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					                                       PRAKASH SIGDEL
                                      Contact: 240-413-8837
    6+ Years of experience in the industry with focus on SAP R/3 functionality in Quality Management
     (QM), Materials Management (MM) and Inventory Management (IM) modules.
    Successful completion of three full life cycle implementations as per the ASAP methodology.
    Experienced in the SAP R/3 versions: 4.6 C, 4.7, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0.
    Extensive experience in design, configuring, testing, documenting of MM, QM and IM modules.
    Experience in multiple industry domains that include Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Consumer
     goods, and Utilities.
    Understanding & analyzing customer’s ‘AS-IS’ Business Processes and mapping ‘TO-BE’
    Involved in ASAP methodology implementation, including blueprinting, gap analysis, mapping,
     design and configuration, testing, go-live, user training and post production support.
    Experienced in requirement gathering, process flows, cut over planning, knowledge transfer, post
     implementation support and presentation to management.
    Worked on IDOCS & EDIS.


    ERP APPLICATIONS: SAP R/3 (6.0, 5.0, 4.7, 4.6C),
    SOFTWARE TOOLS: Basic knowledge of Visual Basic, HTML
    PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES :Basic knowledge of C,C++

  Excellent Skills in configuring and customizing
         Quality Planning (Basic data for Quality Management, Inspection planning),
         Quality Assurance (Quality inspection, Quality certificates) &
         Quality Control (Quality notifications, QM information system).
  Expertise in Incoming or Goods receipt Inspections with First Articles, Incoming inspections with
    DMR, Source Inspections, Vendor evaluation, In process inspections with external
    processing, Inspection at end of production , Inspection in repetitive manufacturing,
    Inspection throughout production, Statistical process control (SPC),Outbound
    Inspections(Shipping Inspections), Vendor Release using Q-Info Records with Date and
    Quantity, No Lot Trigger and First Article functionality.
  Extensively worked on Material master, Vendor master, Purchasing (procurement to pay cycle),
    Contracts, Scheduling agreements, Info Records, Source lists, Release strategies, Pricing,
    Account determination, Batch determination, Vendor evaluation, and Partner determination.
  Experienced in Inventory management, Goods receipt, Goods issue, Reservations, Movement
    types, Stock transfer order, Sub contracting, purchase order, Transfer postings, goods
    invoice, Logistics Invoice Verification (LIV), Split valuation, and Physical inventory.
                                        WORK EXPERIENCE

Owens Corning Corporation, Toledo, OH                                 Apr 2010-Present
Role: Sap QM/MM/IM Functional Consultant
Environment: SAP ECC 6.0 (Implementation and Support), P2P Enhancements
Owens Corning Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of fiberglass and related products. The
company manufactures building materials systems and composite solutions and glass composite
materials used in transportation, electronics, and other high-performance applications.

    Configure the system to meet user requirements for inspections, certificate of analysis, and quality
    Design solutions to meet business requirements for QM and cross-functional processes and
     prototype these for the business; integration with procurement, production, warehousing, and
     sales and distribution including, but not limited to Batch Management expertise.
    Configured the QM Handling for Customer Returns Happens Through Return Sales Orders.
    Configured Different Catalogs/Code groups through selected sets.
    Configured UD codes with relevant follow-up actions.
    Set up QM Master Data such as Code Groups and Selected Sets, Master Inspection
     Characteristics, and Inspection Plans.
    Configured settings for Material Master, Vendor master, Purchasing and Inventory Management.
    Involved in the updating of Master data, extending master data, deletion of data in master records
     i.e. info record, material master and vendor master.
    Worked with issues related to Master Data of raw material, finished material and packaging
    Purchasing (Procure-to-pay): Configuration and customization of purchasing.
    Purchasing documents like purchase orders, requisition, purchasing info records, outline
       agreement (contracts, scheduling agreement), source determination (source list, quota
    Set up tolerance for purchase value keys, purchase info records, purchase requisition and
       purchase orders.
    Automatic PO generation from purchase requisition. Customized the conversion of purchase
       requests to purchase order and defined order profiles.
    Resolved issues related to Goods Issues, Goods Receipt, Reservation, Physical Inventory,
     Movement Types, Transfer Order, Stock Transfer and other relevant objects in Inventory
    Configured special stocks of Inventory Management that included Sub-Contracting and
    Defined number ranges for various documents - Purchasing documents, Goods movement and
     defined new purchase order document types.
    Involved in creating Physical inventory document, entering physical inventory count and posting
     the difference.

