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Do you ever feel creative? When you do, do you take advantage of it? I know sometimes I don’t. That is a mistake, and it is one you should try to avoid! Here’s why. Presenting or speaking in public, is at its heart, a creative endeavor. It is fine and dandy to have all of your facts correct or in the right order. BUT.... notice I capitalized that? That’s because its important! Your listeners will not care if all your facts are right if you bore them to death! So use your creativity and make your words and your visuals interesting. Do whatever you can to make your content engaging, add some pictures, avoid using millions of bullets, do what it takes to spice it up a little. If you are not using any visuals, put some effort into finding some stimulating and thoughtprovoking words and phrases. A little creativity will go a long way towards making your presentation a success! It can be a difference maker between success and failure. So the next time you feel a spurt of creative energy, channel it towards whatever project you are working on. You won’t regret that you did. ----------Mike Jones is a Presentation and Public Speaking Coach with over 10 years experience in creating quality presentations. If you have a strong desire to improve your public speaking skills then click below to receive your FREE 30 minute consultation ($100 value).

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