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									    Kenmore West
    College Night
     Getting ready to take
         the next step

A program for students & parents
  Many decisions are neccesary when
        planning for college
The world beyond high school is full of opportunities
                  and questions.

                       Two year or four college?
                       Stay at home or go away?
                      What do I want to major in?
                       How will I afford college?
                      Where do I want to end up?
                What kind of career am I thinking about?
                 How much money do I want to make?

                  How do you sort it all out?

                 Careful planning is the key
      What are colleges looking for?
   GPA and class rank
   Strength of transcript
   Community service, clubs and activities
   Involvement in athletics, arts, music, etc
   Standardized test scores (SAT, SAT II, ACT)
   College essay
   Personal interview
   Letters of recommendation
            Grade Point Average
   Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated during
    Sept/Oct of senior year. The GPA includes all
    grades for any high school class the student
    took in grades 8 – 11.
   Courses of higher levels (AP, Honors,
    Articulated) carry weighting with them for the
    purpose of computing GPA. AP = 1.10, Honors
    = 1.05, Regents = 1.0
   Students receive GPA in fall of their Senior
                   Class Rank
   GPA’s are ordered numerically, and class rank
    is determined.
   Students are grouped according to percentiles.
   This rank will indicate to admissions
    counselors how well the student did in relation
    to their peers.
        Strength of transcript
Colleges have “suggested” minimum academic
          requirements for applicants

          Look at college website.
  They typically have a page outlining these
    academic or admissions requirements
    Students are always encouraged to achieve more than the
             minimum of the suggested requirements.

         We recommend challenging yourself as much
           as possible in order to stay competitive.

Don’t forget:
 AP courses
 Articulated courses
 Other advanced courses or independent studies

            These all help strengthen your transcript
          Standardized Tests

       Register for SAT and/or ACT tests

   SAT – To register:

        ACT – To register:

**If you are a special education student planning
 to take either of these tests, you MUST see your
  IEP teacher and counselor before you register
Four parts to the test: English, Math, Reading, Science Reasoning.
               There is also an optional writing section

                Each section is scored separately,
                with a total composite score of 36.

 The cost of the ACT is $34, with writing section is $49.50. Both
     include sending scores to 4 schools at no additional cost.
              Upcoming test date: December 10, 2011
              Registration deadline: November 4, 2011

                      More dates in the spring
  Three parts to the test: math, critical reading and writing. The
                    writing section is not optional

   Each section is 800 points, with a total possible score of 2400

 The cost of the SAT is $49.00 (this includes sending scores to 4
                   schools at no additional cost)

Dates & deadlines:
  Test date: November 5             Deadline: October 7
  Test date: December 3 @ KE        Deadline: November 8
                           SAT II
            Certain schools will require SAT II scores

These are subject tests offered in the following areas: US History,
   World History, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French,
       Spanish, Latin, Italian, German and modern Hebrew

Recommend that students take these in June of junior year after
                  preparing for AP exams

           Please check with college of interest to see
                     if these are required.
   SAT/ACT Test Prep

  Students can prepare for these tests
         in a variety of ways.

              Prep classes

For a full list of test prep opportunities,
    see the KW Guidance website.
Gather Information about Careers
          Use online resources such as:

      The Occupational Outlook Handbook

               NY Career Zone

Naviance – website for career and college searches
     Naviance Family Connection
Naviance is a website used by KW for all students to research
 college information & careers, manage applications, create a
                       resume, and more

  Students log in by using their KW Novell username and

     All current 12th graders are registered on Naviance.
  All 9th, 10th, and 11th graders will be registered during this
                             school year.
         Gathering Information
Gather information from Career Center and websites on
                colleges of your interest.

       Look online at colleges and universities.

        Attend college fairs and visit colleges
              of your interest this fall.

Meet with college representatives in Career Center this
         fall (see website for complete listing)
    Senior Presentations & Review
     Counselors will present college information to
         students in their English 12 classes.

    Your school counselor will make an appointment
   for you to discuss your Senior Review in October.

During the Senior Review, students will review all credits
     earned and those that are required to graduate.

  Students will also review post-high school plans with
     their counselor and review the college application
        Majority of applications can now be
                 completed online

Students can go to individual college website to begin
application process or use the Common Application or
 SUNY website. These sites can be used to fill out one
  application and have it sent to more than one school.
          College Applications

Online application is secure, fast, easy and available
    whenever you want to apply. You can start the
 process, save your work, add campus choices at any
 time and come back to complete your application at
                     a later date.
             Common Applications

 The Common Application is used by over 400 colleges and

Complete one Common Application online, and it can be sent
            to numerous schools that participate.

A college application fee is still required for each school you
                            apply to.
  Once a student submits a college
 application online, it is the student’s
responsibility to tell their counselor so
       transcripts can be sent.

 Colleges do not notify us when an
   application is submitted. This is
 crucial to whether or not you will be
            Letters of
      Recommendation and Essay
Some colleges may require letters of recommendation
                    and an essay.

Ask 1-3 people to write a recommendation for college
  applications or scholarships and begin working on
               college application essay.

Make sure to give your teachers enough time so it can
get to the colleges on time. Give teachers your resume
  or brag sheet so that they can write a quality letter.
     Supplemental Applications
Some schools are require a Supplemental or Part
                 II application.

 This is an application that is in addition to the
               general application.

Each individual school has it’s own procedures
        about additional requirements.
           Mid Year Reports
Some schools may require a mid year report to
  check on your 12th grade classes and grades.

Mid year reports from the college can be turned
        into your counselor at any time.

KW will sent a copy of your 2nd marking period
   report card, if the college requires this.
    Other application materials:

Some schools may require additional materials.
  Check websites or contact admissions offices
            for more information.

 Some schools will mail a letter to the student
  asking for additional or missing information.

 If you are interested in participating in
athletics during college, you must register
                with NCAA
Check the Scholarship file on a regular basis in the
   Career Center. The Scholarship Bulletin is also
available on the Kenmore West Career Center website

  Talk to friends and relatives about scholarship
          opportunities through employers

Look online for Scholarship opportunities. Obtain
 scholarship information through

            Pay attention to deadlines
         Financial Aid

     Attend Financial Aid Night
         Kenmore West Aud
      December 1st at 6:30 pm

 File FAFSA Form after January 1st
You may create a username and password
 prior to January 1 on the FAFSA website
               College Acceptance
 Student should know whether they have been accepted by early
             (every college has a different timeline)

Applicants may either be accepted, wait listed or denied admission

                 Once all offers are on the table,
             weigh the pros and cons of each school,
           together with the financial packages offered
               and make the best decision for you
           Please feel free to call or email us
        at any time with questions or concerns

   Mrs. Gourlay: A-Ci
   Mr.Sedita:    Cj – Go
   Mrs. Serio:   Gp-Le
   Mr. Panepinto: Lf-Par
   Mrs. Handley: Pas-Si
   Mrs. Flatau: Sj-Z
              Use our website for additional help:
             Kenmore West – Services - Guidance

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