Client: Thyssen Krupp Budd Company, Troy, MI                                           Jun 2009- Mar 2010
Role: SAP MM/QM consultant
Environment: ECC 6.0
ThyssenKrupp Budd Company, part of ThyssenKrupp Automotive AG of Germany, is one of the
largest automotive suppliers in the world. Its capabilities include design, engineering, prototype testing,
and manufacturing. ThyssenKrupp Budd produces sheet metal stampings and assemblies, chassis
modules and frame components, composite auto body panels and pickup boxes, gray and ductile iron
castings and bumpers. Its products can be found on nearly 100 current model vehicles.

Implementation & Post Implementation support in MM/QM Module for ThyssenKrupp Budd Company.

  Involved in the whole procurement cycle from automatic creation of Requisitions from MRP run to
    invoice verification.
  Managed and configured Master Data for materials and vendors, Info Record and maintained
    Source List.
  Defined Pricing elements like basic price, discounts, freight and taxes for various grades of
    Materials, and material groups and vendors.
  Configured Stock Transfer using Stock Transfer Orders.
  Created Request for Quotation (RFQ), issued RFQ to the vendors, and entered Quotation against RFQ.
  Created Outline agreements, Scheduling, Delivery Forecast and Contracts.
  Configured PTP process in co-ordination with SD, FI and PP functions.
  Configured Split Valuation for material.
  Prepared Documentation for the user manual. Go-Live and Post-Live support and helped the end
    users to understand the process in the MM Module.
  Acted as the SAP support consultant for the Materials Management team. Responsible for all MM
    functionality associated with an ASAP implementation. Primary focus was on development of GAI –
    Thyssen Business Blueprint.
  Defined Configuration of Purchasing documents - Purchase requisition/source of supply - quotas/
     RFQ/ quotation entry and analysis/ PO/ automatic, vendor known/unknown, confirmations, and
     release procedures.
  Configured movement types for Goods receipt / issue, Stock transfer, TR and TO.
  Responsible for the implementation of all master data and customizing of Quality Incoming /
     Outgoing inspection and Quality Notification
    Created an inspection plan with qualitative inspection characteristics for results recording.
    Activated defects recording with auto trigger of Quality Notification.
    Created catalogs to manage and uniformly define defect types, defect locations, events or
       characteristic to be used across different plants.
    Created Quality Info Record to control Vendor relationship at material level.
  Worked on inspection plans and methods, master inspection characteristics, class characteristics,
     material specification, inspection lots, codes and code groups,usage decisions,sampling
     procedures,Sampling schemes,processing physical samples,customer returns,transfer postings
     and batch job planning monitoring.
ITT Automotive, Auburn Hills, MI, USA                                               Nov 2008-May 2009
Role: SAP MM Functional Consultant
Environment: SAP R/3 4.7

ITT Automotive is a global supplier of automotive systems and components to all major
Vehicle manufacturers. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of motor activated systems
for cars and related products.

