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Social Media Marketing Myths


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                          Social Media Marketing:3 Myths That Are Killing Your Business
                                                             By Dr Rachna Jain

   Social Media is one of the hottest buzzwords in online marketing right now. It seems like pretty
much everyone is a "new media expert" and promises you extreme success if you just buy their
program or follow their methods.

The truth is, really, that social media is an evolving methodology, and there is just as much good
information as bad. In the bad category, especially notable are these three marketing myths:

Myth #1: Social media is free. This is a misunderstanding because participating in Web 2.0 costs your
business in time or money. Even though many of the sites are free, the time you spend (or pay to have
spent) on these sites has a real cost, either in dollars, or opportunity. Instead of using these sites
because they are "free", use them because they are effective.

Myth #2: Popularity is the best measure of expertise. As you know, so much of social media is a
popularity contest, with people basing knowledge, wisdom, or expertise primarily on the size of a
person's following or friend base. While this is one measure to look at, it's not the only measure to
consider. Traditional media has always relied on the concept of millions reached, but new media relies
on reach and influence. It is better to influence a thousand than reach a million. Be sure you're
measuring the right factors for your ultimate business profitability.

Myth #3: Everyone can create results in this paradigm. This is a myth because although anyone can
sign up for a Web 2.0 site and use it, doesn't mean that just showing up, putting up some content and
going on your way will create the results you want. Getting attention is the first step in any kind of
marketing process. Simply pushing your content out into the social networks, without any context or
connection is more like old style interruption marketing than new style social media marketing. To be
truly successful with this marketing paradigm, you have to focus on building relationships and gaining
influence with those you most want to reach.

Avoid these social media myths, and you'll save time, save money, and create real results.

As with any other marketing process, social media marketing demands an understanding of both
strategy and tactics.

Understand what you want to achieve, and then create and implement a step by step plan to reach
your goals.

It is very clear that the social media space is becoming more crowded, and people are looking for
leadership and guidance on what to believe and how to move forward.

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To benefit from this, you must become the most trusted influencer in your industry, so when people
have questions, they look to you for answers.

Persuasive Social Media Marketer Dr. Rachna Jain assists small business owners and organizations
who want to use social media to gain influence, credibility, and visibility online. In her e-course, Build
Your Tribe: 21 Days to Social Media Influence, she reveals how to build your fan base using social
media. You can join the e-course by visiting --sign up and you'll
start building influence today.

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                              Quick And Easy Way To Make Money With Social Media
                                                            By Jeff Schuman

What is social media marketing, and how would you make money with social media?

First of all before you can make money at something you need to know what it is. Once you are
educated on the subject then you can start to make money.

So what is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is promoting and trying to sell your product on social networking sites. For
example a couple of different social networking sites would be Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube just to
name a few.

Some other forms of social media are blogging and forums. With blogging you can write about your
products and reach thousands of people. I would suggest this blogging blueprint for making money if
you want to get serious about it.

On forums you can tell others about your products and you can have links to your website. You can
also talk to people and answer questions about your products thus creating a sort of friendship
between clients. You can find forums relating to the theme of your business at Big-Boards which is the
largest message board and forum site on the web today.

So just how would you make money with social media?

By having links to your website on many different kinds of social media websites then you can
potentially increase traffic to your website resulting in many more customers which will result in many
more sales.

If you are doing this for internet business reasons it can lead to you making money.

With so many different forms of marketing on the Internet making money with social media really is a
fast and easy way to reach thousands of potential customers. There is no reason you could not start a
new blog and be getting 500 visitors a day in less than 60 days if you work at it.

To find out more about making money with social media you need to further your research and decide
which social media sites are best for you and the customers that you are trying to reach.

You can find many websites online that offer excellent training on social media including ebooks, and
blogs specificially about it.

To make money with social media you have to work hard at it all of the time, just like any other form of
internet marketing. If you are willing to do this you can start and run any business you want online and
use socail media to promote it.

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