The Kentfield Schools Foundation would like to thank the following

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					          Our Kids Need Every Family to Donate to the Foundation
   Through the Kentfield Schools Foundation, our generous community provides about
 $1 million to the annual Kentfield School District budget because state revenues are woefully
 insufficient. Our parents’ generous gifts are critical to maintaining the excellent education at
Bacich and Kent. Your child benefits every day from Foundation-funded programs: small class
sizes, aides in the classroom; credentialed specialists for art, PE, music, library and technology.

                              If you haven’t yet pledged your gift,
          please contact the Foundation Office today (458-5140) or pledge on-line at
        Every gift is valuable.

               Thanks to You….Our Kids go to Outstanding Schools!
      The Kentfield Schools Foundation would like to thank the following families who have
        generously pledged to give our annual Parent Giving Campaign a fantastic start:

    Mark and Monica Abrahams                            Eric and Kathy Braun
    Mark and Marci Addison                              Dan and Hongjun Breiner
    Aaron and Randi Agenbroad                           David and Robin Breuner
    Steve and Alyson Aiello                             Peter and Ann-Mari Brockman
    Anonymous                                           Dale and Mary Bryan
    Anonymous                                           Keola and Karen Caindec
    Anonymous                                           Gregory and Maureen Capitolo
    Anonymous                                           Jim and Alison Carbone
    Anonymous                                           Felix and Kat Carbullido
    Anonymous                                           Mark and Christie Carlson
    Anonymous                                           Steve and Jessica Carroll
    Anonymous                                           Michael and Sandra Carruthers
    Anonymous                                           Richard and Kathleen Cerf
    Anonymous                                           Tom and Annie Cheng
    Anonymous                                           Elizabeth Christenson
    Anonymous                                           Kevin and Deborah Cook
    Margaret Baer                                       Larry and Athena Cordisco
    Tom and Leanne Battelle                             Alfred and Laura Corn
    David and Ann Becker                                Tom and Maggie Courtney
    Robert and Erin Becker                              Hal and Joanna Coy
    Greg and Cammi Bell                                 Michael and Patricia Crowl
    Stephen Berg and Robin Critelli                     Jeff and Carleen Cullen
    Ross and Kim Berry                                  Chris and Beth Cummings
    Richard and Julie Birnbaum                          Paul and Susan Curry
    Edward and Gaylen Blankenship                       Kevin and Marita Daly
    Tom Bolles & Janice Bolles                          Daniel and Michelle Darr
    George and Karen Bongiorno                          Martin and Lara Detels
    Peter Bouton and Sarah Ames                         David and Colleen Diamond
    William and Sabrina Braconi                         Richard and Diane Dow
Claus and Susan Eben                   Ronald and Marie Jacobs
Mark and Janet Epstein                 George and Laura Janku
Phil Fant and Carol Glaser             Bill and Christine Jennings
Kendall and Shelley Fargo              Ted and Lee Jonsson
Andrew and Melissa Felder              Phyllis Josi
Greg and Natalie Feller                Paul and Deana Kardel
Jose and Michele Fernandez             Scott and Juli Kauffman
Greg and Alicia Ferrando               John Kawamura and Elizabeth Foley
Jeff and Shelley Finci                 Amir and Isabel Kazemi
Eric and Erin Fish                     Ken and Elizabeth Keating
Gregory and Yvonne Fisher              Robert and Carla Kennis
Matthew and Kristina Fitzgerald        Eric and Ingrid Kettunen
Steven and Debra Fletcher              Babak and Louise Kharrazi
Brendan and Suzanne Fogarty            Jim and Helen Kieffer
James and Bitsa Freeman                Tom and Mollie Kiehfuss
Peter and Margot Friend                Steve and Julie Kimball
Kuosen and Helen Fung                  Jon and Hope Kragh
John and Carole Garcia                 Scott and Catherine Kuehne
Dean and Nina Gardner                  Justus and Theresa Leachman
Andrew and Suzanne Gaudin              David and Michelle Lefkowitz
John and Krista Geissberger            Jeff and Michelle Leopold
Marc and Christine Geissberger         Harry and Lisa Lewis
John and Oz Geoghegan                  David and Amy Lieberman
Jeffrey and Celia Golden               Hans Lind and Lisa Bernardi
Chris and Kathy Golec                  Jianju Liu and Ivy Wu
Brian and Alisa Golson                 George and Susan Livingston
