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                                 Wednesday, September 24, 2003



     The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Mt. San Antonio College was called to
     order at 6:30 p.m., on Wednesday, September 24, 2003. Trustees Baca, Chen Haggerty,
     Chyr, and Hall were present. Trustee Pacheco arrived at 6:55 p.m.


     Christopher C. O'Hearn, President; David Grant; and Nancy M. Rice


     The Board adjourned to Closed Session to discuss the following item:

            Conference with Labor Negotiator
             Mt. San Antonio College Negotiator, regarding Faculty Association, CSEA 262 and
             CSEA 651, Management and Confidential


     The public meeting reconvened at 7:05 p.m.


             Trustee Pacheco and College President O'Hearn presented a Certificate of
              Appreciation to Pacific Palms Conference Center and Resort and CIMA Restaurant
              for their support of the College’s cultural and performing arts through their continued
              corporate sponsorship of the annual “Taste of” fund-raising event at Mt. SAC.
              Accepting the certificate on behalf of Pacific Palms and CIMA Restaurant were:
              Jeanine Stephens, Director of Food and Beverage, Roger Gamboa, Executive Chef,
              and James Bonan, Manager of Outlets.

             All the members of the Board of Trustees presented a Certificate of Lifetime
              Services to Karen Rogers in honor of her husband, Don Rogers, to recognize his
              long and dedicated association with Mt. San Antonio College. Mr. Rogers passed
              away July 4, 2003. Prior to his passing, Mr. Rogers had been an active member of
          the Foundation Board of Directors and Executive Committee for many years.
          President O'Hearn said he upheld the great tradition of Mt. San Antonio College.
          Also present to recognize and honor Don Rogers were members of the Foundation
          – Pat Rasmussen, Kevin Stapleton, Rosanne Bader, and Ann Savage.

          Mrs. Rogers introduced her two children, Katherine and Don, Jr., and commented
          that her husband had been an enthusiastic and devoted supporter of Mt. San
          Antonio College because he felt he had found his life’s path while attending the


     President O'Hearn asked that the following revision be made to the August 27 minutes:
     page 3, section C, second bullet, the first sentence should be changed to read, “At
     Monday’s Fall Opening Meeting, Professor Wellen gave a presentation explaining the role
     and responsibilities of the Academic Senate.”

     It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Chen Haggerty, to approve the
     minutes of the regular meeting of August 27, 2003, as revised. Motion unanimously




     Professor Nick Crow, Faculty Association Chief Negotiator for the past several years,
     spoke to the Board regarding the great change he sees in the College over the past year.
     According to Professor Crow, there is a spirit of cooperation, mutual respect, and trust
     between the faculty leadership and the top administration. He thanked the Board for its
     role in bringing Christopher O'Hearn to the College. Professor Crow added that the
     negotiation process dramatically improved when Vice President Frary became the
     College’s chief negotiator. Under President O'Hearn and Vice President Frary’s
     leadership, negotiations proved to be a constructive joint process with mutual respect and
     a focus upon the best interest of the college and its students.

     Trustee Pacheco concurred with Professor Crow’s positive comments concerning
     President O'Hearn and Vice President Frary.


     A.   Becky Meza, Associated Students President, reported the following:

             The students’ Fall Leadership Institute was an outstanding success. She
              thanked President O'Hearn for his participation. She said there’s a new group of
              student leaders this year with a lot of positive spirit.
             Students have held many “welcome back” celebrations and they have all been
              well attended.
        Becky thanked everyone who was able to attend the Fountain Dedication.
         Students have been working on this project for the past three years and are
         pleased to see it come to fruition.
        Student elections will take place September 30, October 1, and 2. There are
         three presidential tickets, two ICC Chair tickets, and two student trustees
         running. Even though the student leaders are still to be determined, the Senate
         is in place and already voting on budget allocations.
        Indicating that this would be her last meeting as the Interim Associated Students
         President, Becky thanked the Board for their support. She ended with the quote,
         “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” She thanked Board members for
         listening to her during the year.

