Minutes of the meeting of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of by N9ijWCVD


									                        Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine
                                                 Minutes of
                                           Monday, May 23, 2005
                                             4:00 – 5:00 p.m.
                                            Russ Berrie Pavilion

In the Chair: Dr. Gerald D. Fischbach

 Present: Berger, Bonano, Caddick, Davis, Drury, Drusin, Enochs, Falk-Kessler, Housepian, Kessin, Lemiuex,
         Lewis, Loweff, Merten, O’Donnell, Riley, Rosner, Szmulewicz, Tenenbaum, Tsambis, Weiberger

 Absent: Bayne, Bell, Benson, Blaner, Bodur, Bollinger, Brinkley, Brown-Nevers, Brust, Castaldi, Charon, Cole,
         Colten, Crowley, Frommer, Franck, Frantz, Gasparis, Giesow, Gipson, Granick, Goldberg, Green,
         Harris, Herman, Jacobson, Jennette, Jordan-Davis, Karlin, Kass, Kirby, Kornfeld, Lantigua, Leach,
         Lewis, Lewy, Molholt, Moore, Nicholson, O’Connor, Peterson, Robin, Rubin, Santoni, Schmidt, Spilker,
         Spotnitz, Stalcup, Taylor, Wagner, Walton, Warren, Weinberger, White, Wolgemuth, Yandolino

Present: Barlow, Cimino, Comer, Dauer, Del Priore, Driscoll, Ehrlich, Flood, Bender, Gliklich, Grant, Herbert,
         Hripcsak, Killackey, Kronenberg, Lieberman, MacDermott, Oberfield, Palmer, Rao, Starren, Walsh,

 Absent: Abeliovich, Alderson, Alexandropoulos, Alobeid, Amory, Anzalone, Arkow, Stan, Atzrott, Barrett,
         Barsanti, Benson, Bestor, Bhagat, Bickers, Bigliani, Bornia, Braun, Brenner, Brittenham, Brown, Brown,
         Brown, Calame, Califano, Capps, Chang, Chiang, Chrisomalis, Close, Cohen, Collins, Connolly,
         Costantini, Covey, Croen, Curry, Daines, D'Alton, Davidson, Deckelbaum, DeSimone, DiLorenzo,
         DiMauro, Dodd, Downey, Emala, Engler, Estes, Figurski, Fischbach, Fisch, Ford, Garrett, Gershon,
         Gingrich, Ginsberg, Glade Bender, Glick, Gliklich, Goland, Gottesman, Granowetter, Grebin, Greisberg,
         Gurland, Hall, Haskal, Herman, Heyer, Hirano, Hyman, Johnston, Kaiser, Karlin, Kass, Kaufman, Kelly,
         Klink, Klitzman, Knipp, Koester, Krasna, Lebwohl, Lee, Lesser, Liebel, Lieberman, Lieberman, Link,
         Lowe, Ludwig, Malaspina, Marboe, Markowitz, Markowitz, Marks, Maron, Martin, Marx, Matti-Orozco,
         Mayeux, McKiernan, McKinley, Mercado, Mercer, Meyers, Middlesworth, Missri, Mosca, Nobler, Palmer,
         Papp, Pardes, Patterson, Pedley, Pellicone, Polin, Przedborski, Rader, Ratan, Robin, Rodis, Rose,
         Rothman, Rothman, Rozenshtein, Rubenstein, Ruzal-Shapiro, Saqi, Seliger, Shapiro, Shelanski,
         Shortliffe, Silverstein, Smith, Smith, Solomon, Sordillo, Spitzer, Srinivasan, Stein, Storper, Strauss,
         Streck, Thys, Tuckfelt, Wardlaw, Weidenbaum, Westhoff, Whittington, Wood and Wuu, Zou.

1.   Approval of the April 25, 2005 – The minutes were approved.


                                         Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine
        Dr. Fischbach urged the Faculty Council to submit to his office topics of interest for discussion.

2.   Report of the Executive Committee of the Faculty Council
     Dr. Timothy Walsh, Ruane Professor of Psychiatry

     Dr. Walsh reported on the activities of the Nominating Committee. The Committee met and proposed a
     slate of candidates for the upcoming Executive Committee of the Faculty Council elections. On behalf of
     the Executive Committee, Dr. Walsh extended his appreciation to the members of the Nominating
     Committee for their hard work (Sander E. Connolly, Jane Dodd, Howard Kaufman, Steven Marx, Sharon
     Oberfield, Serge Przedborski, Janet Sparrow, Justin Starren and Sharon L. Wardlaw). The slate for the
     2005-06 election was distributed.

     Clinical -- Professor/Associate Professor -- 4 to be elected
     Barbara Barlow, M.D., Professor of Surgery
     David Brenner, M.D., Bard Professor of Medicine and Chairman
     Lucian Del Priore, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
     Blair Ford, M.D., Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology
     Eric Heyer, M.D., Ph.D., Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology
     Howard Kaufman, M.D., Associate Professor of Surgery
     Richard Polin, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics
     Tim Walsh, M.D., William and Joy Ruane Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

     Basic Science -- Professor/Associate Professor - 1 to be elected

     Timothy Bestor, Ph.D., Professor of Genetics and Development
     John Koester, Ph.D., Professor Clinical Psychiatry

     In accordance with the Stated Rules, additional nominations can be submitted in writing to the Executive
     Committee within 10 days from today. Such nominations shall bear the signatures of ten members of the
     Faculty Council.

