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                            CSC100 VA - Introduction to Computers

Instructor:                   Dr. Juan Rodriguez            Semester:              Spring 2010
Lectures:                     R 17:45. – 21:45      .       Room: 224              BHS
Phone:                        (973) 416-4575                E-mail:

The course consists of lectures and labs. In the lectures you will get a basic understanding of what
computers are and how they function. In the labs, which are hands on, you will learn how to use the
Microsoft Office 2007 suite of applications to produce basic documents such as a resume, research
papers, spreadsheets, graphic presentations and simple databases. If time permits, you will be also shown
how to use MS Outlook as a personal information management system and how to Integrate the various
types of MS Office documents and publish them to the web.
Discovering Computers 2010: A gateway to Information
by Shelly, Cashman and Vermaat
Microsoft Office 2007: Introductory Concepts and Techniques
by Shelly, Cashman and Vermaat
A jump drive (USB flash drive)

Please visit There you will find news about your class as well as class
presentations and review questions for each class. Access to the Web site is restricted and you will be
provided in class with a User Name and a Password to access it. Lecture quizzes and/or exams will be
taken on line and your grade for these items will be given to you immediately after taking the test.
Examples of last semester’s mid term and final exam practice tests will be posted at appropriate times
for your convenience.


Grade Components              % of Grade
Lecture- Mid term                   25
Lecture - Final Exam                25
Lab - Midterm Exam                  25
Lab – Final Exam                    25
Homework (Extra Credit)             20

Grading System

        A:     91 - 100
        B:     81 - 90
        C:     71 - 80
        D:     61 - 70
        F:     <60

Spring 2010                       CSC 100 Course Outline
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                                 GETTING THE MOST OUT OF THIS CLASS

In order for you to obtain the most out of this class, including a good grade, there has to be a very close
cooperation between you the Student and me, the Instructor:

What I will do for You:
  1. I will endeavor to teach the course to the best of my ability:
             a. My class presentations will be, whenever possible, multimedia based.
             b. My notes for the class, or the presentations themselves, will be posted in the class website.
             c. In every class, I will emphasize and notify you on the points I consider the most important
             d. I will attempt to answer all of your questions. If I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to get the
                 answer for you by the next class.
  2. I will post on the website review questions for each class covered. The lecture exam questions will come
        from these questions.
  3. In addition to the grades that you can obtain via examinations (a total of 100), I give you the opportunity of,
        at your choice, earning up to a total of 20 extra points on top of your final grade by completing Homework
        assignments at the rate of 1 point per Homework project. I list 10 Homework projects in this Syllabus.
        Each week, you also may hand in a second Homework of your choice for a total Extra credit of 2 points
        per week.
  4. I do not have Office Hours at HCCC. Should you need additional assistance, however, we can make an
        appointment at a mutually convenient time. I will be available for consultation over the phone at the phone
        number indicated above. If I am not available at the time you call, please leave me a message and I will
        get back to you when I do get your message.

What I would like for you to do:
  1. Read the chapter to be discussed in class (or my website notes) before the class itself.
  2. Attend class regularly and on time. During the class:
            a. Be attentive and non disruptive. Do not:
                       i. Use CD players, cell phones, radios, etc.
                      ii. Surf the internet, engage in instant messaging, cell phone texting, etc.
            b. Ask questions when you need any point to be clarified. Don’t be shy. If you knew the answers, you
                 would not be taking this course.
            c. Answer any questions that I may ask to the best of your knowledge. Again, don’t be shy. The
                 worse that may happen is that you don’t know the answer or you give the wrong answer. In that
                 case, I will correct you and you then will know what the proper answer is.
            d. I don’t give grades for class participation or attendance, but I do note your participation and take it
                 into account when grading exams, projects or homework.
  3. Study the class material regularly. Spend a few hours every week reviewing the material covered in class
       and/or the battery of questions posted on the website. IMPORTANT: Do the labs at the end of the chapter
       of the lab book.
  4. Do your best in every task or project that you undertake. You may be surprised at how good you can be if
       you just try a little harder. Hand in the projects on time. Projects, lab work or homework not handed in on
       time will not be accepted.
  5. Show up for the exams on the days announced. I will allow you make up exams only by prior arrangement
       or if you give me a documented valid excuse. Be aware that the degree of difficulty of the make up exams
       will be larger than that of a regular exam. Schedule your vacations around the exams, not the other way
  6. Answer every question on the exams or quizzes. Answer first the ones that are easier for you and skip the
       more difficult ones. Once finished with the “easy” ones, go back to the hard ones. Don’t get stuck trying to
       spend all your time in answering just one difficult question. If you don’t know the answer to a question, try
       to rule out unlikely answers and then make an educated guess from the remaining ones.
  7. Above all, be honest. The answers that you furnish in the exams should be your own. The projects that
       you hand in should have been done by you and not by others. The penalty for cheating is a grade of 0

