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									                        Pointers for International Business Expansion in Malta

Malta has a booming industrial sector with more than 400 locally and 200 foreign owned manufacturing
companies. The workforce is highly trained, flexible and multi-lingual and ensure that the country has competitive
advantage owing to its high quality production at expenses that are extremely competitive. In addition to that,
Malta provides transportation infrastructure, a state of the art telecommunication system and air links to North
Africa, Europe and other Middle Eastern destinations. Furthermore, Malta has a strategic location, being at center
of Mediterranean and has access to Freeport markets and harbors that makes it an excellent manufacturing base.

Why expand your business internationally to Ireland?

The primary reason for international business expansion in Malta is its advantageous location that places it in close
proximity to the Middle East, Africa and Europe that renders it favorable fiscal conditions and a vast talent pool.
The biggest advantage of setting up or expanding your business internationally in Malta comprises of specialized
services that are cheaper than other parts of Europe. Furthermore, there are lesser delays for company
registration processes and lucrative tax rates. Malta is highly appropriate for English speaking investors, as the
language is official in the country and is spoken widely in the entire Maltese community.

What are the prospective business opportunities?

Prospective business expansion scopes in Malta include exports and manufacturing. All products that are
manufactured in Malta are exported worldwide. They comprise of the electronic components, semi conductors,
medicinal, plastics, rubber, pharmaceuticals, sub-assemblies, software, food products, garments, machinery and
fabricated metal products.

Do you need the help of an expert?

Entrepreneurs who are looking forward to expand their business internationally to Malta have realized the
importance of an expert consultant who would assist them to look into different aspects of business expansion
that might be overlooked otherwise. For example, a consultant might point out the requirement for an internal
audit compliance as an essential tool to manage efficiently worldwide risks that a business might witness. In the
same way, other essential aspects to look into are the eu vat rules and transfer pricing audit.

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