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                                    GUIDELINES AND STANDARDS
                                                 (Updated 8/18/11)

Also included at the end are relevant elements from the
applicable to the ARB guidelines.

The ARB Guidelines cannot be all inclusive or all exclusive: therefore, the ARB has the responsibility to bring
before the Board of Directors those items that, while not specifically prohibited or specifically permitted, are not in
the spirit of a “LUXURY RESORT” or being undue encumbrances upon the neighbors.

Appeal of the Board’s decision can always be made at the Annual meeting or at a special called Board meeting
(with proper notice of the meeting and purpose stated). Approval/disapproval will require a majority vote (quorum
necessary) of the membership present (proxy allowed)

The purpose of the Lake Martin RV Resort Property Owners Association Architectural Review Board is to
approve any and all physical changes to or on Common Properties and individually owned lots in order to
maintain a standard of construction methods, esthetics and values. They should report to the Board of
Directors on a regular basis and enforce the LMRVOA Architectural Review Board Guidelines, Standards
and Covenants.

The Architectural Review Board will consist of two members from the Board of Directors and three members
at large. The two Board of Directors members will be chosen by the Board of Directors. The members at large
will be chosen by the two board members and approved by the Board.

All proposed projects will be submitted to the ARB for approval. Projects will be drawn to scale, showing a
plan, elevation, dimensions, lot lines, and details. All materials to be used will be indicated on the drawings.
Drawings will be submitted in triplicate. Any and all structures constructed over the water will also require a
permit from Alabama Power Company after it has been approved by the ARB.

All structures will meet or exceed the building codes for Tallapoosa County, AL and comply with the
LMRVOA Covenants and ARB Guidelines and Standards. All projects must be completed within one year or
must be resubmitted.

A list of your next door neighbors will be included.
All plans and project requests must be mailed or delivered to: Alex Johnson and 2 other ARB members listed
below. A period of 30 days should be allowed for the return of plans. Projects will require the approval and
signature of at least 3 ARB members and the Approval of the BOARD of DIRECTORS. Also, if over water,
approvals by an Alabama Power Company representative and local approving agencies if applicable, are

Appeals will be made to the Board of Directors.

All wood structural materials will be Pressure Treated Pine, Redwood or Cedar.

All Gazebos, Decks and Piers will be of acceptable construction standards as required by the building codes of
Tallapoosa County Alabama, the LMRV Covenants and the ARB Guidelines and Standards. Roofs will have a minimum
eave height of seven (7) feet and be hip style with a least a six (6) in twelve (12) pitch. All roof and eave heights shall
match and complement neighboring adjacent structures. All support columns (load bearing) will be no less than six
inches (6”) by six inches (6”).

This does Not apply to aluminum style awnings and covers as long as these structures are constructed with vendor pre-
designed materials.

All structures will be open air style. There will be NO screens, NO glass, NO blinds and
        NO built-ins exceeding a forty inch (40”) height.

There will be NO visual obstructions.
Free standing covered boat slips or boat houses are NOT permitted.
A covered deck may include a boat slip if the boat slip is incidental to the covered deck and no more than 1/3 (one third)
of the covered deck is devoted to the boat slip. These structures must be approved by the LMRV Architectural Review
Board and meet Alabama Power permissible guidelines.

Standard RV roll out style vinyl awnings are permitted. Hip roof gazebo style are permitted. Aluminum style
awnings must be fabricated and installed by reputable firm having experience in like projects, a portfolio for
review and approval of the ARB.

Lean-tos are not allowed.

All electrical feeds to Gazebos, Decks and Piers will be UNDERGROUND.
All underground wiring will be exterior grade Romax wiring and ENCASED in CONDUIT, including
wiring UNDER decks. Switches and receptacles to be in Weather proof type boxes. Wire buried directly in the
ground will NOT be acceptable.

There must be a proper ground. All outside circuits will be GFCI.

