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					A magazine for the friends and family of Liberty Christian School
                                                                                LIFE          Fall 2009

                                                                    College Day Comes to Liberty
                                                                               What’s Special about
                                                                                   Camp Copass

                                                                       Where is the Gingerbread Man?
                                                                                    Liberty Christian School

  Dr. Rodney Haire congratulates Commissioner Andy Eads on his                          1301 S. Highway 377
                  upcoming 20-year class reunion                                         Argyle, Texas 76226
         Inset: Dr. Haire and Andy Eads, Graduation 1989                                      940-294-2000
Letter from the President                                                                                        Dr. Rodney Haire

H      ow many of you would raise your hand with me and answer “No!” if asked, “Do you read the magazines
       that are mailed to your house?” I’ll bet we all look for photos of friends or peers, speed-read an article
if written by a writer or columnist we admire, then throw it into “File 13.” But this magazine is not like the
others; it is the story of your child’s school in “snap-shot” form—it really is worth sitting down and reading.
I was asked to write a letter to you, but the more I thought about it, the less I could say with conviction that
my letter would not fall into the “File 13” category. So I am going to share with you a transcript of a live
interview—let’s go.

Interviewer: “Dr. Haire, why did you and your wife start Liberty?”
Dr. Haire: “We wanted our children, Nancy and Rocky, to have a school that taught Christian values and would also prepare
them for any university that they might choose to attend upon graduation. After a year or so, we both fell in love with the
challenge of, “How good can we make a Christian school?”
Interviewer: “How difficult was it to build Liberty?”
Dr. Haire: “Very difficult. It took all of the energy of many very bright and hard-working people—parents and staff. It has
been a wonder to see what the long hours and hard work have brought into existence. Most founders don’t get to see their work
Interviewer: “So Liberty is complete—it is as large as it will ever be?”
Dr. Haire: “I don’t think I have made that answer very clear. I thought we were fully mature at 500 students, then 1,000, and
today at 1,250, but I’m not certain. The main issue for the Board of Trustees is that the spirit of Liberty will always be the
Spirit of the Lord. We were concerned that the school would lose some of the school spirit that we had on our small Denton
campus, but that did not happen. In fact, we would all agree that the spirit of the school is stronger than ever—again, that was a
Interviewer: “Then the ultimate size is determined by the Liberty Board of Trustees? What is your best guess as to ultimate
Dr. Haire: “The answer to the first question is yes—it is a Board decision. I think that the Board likes smaller rather than
larger, but has confidence that the Lord will ultimately grow us to be the size He wants—He owns Liberty. The Board views
itself as an extension of our families, and to the best of our ability, decides based on what we believe our parents want.
Interviewer: “You said that the Lord owns Liberty, but you don’t mean that literally—right? How could the Lord really own
anything literally?”
Dr. Haire: “Great and bold question. Liberty is not owned by anyone; there are no stock certificates. It is incorporated just like
a church; it’s called a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. So I would ask ‘who else could own it?’”
Interviewer: “I see the point. What does Liberty do when it needs to raise money, and how is it spent? Oh yes, one more
related question—how would anyone know exactly where the money really goes (no offense)?”
Dr. Haire: “Thank you for your very honest and candid question—no offense taken. We receive money to operate and pay our
bills with tuition dollars. We build buildings, roads, programs, etc., with donations from everyone who loves Liberty and wants
to see it get better and stronger. We have a bookkeeping department that handles all of the funds and reports to the Board as
to how the school is doing based on a Board pre-approved budget. Then the Board orders an audit every year from an outside
CPA firm.”
Interviewer: “How important is the upcoming Annual Gifts Initiative, and how will that money be spent?”
Dr. Haire: “First, I’m impressed that you have directed so many of your questions about the issues that really matter. The size of
the school, the Board leadership, and finances are topics on everyone’s mind—good for you for asking the tough questions. The
Annual Fund is very important to Liberty. Nobody has the actual percentage of the Board and staff that will participate, but my
guess is that it will be close to 100 percent. We need all sizes of gifts; they are the gifts that allow Liberty to continue to improve
in almost every area. The gifts that we receive will be spent according to the wishes of the donors. The gifts will support the
“initiative” that the donors view as most important to their children’s education, or even better, as the Lord directs them. Last
year our Annual Initiatives Gifts raised approximately $1,800,000. This year our needs total $2,100,000.”
Interviewer: “Dr. Haire, thank you for the time you have given me. I know that I asked some hard questions, and did not want
to seem discourteous or disrespectful.”
Dr. Haire: “I think you were honest, very courteous, and extremely respectful. I always enjoy a candid conversation about
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4     Commissioner Andy Eads               11 Where is the Gingerbread           16 Picture Spread: It’s a
      Visits His Alma Mater                   Man?                                  Wonderful Life... at Liberty

