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					                                      Twitter Bomb: Manual

Hello and thanks for purchasing this WSO. Here is how this software works:

Difference between 2 Versions: Standard Version don’t have the 4th Tab “Automatic”.

   1. Ok, If you have the standard version, please complete the fileds: name, e-mail and password
      and click Create Accounts. (Name = username in twitter)

   2. After twitter creates the account, copy the information (username and password) into the
      second tab to Log in to the account created.
3. After you logged in, type your Reply Message and the keyword to search and click on
   “Search”. I like to use at least 60 seconds between each search and 10 between each reply.
   Also set how many results you want to scan. I usually look for 500 results, in order to leave it
   working for a long time during the day.

4. Let it search 4-5 times and then press reply to start sending replies

5. Run as many instances of the software as you want!!

This Version has a 4th tab wich is Automatic, so:

   1. Just fill the reply message field, complete ALL 10 keywords, if possible long tail keywords so
      your traffic will be much more targeted and hit the autostart button:

   2. That’s all, let the software run, make all the windows you want, and let them all run on
      autopilot at the same time!


This software works perfect with proxies. You can find fresh proxies at every minute on:,com_staticxt/Itemid,69/

Just refresh the page, everytime you need newones. Copy them into a txt file and load them in the
software in the first tab. In Both versions the same.

Support? Please write me to: Don’t post in the thread or send pm please.


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