No “window unit” style air conditioner units, to include those installed in a window or installed in a wall, are
permitted at LMRV effective 7/15/11
Park Model trailers are considered permanent structures (trailer tongues and tires removed) which must be anchored,
underpinned and skirted. All other RV’s or Campers that are permanently parked must be anchored, underpinned and
skirted. All mobile RV’s and Campers that are not classified as permanent will be subject to review by the Architectural
Review Board. If the unit is deemed to be Permanently Parked, the above rules for anchoring, underpinning and skirting
will apply.

Mobile RV’s and campers with current vehicle registration (tags) will be exempt from skirting, anchoring and

When positioned, skirted and tied down after May 16, 2008, the exterior height of an RV shall be no more that 14 feet as
measured from the highest ground elevation that the RV’s footprint covers.

Loft areas built into RV’s are Not considered as part of the 500 sq. ft. of living space (see Covenants Article 11.1) IF the
vertical height of the loft area is less than 60 inches.

Trailers, RV’s and Campers shall be tied down using standard mobile home style straps and brackets bolted into concrete
with expansion bolts or other secure method. Installation must comply with current rule or State or Manufactured
Home Guidelines regarding the anchoring of homes. Skirting must be a VINYL material. The vinyl channel shall be
installed on top of a pressure treated 2X where ground is contacted. The vinyl channel can be installed on top of asphalt
or cement without the treated 2X. All Park Model RV roofing will be asphalt shingles.

No two RV units can be positioned less than 10 feet apart from this date (March 16, 2007) forward unless replaced by
like kind RV and with approval by the ARB

All Golf Carts must have the owner’s lot number on the cart in a visible location, preferably front or rear.
The lot number (ie. G4) must be in 3” letters/numbers in a contrasting color to the cart.

All units should be washed and cleaned Annually and maintained in good condition. If no underpinning exist,
then the area under trailers will be kept clear of loose storage. Only vinyl style (Rubbermaid Type) exterior
storage units are permitted. Size and location must be approved. Boats and personal watercraft should be
stored on your own lot or at association provided areas, not on empty lots.

Sea walls will be maintained in a fashion equal to or exceeding the original sea wall. Any changes will be
submitted to the ARB and Alabama Power Company for approval.

Flower bed borders will be natural edging, concrete, stone, plastic or pressure treated landscape timbers.
Hedges will NOT exceed 4 feet high. No clotheslines, fences, walls, mailboxes, “For Sale” signs or TV/Radio
antennas (except those specifically for RV’s) will be allowed. No satellite dishes exceeding 18” in diameter
are allowed. Grass growing in the asphalt common to your lot should be killed regularly.
Hoses, sprinklers and other objects that would hinder the maintenance of the lawns should be put away.
The LMRV Resort provides a limited number of storage building spaces in the Commons Area to be rented by
lot owners. Lot owners wishing to install a storage building should make the request to the ARB. Only one
space per lot owned may be rented. Spaces are assigned by the Park Treasurer on a first come basis. Minimum
building specifications are as follows: walls and roof to be vinyl and/or metal, width of 10 feet to include
doorway, depth not to exceed 12 feet, A-frame roof, and exterior of beige or other light color. Renter will level
and otherwise prepare the foundation area. Buildings will be placed 2 feet apart from each other. No materials
may be stored outside the building and the renter will keep the surrounding area clear of debris. Rental of the
building space will cancel when the lot owners sells his/her

LMRV resort lot. The storage building may be sold to the next person on the wait list or must be removed
from the Commons Area.

Failure to comply with LMRVOA Covenants and ARB Guidelines and Standards will result in referral to the
Board of Directors for appropriate action. LMRVOA By-Laws provided under Article IV, Sec. 13, Par. (O)
that the Board of Directors have the power to levy fines against lot owners for violations of the rules and
regulations established by the Association in accordance with its By-Laws and Declaration of

The LMRV Board will take the following action for non-compliant lot owners who have started or completed
projects without ARB review or approval:
The non-compliant lot owner shall cease all construction and come before the LMRV Board at the next
board meeting to review reasons for non-compliance.
The LMRV Board shall levy a $100 fine on the non-compliant lot owner.
The LMRV Board will require the ARB to review project work and report back to the LMRV Board as to
the standards of the construction and make a recommendation to the LMRV Board on whether the project
should or should not continue.
The LMRV Board will determine whether to let the project proceed or require the lot owner to cease
construction and seek new approval for the project through the proper ARB manner
The LMRV Board will also make the determination on whether the non-approved project or construction
should be removed or dismantled.