6     The New Middle School                    Students Prepared for “Night      18 Girls Soccer Takes State!
      Village                                  of Worship”
                                                                                 19 Teacher Fulfills Dream with
      Students Reach Out to the            12 Liberty Baseball team Wins            Peru Mission Trip
      Opposing Team                           State!
                                                                                 20 Picture Spread: Liberty -
7     College Day: Harvard Comes               Kindergartners Illustrate the        A Great Place to Be
      to Liberty                               Bible
                                                                                 22 Sixth Graders Learn New
8     Warrior Football: Camp               13 Liberty is Ireland-Bound              Keyboarding Skills
      Copass Prepares Boys for Life
                                               Students Minister in Uganda           The “Case” of the Library
10 Studying in Mexico: Lizards,                                                      Display
   Scorpions, and Stingrays                14 Profiles in Excellence
                                                                                 23 How “The Spirit of the Liberty
                                                                                    Family” Came to Be

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    incredible pictures and assistance.          1301 S. Highway 377
                                                  Argyle, TX 76226
 Commissioner Andy Eads
   Visits his Alma Mater
   Celebrating his 20th Reunion at Liberty’s
                                                            Mrs. Vivian Nichols
   “God has a plan for our lives,” began Commissioner       Editor-Communications
   Andy Eads as his visited with Missy Sharp’s world                                      Andy Eads and the 1989 yearbook staff
   history class and Marshall Surratt’s journalism class.
     “I had a great career here at Liberty, and I made
   the most of it,” he said.
     Commissioner Andy Eads continues to make
   the most of life, as seen by his running for
   Commissioner of Denton County three years ago
   and winning.
      “Give it your all,” he said as he encouraged
   students. “Life is what you make it.”
      Good advice from a man who early on in his days
   at Liberty pursued leadership positions to make a
     His 1989 yearbook is filled with articles written
   by him and pictures taken of him in various roles –
   no job seemed too small or challenge too great.
       After graduating from Howard Payne
   University in Brownwood, Texas, he worked in local
   government for the City of Addison.
       “I worked very, very hard,” he said, adding that
   the Bible says that he who is faithful in the little          Andy Eads with Andrew Wolski, Mrs. Parker’s president of
   things will also be faithful in much.                        the week, who sits in the oval office that is in her classroom.
     Eads shined in his roles for the city of Addison,
   even writing a book on the history of the city.
     Even when Eads later worked in real estate,
   he found himself wanting to give back to the
     “I researched the county commissioner’s position
   for a year and a half before I decided to run,” he
      Now today, as one of the commissioners for
   Denton County, he is responsible for many things,
   one of which is the construction and maintenance
   of county roads within his precincts, which include
   portions of Denton, Krum and Flower Mound, as
   well as other cities.
      Except for his college years, Eads has lived
   in Denton County all of his life. When driving
   on county roads as a youth, he used to think to
                                                                     Andy Eads in Debate and Public Speaking at Liberty

