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Boulder Creek


									                          Boulder Creek
                                                   May 2009

              Annual Meeting                             required and very necessary to maintain a quality
                                                         of community we all enjoy. At the upcoming
Most of you already know we did not have enough          meeting, 4 board seats are available to be filled.
homeowners present to have a quorum. Boulder             These new board members will decide how your
Creek has to have a minimum of 15 owners                 dues are managed and spent. If the feedback the
present in order to do any business. The meeting is      board received is any indication, the Spruce Up
rescheduled for May 19th at 7:00 @ the fire              for Spring was a good example of a board-initiated
station. Please mark this date on your calendar and      event that was embraced and appreciated by you,
plan to join us.                                         our members.

The HOA is important to every one of us. Whether         Failing to attend the May annual meeting may
you are happy or unhappy with the path of the            result in seating a board that does not represent
HOA, or just content with things as they are, each       our resident members views on what is best for
and every one of us need to know what is going on        Boulder Creek. We have received a few requests
in our neighborhood. The annual meeting gives            to be on the ballot for board seats this time around.
you the opportunity to learn about our community         At our May meeting, each candidate will have a
and to help choose new board members. You will           brief opportunity to express how he or she feel
be able to find out about the people seeking a seat      about our community and what they hope to see
on the board and vote for the ones you feel are          accomplished in the coming year. This is your
dedicated to our community and have the best             ONLY opportunity to determine the future path
interest of Boulder Creek a priority.                    our community takes.

Our neighborhood is in need of board members.            Over the last 12 months, Annice and I have done
We want homeowners who are sincere about their           what we could to steer the ship. We need your
seat on the board and will act in the best interest of   help. We realize you are busy. We all are busy.
the community in which they live.                        Our community needs all 142 members to know
                                                         the importance of their participation within
We look forward to seeing everyone on May 19th.          Boulder Creek. Please email Annice or I through
                                                         Llams, Inc. at their address –
                             May Meeting
                                                         See you there!!
                                                         Jim Ryan
                      As a board member, I am
                      concerned that many of us                       Quote of the Month
don’t realize the importance of attending the
annual meeting and assisting with the running of         Life is a journey. Roll down the window and enjoy
our community. We have a substantial budget to           the breeze
manage and reporting to you, the members, is                                                    - unknown
     Happy Mother’s Day                                                  Points to Ponder
Mother is the heartbeat of the home.                         What disease did the cured
                                                             ham actually have?
                This wish for you Mother
                                                                      Lawn Care Tips
                Is straight from the heart.
               With more special meaning              Now is a great time to put down a good fertilizer
                                                      with weed control. Fertilizer will help build the
                Than words can impart…                root system of the grass and make your lawn more
                    May your day hold                 attractive. Your grass will better withstand heat
                            pleasures                 and drought with a better developed root system.

          That you’re fondest of…                     Some people make a mistake by cutting the grass
         And remember each day                        too short and this causes unhealthy grass. A good
                                                      height to maintain is three inches. It is a good
       You’re thought of with love.
                                                      habit to check your lawn mower blades and keep
                                                      them sharp. They need to cut the blades of grass
Boulder Creek wishes all our Mothers                  instead of tearing them. The tips of blades can turn
                                                      brown and suffer from stress if torn.
      a beautiful day full of love.
                                                      Most likely, after fertilizing your grass will grow
            Spruce Up for Spring                      quickly. You may have to mow it a day or two
                                                      earlier than usual but it will be well worth your
Around 60 of our residents came out early on          efforts to have an attractive lawn.
April 25th for free flowers and mulch. Thank you
all for participating. It was a great success!                       Spring Yard Sale
We worked hard to make it run as smoothly as          We hope everyone made some extra cash from our
possible this year. It was very nice to see you all   community yard sale!! It looked like we had a lot
talking as you waited a few minutes. Several          of participation and a lot of traffic coming in and
neighbors gave their time to keep everything          out of the neighborhood. Remember … it’s time to
flowing.                                              start putting things back for the next one in
                                                      October. If you price your items before you store
                                                      them away, you will have a much easier time the
                                                      morning of the next sale.

