Poundaug 2011 by stariya


									Breakfast                                                 till 3pm
Pound: eggs the way you like on toast with bacon, sausage, baby spinach, roasted tomatoes,       $13.50
mushrooms, homemade beans and hash browns.

Vegetarian: eggs the way you like on toast with hash browns, mushrooms, roasted tomato, wilted   $12.00
baby spinach and homemade beans.

Three egg omlette, filled with four choices ; ham, avocado, mushrooms, brie, tasty cheese,       $12.00
                                                 tomato, spinach or bacon

Poached eggs benedict on English muffins with shaved ham and hollandaise sauce.                  $11.50
                                                     Add smoked salmon and spinach               $3.00

Bacon and eggs on toast: eggs cooked your favourite style on your choice of toast.               $9.50

Buttermilk pancake stack topped with ice cream, maple syrup with your choice of : plain,         $8.00
                                lemon juice and sugar, strawberry and cinnamon compote

Fresh sliced fruit plate with mango coulis and honey yoghurt                                     $8.00

Toasted croissant filled with your choice of ham, cheese or tomato                               $5.00

Toasted egg and bacon sandwich with tomato sauce                                                 $5.00

Egg, bacon and cheese on toasted Turkish roll with BBQ sauce                                     $6.00

Your choice of toast with preserves                                                              $4.00
Toasts available: sourdough, wholemeal, multigrain, white

Breakfast Cereals; Nutrigrain, Rice Bubbles, Just Right, Toasted Muesli                          $4.00

Fruit Toast                                                                                      $4.50

Extras: avocado, hollandaise, bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms, hash browns, sausage, homemade      $2.00
baked beans, baby spinach, brie cheese, tasty cheese
Lunch                                       till 3pm
Lemon pepper calamari, tangy Thai dipping sauce served with chips and salad                    $12.50

Beef burger with bacon, cheese and tomato relish on a toasted Turkish bun                      $10.50

Chicken breast burger, oregano, garlic and lemon, avocado and a semi dried tomato aioli        $11.00

Greek Lamb burger with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, hommus and garlic yoghurt sauce              $11.50

Steak sandwich with prime scotch fillet on toasted sourdough bread, with egg, bacon, onion     $12.00
and beetroot and smokey BBQ sauce

Vege Burger on toasted Turkish bread with red lentil vege pattie, cheese, tomato relish, and   $10.00
Chicken parmagiana homemade skinless breast topped with napoli, mozzarella served with         $14.50
chips and salad

Smoked Salmon Mission wrap, snow pea sprouts, salad greens, cucumber, red onion and a dill     $15.00
and black pepper aioli, served with a side salad
Grilled warm Tandoori chicken in a Mission wrap with sprouts, salad greens and a cucumber      $13.50
raitta served with a side salad.
Teriyaki Stir-fry with Asian vegetables, bok choy and hokkien noodles    :   vegetarian        $12.50
                                                                             with chicken      $13.50
                                                                             with beef         $14.50
Beer battered flat head fillets with chips, salad and tartare sauce                            $14.50

Spaghetti Bolognaise, rich tomato, beef and herb sauce with mozzarella, parmesan and a         E$11.50
toasted focaccia spear.                                                                        M$15.50
Risotto with chicken, bacon, spinach and roasted pumpkin topped with basil pesto and           E$11.50
parmesan                                                                                       M$15.50

     Bowl of chips $4.00          Bowl of wedges $6.50 with sweet chilli and sour cream
       Side of chips $1.50          Side of salad $1.50         Bowl of salad $5.00

              Please see blackboard for today’s specials

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