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Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting
February 20, 2007
Norma & Mike’s home
Attending: Norma Briggs, Kate Deck, Carol Hassemer, Lynn Litterer, Nancy McClements, Dyan
Steenport, also Mike Briggs and Janice Lacock

1. Agenda revisions – none

2. Approved minutes of Jan. 11, 2007

3. President’s report: There are now 33 Face Book members.

4. Vice-President’s report – See Ball

5. Treasurer’s report
   a. New balance sheet format
   b. Membership dues still not sent to Scotland

6. Secretary’s report - nothing to report

7. Membership report:
   a. Membership down by about 6 members – some of these are people we know will not
      renew and a few are ones who need to be reminded (Eric, Abby, Alison)

8. Publicity report - Katy absent

9. Teacher’s report – Norma has been away since last meeting

10. Teacher training
    a. There is a teacher training course in Iowa March 31-April 1 weekend and Lynn is going.
       For the April 14 exam in Iowa they need intermediate to advanced dancers to complete
       sets. Linda Lieberman is going for full certificate.
    b. Norma had some pointers and advice for aspiring teachers: Follow a protocol – talking,
       demonstrating and having students practice. Don’t say “OK.” In 20 minutes should teach
       the basic step and first 16 bars of dance.
    c. Teacher training at Chiao Ping’s studio: we’ll discuss when the ball is over. This will
       focus on our own dancing technique.

11. Ball 2007
    a. Budget and Fees
          i. Will offer 2 entrees (buffet more expensive)
         ii. Have dessert after ball instead of during?
       iii. Music: $800 for 4-member band – band gets meal too
        iv. Free admission: Mike Fitak (piper) and band = 5
         v. Liquor for evening potluck? Could be brought by out-of-town guests (easy)?
        vi. Could break even on budget
       vii. Dinner & 2 dances: no meal, dance only: $25
      viii. Need payment options on registration form
        ix. Students $5 discount
    b. Draft policy on reduced rates, scholarships, etc. (Carol distributed Nov meeting)
          i. See Budget & Fees (a) and Registration form (m)
    c. Program & program booklet
          i. Mike has a template
    d. Walkthrough teacher & location
          i. Have requested Great Hall
         ii. Will ask John McC.
    e. Talk-throughs
          i. Lynn will contact Iowa to invite the teachers in training to brief dances that will be
             on the exam. Local teachers in training can also choose.
         ii. Norma will distribute the remaining dances to other teachers.
    f. Meals: chicken or vegetarian option (see Budget & fees (a))
    g. Hospitality (see registration form (m))
    h. Party & brunch(?) budgets, locations
          i. Brunch at Mike & Norma’s
         ii. Party: could possibly be at Nancy & Ian’s if it is a smaller crowd
    i. Theme & decorations
          i. There might be wooly lambs in Lois’ garage
    j. Intermission raffle? Yes - Janice is organizing
    k. Silent Auction – if we can get some good donations
    l. Cheat sheet & program booklet – including proofreader
          i. Mike & Norma will proofread booklet
    m. Registration form – web
          i. Carol distributed a draft
         ii. Hospitality – Katy coordinator
       iii. Registrar – Dyan: will forward hospitality requests/hosts to Katy
        iv. Deadlines: Monday before ball (Union needs 3 days notice for meal count) – absolute
             cut-off for dinner is April 4.
         v. Paypal: small charge but convenient for many; should take Chris Rohr’s name off
             and replace with Dyan’s. Dyan will make sure password still works.
        vi. Options: see Budget & Fees (a) and reduced rates (b)
       vii. Nancy and Carol will finalize before posting. Norma offered to proofread.
      viii. Dyan can send out cheat sheets as requested (?)
        ix. Goal: have ready to post by end of week.
    n. Publicity
    o. Piper – probably Mike Fitak (has he been asked?)
    p. MC – Nancy McC could be the MC for this event

12. Ball 2008 – not discussed

13. Demos
    a. International Festival, Sunday February 25, 2007
         i. 2:20-3:20 p.m. with participation
        ii. Rehearsal times/ space – arrive 1:45 in Wisconsin Studio
       iii. Regular dancing that evening? yes
       iv. Nancy has worked out possible sets
    b. Cambridge Renaissance Faire May 19 or 20? Not decided
    c. Oakwood Village (Dann & Jean) Sat June 30.

14. March social? No

15. Review of timetable

16. Next meeting: Thursday, March 15 at Nancy & Ian’s house

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