     Leading business requirements gathering, configuration and prototyping of MM
      Procurement and inventory management functionality.
     Studied the business process structure and mapped the same with SAP R/3.
     Created Source List and Quota arrangement and used Source determination in purchase
     Defined and configured the Enterprise structure, Material master, vendor master, Info record,
      Purchase requisition, RFQ, Purchase orders, Release procedures.
     Worked on setting up tolerances, purchase value keys.
     Created Master data and assigned to organizational units.
     Configured Release Procedures with/without classification maintained it for release
      conditions and release strategy and set it for purchasing documents.
     Mapped the master data from the legacy system.
     Configured release procedures on the basis of Quantity and Price.
     Released Purchase Orders which included automatic PO generation.
     Maintained Scaling in Info record, Created transaction and Screen variants.
     Managed Special Stocks such as Subcontracting.
     Created Subcontracting scheduling agreements and line items according to the

Meadowcraft Inc, Birmingham, AL                                                  Nov 2007-Oct2008
Role: SAP QM/MM Functional Consultant
Environment: SAP R/3 4.6C
Meadowcraft, Inc. is one of the leading domestic producers of casual outdoor furniture and is the largest
manufacturer of outdoor wrought iron furniture in the United States.

     Led activities and produced all documentation related to QM module and integration activities for
      full QM implementation for the business.
     Wrote Functional Specification Documents for system enhancements and modifications necessary
      to meet QM business requirements and related touch points with other modules.
     Define use of Quality Notifications for QM processes: Change Control, Product Complaints, Non-
      conformances, Deviations, Vendor Assessments and QM Master Data Maintenance.
     Configuration of material classes, batch classes (including general characteristics), multiple
      catalogue types, sampling schemes, sampling procedures, and dynamic modification rules
     Trained users in the utilization of the QM module for business processes and data maintenance.
    Worked and maintained on --- master data like Material Master, Vendor Master, Purchase
     Requisition, RFQ, Quotation, Purchase Orders, Source lists, Quota arrangements, Account
     Determination, Variant Configuration, Purchase Info Records and Release Procedures and above
     all automating the procurement for some materials.
    Worked on the Release Procedures -- Characteristics and classes were reviewed and created for
     release procedures to Purchase Requisitions.
    Worked on different scenarios of Inventory Management like Goods Receipt, Goods Issues,
     Transfer Postings and Stock Transfers, Reservations, Physical inventory – creating inventory
     documents, cycle counting in inventory and Reporting in Inventory Management.
    Configured split valuation for raw materials with origin as valuation category and local and
     imported as the valuation types.
    Involved in the customization of MRP Groups, MRP controllers, MRP types and special
     procurement types.
    Configured MRP for reorder point planning – Manual and Automatic, Planning evaluation
     including MRP lists and Stock/Requirements list.
    Configured lot sizing procedure parameters for different MRP procedures.

McKesson Drug Company, San Francisco, CA                                       Jan 2007-Oct 2007
Role: SAP QM/MM Functional Consultant
Environment: SAP ECC 5.0
McKesson is the largest pharmaceutical distributor in North America. It distributes one-third of the
medicines used in North America and is the nation's leading healthcare IT Company, with software and
hardware technology installed in more than 70% of the nation's hospitals.

  Performed all configurations for Quality Management module with emphasis on Goods Receipts
   inspections and Vendor Evaluations.
  Designed, Implemented and Configured Inspection Lot Creation, Results Recording, Defects
   Recording, Inspection Lot Completion, and Sample Management for Quality Inspections.
  Results recording and usage Design handling.
  Configured Automatic usage decision for Inspection lots.
  Developed the interfaces with PM Module for Test Equipment Calibration Orders.
    Settling of QM orders for Appraisal and non-conformity costs.
    Configured various Material types & Material groups.
    Configured Material master with default data for purchasing documents using purchase value keys.
    Configured vendor master records and partner functions.
    Configured Purchase Orders with Vendor/supplying plant known.
    Defined Number ranges for various Purchasing documents.
    Customized Goods Receipts, Goods Issues, Reservations & Transfer Postings.
    Stock transfer was carried out from plant to plant, company to company.
    Set up source lists depending on the requirement of the business scenario.
    Set up Standard PO's, Stock transport orders, PO for free and subsidized goods.
CG-CHAUDHARY GROUP Sanepa, Kathmandu, Nepal                                       Jun 2006 – Dec 2006
Environment: SAP R/3 4.7

Chaudhary Group, the First Nepalese Conglomerate with over 40 Companies under its umbrella, today
commands an investment outlay of over US$250 million. Being the first Nepali organization to have a
distribution network spanning the subcontinent, it has made substantial presence in South Asia's fiercely
competitive Food and Beverages market.


