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					Library #   Area        Title                                              Presenter
081098      Series      “I Do” (pre- & post- marital insights) 8-parts     Townsend/Cloud
080994      Series      One Life Solution 4-parts                          Townsend/Cloud
090696      Series      Words of Wisdom 6-parts                            Townsend/Cloud
090914      Solutions   Addictions and All of Us                           Townsend/Cloud
091016      Solutions   Being the “Adult” in the Marriage Relationship     Townsend/Cloud
080225      Solutions   Character Discernment for Dummies                  Townsend/Cloud
090223      Solutions   Give and Take                                      Townsend/Cloud
080519      Solutions   Good Connections: Tear Down the Walls              Townsend/Cloud
080512      Solutions   Good Connections: Through the Eyes of Your Heart   Townsend/Cloud
080707      Solutions   Good for Evil                                      Townsend/Cloud
080623      Solutions   Good Old Days                                      Townsend/Cloud
080430      Solutions   Got Issues?                                        Townsend/Cloud
090416      Solutions   The Grip of Perfectionism                          Townsend/Cloud
090727      Solutions   Heartfelt Wisdom                                   Townsend/Cloud
090713      Solutions   Hot Temper                                         Townsend/Cloud
090907      Solutions   How to Deal with Wise People & Evil People         Townsend/Cloud
090928      Solutions   It takes Love to Make Love                         Townsend/Cloud
090415      Solutions   Jealous Minds                                      Townsend/Cloud
080818      Solutions   The Law of Boundaries                              Townsend/Cloud
091026      Solutions   Leaving Destructive People, Places, & Patterns     Townsend/Cloud
080204      Solutions   Letting Go and Accepting What Is                   Townsend/Cloud
090216      Solutions   Living Under the Law                               Townsend/Cloud
080702      Solutions   More Money                                         Townsend/Cloud
080505      Solutions   Only the Lonley                                    Townsend/Cloud
091012      Solutions   Piece of My Heart                                  Townsend/Cloud
090409      Solutions   Please Me                                          Townsend/Cloud
090706      Solutions   Pride Comes before a Fall                          Townsend/Cloud
090622      Solutions   Random Acts of Generosity                          Townsend/Cloud
090831      Solutions   Risk Factor                                        Townsend/Cloud
080728      Solutions   Shame on You                                       Townsend/Cloud
091019      Solutions   Suspicious Minds                                   Townsend/Cloud
090427      Solutions   Temporarily Out of Order: Faking it!               Townsend/Cloud
080616      Solutions   That’s Not Fair!                                   Townsend/Cloud
090629      Solutions   Twinge of Envy                                     Townsend/Cloud
091005      Solutions   Understanding the Male Mind                        Townsend/Cloud
080616      Solutions   View from the Top: Power of Attitude               Townsend/Cloud
090112      Solutions   When Faith Falters                                 Townsend/Cloud
090518      Solutions   Worried Sick                                       Townsend/Cloud
090323      Solutions   Dark Secrets: World of Temptation                  Townsend/Cloud
090817      Solutions   You can Deal with Failure                          Townsend/Cloud
090824      Solutions   You Can Get Connected & Learn to Say “No”          Townsend/Cloud
090810      Solutions   You Can Learn to Think Differently                 Townsend/Cloud
090793   Leadership Dev       2009 Purpose Driven Network Summit (3 parts)
090728   Leadership Dev       Awaken to Creativity                                    -McManus, Hybels, Cordeiro, Arcos
090630   Leadership Dev       Awaken to Evangelism                                    -McManus, Hybels, Cordeiro, Arcos
090593   Leadership Dev       Awaken to Leadership (3 parts)                          -McManus, Hybels, Cordeiro, Arcos

080422   Leadership Dev       The Barbarian Way -                                     McManus
071023   Leadership Dev       Being a Leader People Want to Follow –                  Townsend
080408   Leadership Dev       Bringing Change to an Established Church -              Schaepfer
071218   Leadership Dev       Creating Alliances that Work –                          Townsend
071106   Leadership Dev       Creative Communication: Being Yourself in the Pulpit    -Dave Stone & Rene Shlaepfer