In order to ensure the safety of lot owners and guests, it is the responsibility of the lot owners to abide by all
building codes and standards.

52 East Ave
Dadeville ,AL 36853
        are applicable to the ARB guidelines.

4.11 Deck. A deck is a free standing wooden structure built adjacent to or over water.
          All decks must be approved by the Architectural Review Board.
4.12 Deck Cover. A deck cover is a hip roofed structure covered with architectural shingles as approved by
the Architectural Review Board.
4.13 Free Standing Lean-To. A Free Standing Lean-To is a structure that extends above the roofline of a
trailer or RV.
4.14 Patio. A patio is a concrete, brick, or wood pad adjacent to a trailer or RV at ground    level. All patios
must be approved by the Architectural Review Board.
4.15 Patio Cover. A patio cover is a wood or aluminum structure which extends over a patio, does not extend
above the trailer or RV. Cover must be approved by the Architectural Review Board.
4.16 Porch. A porch is a raised wooden structure attached and/or adjacent to a trailer or RV All porches must
be approved by the Architectural Review Board.
4.17 Porch Cover. A porch cover is a wood or aluminum structure which covers a porch and is attached to a
trailer or RV (permanently attached with bolts/screws, shingles, or      flashing) Cover must be approved by
the Architectural Review Board.
4.18 Car port. A car port is any structure that covers a driveway.
4.19 Patio room. A Patio Room (also known as Screened Room, Florida Room, Garden               Room) is a
wooden or aluminum structure with screen and/or glass on 3 sides

 5.2 Nothing herein shall be constructed to give or create in any person the right to park upon any portion of
the Resort except to the extent that space may be Specifically designated and
Assigned for parking purposes

8.2 Lot. The responsibility of the Lot Owner shall include, but not be limited to, the maintenance and repair of
such Owner's Lot in the condition in which it was purchased. Further, a Lot Owner shall not make any
alterations to his Lot which would remove any portion of or make any additions to Common Elements or do
anything which adversely affects the safety or soundness of the Common Elements or any portion of the
Resort which is to be maintained by the Association. All permanent structural alterations and improvements to
a lot must be submitted in writing and approved by the Architectural Review Board

8.4 Exterior Maintenance. All recreational vehicles and structures which are maintained on any lot
must be in good condition, and cleaned/painted and maintained on the exterior. If any Lot Owner does not
comply with the provisions thereof, a majority of the Board of Directors may provide any such maintenance,
repair or replacement at such person’s cost and expense, and the cost shall be added to and become a lien
against the lot of such party. To avoid this situation, if the Lot Owner cannot be available to perform said
maintenance, it would be wise to secure assistance from a reliable outside source.

8.5 Outside Installations. No hedges shall be permitted in excess of forty-eight (48) inches in
height. No outdoor clothes poles, clothes lines, fences, walls, mailboxes, nor radio and/or television antennas
shall be permitted on any lot except those designed for recreational vehicle use, are permitted. Satellite dishes
not exceeding 18” in diameter are allowed on recreational vehicles and/or decks.
8.6 Storage Rules. There shall be no exposed/loose storage under the recreational vehicle.
8.7 No structure can be built over the water or kept on the water that

         OBSTRUCTS the Lake View of Lot Owners (I.E. Houseboats,
Cabin Cruisers, etc).

8.8 Nothing can be constructed or kept on a deck that              OBSTRUCTS the VIEW of
Lot Owners (I.E. Lattice, Screens, and Large Appliances).

