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									                                 Approved Book List
                              For Foster Parent Training
               Book Title                     Author                 Copyright              Competencies
                                                                       Date                   for ITNA
101 Ways to Make Your Child Feel        Lansky, Vicki                     1991                        E
20 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their       Eldridge, Sherrie                 1999                      F, G
Adoptive Parents Knew
52 Simple Ways to Tell Your Child I     Dargatz, Jan                      1991                        E
Love You
A Brother's Journey: Surviving a        Pelzer, Richard B.                2005                      B, C
Childhood of Abuse
A Child Called “It”                     Pelzer, Dave                      1995                      B, C
A Child’s Book of Character Building    Coriell, Ron and                  1982                        K
                                        Rebekah Coriell
A Framework for Understanding Poverty Payne, Ruby K.                      2005                       B, I
A Man Named Dave: A Story of            Pelzer, Dave                      1999                      B, C
Triumph and Forgiveness
A Man Named Dave: A Story of            Pelzer, Dave                      2000                      C, D
Triumph and Forgiveness
A Parent’s Guide to Making It Through   Alexander-Roberts,                1995                        K
the Tough Years: ADHD and Teens         Colleen
Adopting the Hurt Child: Hope for       Keck, Gregory and                 1998                      F, G
Families with Special-Needs Kids: A     Regina Kupecky
Guide for Parents and Professionals
Adoption and Prenatal Alcohol and Drug Barth, Richard                     2000                      G, J
Adoption is a Family Affair             Johnston, Patricia                2001                      F, G
Adoption Lifebook: A Bridge to Your     Probst, Cindy                     2002                      A, C
Child’s Beginnings
Angry Kids Frustrated Parents           Hyland, Terry L.                  1999                        K
                                        and Jerry Davis,
Another Place at the Table              Harrison, Kathy                   2004                    F, G, H
Are Those Kids YourS?: American         Register, Cheri                   1990                      F, G
Families with Children Adopted From
Other Countries

