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					7 Ways to Double or Triple Your Ebook Downloads
By Yanik Silver
Free Resell and Redistribution Free Resell and Redistribution Rights To This Ebook! Rights To This Ebook!
Congratulations!! You now own the reprint and redistribution rights to this ebook, “7 Ways to Double or Triple Your Ebook Downloads”. It’s your free! By owning the reprint rights you can reprint, resell or redistribute this ebook for any price you’d like and you keep 100% of the profits! Or, you can use the ebook as a free bonus or premium and give it away. It’s your choice. The only restriction is that you cannot modify the ebook in any way (that’s it).

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Inside this special report you’ll get all kinds of incredible ways to increase your ebook downloads so your ebook will spread even further and further. Plus, I’ll share with you all kinds of neat ways to double or triple the mileage out of your ebooks so you can grab more subscribers and increase your profits. So let’s jump right into it…

Ebook Download Technique #1: Send it to your Buddies & Colleagues
Here’s the first technique if you don’t have a web site or an email list – simply send it out to your friends and colleagues via email. Now please remember I’m not talking about sending out thousands and thousands of emails to people you do not know. That is unsolicited email or SPAM and will only get in big, big trouble. But if you send over the ebook to a couple of your friends and colleague – that’s an easy way to start the viral ebook explosion going.

Ebook Download Technique #2: Grab More Subscribers
An ebook (positioned the right way) has incredible value and you can use it as a bribe to get people to take the action you want. The first way is to use it as a subscriber magnet and incentive. Sometimes if you’re ebook title is compelling enough people will even subscribe to your ezine just for the free ebook you’re offering. There are several techniques for doing this: • You can use a system like opt-in lightning (

The way this system works is a small window comes up on your web page and you customize it with any message you want. A visitor only has to click “ok” to get subscribed via their default email program. It works very, very well. Here’s a quick screen shot so you can see what it looks like:

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You can use a pop-up window (

Another simple way to use your ebook as bait is to have a pop-up window either come when a visitor gets to your site or when they leave your site offering the free ebook for download. The best resource with all the codes and tons of ideas on how to use pop ups is at:

Ebook Download Technique #3: Use it as a Reward for completed Surveys
I use this method all the time and it does double duty. Not only do I get the answers I need to help me create additional products but I also make money from links inside the ebook I give away for completed surveys.

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Here’s the email I send to people who buy our Instant Sales Letters ( product:
* * * Subject: [[firstname]], I need your help Hi [[firstname]], You recently ordered the "Instant Sales Letters" templates and I hope you're finding everything in there useful and extremely profitable for your business. Now, I'd like to ask a favor of you. I'm in the process of collecting comments about the Instant Sales Letter program from business owners like yourself. Would you take a moment to give me your opinion of this product by answering a few simple questions? Just hit REPLY and fill out the questionnaire below to send your comments right back to me. And if you'll be kind enough to help me out, I'll be pleased to return the favor by sending you a copy of a new ebook, entitled "43 Specific Ways to Make 2002 Your Best, Most Profitable Year Ever". You'll find this new ebook loaded with lots of specific advice from 43 top business and marketing experts (including yours truly) :) I look forward to hearing what you like about the "Instant Sales Letters", but I also welcome any suggestions or criticisms, too. Thanks so much for your time. Warmest regards, Yanik Silver P.S. Does this letter look familiar? It should - you have a similar Instant Sales Letter template that you should be using to generate lots of powerful testimonials and important feedback from your customers. -- Survey Starts --

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* * *

Now here is the reply they get back with the completed survey:
* * * Subject: Thanks for your feedback Hello, Thanks for the feedback! Here is where you can download the ebook called "43 Specific Ways to Make 2002 Your Best, Most Profitable Year Ever". You'll find this new ebook loaded with lots of specific advice from 43 top business and marketing experts (including yours truly) :) Click here: I think you'll find it extremely helpful and useful. Thanks again for your help, Yanik Silver P.S. Check out some great business building resources at: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yanik Silver * Surefire Marketing, Inc. * 301-656-2424 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * * *

Copyright 2002 – Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Ebook Download Technique #4: “Refer a Friend”
How about this cool method? Use a simple ‘refer-a-friend’ script like ( and you can have people sending their friends to your web site. Here’s a quick screen shot from of how we use this on after people order the actual ebook. Notice how we use a free ebook as a bribe so they’ll refer their friends over:

Copyright 2002 – Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Ebook Download Technique #5: Use it for Bonuses
Another great way to use your viral ebook is to give it away as a free bonus on any product or service you sell. But don’t make the mistake of giving away ebooks that aren’t related to your main product or service. There’s nothing worse than seeing websites selling a product about fishing and then giving away 5 ebooks about Internet Marketing. Trust me, that’s not a good idea. But if the free ebook is related and helps improve your offer definitely give it away.

Ebook Download Technique #6: Make Yourself Look Good
Here’s another technique that will lead to additional sales in the long-run. There’s nobody that doesn’t enjoy something for free so if you have an ezine, email list or customer list – why not endear yourself to them by giving away the ebook for free? They’ll love you for it and if you understand the psychological trigger of reciprocation you’ll see why this is such a powerful technique. Here’s a quick email I sent out to our customers (from the author of “Get Fit While You Sit”) giving away a free ebook: ***
[[firstname]], what's for dinner? Dear [[firstname]], Hi, it's Jeff Ball from How many times have you heard your kids or spouse ask you, "what's for dinner?" I tell you at our house it has become a running joke. So if you're like me, you can't get enough quick and easy recipes to try. That's why I've set up a special page where you can download 2 great cookbooks just for being a valued subscriber. The first cookbook is filled with healthy recipes and the other is all about salad recipes. I'm sure you'll love them. Here's that special link:

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Enjoy! Jeff Ball P.S. And if you're looking for thousands of additional recipes you should really check out this site: Inside are recipes for almost *everything* you can imagine. You really need to check it out.


Ebook Download Technique #7: Set up a section of Free Ebook Downloads on Your Site
Here’s a real quick and easy one to get additional downloads. Just simply feature it prominently on your web site. That means put links to the ebook up near the top of the page either on the upper right or upper left-hand side. ---There you have it. If you simply use a few of these simple ebook download techniques you’re sure to see your downloads double or triple which only means more commissions for you. Good luck!

P.S. If you want the first practical, step-by-step, roadmap for online success no matter what product or service you sell – you’ll want to check out “33 Days To Online Profits” at P.P.S. Many people ask me for my recommended Internet resources and tools – check out:

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