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					                              Supporting information
                    Position of VZP insureds within the EU medical systém

European Health Insurance Card („EHIC“) for Insureds of the General Health Insurance
Company of the Czech Republic („VZP ČR“).

  Health insurance companies in the Czech Republic are among the first in EU countries which have
              prepared for their insureds the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC“).

The new card held by a person insured at VZP ČR (hereinafter referred to as the „Insurance
Company“) plays two roles. It enables besides proving the affiliation with VZP ČR while drawing
Medicare in the Czech Republic newly also drawing Medicare within the framework of the European
Union countries, to the extent set forth by the appropriate EU Directive. Appearance of the front side
of the Card complies with the appropriate European Standard and is uniform for all the insurance
companies. Surgeons may thus obtain from the Card the required information without any problems.
The graphics and text on the rear side of the Card clearly show that the card holder is insured at VZP
ČR. The same card thus serves as the national and European one.
The new European Health Insurance Card (EHIC“) shall gradually replace the pink and green paper
cards of VZP ČR insureds , which however continue to be in force till the end of 2005. There is
therefore no need to hurry with their replacement and it is possible to wait when the insured receives
the new card by means of postal distribution. After receiving the new card the insured shall return the
old card to the local departments of VZP ČR, or shall devaluate it himself/herself. In view of the term
of the existing cards their delivery back or devaluation is significant so that they cannot be misused.

EHIC commenced to be distributed by the Insurance Company from 10 September 2004. It will be
received first by those insureds who already ordered the Cards e.g. upon acceptance of the
„Confirmation Temporarily Replacing EHIC“. The new cards shall be then gradually issued to all
VZP ČR insureds. We expect that the new card will be received by all VZP ČR insureds by the end of

Distribution of the cards proceeds according to the insurds´ wishes both at the local of VZP ČR
department with a possibility of personal acceptance of the card after fourteen days following the date
of ordering and by mail to the insured´s contact address. In the event of an automatic and directly not
required card replacement we proceed according to the alphabet and deliver the card to insureds by
mail to their contact addresses. For the purpose of simplification we have established a rule that the
card might be possible ordered in person at the local department also for the family members.

The contractor/supplier of the whole project to replace the cards was selected in accordance with the
Act on Awarding Public Orders by way of public tenders. The tender was won by a Consortium of
Companies, Siemens Business Services, spol. s r.o., Presscard, spol. r.o., a Optys, spol. s r.o. The
Consortium secures the system integration of the whole process, as well as the card production,
personalization and distribution. The project value is equal to CZK 71.61 mil. so that the production,
personalization and distribution per card, including postage, will exceed CZK 10 by a small amount
only. The card is made of quality materials providing its high aesthetic value and service life five
years long..
As regards the Medicare providers, especially those from EU countries, important is the possibility to
verify the card validity on-line within the VZP ČR Postal Service at the following web address:

                                     Krajská pobočka pro Zlínský kraj
                                        Tř. T. Bati 3910, 760 01 Zlín
                              Supporting information
                     Position of VZP insureds within the EU medical systém

European Health Insurance Card and travelling insurance rider do not exclude each other

European Health Insurance Card (hereinafter referred as the „Card“) has been gradually issued by
insurance companies of EU member countries from 1 June 2994 onward. The Card is issued in a shape
of plastic card sized as standard credit card and its appearance is uniform throughout the European
Union. Each country issues the card rather in its language but individual information in the card is
made in an identical manner so that, for instance, in the field 3 is in all the countries the surname and
in the field 7 the health insurance code so that the users from the ranks of the health care providers do
face no problems while identifying the obligatory data regarding the insured. The card will be utilized
instead of the existing E111European Form proving the title to medical care abroad in the event of
tourist travels and it has also replaced E128 and E119 Forms..

Citizens of EU countries - in the event that their registering health insurance company has not started
to issue the Cards - will be therefore equipped for their foreign travels to the Union member-states
with a paper Form replacing this Card, namely, the „Confirmation Temporarily Replacing the
European Health Insurance Card“ (hereinafter referred to as the „Confirmation“). The
Confirmation has the same force and effect as the Card itself.

VZP ÈR was among the first European health insurance companies deciding to issue the Card. Our
insureds will be surely delighted that the new European Health Insurance Card shall be valid and
shall apply as the VZP ČR Insured´s Card, therefore in the Czech Republic, too, and shall
gradually replace the existing paper cards. Advantages of this decision are obvious - all VZP ČR
insureds will be gradually equipped with the single new European Health Insurance Card , and they
will be able to utilize it both to prove their affiliation to VZP ČR in the medical establishments in the
Czech Republic and in case of falling ill in EU countries.

One has to emphasize in the above connections, too, that the scope of drawing medical care abroad on
the basis of the Confirmation or the Card has been provided by other regulations than the scope of
drawing medical care by our insureds at home. Even though the Czech insured will be treated based on
the European rules at the cost of its registering health insurance company, such treatment is also
subject to additional charges (patient´s coinsurance/deductible) depending on the rule of the country
where the treatment has taken place. The same „financial risk“ is a repatriation of the wounded or ill
person or transport of mortal remains back home. There applies rather a general rule that the EU
legislative does not include repatriation within the payment of costs paid from the health insurance so
that an insured who has not concluded the travelling insurance rider has no other chance than to pay on
his/her own account. It is therefore convenient equally as until now to conclude the commercial
travelling insurance rider offered together with a number of other interesting insurance products by
Pojišťovna VZP, a. s.