8.9 Retractable recreational vehicle type awnings are permitted.

8.10 professionally installed wood and aluminum patio or porch covers are permitted as defined in Section 4
and as approved by the Architectural Review Board.

11.1 It is the further specific intent of this Resort and Declaration to create and maintain a LUXURY
RESORT for recreation vehicles. In that regard, all Lots shall be reserved and restricted for recreation
vehicles, including within such category, modern travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, motor homes, park model
trailers, and park model RV’s. None of which shall exceed 500square feet of living area. Mobile Homes,
carports, enclosed decks, tents, pop-up campers, Homemade campers, buses, slide-in-campers on pickup
trucks, Patio Rooms, boathouses and free standing covered boat slips are strictly PROHIBITED.

Covered boat slips that are incorporated with a cover deck may be permitted subject to Architectural Review
Board approval.

Full time residency is allowed.

11.2 Only storage structures approved in writing by the Architectural Review Board may be placed on each

11.3 No animals or fowl shall be kept or maintained on any lot or in the Resort except customary household
pets (or reasonable kind and number). No pets are to run at-large.

11.6 No outside toilet shall be installed or allowed on any Lot.

11.7 No NUISANCE shall be allowed upon the Resort nor any use or practice which is the source of
annoyance to Lot Owners, guests or other users of the Resort, or which interferes with the peaceful possession
or proper use of the Resort.

All parts of the Resort, including each Lot trailer/RV or any other personal property thereon, shall be kept in a
CLEAN and sanitary condition, and no rubbish, refuse or garbage shall be allowed to accumulate nor any
fire hazard allowed to exist.

11.8 No commercial activity of any kind whatsoever, to include Rental of lot or RV/trailer, shall be conducted
on or from any Lot in the Resort.
11.10 The Lot Owner shall not permit or suffer anything to be done or kept on his Lot which will increase the
rate of insurance on the Resort or which will obstruct or interfere with the rights of other Lot Owners or
annoy them by unreasonable noises, or otherwise; nor shall any Lot Owner commit or permit any nuisance,
immoral or illegal act in or about the Resort.

11.11 No person shall use the Common Elements or any part thereof or a Lot or the Resort or any part thereof
in any manner contrary to or not in accordance with such rules and regulation pertaining thereto as from time
to time may be promulgated by the Association.

11.14 One “For Sale” sign, provided by the ARB, is allowed per lot.

11.15 Any structure, grandfathered under a previous Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, can NOT be
altered, in any way and remain grandfathered. An alternation will constitute the grandfathering null and void
and the current Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions will be applicable to said structure.

15.12 No amendment to the Declaration may permit timeshare estates to be created in any Lot of the Resort.

17. Acknowledgment of Intent. The Association and Lot Owners specifically acknowledge hereby the intent
of this Resort and Declaration to include the creation and maintenance of aLUXURY RESORT
pursuant to the provisions of this Declaration, including Paragraph 12. hereof. Accordingly, the Association
hereby acknowledges and agrees to assume and carry out its affirmative duty, to maintain the
integrity of the Resort, pursuant to the occupancy restrictions pursuant to Paragraph 12 hereof.
Lake Martin RV Resort Property Owners' Association, Inc.,

                         ADDITIONAL INFO
For your information when installing a Park Model RV these are considered a ”Manufacture d Home” by state
law and must be set up by a certified installer and Permitted and Inspected by the Manufactured Home
Division of Housing Construction of the State of Alabama.

Electrical connections must also be inspected by Ala Power Company.

52 East Ave
Dadeville ,AL 36853

Burt Baldwin (Lot F13)
7630 Arrowleaf Rd.
Montgomery 36117
H: 334-260-2939

Priscilla Sutton (Lot B3)
2313 Barkley Crest Lane
Auburn 36830
C: 334-400-4171

Irmgard Wilson (A2)
8082 Ansley Trace
Montgomery, AL 36117
H: 334-277-8241

Bruce Clouser
675 Mt. Brook Road
Fortson, GA 31808
H: 706-327-6537

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