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              Book Title                       Author                  Copyright              Competencies
                                                                         Date                   for ITNA
Assessing the Long-Term Effects of       Allen, Reva I., Alex               1997                    D, F, G
Foster Care: A Research Synthesis        Westerfelt, Irving
                                         Piliavin, and
                                         Thomas Porky
Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools   Gray, Deborah D.                   2002                      F, G
for Today’s Parents
Backtalk: 4 Steps to Ending Rude         Ricker, Audrey and                 1998                        E
Behavior in Your Kids                    Carolyn Crowder
Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Brodzinsky, David                    1993                      F, G
Self                                   M., Marshall
                                       Schechter, and
                                       Robin Marantz
Child Abuse                              Dolan, Edward F.                   1992                      B, C
Child Abuse and Neglect                  Winton, Mark A.                    2001                      B, C
                                         and Barbara A.
Child Abuse: An American Epidemic        Landau, Elaine                     1990                      B, C
Children and Trauma: A Guide for         Monahon, Cynthia                   1997                      D, E
Parents and Professionals
Children Grieve Too: Helping Children    Johnson, Joy and                   1998                        D
Cope with Grief                          Dr. Marvin Johnson
Creating Ceremonies: Innovative Ways     Lieberman, Cheryl                  1999                      F, G
to Meet Adoption Challenges              A., Ph.D., and
                                         Rhea K.
                                         Lieberman, LCSW
Dear Birthmother                         Silber, Kathleen                   1997                      F, G
Despair Turned Into Rage:                Lavin, Paul and                    1999                      B, C
Understanding and Helping Abused,        Cynthia Park
Neglected, and Abandoned Youth
Dim Sum, Bagels, and Grits: A            Alperson, Myra                     2001                         I
Sourcebook for Multicultural Families
Dorie: The Girl Nobody Loved             Lutzer, Erwin W.                   1981                      B, C
                                         and Doris
Family Matters: Secrecy and              Carp, E. Wayne                     2000                      F, G
Disclosure in the History of Adoption
Foster Care                              Davies, Nancy                      1994                A, D, F, G, H
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              Book Title                         Author                  Copyright              Competencies
                                                                           Date                   for ITNA
Foster Care Odyssey: A Black Girl’s        Cameron, Theresa                   2002                    F, G, H
Ghosts from the Nursery                    Karr-Morse, Robin                  1997                      B, C
                                           and Meredith S.
Go To Your Room – Consequences that Steelsmith, Shari                         2000                        E
Healing Your Grieving Heart for Kids       Wolfelt, Alan, Ph.D.               2001                        D
Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens – Wolfelt, Alan                         2001                        D
100 Practical Ideas
Helping Children Cope with Separation      Jarratt, Claudia                   1994                        D
and Loss                                   Jewett
Helping the Thumb-Sucking Child            Van Norman,                        1999                        E
How to Behave So Your Children Will,       Severe, Sal and Sal                2003                        E
Too!                                       Severe, Ph.D.
How to Change Your Child’s Behavior        Reitman, Bob                                                   E