How to enter into an insurance contract
To enter into the insurance contract and to obtain the information on the particular terms and
conditions regarding insurance products is possible at any VZP ČR local department. The information
is provided to clients during working hours also by the Prague Information Centre of VZP ČR, Orlická
Street No. 4, tel. 221 752 175, as well as the Blue Line Service of VZP ÈR telephone No. 844 117
777. If you intend to conclude the travelling insurance or to obtain an information outside the working
hours, you may avail o it on a non stop basis from Oddělení asistence („Assistance Department“) VZP
ČR v Praze 3, Orlická Street, No. 4, tel. 221 752 121.

                                     Krajská pobočka pro Zlínský kraj
                                        Tř. T. Bati 3910, 760 01 Zlín
                              Supporting information
                     Position of VZP insureds within the EU medical systém

Other benefits resulting from the insurance rider
Travel while you are insured! You will obtain assistance services with the communications taking
place in Czech. The Assistance Service is available to you around the clock - contact it promptly in
case of an insurance event. The Assistance Service guarantees the foreign medical establishment the
payment of the costs arising in connection with the provision of the required and urgent medical care
to the insured. It shall also ensure transport of the wounded or ill person or mortal remains of a
deceased person to the home country at the insurer´s costs. If you enter into a complete travel
insurance contract, you will obtain also the free pre-travel assistance consisting in the provision of
basic information concerning the general level of medical care in the respective country, necessity of
inoculation, occurrence of epidemics, specific health risks in the respective localities, etc. The travel
insurance is a certainty which pays off. Contact VZP Department anywhere in the Czech Republic.


Slovakia             Medical treatment                      SKK 20 per visit at a doctor
                     Medicines                              SKK 20 per prescription
                     Hospital care                           SKK 50 a day for the services connected with
                                                            the provision of hospital medical care
                     Hospital emergency service             SKK 20
                     Medial aids                            SKK 20 per voucher
                     Transport medical service               SKK 2 Sk per km of travel
Austria              Issuance of Sickness Card               EURO 3.63 (certain groups of the population
                                                            free of charge)
                     Medicines                              EURO 4.35 EUR per item of the prescription
                     Hospitalization                        EURO 8-9 per day per insured
                                                            EURO 10-15 per day for family members
Germany              Medical (dental) treatment             EURO 10 EUR per quarter (doctor´s office)
                     Medicines and bandages                 10 % of the price (minimum EURO 5, max.
                                                            EURO 10)
                     Fare                                   110 % of the price (minimum EURO 5, max.
                                                            EURO 10), not more than the actual cost)
Italy                Medical treatment                      up to EURO 36.15
                     Medicines                              100%
Grat Britain         Dental treatment                       80% (maximum GBP 348)
                     Medicines                              GBP 5.90 GBP per drug (except pregnant
                                                            women, children up to 18 years of age,
                                                            persons older than 60 years ...)

Provision of the medical care in EU member-states

                                       Krajská pobočka pro Zlínský kraj
                                          Tř. T. Bati 3910, 760 01 Zlín
                               Supporting information
                     Position of VZP insureds within the EU medical systém

- one has to prove one´s identity with EHIC to be kept by the insured if he/she has not received it from
his/her health insurance company („ZP“) ;
- to have issued the same prior to travelling to the country in question (it is possible to ask a Czech ZP
additionally to send the Confirmation replacing EHIC);
- a Czech insured has the right to medical care on account of his/her ZP under the same conditions as
the local insureds, respectively ;
- this principle means that he/she must pay the same coinsurance/deductible as local insureds;
- this principle further means that a Czech insured must draw the medical care in health
establishments financed from public funds;
- the Czech insured will have to pay the whole medical care on his/her own in the medical
establishments („ZZ“) not connected to the public system;
- the right to medical care does not cover the cost of transport back to the Czech Republic or
repatriation of mortal remains; and
- if the Czech insured has paid for the medical treatment because of any reason, he/she is entitled to
claim recovery of the incurred costs after returning back to the Czech Republic, up to a value of the
tariffs applicable in the country where the treatment has been provided (in addition to

Scope of the claims to medical care

They differ as regards their scope depending on the reason because of which the insured lives or
stays in the geographic area of the other country:
         - Czech insureds staying in the geographic area of another member country on a temporary
basis (tourists, students, delegated workers) have the right to the indispensably required care;
    - workers and their family members - dependants („RP“) living in another member country
         have the right to the full medical care according to the regulation of the state of their domicile
         and the state of their insurance;
    - cross-border workers („daily commuting workers“) have the right to the full medical care
         both in the state of their domicile and the state of their insurance;
    - dependent RPs have the right to the full medical care in the state of domicile only.

(Other categories in accordance with the EEC Council Directive)

More detailed information has been given in the publication: „EU Guide„ or on

                                      Krajská pobočka pro Zlínský kraj
                                         Tř. T. Bati 3910, 760 01 Zlín

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