line-of-sight radio relay systems, Manual path profile and digital Path
                   profile by TEMS for PDH and SDH links. (Méditel)


                 BSS installation. (IAM)
                 Installation of: - GSM antennas, cabling, connectors, orientation and tilting, Sweep
                  BTS, BSC, Transcoder (3) power (rectifier, notifier) besides DDF. (IAM)
                Coordinator and supervisor for acquisition and installation (construction) of the
                 (1) GSM antennas, (2) BTS (3) power (rectifier, notifier) and providing the power to
                 shelters      (counter, connections), (4) Air Conditioning (airwell), (5) shelters’
                 installation, Poles and trays, for more than 200 sites full turn key . (IAM)

Military service                                                              Nov. 1998 – Aug. 1999

       Military service joined the main center that provides the military forces with computers and
        information system devices.
Training Experience:                                                       Summer of 1996, 97, 98.

   Worked on a final project with Lebanese Electrical Company under the supervision of
    professionals from the French’s Shlumberger Company.
   A two-month-training period at Libancell; It provided experience in mobile communications
    especially GSM as well as power supply for Libancell sites (summer of 96-97)
   Working on a successful academic project on converting the alternative signal to a continuous
    signal and vice versa; (during the 4th academic year)


             Languages     Reading                 Writing                 Speaking
             Arabic             Excellent               Excellent               Excellent
             English            Excellent               Excellent               Excellent
             French             Excellent               Excellent               Excellent

VI. References: (Shall be supplied upon request)

I certify that the information mentioned above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Updated up to October 2008



Projects 2008
Data Center Preparation, MEP and Low Current:
   - GAMA (General authority for Minors Affairs Data center)
   - Al Habtoor Qatar Office (Data center)

Projects 2005 - 2007
        AL Khaliji Bank (DC & MEP)
        Total Company (DC & MEP)
        AL – Ahli Bank Main Branch (DC & MEP)
        Al-Sharq Hotel (DC & MEP)
        Lusail (DC & MEP)
        Commercial Center (Fire Alarm and CCTV)
        Al-Asmagh Tower (Fire Alarm)
        Future Pipe (Networkable Fire Alarm System)
        SEC (DC & MEP)
        MOFA (DC & MEP)
        AL Ahli Bank (DC & MEP)
        Sea Port With Ashghal (Public Works Authority) (Fire Alarm)

Project Successfully Achieved during 2003 - 2004 (installation, testing &
-   Lebanese School: Fire Alarm System (Morley – IAS); Public Address (TOA France);
    Master Clock System (Simplex USA)
-   Motorcycle race Track: 90 Net 250 KVA UPS (Chloride Italy)
-   Alfardan Building, 5x(G+5) Buildings: Fire Alarm System
-   Security Market: CCTV System (Computar Japan)
-   Specialty Nutrition: CCTV Systems (Everfocus)
-   Almontazah Hotel: CCTV Systems (Everfocus)
-   Gulf Horizon Hotel: CCTV Systems (Everfocus)
-   Internal Security Forces, Ministry Of Finance, Civil Aviation: (DC & MEP)
-   Nissan Work Shop and Nissan Accommodation: Fire alarm
-   Multi Story Car Park: 2x5 Loops Networking Fire Alarm System
-   Qatar Petroleum: 15 Loop Fire Alarm System.
-   Victor Agha Project: Fire Alarm
-   Omnìx AL Salam Data Center (DC & MEP)

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