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                 and Members of the Board of Supervisors

FROM:            JOHN BENCOMO, Director,
                 Planning and Public Works Department

DATE:            November 25, 2003

SUBJECT:         Consideration and Approval of the Yolo County’s Principles for Negotiations
                 regarding the U.C. Davis Neighborhood Project.


That the Board of Supervisors consider the following:

1. Review the attached draft Principles for Negotiations regarding the UCD Neighborhood
   Project (Attachment “A”), and provide additional comments for inclusion where appropriate.

2. Approve the attached draft document with revisions and direct staff to forward said document
   to the appropriate UCD representatives.


A subcommittee of the Board of Supervisors has been engaged in a series of ongoing meetings
with UCD representatives to address how the County might support UCD’s growing student
population while the campus expands, and how significantly the County might be impacted by the
associated increase in demand for services. The County’s subcommittee and staff had
developed the proposed Principles for Negotiations to insure that the County’s interests and
objectives are clearly presented regarding the proposed UCD Neighborhood Development as the
negotiation process continues with both UCD and the City of Davis.


Over the past few years, a subcommittee of the Board of Supervisors had been engaged in
ongoing meetings to participate in UCD’s Campus Long-Range Development Plan (LRDP)
update. UC Davis is proposing to expand specific areas of its campus facilities including housing,
administration, research, teaching, and athletic facilities in response to the projected growth that
would increase total enrollment to approximately 32,000 students by 2016. Pursuant to Board
direction, staff has reviewed and commented on associated environmental documents, where
appropriate, to address potential impacts on County services. As recently presented to your
Board, the adopted EIR for the updated LRDP addresses the project-specific environmental
effects associated with the following five projects:

§     Neighborhood Master Plan
§     Research Park Master Plan
§     Multi-Use Stadium Complex (Stadium Complex)
§     Robert Mondavi Institute
§     Chilled Water Facilities Expansion

However, of particular concern, and the focus of these current negotiations, is the proposed
Neighborhood Development project that is to be constructed on UCD property (West Campus),
bordered by Russell Boulevard to the north, SR 113 to the east, and Hutchison Drive to the south.
Much like most of the main campus and all of Russell Ranch, the proposed neighborhood site lies
entirely in Yolo County. The proposed neighborhood project will be developed between 2004 and
2016, in three phases of construction to provide substantial housing for students, faculty and
staff. Although, many of the services to support this expanded population will have to be
provided by the City of Davis and the County.

County staff applauds the University’s Herculean effort to respond pro-actively and responsibly to
this projected substantial growth in the current student and employee population. Although,
County staff continue to be particularly concerned about the extent of potential fiscal impacts and
associated increases in demand for services to Yolo County Departments, including Agriculture;
Sheriff; Employment and Social Services; Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health; the Health
Department; District Attorney; Public Defender; Probation, and the Planning and Public Works


The County’s social, health, traffic facilities, legal, and law enforcement services will be impacted
by the proposed Neighborhood Development. Although, based on staff’s review of the submitted
economic analysis report, and the adherence to the attached Principles for Negotiations, it is
anticipated that the cost impacts to the County could be covered entirely from this development.
There is no direct impact to the General Fund as a result of the recommended action.


CAO and Planning and Public Works Department staff have provided support on this effort.


A.     Draft Principles for Negotiations regarding the UCD Neighborhood Project.

            Yolo County’s Principles for Negotiations
                              U.C. Davis Neighborhood Project

Issues of Governance (effective representation)

·   Encourage UCD’s more formalized role and engaged involvement in countywide efforts.
·   County to support the City of Davis’ annexation efforts of the UCD Neighborhood project, provided
    there is no residual net costs to the County’s budget or other detrimental impacts.
·   The UCD neighborhood project annexation to the City should be negotiated in recognition of: 1) the
    University’s independence as a state entity with authority on campus property and use; 2) that the
    University is interested in the community’s involvement and assistance in the development of creative
    solutions; and 3) that CEQA provides a public process to mitigate any residual impacts associated
    with the new neighborhood development.
·   If the proposed UCD neighborhood development is not annexed to the City of Davis, the
    establishment of a Community Services Area (CSA) with the Board of Supervisors’ representation
    and oversight will be necessary for the delivery of those services that are not otherwise provided by
    UCD or the City.
·   Establishment of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between UCD and Yolo County setting forth
    process objectives and reimbursement provisions for the County’s role in the implementation of the
    neighborhood development project.

Issues of Finance (efficiency in public expenditures)

·   Financial assumptions shall be consistently applied to all impacted agencies.
·   The UCD neighborhood development project shall provide sufficient revenue stream to cover
    ongoing services and capital improvements.
·   Possessory interest taxes collected from the neighborhood development project will be directed to the
    County’s treasury and allocated in accordance with State law.
·   All development processing and building permit (inspection) costs not otherwise provided by UCD or
    the City of Davis shall be reimbursed by the proposed project, including the payment of the County’s
    Development Impact Fees.

Environmental Issues and Smart Growth (integration of the new neighborhood)

·   Consider air quality impacts, improved campus circulation and the potential expansion of campus and
    county bicycle connections in the design of the proposed neighborhood development with an
    emphasis on all student housing to be provided on campus, while acknowledging that the vast
    majority of the new employees housing needs will be absorbed by surrounding communities.
·   That UCD look toward the logical development of partnerships with private industry and the County
    of Yolo in the shared use of facilities: 1) County’s Airport Facilities, 2) County’s Landfill
    Operations, 3) Agricultural Industrial/Research Parks.
·   Encourage partnership opportunities between the County, UCD, and the City of Davis for the
    provision of additional open space improvements and access along the Putah Creek Corridor, while
    also employing a strategic application of mitigation (habitat) easements resulting from the
    neighborhood development project to provide greater opportunities for open space in proximity to the
    UCD Campus and along Putah Creek.
·   Mitigate the loss of prime agricultural lands consistent with the County’s agricultural preservation
    policies (i.e., conservation easements & transition buffers for compatibility).


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