Page 4     Liberty Life
                                                                                      that make a great leader.
                                                                                         “Be a good people person – be a good
                                                                                      listener and be caring, compassionate and
                                                                                      sensitive,” he said.
                                                                                        He was asked by students what he liked
                                                                                      best about his job, and that was an easy
                                                                                      answer for Eads.
                                                                                        “I love to work on projects where I live
                                                                                      and see them get accomplished.”
                                                                                         When asked what was his toughest
                                                                                      struggle, he answered, “Being a good
                                                                                      steward of my time.”
                                                                                        He encouraged students to volunteer in
                                                                                      their community, be informed and vote.
                                                                                        “The best line of the year to stand in is
                   Eads Visits Mrs. Parker’s First Grade Class                        the voting line on election day,” he said.
                                                                                         As he reflected on his 20th year reunion
himself, “I wish they would do this or that with these roads.”
                                                                                      coming up, he spoke of the advantages of
  Now he is the “they.”                                                               being at Liberty and how time has gone by
    Eads told students that Denton County is one of the fastest growing               so quickly.
counties in Texas and one of the most populated, but he is proud to say that             He said that many in his 1989 graduating
it has the lowest tax rate.                                                           class have remained close and stay in
   Eads is the one who is helping to get a traffic light at the entrance of           touch.
Liberty Christian School. He has been a big help to Liberty over the years              He said it was exciting to see his
and an active alumnus.                                                                generation begin to take leadership roles
  He is heading up the Class of ‘89 alumni reunion at Homecoming, which               and get so much accomplished.
promises to be a big event, to be held Friday, Oct. 23, at Liberty’s football           And Eads continues to lead the way.
  Eads recently came to Liberty to help prepare for Homecoming, his 20th.
                                                                                        We thank Commissioner Eads for being
He graciously visited a few classes and gave an excellent synopsis of our
                                                                                      such a great leader at Liberty, and we invite
United States government, from county to federal.
                                                                                      you all to join him and the many alumni who
   He was asked great questions by Liberty students while visiting their              will come back for Homecoming this year. It
classes, and he talked about gifts that God has given him and characteristics         will be so great to see you.

      Eads is interviewed by Mr. Marshall Surratt’s                     Erik Nelsen, student council president; Andy Eads, senior
                     Journalism Class                                     class president; and Carmen Halifax, student council
                                                                               secretary, discuss Liberty student functions

                                                                                                              Fall 2009      Page 5
The New Middle School Village                                                        The Liberty Market Place
                 An Important Part of Liberty
                                                                                     On Saturday, Nov. 7, from
                                           as well as social activities, such as     9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Liberty
                                           Builders Club, offer opportunities for
                                                                                     Christian School will host
                                           our “middies” to practice and stretch
                                           their special gifts, in addition to the
                                                                                     its first Liberty Market
                Dr. Martin Noto
                                           more challenging aspects of the           Place.
                Middle School              core subjects, such as English, math,
                                           science and social studies. Extended      Liberty Market Place will
The 2009-2010 school year marks
                                           learning experiences benefit students     showcase multiple vendors
the beginning of an administrative
                                           at each level in middle school and        who will offer jewelry, home
decision to reorganize the sixth,
seventh and eighth grades into a
                                           support this important turning point      décor, clothing, baked goods,
middle school for the benefit of early
                                           in their pre-university preparation.      and much more. The Market
adolescent students.                       I am rejuvenated each morning by          Place will also feature a
                                           the enthusiasm and determination I        café for lunch, and yummy
In the middle school, courses
                                           encounter in our faculty and the boys     fall and winter snacks. This
of instruction, extracurricular
activities, and enhancement of
                                           and girls who makeup the “middle”         event is a great opportunity
student performance are given
                                           student body. The Middle School           to kick off your holiday
particular attention. Student-teacher
                                           Village is a vibrant, exciting and        shopping.
                                           challenging experience for all of us.
relationships for achieving success in
the academic, art, and athletic fields          ”I am rejuvenated                    Invite your family and
receive more concentrated attention.                                                 friends, and come join the
The middle school provides valuable              each morning by                     holiday fun. If you are a
preparation for greater success in             the enthusiasm and                    vendor and interested in
grades nine through twelve.
                                                  determination I                    booth space, please contact
Science labs and electives in fine arts,                                             the Advancement Office
                                             encounter in our faculty                at 940-294-2152. See you
                                             and the boys and girls...”              November 7!