B.   Robertson Wellen, Academic Senate President, reported the following:

        He distributed a cleaner version of the small card he distributed to Board
         members last month listing the eleven items that fall under “academic and
         professional matters,” according to Title 5.
        The theme, “Student Learning Outcomes” has been selected for flex day
         activities, scheduled for January 9, 2004. He said this is part of the accreditation
         standards and something the College needs to learn more about and embrace.
        Professor Wellen echoed the positive comments made by Professor Crow,
         adding that President O'Hearn has taught him that change is really just an
         opportunity. He commented on the following changes that either are occurring
         on campus or will be occurring soon:
               President’s Advisory Council will be reviewing the campus committee
               He is working with Vice President Frary on changes to increase faculty
                involvement in the hiring process.
               The College is putting together a Diversity Task Force to develop a plan to
                address issues in the Chancellor’s Office “Equity and Diversity Task Force
                Report.” The Chancellor’s Office has asked all colleges to undertake the
                activities and tasks outlined in the report. Professor Phil Maynard will be
                chairing the College task force.
               The alternative calendar committee recently made a presentation to
                President’s Cabinet, and it seemed to be well received. Faculty see the
                alternative calendar as a positive change and will now move ahead to
                inform and, hopefully, receive support from administration and staff.
               The Academic Senate has embraced the concept of forming more
                learning communities. The Senate has formed an ad hoc committee and
                will work to implement this next fall.
               Vice President Frary and Professor Maynard will be attending the
                National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development’s annual
                conference in Denver in October to accept, on behalf of the College, a
                national staff development award.

C.   Kathi Van Natter, Classified Senate President, was not able to be present.
     President O'Hearn presented the following information on her behalf.
        The first fund-raiser of the year is currently in progress. The drawing for the
         television will take place on October 21.
        The Classified Senate Scholarship Awards Program is also underway.
         Classified staff will be receiving information within the next two weeks on how
         they can apply for the scholarship award.
        The Senate will be holding a silent auction in November, and is looking for
         donated items. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Scholarship Award

D.   Representing the Faculty Association, Terri Smith reported that copies of the current
     contract have been given to all faculty. The Association’s focus for a significant part
     of this semester will be to prepare for reopener negotiations, which will begin in the
     spring. The Association will have several task forces collect data and make
     recommendations as to which five reopeners should be brought to the table. She
     said the Association hopes to re-examine the department chair compensation
     package. This will include a comprehensive study on their roles and responsibilities.
     Other items to be reviewed include lab classes, counselor/ student ratios, and the
     feasibility of allowing part-time faculty to use the student health center, for a fee.

     The Faculty Association and Academic Senate have also formed a joint committee
     to examine faculty workload and establish limits to reassigned time, department
     chairs, and coaching to ensure quality service to students.

     Professor Smith said her first semester as Association President has been
     challenging, and she thanked her executive board, Robertson Wellen, Vice
     President Frary, and President O'Hearn for their encouragement and support.

E.   President O'Hearn extended a welcome to David Grant, Interim Vice President,
     Instruction. Mr. Grant, President Emeritus from Orange Coast College, is working
     extraordinarily well with the College staff and bringing a wonderful strength to the
     instruction area. President O'Hearn’s report also included the following:

        The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) was distributed
         in 93 colleges across the United States in spring 2003. Mt. SAC was one of the
         participating colleges. This survey examines different aspects of students’
         educational activities. President O'Hearn said he would share the report with the
         Board; but, basically, students who were surveyed are very, very pleased with Mt.
         SAC in almost every area. He said 85% of the students rated their Mt. SAC
         education experience as excellent or good. The majority of students, 95%, said
         they would recommend Mt. SAC to a friend or family member. These results will
         be included in the College’s accreditation self-study.
        President O'Hearn commended Becky Meza for her service as both President and
         Interim President of Associated Students, saying she has done an excellent job
         under difficult circumstances. He appreciated her insightful questions/comments.
        The President said he also appreciated all the comments made earlier in the
         evening by the Faculty Association, the Academic Senate, and others. He said
         the College is working extraordinarily well not just because of him, but because
         people have come together to find ways to work together on issues. He thanked
         staff and administrators for the positive tone and participatory manner in which we
              are approaching the College’s business. President O'Hearn told Board members
              that they should be proud of the way faculty, staff, and administrators are working
              together for the good of the students.
             Vice President Nancy Rice presented information to the Board on the 2002-03
              fiscal year end and the 2003-04 College budget. The College ended the 2002-03
              year with a deficit of $469,834. This was an extraordinary feat considering that the
              adopted budget projected a deficit of $6.2 million, and the College received an
              additional $1.2 million less in revenue than expected.

