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					Cutwork Angel
By Marie Duncan

Make this cutwork angel for the top of your tree, or to
adorn you mantel. It uses the Cutwork Needles, for
quick, easy cutwork!

Our Cutwork Angel uses the December 2010 Monthly
Design, #411100. It is free for the month of
December, 2010 from
Click on the link, from the Monthly Designs, on the
Husqvarna Viking website and you will be ready to
download it.

When you get to the Checkout, insert
the coupon code FreeDec2010 in the
box. Then click Apply Coupon.
After December 2010, the design will
be available for purchase from
Sewing Supplies:
Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit #920268096
INSPIRA® Aqua Magic™ Stabilizer
½ yard White Linen
Robison Anton 40 wt. Rayon Thread
Bobbin Thread
One ½” Button

   1. Hoop two layers of INSPIRA® Aqua Magic™ Stabilizer and one layer of linen.
      Thread with the desired finished color, and use throughout the design. The different
      colors in the design stitch different parts. Don’t select Monochrome; the colors
      need to stop for you to trim, etc.

   2. Color 1 stitches around the perimeter
      of the angel. When color 1 stops,
      carefully trim outside the stitching.
      Cut the linen only, not the stabilizer.
      Trim away the outer linen so that
      there is a clear area around the angel
      as shown.

   3. Color 2 stitches around the cut edge,
      securing the raw edges.

   4. Color 3 stitches the details in the
      fabric and the satin stitches around the angel design.

   5. For Color 4, remove the needle and needle thread from your machine. Leave the
      bobbin in place. Using the Multi Purpose Tool, insert Cutwork Needle #1, with the
      red tip.

   6. Touch        . When the machine stops, insert Cutwork Needle 2 Yellow. Stitch
      Color 5 until the machine stops.

   7. After Color 5 is complete, place an additional piece of AquaMagic Stabilizer
      underneath the hoop. Remove the Cutwork Needle and replace it with your regular
      needle. Thread with 40 wt. Robison Anton Embroidery thread on top and bobbin
      thread in the bobbin. Stitch color 6. It bastes the stabilizer in place and stitches
      around each cutwork area to baste the cutwork area to the new stabilizer.

   8. When Color 6 is complete, use your tweezers to remove the cut fabric and stabilizer.
      Clean up any loose threads.

   9. Color 7 completes the stitching.

   10. Color 8 stitches the buttonhole.
11. Trim the stabilizer away close to the outer stitching of the angel.

12. Rinse in hot water just long enough to remove the stabilizer from the holes and the
    outer edge of the angel. You want the majority of the stabilizer to remain in the
    fabric to keep it stiff so it will hold its shape. Allow to dry.

13. Form a cone shape, and mark the placement for the button.

14. Sew on the button.

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