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					A TENANCY AGREEMENT made this 01 June 2009 between CHEN VUI HUNG NIRC 78042812-5921 of Tenom in the state of Sabah (hereinafter refferrd to as “the Lessor”) dan MOHD. IBRAHIM BIN ABDULLAH NIRC 610328-12-5463 Of Tenom in the State of Sabah (hereinafter referred to as “the Lessee”) of the other part. WHEREAS the Lessor is the registered owner of LOT 18, BLOK P, TENOM NEW TOWNSHIP. P.O. BOX 115,89907 TENOM SABAH (hereinafter after referred to as “the Said Premises”). AND WHEREAS the lessor is desirous of leasing of the said premises to the Lessee on the terms and conditions as hereinafter provided. NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH that in consideration of the monthly rent of RM 200.00 (Malaysian Ringgit Two Hundred only) to be paid tp the Lessor by the Lessee in the manner and at the time hereniafter provided the Lessor HEREBY LEASES of the Lessee the said premises for a period of 1 (one) year commencing an the 1st day of June 2009 subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter provided.

The Lessee hereby covenants and agrees with the Lessor as follow :(1) To pay the Lessor the monthly rent aforesaid at the end of every commencing from the month of June 2009. (2) To pay to the Lessor on or before the signing of this Agreement a deposit of RM 600.00 (Malaysian Ringgit Six Hundred only) which is enquivalent to 3 (three) months' rent, the amount shall be fefunded to the Lessee free ot interest, upon the expiration of the term of this Tenancy subject hoesoever to the Lessor's right to deduct such part thereof as shall be sufficient to make good any default of covenant or agreement on the part the Lessee hereunder. (3) To pay promptly all charges in respect of electricity and water supplied to the said premises during the continuance of this Tenancy and to promptly settle all telephone charges. (4) To maintain and keep the interior of the said including doors, wall-surfaces, toilet,fittings installations in good and tenantable repair and condition, fair wear and tear excepted. (5) To permit the Lessor and/or their agent/agents duly authorized by the Lessor at all reasonable times during the said term and upon reasonable notice being giving by the Lessor to the Lessee to enter and examine the conditions of the said premises. (6) Not to use the said premises or permit them to be used for purposes other than those of legal business/office as approved by the authorities. (7) Not to make any alterations or additins to the said premises without the prior written consent of the Lessor and if necessary the approval of Tenom District Council.

(8) To maintan the premises/surrounding of the said property in good order and condition. (9) At the expiration of this Tenancy to yield up the said premises together with all thw Lessor's fittings to the Lessor in tenantable repair and condition, fair wear and tear excepted.

The Lessor hereby covenants and agree with the Lessee as follows :(a) To pay the quit rents, assessments, taxes, rates and other outgoing whatsoever including any increase thereof in respct of the said premises, (save and except those charges payable by the Lessee under Clause 2 (4) hereof) and ti insure the said premises against damage or destruction by fire. (b) That the Lessee paying the rent hereby reserved performing and observing the covenants on its part herein contained shall peaceably hold and enjoy the said permises during the continuance of this Tenancy withhout any interruption by the Lessor ar any person lawfully claiming under or in trust for them. Its is further agreed and declared as follows :(a) If the rent hereby reserved or any part thereor shall be in arears at any time for 60 (sixty) days or more after the same shall become due (whether formally demamded or not) or if the Lessor shall commit a breach of any of it's covenants herein contained, it shall be lawful for the Lessor to terminate this Tenancy by a notice in writing to the Lessee provided that such determination shall be without prejudice to the right or the parties hereto in respect of any antecedent or present breach of covenant hereunder. (b) If during the currency of this Tenancy the said premises or any part thereof shall be damaged by fire or other causes not attributable to the default or neglect of the Lessee, it's servants or invitees so as to render the said premises or any part thereof unfit for use and occupation, then the monthly rent hereby reserved or a proportionate part thereof according to the nature and extent of the ddamage sustained shall be suspended and cease to be payable until the said premises shall be rendered fit again for use and occupation provided that the Lessee shall be entitled to terminate this Tenancy forthwith upon the occurrence of such damage.

(c) The Lessee shall have the option to renew this Tenancy for a further period af 1 (one) year upon the expiration thereof on the same terms and conditions except for the rental which shall be subject to review by the Lessor at the time of the exercise of option provided that the said premise shall not be required by the Lessor for their own occupation and use upon the expiration of this Tenancy. The Lessee shall exercise the option aforesaid by a notice in writing to the Lessor not less than 2 (two) months before the expiry date of this present Tenancy.

(d) If agreeable to both parties, this Tenancy may be prematurely terminated by a two months' notice in writing given by ether party to the other specifying their intention to terminate this Tenency. (e) Stamp Duty, Registration fee and other Legal Fees payable in respect of or incidental to this Agreement shall be borne by the parties equally.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have hereunto set their hands the day and year first written above.

THE COMMON SEALED of the said } CHEN VUI HUNG is affixes in the } presence of :-


......................................... (LESSOR

SIGNED by the said MOHD. IBRAHIM BIN ABDULLAH In the presence of : -

} }


............................................. (LESSEE)

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