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									                                                                                                TEL : +33 6 59 82 03 01
Jérôme Vuarand                                                             (personal)
5 villa des Pyrénées                                               (professional)
75020 Paris

                                  Software engineer
Professionnal experience
  Since may 2009
  Software engineer at Aldebaran Robotics (Paris)
        Development and maintenance of Choregraphe, programming and animation tool for NAO:
          graphical programming tool based on hierarchical diagrams of interconnected boxes
          robot animations through keyframe timelines
          portable (win/mac/linux) through use of Qt
          embedded part using Python code generation
          distributed programming based on Aldebaran's framework, NAOqi
  May 2008 to april 2009
  Software engineer at Mimesis Republic (Paris)
        Development of a virtual world engine.
        Prototyping of client and server gameplay code of Black Mamba, an online social virtual world.
  February 2006 to april 2008
  AI, gameplay and UI engineer at Ubisoft (Montréal)
          gameplay/AI programmer, scripting
          user interface library binding in scripting engine
          Wii port, development of Wii specific mini-games
        My Word Coach: gameplay programmer, engine expert
        Shaun White Skateboarding: gameplay programmer
  August 2004 to january 2006
  AI engineer at Nevrax (Paris)
        Development of the AI server of the MMORPG The Saga Of Ryzom.
        Maintenance of the online AI multi-agent system.
        Specific developments for leveldesign, new behaviours, improvement of the proprietary scripting
        language of AI agents.
        Misc. gameplay mechanics, Ryzom outpost system.
  February 2004 to july 2004
  Engineering internship at zSlide (Paris)
        Development of software components for a multimedia application engine on PlayStation2.
        Integration of third-party libraries in the application engine.
        Porting of open source applications to the PlayStation2/CodeWarrior platform.

  September 2001 to june 2004
  Master's degree in Software Engineering (Diplôme d'Ingénieur - Génie Informatique)
        Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard - UTBM (Belfort)
        Engineering school (french Grande École), postgraduate education
          Computer Science department, Software and knowledge engineering section
          Specialised in artificial intelligence
  September 1999 to june 2001
  DEUTec - Diplôme d'études universitaires de technologie
        Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard - UTBM (Belfort)
        Engineering school (french Grande École), undergraduate education

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Software engineering skills
  Artificial intelligence
        Multi agent systems
        Distributed AI
        Finite state machines
        Planning, STRIPS
        Elements of genetic algorithms, neural networks, dynamic programming, expert systems

  Software development methods
        Object oriented programming, UML
        Agile, Scrum, Test Driven Development
        Data driven programming
        3D graphics

        Advanced knowledge of Lua, C++ and C
        Basic experience of Scala, Java, Unix shell, Python
        Elements of .NET, LISP, PROLOG, Erlang, TCL/TK

        GCC, binutils, make
        Visual C++ (2005/2008)
        Codewarrior for PlayStation2 and Wii
        Mercurial, Git, Subversion, Perforce, CVS

  Environments, frameworks and APIs
        Windows, Linux, Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation2
        STL, boost, Qt, COM
        OpenGL, JNI, Lua

  System administration
        Linux (Arch, Slackware, LFS), bases of BSD (NetBSD)

        Networking, micro-controller and embedded systems development, digital electronics, mobile and
        autonomous robotics

        French, mother tongue
        Fluent in english (TOEIC score: 905)
        Basic knowledge of german, korean, japanese

        Home cinema
        Four participations to the French robotic cup E=M6 as member of UTBM club: Unitec. First as a
        programmer, then an electronics designer, and finally as a team lead during two years.
        Open Source development, active member of the Lua community, co-author of the Lua Programming
        Gems book
        MMOGs: L2, Eve, WoW, CoV, AoC, Champions, FFXIV, betas of EQ2, DDO, LotRO, Tabula Rasa
        Video games: FPS (COD4, TF2, ET, AvP), action games (Max Payne 2, GTA, Worms 3D)
        Board games (e.g. Go, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne)

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