How to Talk So Kids Can Learn              Faber, Adele                       1995                        E
How to Talk So Kids will Listen and        Faber, Adele                       1999                        E
Listen So Kids Will Talk
It Takes a Parent to Raise a Child: 9      Griffin, Glen C.                   2000                        E
Principles for Families to Love and Live
Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD,      Kutscher, Martin L.,               2005                      E, K
Asperger's, Tourette's, Bipolar, And       M.D., Tony
More!: The One Stop Guide for Parents,     Attwood, and
Teachers, and Other Professionals          Robert R. Wolff
Lesbian and Gay Fostering and              Hicks, Stephen                     2000                         I
Adoption – Extraordinary Yet Ordinary
Lifebooks: Creating a Treasure for the     O’Malley, Beth                     2000                      A, C
Adopted Child
Like Family: Growing Up in Other           McLain, Paula                      2003                  C, D, F, G
People’s Houses, A Memoir
Making Room In Your Family                 Schooler, Jayne                                          C, D, F, G
                                           and Susan Fleming
Mixed Blessings                            Christopher,                       1990                        K
                                           William and
                                                -3-   C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6acdc0c0-c5e3-4361-bc0c-8707dd739a1f.doc
              Book Title                       Author                  Copyright              Competencies
                                                                         Date                   for ITNA
No Place To Cry: The Hurt and Healing    Van Stone, Doris                   1992                    B, C, H
of Sexual Abuse                          and Erwin Lutzer
Nobody Likes Me: Helping Your Child      McEwan, Elaine K.                  1996                        E
Make Friends (Practical Tools for
Not My Kid: 21 Steps to Raising a Non-   Muscari, Mary                      2002                        E
Violent Child
On Their Own: What Happens to Kids       Carter, Jimmy,                     2004                        A
When They Age Out of the Foster Care     Martha Shirk, and
System?                                  Gary Stangler
One Small Boat: The Story of a Little    Harrison, Kathy                    2006                  A, F, G, H
Girl Lost, Then Found
Opposing Viewpoints Digest: Child        Thomson Gale                       1999                      B, C
Parenting a Child with Diabetes          Loring, Gloria                     1991                    A, E, L
Parenting Teens with Love and Logic      Cline, Foster and                  2006                        E
                                         Jim Fay
Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping        Keck, Gregory and                  2002                      F, G
Adoptive Families Heal and Grow          Regina M. Kupecky
Quirky Kids: Understanding and Helping Klass, Perri and                     2004                        E
Your Child Who Doesn't Fit In- When to Eileen Costello
Worry and When Not to Worry
Sticks and Stones: 7 Ways Your Child     Cooper, Scott                      2000                        E
Can Deal with Teasing, Conflict, and
Other Hard Times
Talking to Your Kids in Tough Times:     Bay, Willow                        2003                        E
How To Answer Your Child’s Questions
About the World We Live In
Telling the Truth to Your Adopted or     Keefer, Betsy and                  2000                      F, G
Foster Child                             Jayne Schooler
The Adoption Experience: Families        Morris, Ann                        1999                        G
who Give Children a Second Chance
The Backlash: Child Protection Under     Myers, John E. B.                  1994                        C
The Defiant Child: A Parent’s Guide to   Riley, Dr. Douglas                 1997                        K
Oppositional Defiant Disorder            A.
The Five Love Languages of Teenagers     Chapman, Gary                      2000                        E

