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                                Online Attraction Branding: No Hype! It's About Being You!
                                                     By Jen Blackert

  Are you becoming confused with all the hype about how to build an extraordinary brand -- that is...
well... YOUR BRAND?

 Recently I have become somewhat feed-up with the way branding and marketing have been shared
from online marketers. I have worked several years with entrepreneurs and especially online
entrepreneurs interested in sharing their gift and purpose.

 The truth is online marketing and especially social marketing has really changed the last few years. A
lot of the same information is being shared over and over again.

I admit it! I have fallen prey to a lot of the marketing hype. About a year ago I took a hard look at whFo
my customers really were and how they found me. I realized that I need to stop hype and start doing
what felt true, real and authentic with my core.

 So in the last year I’ve been researching, testing and researching some more about exactly what
things were really working in my business. It was really important for me to do this before I share
anything that I think is TRUE with you.

 So, really the way I do business and share information came from me wanting to find a simple formula
that wasn’t anymore that being REAL and serving our prospects and clients.

Today, I want to offer you a few tips on how to leverage your strengths and do it without compromise
while creating a fun charismatic chatter on the internet.

 If you want to be on the new path – a much similar path – then listen up. I have three quick tips to
share on how to create a more attractive brand of YOU.

 1. Honor You. In other words… honor what you bring to the table – forget about your so-called
competitors. This would show up by you sharing your unique twist on the wealth of information you
have within. For example… in this case… I’ve spent years studying internet marketing, but you may
have to admit you have never quite heard this information before in this way.

 2. Domino Effect. When you share you in your own unique REAL way, you lose all competition.
People start to become excited about you and how you can SERVE them. Think about some of the
entrepreneurs you know that have a large following. For example, Wayne Dyer. You know his brand
and you know what he has to offer you. He does this by always honoring himself and his unique

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 3. Emotional Fans. People MUST BE moved emotionally to take action. Studies show that we buy
with our emotions. Even with something as silly as a copier. We need to see the numbers. How fast?
How nice? How large? The purchaser becomes emotionally excited about saving time, maybe money
and or getting the product completed better. So, the question becomes… How can you help your
prospects become emotionally involved in the benefits of your service?

I hope this helps. I invite you to explore your inner brand.

Attraction Diva & Online Success Guru, Jen Blackert teaches entrepreneurs and small business
owners how to unleash their inner power and embrace their income potential. Author of Seven
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                                                 Why You Should Brand Yourself
                                                            By Gino Mazzenga

 The biggest questions I get from people who contact me and who are looking to start their own online
business is this:

"Eliminate the competition !"

As newbies to the industry, at first glance, this can seem like a legitimate concern. I remember that it
was for me. The answer is to use attraction marketing by branding yourself.

People looking to start their own business often find themselves stuck in that place where hesitation,
based on un-real fear, stops them from taking any action whatsoever. Their dreams of becoming an
online entrepreneur are therefore stopped before they even begin and all the idea ever amounts to was
no more than a pipe dream.

"Ed, how can I possibly come in to this industry, with no experience or training and compete with the
big dogs and actually be able to successfully compete with them so that I can generate a substantial
income online?"

Well the answer to this problem is actually quite simple to overcome, once a few basic concepts in
human psychology and attraction marketing have been explained to them, showing you how branding
yourself leads to success.

You see, people buy from people that they like and trust. My answer to people who are concerned
about the competition is this:

"Are you unique?"

This is often met with a little confusion at first. You see, you are unique. An obvious statement but
when you scratch beneath the surface you soon find the truth in the fact that when you are branding
yourself, there is no real competition.

Given that people buy from those they like and trust, then all you really have to do is present yourself in
an open and honest way, using the principles of attraction marketing,so that your potential buyers are
able to relate to you in some way.

You must Be genuine and yourself

By doing this, you will begin to form relationships with your prospective buyers. Once they are
comfortable with who you are, because of the way you have been branding yourself, they will be far
more open to what you have to offer.

When applied to business, this is a far more effective way of attracting people to what you have, rather
than blasting people with a blatant sales pitch right at the start.

What happens in this situation? People will run! People hate being sold to, as I'm sure you'll agree.

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If, on the other hand, it was their idea to do business with you, because they can relate to you and they
like what you have to offer, as a direct result of how you have been branding yourself, you will have a
far more effective method of generating a substantial income online by using attraction marketing.

So in summary, to deal with the competition, be yourself, to attract those who naturally relate to you
and your unique personality, and you will soon realise that there is no competition.

Branding yourself, using attraction marketing, means people who relate to you will buy from you and
those that relate to someone offering a similar product or service will buy from them.

If you can accept this aspect of human psychology, then by branding yourself, the idea of competition
stops being a reason to achieve your goals in creating a substantial income as a successful internet

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