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					             Hope Credit Solutions
                              Congratulations and Welcome!

        What now?

Hope Credit Solutions will be your point of contact. We are available to assist you with any questions or
concerns. The Customer Service Department can be reached at 877-404-7606 or emailed

Hope Credit Solutions is the liaison with your creditors. We will assist your creditors with any questions.
The majority of first party creditors are cooperative and will update your records to show that you are
participating in a debt management program. HCS has sent letters to your creditors informing them to
stop verbal contact. This makes it necessary for creditors and collection agencies to communicate with
us. You may still receive calls while enrolled in the program. Most likely, calls will cease after the
creditor receives notice from us that you have entered our program. This usually takes 30-45 days.
Despite Hope Credit Solutions best efforts, there are collection agencies that will not abide by these
guidelines and they will need to be dealt with more severely.

Hope Credit Solutions works directly for you – not the creditor – Creditors will tell you information that
is incorrect to get payment from you. Creditors loaning unsecured money have laws in place by the
“Fair Debt Practices Act” that must be followed. Creditors attempting to collect a debt will make
statements such as, “We’ve never heard of Hope Credit Solutions, We don’t deal with Hope Credit
Solutions,” or We haven’t been contacted by anyone, etc. etc. They make threats to scare and intimidate
you and will often times break the law. Please note that creditors are allowed to contact you through
written response. Should you receive any letters from any of your creditors, forward these letters to us
as soon as possible by fax, email or mail so that we know the status of your accounts.

        What happens to my accounts?
During this program, your creditors may sell your accounts to collection agencies. Our cease verbal
contact and engagement letters are only good for the company we have faxed them to. Should your
account be sold and a new creditor contacts you, we will have to repeat the engagement process. Please

       1   HCS●(877) 404-7606 [Toll Free]●●(866) 596-4423
let us know if you receive any collection notices or phone calls. Call or email us and provide us with the
following information:
        The name of the person calling
        Phone number
        New Account/File Number
        Name of the original creditor

        What is HCS doing for me and how long will it take?
A federally insured bank account has been assigned to you and this is where your payments, minus the
half for our fees, are kept. This account houses the money you pay until we have accumulated enough
funds for settlements. Once enough money is accumulated, Hope Credit Solutions will negotiate a
settlement on your behalf and provide you with any receipts once these accounts are settled. Creditors
may forward you a confirmation letter stating they accept the proposed settlement as “paid or having
been settled in full, with zero balances.

A Senior Credit Specialist can provide you an estimate for how long it will take to settle your debts and
this is specified in your contract. Most clients are able to settle their debts within 4 to 36 months.

        What do I tell creditors that continue to call?
“I / we have enrolled in a debt management program with Hope Credit Solutions. We have provided you
with cease verbal communication letters and a notice to validate my debt along with a POA giving Hope
Credit Solutions limited power of attorney to communicate with you in reference to my account. HCS
has the ability to negotiate a settlement on my behalf. I would appreciate it if you would not verbally
contact me but rather contact Hope Credit Solutions at 877-404-7606. Should you verbally contact me
again I will file a complaint with the FTC.” [Terminate the call]

        How do I file a complaint against a harassing creditor?
You can complain to the Federal Trade Commission should this continue. To file a complaint contact
our customer service department and they will walk you through the online complaint form. Please be
in front of a computer with internet access when you call. You can always access the Federal Trade
Commission “Consumer Complaint Form” on their website as well.

        Our commitment -- to provide you with exceptional customer service designed to effectively
        achieve your goal of becoming debt free.

Thank you and Congratulations once again!

       2   HCS●(877) 404-7606 [Toll Free]●●(866) 596-4423

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