Jeff Goshay                            David and Susan Lloyd
Kiki Goshay                            Rodney and Kristi Loo
Charles Gow and Sara Beckman           Skip and Nancy Lovelady
Johnny and Jordanna Grace              Tom and Marie Lyons
Jeffrey and Ida Greenberg              Michael and Valerie Madison
Jeff Greendorfer and Joan Lubamersky   Steve and Anne Mahoney
Gary and Jennifer Grellman             Lawrence Mansbach and Bette Caan
Jeff and Caroline Guenther             Andy and Ann Mathieson
Jeff Gunderson and Jill Ley            Tim and Nancy McClean
Jay and Dana Hagan                     Matt and Erika McGrath
Rich Hake and Chris Colladay           Meribeth McIntyre-Siegel
Geoff and Elizabeth Hakim              Martin and Stephanie McNally
Alex Harding and Elisa Smith           Mark and Diane Michna
Kevin Haroff and Donalyn Pryor         Patrick and Sabrina Middleton
Dan and Sara Heller                    Edward and Denise Miller
Joe and Kathleen Helmer                Alden and Jennifer Mills
Steve and Cassie Hettleman             Ken and Ellen Minami
Jay and Karyn Holland                  Bill Mitchel and Amy Worth
Mrs. Julie Hornsby                     James and Mary Kay Mitchell
William and Caren Horstmeyer           Jane Moore
Kevin and Karen Hout                   Richard and Deborah Moskowitz
Thomas and Tinsley Hutson-Wiley        Steve and Christina Mulcahy
Jim and Laurie Hyman                   Susan Nabor and David Bott
James and Shannon Israel               Hossein Namdar and Avid Modjtabai
Jim and Tami Jackson                   Jeffrey and Karin Neal
 Phillip Neiman                                  Sam and Jennifer Skinner
 Christopher and Josie Newhard                   Caroline Spinrad
 Adam and Lisa Nicolopoulos                      Jeff Spurr and Susan Reisch
 Mats and Caisa Nilsson                          Cheryl St. John
 William and Nancy O'Hearn                       Robert and Linda Stiles
 David and Dianna Overmyer                       Jon and Kyung Swanson
 Ted and Ashley Paff                             Andrew and Inga Sweet
 Eugene Palmer and Hali Croner                   Tom and Rebecca Sylla
 Anil and Beth Patel                             Leonard and Lynn Tallerico
 Randy Patterson                                 James and Kelly Tarkenton
 Francois and Krista Peltereau-                  John and Jane Thornton
 Villeneuve                                      Paula Todd
 Bill and Barbara Peters                         Eric and Deborah Toizer
 Tom and Blair Peters                            Richard and Sophia Tong
 Paul Pieri and Karen Hansen                     Wendy Tonkin
 Sudesh and Rekha Poduval                        Tim and Carol Treadway
 James and Kelly Polisson                        Miles and Asa Trupp
 Adam and Kristen Politzer                       Chris and Cameron Urban
 Marion Pozivenec                                Steve and Susan Van Liere
 Alex Prescott and Cris Genovese                 Lesley Van Voorhees and Linda Cain
 Bradley and Katherine Prodger                   Philipe and Roxanne Veletzos
 David Pyle and Anne Jaquiss                     Michael and Marguerite Verhille
 Josh and Angela Rafner                          Marshall and Lee Ann Wallace
 Manuel Ramos and Robin Snyder                   Michael and Katie Ward
 Jeffrey and Tamara Raskin                       Michael and Holly Welch
 Forrest and Deborah Rhoads                      Chris Wheaton and Molie Malone
 Joel Ritch and Sarah Benedetto                  Robert and Suzanne Whelan
 David and Tonia Rubin                           Ken Whiting and Nicole DeAvilla-
 Paula Ryan                                      Whiting
 Terry and Allison Salzer                        Eric and Michelle Wilcox
 Jagrit and Govind Sandhu                        Jeff and Ginger Wilcox
 David and Christine Saunders                    Ryan and Cindy Willson
 Peter and Evelyn Sayers                         Gregory and Joyce Winters
                                                 Liang-Neng Wong and Denise
 Kevin and Tania Scheer
 Jage and Elizabeth Schiff
                                                 Christopher and Susan Yates
 David and Betty Segars
 Daniel Segedin                                  Jeff Yates and Suzanne Gossard
 Heidi Segedin                                   Zach and Marlies Zeisler
 Narayanan and Bhuvaneswari                      Chongbin and Sha Su Zheng
 Seshadri                                        Michael and Tina Zitzlaff
 Scott and Jennifer Sinclair

           Bacich and Kent Kids Support the Foundation!
 We are so grateful to the following students who have donated to the Foundation.
                           We celebrate their school spirit.

Emily Cerf                                         Matt Daly
Natalie Cerf                                       Ava Fernandez
Elena Daly                                         Remi Fernandez

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