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									                        Tabler Estates Homeowner Association
                                Annual Meeting Notes

On June 9th (2nd Saturday in June), the Tabler Estates Homeowner Association (HOA)
met for the Annual Meeting at Butler Farms. The following notes is what was discussed
at this meeting.

Board Member Attendance:
      Pete Brewster – President
      Randall Thompson – Vice President
      Jocelyn Petsko – Treasurer
      George Castle – 3 year Board Member
      Mike Miller – 3 year Board Member

Homeowner Attendance: 26 people representing 21 homes

Pete Brewster welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the current board of
directors. After the board introduction, the homeowners went around the room and
introduced themselves to the group.

Current State of the Association and Review of 2006
       1. Meetings
               a. There have been 3 meetings during the 2006/2007 year with the HOA
                   President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Board of Directors.
       2. Dues
               a. Dues have been reviewed back to 2005 (complete records are accurate
                   to that point in time) and letters have been sent to homeowners that are
                   past due from that point.
               b. If dues were not collected, liens were placed on those homes
       3. Street lights for section 3
               a. Street lights have been paid for through Allegheny power and bids are
                   being accepted but digging trenches for power lines
               b. These should be installed within 90 days
       3. Street signs around subdivision
               a. There is some signage that needs replaced and some that need to be
               b. All signs will be up in 90 days.
       4. Halloween party
               a. The party was a big success. Even with the bad weather, the
                   community got together and had a nice evening together.
               b. We are looking to do this again in 2007
       5. Website
               a. Our community website is up and running –
               b. On this site you will find covenants, mailing address, contact
                   information, committees, photos of recent events, and meeting notes.
Budget – Jocelyn Petsko submitted the budget to all the homeowners in the letter about
the annual meeting. Some points that were discussed:
       1. Four $10,000 CD’s were purchased in 2005 by the Association to collect
           interest. An addition three $10,000 CD’s were purchased in 2006 to collect
           interest by the HOA.

Election – 3 year Board Member
       1. Dan Dulyea’s 3- year term has expired and we are looking to elect a new 3
           year Board member
       2. 2 candidates were in the running for this position – Dan Dulyea and Randall
       3. We received enough votes (58) to elect the position but the design of the
           Ballot was invalid (missing spaces for lot number and for a write-io
       4. A corrected Ballot will be sent out to all homeowners with a deadline of
           Tuesday, July 4th.

Open Discussion:
1. A homeowner stated that cable lines are not in Section #3. The rest of the subdivision
   has cable except for the newest section. Contact was made to Comcast Cable to a Mr.
   Mike Alonzo in the Fredrick, MD office. Mr. Alonzo stated that the underground
   utility ditch was closed before the cable could be laid. At this point, with the small
   amount of homes in that section, Comcast does not see it as a profitable business
   venture. The homeowner was told that splitting the cost with the HOA may be a
   viable option. The HOA will contact Mr. Alonzo.
2. Quotes are going to be requested for the following issues in the neighborhood:
   a. Opening a ditch to allow for installation of underground cable to be laid in section
        #3 for street lights
   b. Re-graveling the shoulders of all roads.
   c. Re-grading the shoulder on lot # 137 and 138
   d. Road repair on Cahill Ct. and on Fantasia Road near Grizz Lane where the
        culverts have settled the road badly.
3. One homeowner stated there have been some destructive acts done in the subdivision.
   a. A garden hose was turned on into a basement area and a basement was filled with
   b. Paintballs were shot at a house.
   c. A home in section 3 was recently burglarized.
   d. A home had windows shot out with pellet gun.

   Homeowners were instructed to keep eyes out for people that do not belong in the
   subdivision. A suggestion of locking outside water values was a suggestion. The
   question was brought up about a gate with a pass code or keys at each entrance. The
   HOA will look into this
4. Yard sales
   a. We will be having a community yard sale on the 2nd weekend in July. This will
      be on Friday and Saturday
   b. The yearly yard sale date will be in the spring. A date will be established for this.

5. Community Center
   a. The HOA will look into purchasing a piece of property to create a commuity
      center. Possible ideas for this center would be:
            Swimming pool
            Tennis Courts
            Banquet Room
            Etc.

Pete Brewster adjourned the meeting.

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