 Cheering for the Other Team?
 Students Reach Out to the Opposing Team
   Liberty reached out to the Gainesville
 State School when they faced off
 in football earlier this season. The
 Gainesville State School is a Texas
 Youth Commission facility located in
 Gainesville, Texas, offering specialized
 programs for chemically dependent youth.
 In years past, Liberty has given Bibles to
 the boys who came to play. One of the
 things done this year was to provide spirit
 on their side of the field. The Liberty
 Junior Varsity cheerleaders dressed
 in Gainesville State School colors and
 cheered for their team.

Page 6     Liberty Life
                                          Harvard Comes to Liberty
                        College Fair a Huge Success
               Christopher Hughes,
                                                           “Light-hearted View from a Student”
  On Tuesday, Sept. 22, we gathered
in the gym, unaware of what was         that no one had considered before.             Even fewer students were
in store for us. OK, that isn’t even                                               brave enough to talk to Harry
                                             I asked senior Michael Smith
remotely true—we were aware                                                        Potter, the representative from
                                        for a statement, and he eloquently
that we were gathering for the                                                     the ominous Harvard College (so
                                        stated, “The college fair is an
famous Liberty College Fair.                                                       named for his circular glasses and
                                        outstanding opportunity to utilize
     Upon entering, however, we         the amenities set forth by the             status as the only person in the
discovered that what was taking         Liberty Academic Office. It lets us         gym wearing a sweater). When I
place was the biggest college fair      ‘visit’ colleges without abdicating        had the chance to talk to him, he
the school had ever presented.          a school day and missing crucial           said, “Yeah, everyone is so afraid
    On that day,                                                                                          of Harvard,
representatives                                                                                           but it’s really
from more                                                                                                 a huge party
than 120                                                                                                  school, and
schools from                                                                                              just about
across the                                                                                                everyone
country came                                                                                              can get in.”
to Liberty                                                                                                Actually
to give                                                                                                   he did not
information                                                                                               say that—I
about their                                                                                               made that
schools to                                                                                                up. He did,
students                                                                                                  however, use
from not only                                                                                             several words
Liberty, but                                                                                              that I didn’t
also several                                                                                              understand,
other high                                                                                                but I think he
schools,                                                                                                  basically said
including                        Senior Melissa Lacy visits with the Harvard representative               that it was a
Harvest and Grace Prep.                 work, a decision which is almost           great experience.

     Students also learned that         indomitably pejorative to any high             Ultimately, I concluded that the
among the schools represented           school experience.”                        Liberty College Fair was a great
was the prestigious Harvard                 When I asked a Harvest senior          victory on behalf of the school.
College.                                for a statement, he asked, “Who            Students, and even the college
                                        are you?” and promptly walked              representatives, appreciated it. It
      I walked through the fair,                                                   made many students appreciative
checking out the various set-ups,       away. Regardless, I got the feeling
                                                                                   of Liberty’s efforts to enhance
and I concluded that, despite some that he was equally appreciative of             college preparation. And for that,
initial skepticism, the college fair    the Liberty College Fair.
                                                                                   we (and as the male senior class
really was a great opportunity for          A few students seemed afraid           representative in student council,
students. It gave us the chance to      of the Abilene Christian booth,            I am allowed to speak on behalf
learn about schools that might be which had a large iPhone cutout,                 of the class) give the school two
out of reach geographically, and it inviting them in.                              thumbs up.
opened our eyes about schools

                                                                                                  Fall 2009    Page 7
Camp Copass
                 Warrior Football Prepares Boys for Life
             Mrs. Vivian Nichols