              Initially, the 2003-04 budget projected a deficit of over $16 million; however, with
              faculty, staff, and students participating in making across-the-board cuts, that
              projected deficit has been reduced to $782,455. She commended President
              O'Hearn for his leadership in making budget reductions this year. Vice President
              Rice pointed out that included in that projected deficit is a transfer of $2 million
              from the capital outlay account. She is also concerned about highly likely mid-year
              “cuts” by the State.


     It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Chyr, to approve or ratify the
     following items:


     1.   Approval to purchase food with grant funds as allowed by grant guidelines. The
          Child Development Center will be hosting various events and meetings relating to
          professional staff development training, planning sessions and student/parent
          participation activities.

     2.   Approval to accept funds for a grant titled, “Foster Parent Training Program”
          ($8,000) from the California Community Colleges consortium grant with Citrus and
          Chaffey Colleges.

     3.   Approval to use the services of Pearson Reid London House to provide us with an
          Organizational Survey System (OSS) to conduct an in-house employee survey for
          the accreditation self-study process.

     4.   Approval to purchase food, and rent facilities with grant funds as allowed by grant
          guidelines. The “Industry/Discipline Collaborative for Family and Consumer
          Sciences” will be hosting two planned meetings and two conference/seminars
          related to professional development.


     5.   Approval of Personnel Transactions, Reference No. 3, dated September 24, 2003.

     6.   Approval of refreshments for ongoing sessions hosted by Human Resources.


     7.   Approval of stipends.
8.   Approval of affiliation agreement with Gambro Healthcare for the Nursing Department.

9.   Approval of Child Development Center Parent Handbook.

10. Approval of Learning Outcomes Retreat food service expenses.

11. Approval of Student Services expenditures for 2003-04.

12. Approval of Interior Design Regional Consortium Project contracts.

13. Approval of additions and changes in the Regional Health Occupations Resource
    Center Program.

14. Approval/ratification of additions and/or changes to Community Education and Non-
    Credit Education Programs.

15. Approval/ratification of Contract Education agreements – The Training Source.

16. Approval of application for the following grants: Nursing Diversity Pipeline Project;
    Clerical Skills in Health and Patient Care Settings Training and Education Services;
    Translation/Interpretation in Los Angeles County – Category 1: Healthcare Interpreter
    Training, and Category 2: Translation Services.


17. Approval of Quarterly Financial Status Report.

18. Approval of Quarterly Investment Report.

19. Approval of Resolution No. 03-04 - Appropriations Limit for 2003-04.

20. Approval of the year 2004 contract for the Chancellor’s Office Tax Offset Program

21. Approval of an agreement with JT Engineering, Inc. to provide professional services
    for the design scope change of the new parking lot at Bonita and Temple Avenues,
    at a fee of $92,299.12.

22. Approval of an amended agreement with Koury Engineering and Testing to provide
    engineering services for the elevator addition to the Social Sciences Building, at a
    fee of $2,700.

23. Approval of the following Bid:

     Bid No. 2591     Printing of Credit Class Schedules for Spring, Summer and Fall
                      2004. Awarded to G.W. Reed Printing, Inc., in the amount of

24. Approval of the following Completion Notices:
          Bid No. 2522      Elevator Addition to Building 26A, Harik Construction, Inc.,

          Bid No. 2523      Hardscape and Fountain Construction, Mariposa Horticultural
                            Enterprises, Inc., Contractor.

     25. Approval and acceptance of the following donations/gifts to the College:

          Julia Hart – Celestron Firescope 114 telescope, valued by donor at $400, to be used by
          the Earth Science/Astronomy Department.

          Disney Corporation – Various items consisting of desks, tables, chairs, storyboards,
          wooden cabinets for storage, computer tables and lamps, valued by donor at $20,000,
          to be used by the Art Department.

