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CDC resources for measles - 2008


									CDC resources for measles - 2008
• Financial
  –   WHO:         $11.3 million
  –   UNF:         $ 8.5 million
  –   UNICEF:      $ 5.8 million
  –   TOTAL: $25.6 million
• Technical
  – 12/26 overseas assignees are measles
  – ATL staff spent 648 person days in field in 2008
  – STOP: ~40% of assignments are for measles
                                GID Staff on Detail to
                         International Organizations (N = 26)
                                                       December 2008

                                                  Leo Weakland (WHO)
                                                  Rebecca Martin (WHO)           Peter Strebel (WHO)
                                                                                 Cristiana Toscano (WHO)
                                                                                 Susan Wang (WHO)
                                                                                                                       Jeff Partridge

 Jon Andrus (CDC/W)
 Athalia Christie (ARC)
 Joseph Naimoli (World Bank)
                                                                                                                        Lisa Cairns (WHO)

Jalaa Abdelwahab (WHO)
Boubker Naouri (WHO)
Nahad Sadr-Azodi (WHO)

   Susan Penaro (WHO)                                                                                            Gabe Anaya (WHO)
                                                                                                                 David Sniadnack (WHO)
             Pauline Harvey (WHO)

                   Mary Alleman (WHO)
                                                                             Jennifer Mann (WHO)

                                                            Debra Townes (WHO)
                    Brenden Flanery (PAHO)
                                                            Jim Barnes (WHO)
                                                                                             Hamid Jafari (WHO)
                                                                                             Patrick O’Conner (WHO)
       CDC/NIP Staff                         Steven Sosler (WHO)                             Karen Hymbaugh (WHO)
   Review of SIA technical reports
• Objective: To explore available information on interaction
  between measles SIA and routine immunization
• Method: Review of the available post-SIA technical
  reports submitted to Measles Initiative via WHO/AFRO
  during 2002-2006 (N=54)
   – Abstratcted information in 9 areas of interest where measles
     SIAs may have an effect on routine immunization services:
     microplanning, injection safety, waste management, logistics,
     cold chain management, adverse events from immunization
     (AEFI) surveillance, implementation of other interventions, social
     mobilization, and surveillance/data management.
Review of SIA technical reports
        2002-2006 (2)
   Review of SIA technical reports
           2002-2006 (3)
• Conclusion:
  – Reporting forms useful to gain an insight about the
    inputs provided for SIA preparation, but insufficient to
    answer the question if and how SIAs contribute to
    routine immunization strengthening
• Next steps:
  – Consider conducting prospective studies in 1-2
    countries to systematically evaluate interaction
    between SIA and routine immunization
  – Consider revising the technical report format to
    improve usefulness of the routinely collected
    information for future evaluations

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