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                   Resolution Title: Site Selection Committee
 1   Whereas,      The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) does not currently have membership
 2   involvement in the assessment or selection of the location of the Leadership and/or Scientific/General
 3   Assembly conferences; and
 5   Whereas, Participative decision making empowers the members that comprise the organization;
 6   now, therefore, be it
 8   Resolved, That an ENA Site Selection Committee be formed following the same bylaws for
 9   committees as stated in Article VIII, Committees, Section 1. Committees: ENA shall have committees
10   appointed by the board of directors in sufficient numbers necessary to address mission objectives and
11   positions of ENA. The president or an appointed board liaison, as well as the executive director shall
12   serve as non-voting members of all committees, except the Nominations Committee; and
14   Resolved, That the purpose of the Site Selection Committee would be to: Assess potential
15   conference site locations and determine conference site locations, in collaboration with national office
16   staff, that would strategically enhance the promotion of the ENA; generate greater involvement; foster
17   professional pride; build a community of support for emergency nurses across the country while being
18   fiscally responsible; and have the potential to increase attendance at conferences due to constructive
19   committee input from committee members regarding site selection; and
21   Resolved, ENA State Councils, chapters, and/or members would be allowed a process in which to
22   submit viable proposals to ENA and the site selection committee to have national conferences held in
23   their state.

                  2011 General Assembly
                      Resolution Title: Site Selection Committee
28   Resolution Background Information:
29   33% of the ENA operating budget is spent on the conferences.
31   The current process is for hired staff members to have total decision making authority and with minimal
32   input by membership once the site is already selected. The current process is for one Planning Committee
33   representative, for each of the two major ENA conferences, to be specifically recruited from the state where
34   the conference will be held to offer insight as to local attractions, etc .
36   Some cities have been awarded multiple opportunities for hosting conferences leaving some cities without
37   the same consideration.
39   The authors of the resolution understand the site selection process is multifactorial in nature. However, we
40   believe a stronger membership representation should be involved in the decision of site selection.
42   Relationship to ENA Philosophy and Bylaws:
43   Following the ENA Strategic Membership/Leadership Goal, “Expand and fortify ENA’s membership and
44   generate greater involvement in the emergency nursing community,” increasing decision making amongst
45   ENA members will build organizational commitment; and
47   Following the ENA Strategic Framework Value: “fostering professional pride, confidence and a community
48   of support for emergency nurses across the country,” all members should have representation and an
49   opportunity for consideration in the hosting of the esteemed ENA national conferences
51   Financial Considerations:
52   Expenses will result from conference calls. Most of the work can be accomplished via email. It is not the
53   expectation of the authors of this resolution to send the members of this committee to all prospective site
54   locations.
56   Resolution Outcome:
58   References:
60   Resolution Authors:
61   Ron Kraus, MSN, RN, CEN (Indiana)
62   Sarah Abel, BSN, RN, CEN (Indiana)
63   Andrea Novak, PhD, RN-BC, FAEN (North Carolina)
66   Sponsors:
67   Indiana State Council
68   Roger Casey, RN, CEN (Washington)

                     2011 General Assembly

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