     Confidential election ballots will be sent electronically to all voting members on May 31, 2005.

 3. Neuroscience Institutes Update
    Dr. Fischbach introduced Dr. Sarah Caddick, Executive Director of the Columbia Neuroscience Institutes
    and Dr. Thomas Jessell, HHMI Investigator and Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

     Dr. Jessell reported on the state of affairs of the Neuroscience Institute. He emphasized that the primary
     aim of the Neuroscience Institutes consists of building on strengths in basic aspects of neuroscience as well
     as developing a new program that focuses on the use of cellular and genetic methodologies.


                                          Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine
     The second and equally important aim is to assess the basic and translational neurosciences that exist at
     the University, both downtown and uptown campuses, to build better interactions between those strengths
     which have been traditionally isolated. The University endorses this undertaking and has committed
     resources for recruitment and the creation of a new neuroscience building.

     Dr. Steve Siegelbaum, Cellular Neurobiologists, is leading the recruitment efforts. It is anticipated that over
     the next two to three years, four to six additional neuroscientists will be recruited. In the long term,
     approximately 12 additional neuroscientists will be recruited.

     The newly appointed Executive Director for the CNI, Sarah Caddick, is a trained neuroscientist who
     possesses a rare balance of experience in both neuroscience and philanthropy essential to provide the
     direction and strategic planning necessary for the success of these efforts.

4.   Clinical Practice at CUMC: Past, Present and Future
     Dr. Fischbach introduced Dr. Steve Shea, the newly appointed Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

     Dr. Shea briefly reported that in his capacity of Sr. Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, he will be closely
     involved with the activities of Affiliations, NYPH Interface, Clinical Departments, Quality and Safety
     Compliance, IRB, Clinical Trials Office, FPO, CPPN, Billing Office, HIP and E 60th Street. He anticipates
     that as the Faculty Practice emerges and gets stronger the HIP and E 60 th Street will move over to the FPO.

     As health care spending continues to grow, and in keeping with this stable growth, changes are to be made
     in order for CUMC to remain the best choice in the Northeast region. These changes are outlined in three

            The transition from an atomistic practice approach to a more integrated Faculty Practice
             Organization that is:
                 Compliant, accountable, transparent
                 Self-governing and independent
                 Serves all stakeholders

            The creation of a new Ambulatory Clinical and Education building that will promote:
                 Patient satisfaction as well as patient and clinical service volume
                 Financial performance of the FPO
                 Opportunities for ambulatory education of medical students and house staff
                 Clinical trials and clinical and translational research
                 Improved morale and satisfaction among professional and non-professional staff
                 Recruitment and retention of clinical leaders and programs
                 Improvements of services for community residents
                 Relationships with community members and elected officials

            Clinical IT and Back Office IT integration that is:


                                          Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine
                  Low cost
                  Workflow driven
                  NYPH interface
                      - Shared users
                      - Shared resources: network, security, Master Patient Index, Master Provider Index
                      - Shared investment, data and results review
                      - Fit to coordinate patient scheduling, generate prescriptions and billing tickets, etc.
                      - Quality/safety/error reduction

     The development of high quality IT that serves the clinical enterprise linking the educational and financial
     aspect and a new building are fundamental components for the success of this venture.

     A full presentation on the clinical practice plan for CUMC will take place at the next Town Hall meeting
     scheduled for June 8.

5.   CU/St. Luke’s Affiliation Agreement Update
     Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum reported that CU and St. Luke’s are very near to a definitive agreement. Principal
     points have been agreed upon and a four-year relationship is anticipated. Dr. Fischbach added that the
     affiliation between CU and St. Luke’s is valuable and envisions this agreement as a role model for all

6.    Research Administration Update
      Dr. Fischbach introduced Ms. Debbie Stiles, Vice President for Research. Ms. Stiles briefed the
        members on the efforts to increase research revenue as well to help coordinate and improve the
        office operations.
      Dr. Fischbach introduced the newly appointed Associate VP for Research Administration, Ms. Jane

     Ms. Tsambis reported on the activities of the Research Administration’s office. She indicated that one of
     her priorities is to assess the deficiencies within the department and how they relate to the faculty. Close
     attention is being paid to human resources within the department to ensure that the competency level
     necessary to support the growing initiative of the Medical Center is met. She added that just as important is
     the development of a navigable website, which is necessary to effectively disseminate information.

     Huron Consulting group is currently conducting an evaluation of the needs of Research Administration in
     terms of technology requirements. Three vendors were identified and meetings have been scheduled with
     InfoEd, Coeus and Click Commerce. A decision is anticipated in the very near future.

     Ms. Tsambis commented that in order to achieve the level of quality she foresees it will require changes and
     restructuring. She assures an increase in productivity and quality of performances.

7. Recommendations from Committee on Appointments an Promotions


                                         Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine
    The nominations made by the Committee on Academic Appointments and Promotions were distributed to the
    Faculty Council members at today’s meeting and were placed before the Faculty Council for consideration.
    A closed ballot was taken and the nominations were approved with 26 in favor and 0 opposed.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gerald D. Fischbach, M.D.
Executive Vice President for Health and
Biomedical Sciences and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine


                                         Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine

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