080911   Leadership Dev       Developing A Recovery Ministry for Your Church
081106   Leadership Dev       Energizing Volunteers –                                 Ashley Cornelius
081007   Leadership Dev       Experiencing LeaderShift: Letting Go of Ldr. Heresies
071127   Leadership Dev       Fears that Limit –                                      Cloud
091112   Leadership Dev       Images that Form Leadership Habits –                    Tim Elmore
071030   Leadership Dev       Leading a Vibrant Worship Service –                     Rich Muchow
090616   Leadership Dev       Leadership for the Inside Out -                         Harney
090813   Leadership Dev       Momentum for Life -                                     Michael Slaughter
071204   Leadership Dev       No Perfect People Allowed -                             John Burke
080424   Leadership Dev       The Promise of the Second Wind -                        Bill Butterworth
         Leadership Dev       Providing a Safe Place for Spiritual Seekers -          Donahue
081204   Leadership Dev       Reverse Mentoring -                                     Earl Crepps
070925   Leadership Dev       A Structured Plan for the Care of a Senior Pastor –     Cloud
080930   Leadership Dev       The Thought Life of a Successful Leader -               Townsend
080212   Leadership Dev       Trends in Media and Ministry -                          Barna, Joseph, Waliszewski
080520   Leadership Dev       Uprising –                                              McManus
090917   Leadership Dev       The Value of Money - c1                                 Susan McCarthy
090924   Leadership Dev       The Value of Money - c2                                 Susan McCarthy
         Leadership Dev       What Kids and Families Really Need –                    Barna, Bursh, Mueller
090922   Leadership Dev       What Smart Churches Know -                              Ron Arnold
080219   Leadership Dev       What to Do when Bad Stuff Happens -                     Donahue

080406   Evang./Apologetics   Choosing your Faith - Mittelberg. Strobel
081211   Evang./Apologetics   Code Word: TAG
090903   Evang./Apologetics   Equipping & Unleashing Generation Y c1
090915   Evang./Apologetics   Equipping & Unleashing Generation Y c2
081209   Evang./Apologetics   Evangelism 101 for Pastors
         Evang./Apologetics   Exploring Islam -                                       Mittelberg
         Evang./Apologetics   A New Earth, An Old Deception -Abanes
         Evang./Apologetics   Timeless Truths for Truthless Times                     Geisler
         Evang./Apologetics   The Truth about the Resurrection -                      Habernas
         Evang./Apologetics   What Does it Mean to be Human?                          Ravi Zacharias
         Evang./Apologetics   What Is Biblical Truth? -                               Del Tackett
Children/Student MinBEE a Mentor -                                            Thelma Wells
Children/Student MinBuilding Transformational Partnerships with Parents
Children/Student MinConfident Parenting                                       Burns
Children/Student MinDrug-Proof Your Kids                                      Burns
Children/Student MinEngaging Practices for Effective Communication
Children/Student MinFinding Replenishment for Overcrowded Lives
Children/Student MinGetting Your Kids to Play on Your Team
Children/Student MinKids and Sexuality                                        Burns
Children/Student MinPerseverance in Parenting
Children/Student MinPreparing Your Heart for Children’s Ministry –            Staal
Children/Student MinRaising Up the Next Generation – No Matter What
Children/Student MinTeaching Your Kids the Purity Code                        Burns
Children/Student MinWhat Kids and Families Really Need –                      Barna, Bursh, Mueller
Children/Student MinWords Kids Need to Hear                                   Burns

Small Groups         The Art & Practice of Discernment in Groups
Small Groups         Becoming an “Others-Focused” Group
Small Groups         Confrontation: Facing the Truth
Small Groups         Developing Group Vision
Small Groups         Evaluating Progress and Embracing Change
Small Groups         Marking Moments: Celebrating Life Change in Community
Small Groups         A New Beginning
Small Groups         The Power of Speaking the Truth - Donahue
Small Groups         Providing a Safe Place for Spiritual Seekers - Donahue
Small Groups         Reading the Bible Together: Guidelines
Small Groups         Seizing Life-Changing Opportunities
Small Groups         Soul Care for Leaders
Small Groups         Turning Common Practices into Holy Moments

Spirituality/Relationships Beautiful Flight -Gary Thomas
                      Closer: Principles for Drawing Couples Together - Burns
                      Completely His: Loving Jesus w/out Limits –Ethridge
Spirituality/Relationships Conflicts –Kenny Luck
                      Finding Intimacy through Forgiveness -Burns
                      Growing Spiritually as a Couple
                      In Relationships, Attitude Is Everything -Burns
                      A Life
Spirituality/Relationships that Matters –Ron Hutchcraft
Spirituality/Relationships Talk – Les & Leslie Parrot
                      Sacred Pathways -Gary Thomas
                      Understanding Guys: For Young Women Only –Feldman
                      Understanding the Male Mind - Cloud
                      Unleshing the Power of Rubber Bands – N. Ortberg
Spirituality/Relationships the Game Is Over, It all Goes Back in the Box – Ortberg
MISC   Countdown to Christmas -          Strobel & Mittelberg
MISC   Darfur: Not on our Watch
MISC   Disorder Eating: Hope & Healing
MISC   God Rocks (Cartoon)
 Hybels, Cordeiro, Arcos, Goodloe…
 Hybels, Cordeiro, Arcos, Goodloe…
 Hybels, Cordeiro, Arcos, Goodloe…

ne & Rene Shlaepfer

eph, Waliszewski

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