          D. Owen, Inc. – 40’ x 8’ metal container with wood bottom and latch door, valued by
          donor at $2,000, to be used by the Physical Education Department.

     Motion unanimously carried.


     President O'Hearn asked that the following corrections be made to page 31 of the backup
     packet: 1) wherever the word “Drama” appears, it should be replaced with “Theater,”
     and 2) the ending date for Beckett Ogden should be changed to read May 16, 2004,
     rather than May 16, 2003.

     It was moved by Trustee Chyr, seconded by Trustee Chen Haggerty, to approve the
     service agreements, as corrected. Motion unanimously carried.


     Trustee Hall asked for more information on the Meek Trophy Collection, i.e., how the
     College will use it, will it be open to the public, ongoing costs of maintaining such a
     collection, etc.

     Dean Redinger explained that the Chemistry Building is scheduled for renovation through
     a combination of Measure R and State Bond funds anyway, and the basement area can
     easily be retrofitted to provide an appropriate museum-quality secure and climate-
     controlled area for the storage of this collection, valued at over $1 million. Dean Redinger
     added that this is a major gift to the College, comparing it to the donation of a
     Stradivarius to the Music Department. Once the facility is completed, it is expected that
     there will be little or no upkeep required.

     Board members pointed out that generally construction costs have been between 8-9%,
     and asked why this project fee is 11%. It was explained 8% is for new construction and
     remodels are generally at a higher fee.

     It was moved by Trustee Baca, seconded by Trustee Chyr, to approve an agreement with
     NTD Architects to provide architectural and engineering services for the Natural History
     Storage Area, at an estimated cost of $68,750. Motion unanimously carried.

   Trustee Hall said he is certainly not averse to having a functioning swimming pool, but
   said he feels, in general, that agenda items involving this amount of funds should be
   included in the action portion of the agenda. He asked for a status of the pool repairs
   and where the $430,000 will come from after we pay the initial $34,500 for the services of
   Aquatic Design Group, Inc.

   Vice President Rice said that within Measure R funds we have scheduled maintenance
   funds. This project would also qualify for the smaller number of dollars we get from the
   State. Director Nellesen said this is a 20-year repair investment. This is the first time the
   College has had to make repairs to the inside of the pool since it was constructed in

   It was moved by Trustee Baca, seconded by Trustee Chen Haggerty, to approve an
   agreement with Aquatic Design Group, Inc. to provide professional services for the
   renovation of the College’s swimming pool, at an estimated cost of $34,500. Motion
   unanimously carried.


   President O'Hearn asked the Board to make a correction to page 65 of the backup
   information. Under the analysis section, it lists this as change order no. 2, but it’s actually
   no. 1.

   It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Baca, to approve the following
   Change Orders:

        Bid No. 2523       Campuswide Hardscape and Fountain Construction – Change
                           Order No. 2.

        Bid No. 2524       Relocation of Building 23 Shell and Core – Change Order No. 2.

        Bid No. 2545       Installation of Parking Lots – Change Order No. 1.

   Motion unanimously carried.


   Trustee Hall offered the College administration, faculty, and staff a “hearty round of
   applause” for reducing what was going to be a massive budget deficit. He realizes the
   extraordinary effort it took to get to this level. He said the College is fortunate that
   previous Boards and administrations set aside dollars for times exactly like these. He
   was glad to see that projections still show the College’s reserves above 10%, which, by
   most community college standards, is a healthy reserve.

   President O'Hearn commented that we may see some mid-year cuts, and could end up
   with a larger projected deficit; however, we are still trying to trim the budget to see if we
   can get to a zero ending balance in an effort to protect the College’s reserves.

   Trustee Chyr said he is especially pleased to see that everything is on the table and
   nothing is sacred as the College is making reductions. He also likes the approach the
   College is taking in seeing problems as opportunities.
   Trustee Pacheco also commended everyone who is helping make needed budget
   reductions. She commented on the work being done at the College level on the budget
   and wondered what it would be like under the guidelines proposed in the Master Plan for
   Higher Education. She hopes everyone will support local control when this issue
   resurfaces next year.