Spring 2010                            CSC 100 Course Outline
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                           Introduction to Computers and Computing *

Session         Type                                            Assignments

                            Course Introduction
              Lecture 1
                            Chapter 1- Introduction to Computers (p 2)
                            Using Microsoft Windows XP
                Lab 1       Word Project 1: Creating and Editing a Word Document (p WD 5)
                            HW 01: Page WD 67 In The Lab #1 - Creating a Flier with a Picture. Due 09/24/09

              Lecture 2     Snow Day
02/11/10      Lab 2         Snow day

    3         Lecture 3     Chapter 3 – Application Software (p 132)
                            Word Project 2: Creating a Research Paper (p WD 77)
                Lab 3
                            HW 02: Page WD 140 In The Lab #2 - Preparing a Research Report… Due 09/24/09

   4          Lecture 4     Snow Day
02/25/10        Lab 4       Snow Day
              Lecture 5     Chapter 4 – The Components of the System Unit ( p 182)
03/04/10                    Word project 3: Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume (p WD 150)
                Lab 5
                            HW 03: Create Your Personal Resume – Make up data if needed. Due 03/11/10

                            Excel Project 1: Creating a Worksheet and Embedded Chart (p EX 6)
              Lecture 6
    6                       HW 04: Page EX 74 In The Lab #1 – Annual Cost of Goods Worksheet. Due 03/18/10
                            Excel Project 2: Formulas, Functions, Formatting, and Web Queries (p EX 86)
                Lab 6       HW 05: Page EX 151 – EX 154 (do only Parts 1 and 2) In The Lab #2 – Balance Due
                            Worksheet. Due 03/18/10

   7          Lecture 7     Mid Term Exam Lecture (Chapters 1, 3, and 4)
03/18/10        Lab 7       Mid term Exam Lab (Word and Excel)

              Lecture 8     Chapter 5 – Input (p 232)
                            Excel Project 3: What If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large… (p EX 167)
03/25/10        Lab 8       HW 06: Page EX 241 – EX 243 (do only Parts 1 and 2) In the Lab #3 – Analysis of
                            Indirect Expense Allocations. Due 10/22/09

              Lecture 9
                            Chapter 6 – Output (p 298)
                Lab 9       Chapter 07 – Storage (p 352)
   10         Lecture 10    Spring Break

Spring 2010                            CSC 100 Course Outline
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Session         Type                                           Assignments

04/08/10                   Spring Break
               Lab 10

                           Access Project 1: Creating and Using a Database (p AC 12)
              Lecture 11   HW 07: Page AC 67-A 68 In The Lab #1 - Creating the JMS TechWizards Database.
   11                      Due 04/22/10
                           Access Project 2: Querying a Database (p AC 77)
               Lab 11
                           HW 08: Page AC 131 In The Lab #1 - Querying the JMS Database. Due 04/22/10

              Lecture 12   Chapter 9 – Communications and Networks (p 458)
                           Access Project 3: Maintaining a Database Using the Design and Update
04/22/10       Lab 12      features of Access (p AC 141)
                           HW 09: Page AC 199 In the Lab #1 – Maintaining the JMS Database. Due 04/29/10

                           Power Point Project 1: Presentation with Bulleted Lists (p PPT 5)
              Lecture 13
                           HW 10: Page PPT 69 – PPT 71 In The Lab #1 – Give yourself some… Due 05/06/10
04/29/10                   Power Point Project 2: Presentation with Illustrations and a Shape (p PPT 84)
               Lab 13      HW 11: Page PPT 140 - PPT 141 In The Lab #3 – Prepare for Snowboarding Season.
                           Due 05/06/10

   14         Lecture 14   MS Office Integration; p INT 2
05/06/10       Lab 14      MS Office Integration; p INT 2

              Lecture 15   Final Lecture Exam (all chapters)
05/13/10       Lab 15      Final Lab Exam (Access, PowerPoint and Outlook).

               * Lectures and Labs may be modified at the instructor’s discretion

Spring 2010                          CSC 100 Course Outline

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