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              Book Title                          Author                  Copyright            Competencies
                                                                            Date                 for ITNA
The Healing Power of Play: Working        Gil, Eliana                         1991                   B, C, L
with Abused Children
The Heart Knows Something Different:      Desetta, Al                         1996                 C, D, F, G
Teenage Voices from the Foster Care
The Limits of Hope                        Loux, Ann Kimble                    2002                A, C, D, I, K
The Lost Boy: A Foster Child’s Search     Pelzer, Dave                        1997                     B,C
for the Love of a Family
The Privilege of Youth                    Pelzer, David                       2005                     C, D
The Secret of Parenting: How to Be in     Wolf, Anthony E.                    2000                       E
Charge of Today's Kids--from Toddlers
to Preteens--Without Threats or
The Self-Esteem Repair and                Brooks, B. David                    1990                     E, K
Maintenance Manual                        and Rex. K. Dalby
The Sexual Abuse of Children &            Hyde, Margaret                      1997                   B, C, H
The Sexualized Child in Foster Care: A    Hoyle, Sally G.                     2000                   B, C, H
Guide for Foster Parents and Other
The Sleep Book for Tired Parents          Huntley, Becky                      1991                     E, G
The Welfare of Children                   Lindsey, Duncan                     2003                   B, C, D
Therapeutic Parenting: It’s a Matter of   Hage, Deborah                       2001                       E
This Stranger, My Son                     Wilson, Louise                      1969                   C, E, K
Tired of Arguing With Your Kids:          Curran, Dolores                     1999                       E
Wisdom From Parents Who Have Been
Understanding Issues - Child Abuse        Stewart, Gail B.                    2002                     B, C
(Understanding Issues)
Understanding Temperament:                Shick, Lyndall, M.A.                1998                       E
Strategies for Creating Family Harmony
When Love Is Not Enough: A Guide to       Thomas, Nancy L.                    2005                   E, K, L
Parenting Children with RAD
Where I’d Like to Be                      Dowell, Frances                     2004                   A, C, D
(LCCS has 2 copies of this book that      O’Roark
may be borrowed & returned)
You're a Better Parent Than You Think!:   Guarendi,                         1984                         E
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            Book Title                  Author                  Copyright              Competencies
                                                                  Date                   for ITNA
A Guide to Common-Sense Parenting   Raymond N.

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                                    Child Specific Topics
               Book Title                         Author                  Copyright              Competencies
                                                                            Date                   for ITNA
A Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome:          Pueschel, Siegfried                2001                        K
Toward a Brighter Future                    M.
ADHD in Adolescents                         Robin, Arthur                      1998                        K
Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Abuse –         Babbit, Nikki                      2000                        J
How to Spot It, Stop it, and Get Help for
Your Family
Anxiety Disorders in Children and           March, John                        1995                        K
Asperger Syndrome and Your Child: A         Powers, Michael D.                 2003                        K
Parent’s Guide                              and Janet Poland
Attention Deficit Answer Book               Wachtel, Alan                      1998                        K
Autism                                      Edwards, Michelle                                              K
Children’s Speech & Literacy                Stackhouse, Joy                    1997                        K
Difficulties: A Psycholinguistic            and Bill Wells
Coping With Dyslexia                        Donnelly, Karen                    2000                        K
Coping With Eating Disorders                Moe, Barbara                       1997                        K
Drugs and Birth Defects                     Shniderman, Nancy                  1996                      C, J
                                            and Sue Hurwitz
Eating an Artichoke: A Mother’s             Fling, Echo R.                     2000                        K
Perspective on Asperger Syndrome
Everything You Need to Know About           Stark, Evan and                    1999                    B, C, H
Sexual Abuse (Need to Know Library)         Marsha Holly
Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy          Burns, David D.                    1999                        K
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Fetal Alcohol        Malbrin, Diane,                    1993                      C, J
Effects                                     M.S.W.
Growing Up Drug-Free: A Parent’s            U.S. Department of                 1998                        J
Guide to Prevention                         Education
Growing Up with Diabetes: What              McAuliffe, Alicia                  1998                    A, E, L
Children Want Their Parents to Know
Handbook of Autism and Pervasive            Volkmar, Fred R.,                  2005                        K
Developmental Disorders, Diagnosis,         Rhea Paul, Ami
Development, Neurobiology, and              Klin, and Donald J.
Behavior                                    Cohen

