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                     CV / Resume for Dr. Sigit Sukmono

Associate Professor in Reservoir Geophysics; Chairman of Petroleum Geosciences Study

· Doctor (DR) in Applied Geophysics Institute of Technology Bandung
· Graduate Degree (Msc) Field of Engineering Geology and Applied Geophysics Asian Institute of
· Undergraduate Degree Department of Geology-Institute of Technology Bandung

Honors - Awards
· 2002 Best Research Award, Minister of Research & Technology
· 1999 Toray Science & Technology Award
· 1998 International Scientific Publication Award, Minister of Education & Culture
· 1998 Best Faculty (FTM-ITB) Lecturer

Professional Affiliations - Activities
· Professional Affiliations : Society of Exploration Geophysics, American Association of Petroleum
Geophysicists, Indonesian Association of Geophysicists, Indonesian Petroleum Association
· Activities (2000-2006) : Team Leader for more than 50 reservoir geophysics projects / researchs
with various oil companies; Course Instructors for more than 50 world-wide reservoir geophysics
courses for oil industry communities. Author more than 10 course manuals in reservoir

· International Scientific Publications (selected only) :
· Sukmono, S., 2006, The Application of Multi-Attribute Analysis in Mapping Lithology and Porosity
in the Pematang-Sihapas Groups of Central Sumatra Basin, Indonesia, The Leading Edge, SEG.
· Sukmono, S. et al., 2006, Integrating Seismic Attributes for Reservoir Characterization in
Melandong Field, NW Java Basin - Indonesia, The Leading Edge, SEG, 532-538.
· Sukmono, S. et al., 2004, Seismic Attributes Analysis for Reservoir Developments in Melandong
Field, NW Java Basin - Indonesia, Proc. of 7th SEGJ International Symposium, Sendai - Japan.
· Sukmono, S. et al., 2004, Tiaka Field : A Recognized Potential Thrusted Anticline Play Type in
Sulawesi Indonesia, Proc. of EAEG 66th Conference and Exhibition, Paris.
· Sukmono, S., 2003, Integrated Multi Attributes Seismic for Complex Minas Fluvio-Deltaic
Reservoir Properties Mapping, the 29th Annual IPA Convention.
· Sukmono, S., 2001, New Evidences on the Fractal Patern of Sumatra Fault Seismicity and Its
Possible Application to Earthquake Prediction, Bull. of Seismological Society of America,
August 2001.
· Sukmono, S., 1999, Fractal geometry analysis of Sumatra and Palu-Matano fault systems :
implications for geodynamic and earthquake study, 24th Assembly of the European Geophysical
Society, The Hague, April 1999.
· Sukmono, S., Hendrajaya, L., Zen, M.T.,1998, The Application of Fractal Geometry Analysis in
the Seismic Risk Design Along the Sumatra Fault-Indonesia, Environmental Management, 1123-


1132. .
· Sukmono, S., Zen, M.T., 1997, Fractal pattern of the Sumatra Fault’s seismicity and its possible
application for earthquake prediction, Bulletin of Seismological Society of America, 87, 6,
· Sukmono, S., Zen, M.T., Kadir, W.G.A., Hendrajaya, L., Santoso, D., Dubois, J., 1997, Fractal
geometry of Sumatra active faults and its geodynamical implications, Journal of Geodynamics,
Elsevier, ISSN 0264-3707, v.22, no.1/2, 1-9.


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