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Things to Remember in internet marketing


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                               Things to Remember When Focusing on Internet Marketing
                                                          By Anthony Miller

   How much traffic is your website getting daily? When you have a website, sometimes you have to
do things in order to get more traffic that may not be easy or pleasant. The items that are listed below
may be difficult for you to do, but they are also things that are going to let you know how your website
is doing.

Analyze and track the traffic to your website

One of the most important things to remember when you are focusing on Internet marketing is to
analyze and track the traffic that is coming to your website. This is something should be offered by the
host of your website, and it’s an essential technique that should be used by everyone that has a
business on the Internet. When you take the time to understand the data that is given to you, you
know what is working and what isn’t. Then you can use the information to make changes to what you
are doing.

Link Exchanges

Another thing that is good to do is to do a link exchange with another website which is not in direct
competition with your products or services. When you do a link exchange with someone else, it brings
you traffic that is quality and increases your business prestige. When visitors enter your site from
another site’s link believe that they are going to find something that is valuable. The other thing that
link exchange is that it’s building the popularity of your link. This is something that is going to help your
rank in the search engines. When you have a higher rank on the search engines, you will find that you
are getting more traffic and that you are getting more sales on your website each day.

Don’t overlook obvious things

Take the time to take a critical look at your website and ask yourself the questions that can affect your
business. Can people navigate it easily? Is the text on the website easy to understand? Are the music
and graphics on your website distracting? Is there anything on your website that can make people
uncomfortable or make them want to leave? These are hard questions, but they are ones that will let
you know if there’s something on your website that people aren’t going to like. If you aren’t sure, ask a
friend for their honest opinion. There may be something that they are going to see that you won’t.

It can be difficult to look for things that may be wrong or that need to be changed on your website, but
it’s something that will help your business out in the long run. Business is a learning experience, and
when you are willing to look at what you are doing wrong and change it, you show that you are
concerned about the needs and wants of your customers. Remembering what may be difficult for your
customers and prospects to read or to look at will help you to do the things that are best for them, for

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you, and for your business.

Information like this is extremely useful and powerful, but guidance from an expert in the industry is
key. If you want more information to help you in this area, go to:

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   The Biggest Enemy Of Your Online Business Is Your Failure To Focus On The Right Thing!
                                                             By David Hurley

 You've just set up an Internet marketing business and you are feeling excited. But after a while there
are no sales from your site and nothing seems to be happening.

Then one of the Internet Marketing Big Shots puts out a $144 Internet Marketing For Newbies course
that promises to lead you to success - so although you flinch at the price you jump at the offer.

You and 1,999 other newbie marketers who are all in the same boat as you!

Half the people who buy the product never get around to downloading the materials.

Half the people who download the materials never get beyond the first couple of lessons.

Half of those who actually finish the course don't apply any of the stuff to their own online businesses.

Of the 250 people who complete the course and begin to apply the lessons to their own businesses,
half get tired of the work involved and go back to what they were doing before.

The rest begin to see some improvement to their business, but have not yet made any money at it.

Then, another Internet Marketing Big Shot brings out a course all about "Internet Marketing For
Newbies" and word spreads that it also has a good affiliate program. Most of the people who'd
completed the first "Internet Marketing For Newbies" course promptly buy the second... and the
process starts all over again!!

The problem does not lie with the nature of the materials they purchased, nor with the willingness of
this group of newbie marketers to put in the hours working.

No, it is a question of focus and leverage. Or rather, it is a question of focusing on the wrong thing -
website development, clicking for traffic, chatting in forums, searching for new affiliate programs...
buying new "Internet Marketing For Newbies" courses.

These are all the wrong things to be focusing on - and focusing on the wrong things is almost as bad
as not focusing at all!

Okay, so what should you be focusing on?

Well, there are a series of steps that each requires your attention.

First you need to focus on finding a lucrative market.

Second, you need to focus on finding a range of products to sell to the market.

Third, you need to focus all your efforts on building a list of people in that market niche to whom you
will sell your products.

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The third step is the one that requires most focus and attention. In fact, once you have found a
lucrative market you should start list building even before you have found or developed a range of
products to sell to the list. Obviously, without a list to sell to, no amount of good products will be of any
use to you.

The question of How To Build A List will be dealt with in my next article, "Focus On Building Yourself A
Qualified List Of Customers Who Are Eager To Hear From You And Buy Your Products".

David Hurley is an Internet marketer who is based in Japan and is the owner of , which focuses on success mentoring for Internet marketing start-ups. Get
your own work-from-home Internet business set up free and find out how you can build an online
business at ==> .

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