                                                 -7-   C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6acdc0c0-c5e3-4361-bc0c-8707dd739a1f.doc
                 Book Title                       Author                   Copyright            Competencies
                                                                             Date                 for ITNA
Helping a Child with a Non-Verbal         Stewart, Kathryn                     2002                       K
Learning Disorder or Asperger’s
Syndrome: A Parent’s Guide
Helping Prospective Adoptive Parents      Marlow, James R.,                    2007                   A, B, L
Understand Potential Long-Term Care       MSW, LISW
Needs of Children with Chronic Medical
Disorders – Article
(Copies of this article may be obtained
through LCCS Support Worker)
Hope Meadows: Real-Life Stories of        Smith, Wes                           2001                       D
Healing and Caring from an Inspired
Kids Talk Hair                            Ferrell, Pamela                      1999                       I
Learning Disabilities and ADHD – A        Osman, Betty,                        1997                     E, K
Family Guide to Living and Learning       Ph.D.
Like Sound Through Water: A Mother’s      Hallowell, Edward                    2003                       K
Journey Through Auditory Processing       M. and Karen J.
Disorder                                  Foli
Living with Autism: The Parent’s          Killion, Kathleen M.,                1995                       K
Stories                                   Ph.D.
Making the System Work for Your Child     Jensen, Peter S.                     2004                       K
with ADHD (Making the System Work
for Your Child)
Managing Attention and Learning           McEwan, Elaine K.                    2000                       K
Memory and Abuse: Remembering and         Whitfield, Charles                   1995                     B, C
Healing the Effects of Trauma             L., M.D., and
                                          Christine Courtois,
Mindblindness: An Essay on Autism         Baron-Cohen,                         1997                       K
and Theory of Mind                        Simon
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder             Hyman, Bruce M.                      2003                       K
Preemies: The Essential Guide for         Linden, Dana                         2000                     A, L
Parents of Premature Babies               Wechsler, Emma
                                          Trenti Paroli, and
                                          Mia Wechsler
                                          Doron M.D.
Pretending to be Normal – Living with     Willey, Liane                      1999                         K
Asperger’s Syndrome                       Holliday
                                               - 8 - C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6acdc0c0-c5e3-4361-bc0c-8707dd739a1f.doc
              Book Title                        Author                 Copyright              Competencies
                                                                         Date                   for ITNA
Queer Kids – The Challenges and          Owens, Robert E.                   1998                         I
Promise for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual   Jr., Ph.D.
Recognizing and Managing Children        McCreight, Brenda                  1997                      C, J
with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Fetal
Alcohol Effects: A Guidebook
Reinventing the Family: Lesbian and      Benkov, Laura,                     1994                         I
Gay Parents                              Ph.D.
Should I Medicate My Child?: Sane        Diller, Lawrence H.,               2002                        K
Solutions for Troubled Kids with and     M.D.
Without Psychiatric Drugs
Teaching Children With Autism to Mind-   Howlin, Patricia,                  1998                        K
Read: A Practical Guide for Teachers     Simon Baron-
and Parents                              Cohen, and Julie
Teaching the Tiger A Handbook for        Dornbush, Marilyn                  1995                        K
Individuals Involved in the Education of P., Ph.D., and
Students with Attention Deficit          Sheryl K. Pruitt
Disorders, Tourette Syndrome or
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (Plastic
Teenage Alcoholism and Substance         Bartimole, Carmella                1988                        J
Abuse/Causes, Consequences and           and John Bartimole
The Best I Can Be: Living with Fetal     Kulp, Liz and Jodee                2000                      C, J
Alcohol Syndrome-Effects                 Kulp
The Bipolar Child: The Definitive and    Papolos, Demitri,                  2006                        K
Reassuring Guide to Childhood's Most     M.D., and Janice
Misunderstood Disorder                   Papolos
The Child With Special Needs             Greenspan, Stanley                 1998                        K
                                         I., M.D., and
                                         Serena Wieder,
The Childhood Depression Sourcebook      Miller, Jeffrey A.,                1998                        K
The Explosive Child                      Grune, Ross W.,                    2001                        K
The Gus Chronicles                       Appelstein, Charles                1994                      B, C
                                         and Gus
                                              -9-   C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6acdc0c0-c5e3-4361-bc0c-8707dd739a1f.doc
               Book Title                         Author                    Copyright              Competencies
                                                                              Date                   for ITNA
The Latino Holiday Book: From Cinco         Menard, Valerie                      2000                         I
De Mayo to Dia De Los Muertos: The
Celebrations and Traditions of Hispanic
The Myth of ADHD and Other Learning         Strydom, Jan and                     2001                      E, K
Disabilities – Parenting Without Ritalin    Susan Du Plessis
The Out-of-Sync Child                       Kranowitz, Carol                     2005                        K
The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun,              Kranowitz, Carol                     2006                      K, L
Revised Edition: Activities for Kids with   Stock
Sensory Processing Disorder
Understanding Addiction                     Henderson,                           2000                        J
(Understanding Health and Sickness          Elizabeth Connell
Series X)
Understanding Learning Disabilities:        Turkington, Carol                    2003                        K
The Sourcebook for Causes, Disorders,       and Joseph R.
and Treatments (Facts for Life)             Harris, Ph.D.
Unlocking the Mysteries of Sensory          Anderson,                            2004                        K
Dysfunction: A Resource for Anyone          Elizabeth and
Who Works With, or Lives With, a Child      Pauline Emmons
with Sensory Issues
What to Do When Your Baby Is                Garcia-Prats,                        2000                      A, L
Premature: A Parent's Handbook for          Joseph A. and
Coping with High-Risk Pregnancy and         Sharon Simmons
Caring for the Preterm Infant               Hornfischer
When Your Child Has a Disability: The       Batshaw, Mark L.                     2000                        K
Complete Sourcebook of Daily and
Medical Care, Revised Edition
Your Premature Baby: Everything You         Manginello, Frank                    1998                      A, L
Need to Know About Childbirth,              P. and Theresa Foy
Treatment, and Parenting                    DiGeronimo