   It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Chyr, to approve the Adopted Plan
   and Budget for 2003-04, per Title V requirements. Motion unanimously carried.


   Trustee Pacheco said she had understood that the College was going to interview several
   law firms prior to entering into another agreement with Liebert Cassidy Whitmore.
   President O'Hearn said he and Vice Presidents Rice and Frary had met with a principal of
   the firm and discussed College concerns and changes that need to be made, both in the
   manner and response time of service provided. The College has received assurance
   from Liebert Cassidy Whitmore that their level of service will improve. Trustee Chyr
   pointed out that the current contract could be terminated with 30 days’ notice. Trustee
   Hall agreed that it would be fair to give the firm a reasonable period of time to respond to
   the College’s concerns. Trustee Baca commented that Liebert Cassidy Whitmore is a
   respected law firm in education and it could be that they have just spread themselves a
   bit thin.

   It was moved by Trustee Baca, seconded by Trustee Chen Haggerty, to approve renewal
   of the agreement with the law firm of Liebert Cassidy Whitmore to provide legal and
   consulting services to the College in regard to employment relations and education law,
   including representation in labor negotiations and in administrative and court
   proceedings, as requested by the College. Term of agreement is from October 1, 2003
   through September 30, 2004. Motion unanimously carried.


   President O'Hearn asked that the recommendation for this item be revised to include a
   limit of $1,000 per event.

   There was lengthy discussion by the Board on how these expenditures would be
   monitored in an effort to provide the Board with some kind of summary report on a
   regular basis. It was explained that the activities are already budgeted and the College
   sees this as trying to minimize the amount of staff time required to prepare Board items
   for what are considered operational activities.

   President O'Hearn suggested that this item be pulled from the Board agenda until more
   thought can be given on how we might proceed.


       All Trustees extended their sympathy and prayers to Professor Barbara Mezaki on
        the loss of her husband this past weekend.

       All Trustees thanked Becky Meza for her outstanding work this past year and
        throughout the summer representing the students.
       Trustee Baca commended Becky Meza for the great job she did at the Student
        Leadership Retreat. He also enjoyed attending the Taste of CIMA and Fab Four
        concert. Referring to earlier comments made by Professor Wellen, Trustee Baca
        said he has been involved in learning communities and agrees it enhances the
        learning experience, though it creates additional work for faculty. Trustee Baca said
        he appreciated the comments from Professors Smith and Crow on the positive
        climate on campus. He agreed that President O'Hearn’s leadership on campus has
        made a great difference.

       Trustee Hall congratulated the football team for its 3-0 standing, currently fourth in
        Southern California ranking. Trustee Hall said he had noticed the donation from
        Disney on tonight’s agenda and also a significant donation last month from Allfast.
        He commended President O'Hearn on his work in obtaining corporate donations
        during these difficult fiscal times. Trustee Hall also commented on the fountain
        commemorative bricks and suggested the College may want to do something like
        that in memory of Don Rogers. He said he would be happy to contribute to such a

        Trustee Hall also mentioned his concern about local control. He said he had written
        a letter to Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher expressing his frustration that it seems
        that too many people at the State level are spending too much time on who has
        power, and a lot less time figuring out how to fund institutions like community
        colleges. He noted that, in her response, Assemblywoman Daucher doesn’t believe
        the Master Plan for Higher Education will harm local control.

        Trustee Hall added that his comments earlier regarding delegating authority to the
        President in no way reflect poorly upon the President. He said he has complete
        confidence and trust in President O'Hearn, but wants to make sure appropriate
        checks and balances are in place. President O'Hearn commented that he
        understands Trustee Hall’s motivation completely and applauds his strong sense of

       Trustee Chen Haggerty said that both the fountain dedication and piano dedication
        were great events.

       Trustee Pacheco also thanked Professor Crow for his positive comments. She
        shared her concerns about SB 6, the State Master Plan for Higher Education,
        saying she believes it takes away local control. She encouraged everyone to
        express their thoughts to the legislature when it goes back into session in January.
        Trustee Pacheco also introduced Assemblyman Bob Pacheco and thanked him for


   The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

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