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					                        Ferns Paradise Newsletter
                               June 2010

Hope you all had a wonderful summer holiday. In the last few months, the MC has been
working on some important/critical issues such as water management, Sewage treatment
and Account closing for FY 09-10 and billing/collection related activities for FY 2010-11.
We are highlighting some of the important updates since the last News letter issued in
February, 2010.

1. Layout related Updates

a. Water Shortage due to reduced yield of two Bore wells:         In April month, there
   was a sudden drop in the yield of two main bore wells resulting in shortage of water.
   The MC managed to draw water from the Phase three Bore well and the water supply
   is stable now. We hope the situation will improve post monsoon.

b. STP and Sewage Maintenance : The STP needed major maintenance work such as
   complete desludging, re-sanding filters, cleaning/changing pipe lines and also
   reroofing. Desludging has been completed and the STP now fully operational. Other
   maintenance work mentioned above, is in progress, and will be completed in due
   There was a major blockage in the Sewage line to the STP and the same has been
   cleared and a new underground chamber is being made before the STP so that future
   blockages can be cleared without any problem.

c. Boundary Wall Repair: Due to heavy hail storm on 30th May, the boundary walls
   fell off in Phase 2, in two places. These have been re-errected, the work commencing
   on the following day itself – with the help from FBD. We wish to extend our thanks
   to Mr. Nagraj for this.

2. Procurements/ Maintenance work /Projects

a. Rainwater harvesting Project Phase 1: Post completion of detailed study of RWH
   requirements, (presented in the last Open House in Feb 2010) eight Recharge wells
   have been dug at various locations inside the layout. At two places we hit solid rock
   at 10-15 ft depth due to which we have some money left over which will be used to
   dig two additional wells as part of phase 1. Thus we will have 10 wells ready within
   the approved budget.

b. Nano Technology Water Treatment Plant: A Nano Technology based system for
   'prevention of scaling caused by water hardness' has been installed and is successfully
   operating since May---. This culminates many months of significant effort by the
   Water Management Committee. We would like to thank Mr. Rajesh Thakkar for his
   special contributions. Residents no longer need to use their individual salt based
     water softening units for household use. (They may put the same in the Bypass mode).
     However, RO or other water filters are to be used for drinking water.

c. Storm water drain meshes: Metal Meshes are being put on all openings of the
   Storm Water drains and these will be completed shortly. Since all openings have
   different dimentions, it is taking longer time than initially estimated.

3. Club House Related.

1. Swimming Pool: The swimming pool required major maintenance work. The Ozone
   generator was not working properly. Chlorine was added manually through the
   filtering system and sometimes directly into the pool. This had made the chlorine
   content in the water erratic. The Ozone generator has been repaired and the whole
   system is working for sometime now. New cleaning accessories have been purchased.
   The water will be tested regularly with our own Test Kit for Chlorine and Ph to
   ascertain the proper working of the pool.

2. Badminton Court Window glass Tinting: The blinds in the windows are difficult to
   operate and these go unserviceable frequently. As a permanent solution, dark sun
   films have been put on all windows.

4.    AGM and Election. The next AGM is required to be held before 30th September
     2010. The election of new MC is also to be conducted in this meeting, even though
     the existing MC could continue till 2nd November 2010. This is mainly to avoid
     holding two AGMs in quick succession, the second one being for the election.
     More over, it is better and customary to have the AGM, some time in June soon after
     the annual financial closure.
     Based on these considerations, the MC has decided to have the next AGM and
     the election on Aug 22nd, 2010 so that the subsequent AGMs could be held in the
     month of June every year.
     Notice for the AGM along with Annual Report, Financials, Agenda points and
     other documents will be sent out in due course. Please note that in this election,
     12 MC members are required to be elected as laid down in the Bye Laws

5. Pollution Control. The pollution problem due to Graphite India and other polluting
    sources has been taken up with a renewed drive as discussed in the last Open House
    in Feb 2010. Two initiatives have been taken up simultaneously. First, from Ferns
    Paradise, by Mr. U N Singh and his team with a representation from the residents of
    FP – as a Signature Campaign with the Pollution Control Board . Second, with Ferns
    City, with a representation to the Secretary, Govt of Karnataka, in charge of Pollution
    Control Board. We do hope these initiatives will show results before long.
5. Entertainment: There has not been any entertainment programme in the recent past,
   primarily due to examinations and members going out on vacations. You can now
   expect some programmes/events coming up!

6. Financial Updates: The accounts for the FY 2009-10 have been closed. The Audit
   of our accounts is in progress. Once the Audit is completed, the financial reports will
   be shared with all members. Some collection parameters for the last financial year
   and the current year are highlighted below for ready reference:

   Collection parameters for last FY 09-10 are as follows:

   Phase 1: Layout Maintenance and Club Fees more than 82 % each. Previous Years
   Arrear collections for these are 54% and 64 % respectively.

   Phase 2: Layout Maintenance and Club Fees are 39% and 50 % respectively. Arrear
   collections from previous years for these are 87% and 47% respectively.

   Collection parameters for the current year, FY 10-11(received mainly during April)
   are as follows:

   Phase 1: Layout Maintenance and Club Fees are around 66% each.

   Phase 2: The figures are 26 and 45 % respectively.

   Collection figures will significantly improve once FBD dues for FY 09-10 are
   received – which is expected later this month.

   All members are requested to pay up their dues for the current year, if they have
   not already paid, by 30th June to avoid penalty interest, which will come into
   force wef 1st July 2010.

7. Communication Mechanism:

   We re-iterate our communication mechanism once again for the benefit of new

           o Complaints are to be sent to complaints@fernsparadise.org
           o Suggestions are to be sent to suggestions@fernsparadise.org
           o Other      relevant       mail      ids:      president@fernsparadise.org,
             secretary@fernsparadise.org, manager@fernsparadise.org
           o There is also a Complaint register & a Suggestion register in the
             manager’s office where one may register complaints/suggestions.
           o Residents meetings are held every quarter to discuss progress and issues.
           o MC Minutes file is also available in the Managers office.

8. Website:
Ferns Paradise website, www.fernsparadise.org provides all important up to-date
information to the FP community. The Web site content includes FP Rules &
Regulations, News Letters, Notice Board, Links for suggestions/complaints, social
calendar, environment, photo gallery, members directory etc. As of date, more than
135 members have already registered in our web site. We request all those members
who have not yet registered to do so at the earliest.

Thanking you for your continued support,

Swaroop Reddy,
On behalf of Managing Committee
Ferns Paradise Plot Owner’s Association

 June, 2010

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