A huge thank you goes out to Diana Zorn, Nick                         Tips for Spring
Simpson, Trish Aanensen and her sons, Timothy
and Mathew, Steven Lehman, Jason Eury and                1.) Replace the furnace filter
Channon Craig and her 2 young boys Noah and              2.) Clean the kitchen exhaust hood and air filter
Eli. Thank you all. It is very uplifting to see our      3.) Make sure the light bulbs in all your fixtures
young people learning about community service.               are the correct wattage
Channon is teaching her boys (6 & 3 yrs) how             4.) Review your fire escape plan with your family
                                                         5.) Consider installing a lightning protection
much fun it can be and how important it can be.
                                                             system on your home
Perhaps you saw them “helping” load mulch.               6.) Clean clothes dryer exhaust duct, damper and
                                                             the space under the dryer
Thanks to all who are working to keep Boulder            7.) Inspect and clean dust from the covers of your
Creek beautiful!                                             smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
   8.) Clean and seal decks
   9.) Caulk exterior joints around all windows and       Several complaints have been made to us
        doors                                             about street parking. Regular parking on the
   10.) Clean out gutters                                 street of our residents isn’t allowed. Not only
   11.) Inspect siding                                    does it look bad, it isn’t safe for us. One
   12.) Check shutters – do they need painting
                                                          member told us of a near accident right inside
                                                          the neighborhood because of members parking
            Our Special Spring Tour                       on the street. As summer approaches more
                                                          children will be out in the neighborhood. This
   Several of you have been working on some               is an accident waiting to happen if drivers
   issues we told you about in the last                   can’t see where children are playing. As
   newsletters. Some of you have had your homes           parents, we understand the responsibility of
   cleaned. We appreciate your help in sprucing           teaching our children to be careful around the
   up Boulder Creek.                                      road and be alert. As drivers we know to watch
                                                          for children playing and are prepared for the
   For those of you who haven’t yet checked for           unexpected. Parked cars blocking our streets
   broken, leaning or unpainted fencing and mold          can be very unsafe. We do not want any of our
   growing on your siding, please remember that           children to be hurt. We also don’t want to see
   our management company will be touring the             wrecks on our neighborhood streets. We
   neighborhood in the very near future. They             understand there are times we have guests and
   will be looking for a lack of proper                   they have to temporarily park on the street.
   maintenance and cleaning. Please join us now
   for our Spruce Up for Spring Campaign and              There is also a concern for emergency vehicles
   keep Boulder Creek beautiful!                          being able to get to calls in our community.
                                                          Even though they are allowed to forcefully
              Attention Owners                            move your car out of the way, it could extra
                                                          time that someone is in need of. What if that
Many of our homes suffered damage during the              someone is your family member? Would
recent hail storm. A good many of us are having to        seconds or minutes be important? What if your
replace roofs. Don’t wait until you have interior         house was on fire? Let’s do our best to keep
water damage to check out your roof. You may              everyone in Boulder Creek safe. If someone
want to have a roofing company check it out – or          needs emergency care, please make sure they
call your insurance company. DON’T WAIT!                  can get it quickly.

                  Creek News                              Also please take note, if your garage is being
                                                          used for storage and you have to park on the
No information has been available to us about the         street, it is a violation of our covenants and
work on the creek. The project was put on hold a          rules.
few years ago by the state due to lack of funds. As
our economy suffers, this no doubt will not be a               On the Sour Side
priority. Hopefully the state will be able to resume
work on this type projects in the future.              Ancient Egyptians believed eating
                                                       lemons and drinking the juice offered protection
                  Just for Fun                         from many poisons. Recent research has
                                                       confirmed numerous health benefits of this little
The teacher asks Little Johnny,” Can you name          yellow fruit. They have strong antibacterial and
the Great Lakes?” Little Johnny pipes up with, “I      antiviral along with immune – boosting powers. It
don’t need to. They’ve already been named.”            can help with weight loss because the juice is a
                                                       digestive aid and liver cleanser.
               Residential Parking
The citric acid in lemons is an effective treatment    Boulder Creek Homeowners Association
for acne. You can have glowing skin from the
vitamin C and the alkaline nature of the fruit kills   President – Annice Eury
bacteria. Drink a glass of lemon water in the          Treasurer – Jim Ryan
morning and at night apply fresh juice on the acne.
                                                       Website –
Lemon balm has a calming effect, giving relief for
anxiety, dizziness, exhaustion, fatigue,               Management – Tom Small
nervousness and tension. Inhaling lemon oil can                     Llams, Inc.
increase concentration and alertness. Add freshly                   (704)784-5327
squeezed juice into some lukewarm water and               
rinse your mouth three times a day to treat canker
sores. It may burn at first. If you suffer from
halitosis (bad breath) give this try .Thoroughly
rinse your mouth several times a day with the
juice of one lemon in lukewarm water. Chew a
slice of lemon after meals.

Now that we will be spending more time outside,
this will come in handy. Mix 20 drops of lemon
oil to one cup of water and spray into the air to
repel insects. It smells fresh too!

             Recipe of the Month
Lemon Mousse

4 egg, separated
1 ½ cup sugar
Grated rind of 2 lemons
Juice of 3 lemons
2 6oz cans evaporated milk
Box graham cracker

Cook egg yolks, sugar, lemon rind and juice for 3
minutes. & stir constantly
Fold in evaporated milk that has been chilled and
whipped along with stiffly beaten egg whites.

Place ¼ inch crumbs in bottom of 8” square dish.
Pour in mousse. Place another ¼ inch crumbs on
top. Cover with plastic wrap and place in freezer –
preferably overnight. Don’t remover until ready to

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