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          EFFECTIVE MAY 22, 2008,

                 - 11 -   C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6acdc0c0-c5e3-4361-bc0c-8707dd739a1f.doc
                         Competencies for Foster Parents
A.   Foster parents as part of the child protection team
           The foster parent understands his/her role as a member of the team serving the child
            and his/her family; knows how to work collaboratively with the caseworker, agency
            staff; and other professionals; and knows how to participate in case planning and case
            coordination activities with other service delivery team members
           The foster parent knows how to advocate on behalf of the child’s best interest during
            case planning with the agency, schools, mental health professionals and other social
            service providers, and knows how to identify and access appropriate services.
B.   The dynamics of child abuse and neglect and recognizing and preventing child abuse
     and neglect
         The foster parent understands the dynamics of neglect and of physical, emotional, and
           sexual abuse, and can recognize signs and symptoms of each, and understands the
           laws regarding the reporting of abuse and neglect.
         The foster parent understands the types of family situations that can contribute to
           physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect of children and teens.

C.   The effect of child abuse and neglect on child development
           The foster parent understands the stages, processes and milestones of normal
            physical, cognitive, social and emotional development through adolescence.
           The foster parent knows the potential negative effects of child abuse, neglect and
            sexual abuse on development; and can identify indicators of developmental delay or

D.   How foster caregivers should work with children and their families regarding
     placement, separation, and attachment issues
           The foster parent knows the potential negative effects of separation for the child and
            family, understands the impact of multiple placements on a child’s emotional, cognitive,
            and social development and behavior, and knows know to help children handle feelings
            of sadness, loss, anxiety and anger.
           The foster parent understands how emotional conflict may arise for a child during the
            placement process related to issues of divided loyalty, perceived abandonment or
            rejection, reactivation of feelings from previous separations, identity, and ambivalence
            about attachment and permanence. The foster parent understands how a child’s
            developmental level affects his/her understanding of and reactions to out-of-home

E.   Behavior management techniques
           The foster parent understands the possible reasons children and teens display
            negative behavior and understands how children’s behavior may be affected by their
            past experiences, including their reactions to the stress of placement, and the
            outcomes of previous placement.
           The foster parent knows non-physical methods of behavior management, such as
            positive or selective reinforcement, time out; use of natural and logical consequences;
            token economy; and knows how to choose the best method considering the child’s age
            and developmental level, and the situation.

                                             - 12 -   C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6acdc0c0-c5e3-4361-bc0c-8707dd739a1f.doc
F.   Foster caregivers’ working with children’s families
        The foster parent can recognize strengths and positive attributes of traditional and non-
         traditional birth families, and can talk with children about their parents in a fair,
         understanding and realistic manner.
        The foster parent knows ways to support a child’s positive feelings toward their birth
         parents, siblings, and extended family members.

G.   Effects of caregiving on children’s families
        The foster parent knows how parenting children and teens who have experienced
         maltreatment, separation and loss can affect both the caregiving family, child’s family,
         and the extended family members of each.
        The foster parent knows how placement can affect parent/child, sibling, marital or other
         adult relationships within the family, and knows ways to constructively deal with
         stresses that can potentially affect these relationships, such as through the
         development of coping strategies and support system.

H.   Caring for children who have been sexually abused
        The foster parent is familiar with the definition, dynamics of sexual abuse as well as the
         behavior and characteristics of children who have been sexually abused.
        The foster parent understands that sexual abuse is a complex problem for children and
         teens and that the caregiver needs additional and on-going resources and training to
         successfully care for these children.

I.   Cultural competency
        The parent caregiver understands how one’s own cultural perspectives affect one’s
         relationships with children, teens and birth families whose culture is different from one’s
        The foster parent can use the knowledge of the child’s culture in a sensitive manner to
         help develop relationships, to stimulate development, to manage behavior
         appropriately, and to promote and integrate the cultural heritage of the child or teen in
         daily living.

J.   Substance abuse and dependency
        The caregiver is familiar with the dynamics of substance abuse and dependency, as
         well as the behavior and characteristics of children who use, abuse or are dependent
         on substances.

K.   Symptoms of mental illness and learning disorders
        Caregiver understands the symptoms and behavioral characteristics of childhood
         mental health condition and can follow recommendation from community based
         treatment staff.
        Caregiver understands the different categories of learning disabilities (SED, SLD, CD,
         MH MRDD) and can work effectively with the school systems and special education

L.   Developmentally appropriate activities for children
      Caregiver understands normal childhood development and can involve the children in
         activities based on their developmental stage and ability.

M.   CPR
     a. Caregiver understands and is able to demonstrate procedures to help those whose
        heart suddenly stops beating and can no longer effectively pump blood through the
                                            - 13 -   C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6acdc0c0-c5e3-4361-bc0c-8707dd739a1f.doc
N.   First Aid
     a. Caregiver understands lifesaving measures, how to help and prevent further harm or
        injuries to a victim, and how to address less severe injuries.

O.   Independent Living Training (parenting age 14 and older)
     b. Foster parent understands the many challenges that adolescents/young adults face
        when leaving foster care and moving toward independent living.
     c. Foster parent is able to utilize tips and suggestions from various sources to help them
        work with their youth at home.

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