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					The Transformational Leadership Style Is Crucial

The transformational leadership style is highly effective at changing a culture and motivating others to strive
for the goal at hand. Transformational Leaders have the ability to inspire, motivate, and lead on behalf of
others. Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr are two examples of transformational leaders. They
essentially shifted an entire culture through using the transformational leadership style to effectively
transform and motivate change throughout the world. According to Bernard Bass and Bruce Avolio, A
leader who encapsulates the transformational leadership style can be characterized as follows:

Idealized Influence– Transformational Leaders gain respect and trust from their followers by putting the
followers needs first. By employing a transformational leadership style, the leader puts their own needs
behind the needs of others. This is indeed a hard change of pace for some leaders and it does take a specific
leader to do this. The transformational leadership style focuses on creating the greater good for others so
that they in turn can succeed.

Inspirational Motivation– They motivate others by providing rich meaning and a challenge for the cause or
task. They build enthusiasm and optimistic views for their followers. This is what fuels the change. The
transformational leadership style gets to the hearts of those who are following which creates an emotional
buy in to work and act to overcome a challenge or specific cause. Injustice is one aspect where leaders who
use the transformational leadership style can rapidly grow a movement of followers to work and advocate to
the people who need help.

When Using The Transformational Leadership Style, A Leader Can Become Fatigued Quickly Due To The
Needs For Change
Intellectual Stimulation– They challenge their followers to seek new approaches to old problems, stimulate
innovation and creativity, and actively look for solutions instead of criticize their followers. You know a
leader who uses the transformational leadership style when you see them in action. They always seek new
ways to improve and never get caught up in complacency. These same leaders actually carve time out for
innovation and creativity during the normal work day.

Individual Consideration– Transformational Leaders act as mentors and coaches to develop others. They
allow an atmosphere for opportunities and growth. Leaders who always seek to grow and develop others are
acting as they should. They are putting the needs of others above their own and do not hold their people
down to move on and grow in either the professional or personal atmosphere. Not every leader or manager
is capable of using the transformational leadership style. So when you find one, learn, listen, and seek for
guidance as much as possible.

I am a huge basketball fan and the I still go back and watch how Coach K used the transformational
leadership style to completely restructure the USA Men’s basketball team. Prior to his involvement, the
players played for themselves and were allowed to due to their status. Coach K and others transformed the
entire culture and structure to ensure that any player would have to make the team based on try outs and
would be playing for the USA, not themselves. The end result, they won the gold medal.

The Transformational Leadership Style Should Be Adopted By Anyone Who Leads Others
There is a lot of selfish people today who lead others and do not focus on developing them. If we are truly
honest with ourselves, no matter what position you hold professionally, what personal life you have, it will
ultimately end. I am not trying to be a downer here, just simply stating that if you are in position to put
others above yourself, develop people to reach their full potential, and possibly create a sweeping change
that enriches lives why not do it? Your legacy will either vanish when you pass on, or have a lasting impact
far after you are gone. Think about MLK and Lincoln who I brought up at the beginning. I am not saying
that we all must reach this level, but we can do out part to use the transformational leadership style actively
and intently. If a leader ever needed a go to style it would be the the transformational leadership style.

Transformational Leadership

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