   Successfully implemented the QM module with quality planning, inspections, digital signatures, audit
    trails, and batch status management.
   Configured certificate profiles and implementation of certificates of analysis.
   Generated Quality Notifications for the Non-Confirming Materials during procurement of materials
    from Vendor and during Production.
   Quality Certificates generated from the Preferred Vendor during Procurement and for the finished
    goods during Delivery.
   Organized legacy data and used LSMW to successfully load all records.
   Gathered requirements and involved in blueprinting.
   Designed workflow diagrams and flow charts in Microsoft Visio to map the business process.
   Set up QM Master Data such as Code Groups and Selected Sets, Master Inspection Characteristics,
    and Inspection Plans.
   Triggered Inspections for Customer Returns and Recurring Inspections.
   Created test scenarios and performed testing.
   Provided training and documentations for new version.
   Set up QM Master Data including Code Groups and Selected Sets, Master Inspection
    Characteristics, and Inspection Plans.
   Triggered Inspections for Customer Returns and Recurring Inspections.
   Involved in Unit testing, Integration testing, training, documentation and go-live process for QM

B.H.E.L (BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED)                                            Jan 2005-May2006
Mysore Road, Bangalore, India
Role: SAP QM/MM Consultant
Environment: SAP R/3 4.6

BHEL is the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in the energy-related/infrastructure
sector, today. BHEL was established more than 40 years ago, ushering in the indigenous Heavy
Electrical Equipment industry in India - a dream that has been more than realized with a well-recognized
track record of performance. BHEL has acquired certifications to Quality Management Systems (ISO
9001), Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health & Safety
Management Systems (OHSAS 18001) and is also well on its journey towards Total Quality Management.

      Experience Covers QM blueprinting, realization, testing/validation, cutover and go-live activities.
      Configured, Designed and Implemented Catalogs, Inspection Characteristics, Inspection
       Methods, Sample Determination, QM-Specific Data in Material Master and Dynamic
       Modification Rules.
      Designed and Configured Material Specification, Inspections Plans for Inspection Planning.
      Processing of Inspection Plans with Reference to Operation Sets, Processing of Header Data,
       Processing of Operations, Processing of Inspection Characteristics in Quality Planning.
      Among the tasks that I completed were process analysis and mapping, configuration, final testing,
       QM documentation and validation.
      The QM processes included sampling using WM, inspection and digital signatures.
      Responsible for the post cutover support of quality planning, inspections utilizing.
      Sample drawing procedures for physical samples, and enhanced quality notifications using
      Configured Quality Info Records, Source list determination and Quota Arrangements to enable
       Automatic PO generation
      As an SAP MM/QM consultant, was involved in Post-Go-Live support and maintenance for MM
       and both QM modules.
      Supported issues related to Material Master, Vendor Master, Service Master and Purchase
       Documents and helped in eliminating errors.
      Resolved issues related to Release Procedures and created release strategy for approval of
       purchase requisition, RFQ and Purchase Order with SAP business workflow.
      Maintained configuration on Batch Management for materials at Material Level.
      Configured Stock Transfer parameters for Storage location to Storage location transfer Material to
       Material, Transfer Plant to Plant (with or without billing).
      Configured inventory management parameters for all goods movements like Goods Receipts,
       Goods Issues, Reservations, and GR for blocked stock, Goods returns.
      Configured special stocks in inventory management for Subcontracting, Consignment materials.

       Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering
       National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela, Orissa, India

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