               Where can a place be found
where boys grow up, a bond is made, unity
is formed, strength is increased, and a love
for the LORD is deepened? The answer
is Camp Copass.
   Camp Copass to many is merely a
small, remote campground in Denton off
of Lake Lewisville.
   But to the boys who have been a part of
the football program at Liberty Christian
School, Camp Copass is the crucible, says
Bregg Smith, executive director of Major
Gifts and Planned Giving.
   “I’ve watched boys over the years             Camp Copass.                                    part of something they love, and be a part of
transition from boyhood to manhood,” he            “The main emphasis is still on the Lord,”     a team,” said Bowles.
said.                                            he said.                                          Gailey added, “The first years of Camp
   Athletic Director and Head Football             Camp Copass for Liberty Christian             Copass were a little different than they are
Coach Greg Price added, “The boys go             School began the second season Liberty          today. However, the purpose and spirit have
there as individuals and they come back a        had a football team in the ‘80s, said Vice      not changed throughout the years.
team.”                                           Principal Mark Bowles, who was Liberty’s          “My first time to Camp Copass was in
  According to Coach Rick Gailey, “Camp          first football coach. With Bowles began the     1989, and it was the first time that the
Copass is a staple of Liberty Christian          tradition.                                      football team went for two weeks.
Football. It has become a ‘right of passage’       A friend of Bowles who coached for               “We did not have cell phones back then
for anyone wanting to play Warrior               another Christian school in the area told       – a pay phone was about 200 yards from
Football.                                        him about Camp Copass, and the rest is          our dorm. If we got homesick enough, we
   “The most incredible thing about camp         history.                                        would sneak out and call ‘momma,’ only to
is that even though it is a real challenge          Bowles, who felt called to the ministry      hear that she couldn’t or wouldn’t come get
physically and mentally to get through,          in high school, did not know that calling       us.
when the seniors take their last lap, they are   would lead him into coaching and to Camp          “It was a time to get away from everything
in tears because they realize what they have     Copass, but it was a perfect fit and the        that could distract us and concentrate on the
accomplished together.                           perfect place.                                  Lord, our team and football,” said Gailey.
                                                    In coaching, Bowles found he had a             Bowles said, “When we got the football
                                                    p                    y            g
                                                 captive audience of boys when he got to         players away from the distractions of life,
                                                                                                 we as coaches became their role models that
                                                                                                 they could look up to. We wanted to show
                                                                                                 them that real men follow the Lord.
                                                                                                    “It takes character and conviction to do
                                                                                                 that,” he said.
                                                                                                    Each year at Camp Copass the boys have
                                                                                                 quiet times in the Bible and devotions every
                                                                                                 night. Every year, any number of boys come
                                                                                                 to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and their
                                                                                                 lives are changed.
                                                                                                    “It is a place of spiritual renewal, where
                                                                                                 we have time to put the pads down and get
 “It is amazing to see that the spirit and       Camp Copass.                                    one-on-one with the Lord,” Price said.
purpose of the football team has not              “Human beings crave recognition,                 One of the distinguishing marks of Camp
changed throughout all of the years at           validation, and a sense of belonging, to be a   Copass is that the team together has a

 Page 8       Liberty Life
“mountaintop experience.”                       mentors, as well as seeing the boys push and
  “It makes coming back to the valley more      encourage each other to finish strong.
special,” Price said.                            Cullum said that it is great to see parents
  Camp Copass is also physically demanding,     and siblings serving the players and
to say the least.                               encouraging them to work hard for a goal
  “I had to get them ready for the season, so   that is larger than themselves.
that when they played, they played healthy,”     “Camp Copass is a model for all that is
said Bowles.                                    good in a Christian community,” Cullum
  “The book of James in the Bible says to       said.
consider it pure joy when we face trials           “Camp Copass teaches that life is not
                                                                                                    “Camp Copass is hard to describe – you
and hardships – tough times do produce          easy, but that the rewards of service,
                                                                                                 have to experience it. There is a spiritual
perseverance,” Bowles said.                     encouragement, fellowship and prayer are
                                                                                                 aspect and a love that develops between the
  Bregg said that there is a depth and a        what make life worthwhile at the end of the
                                                                                                 boys,” Loch added.
toughness that comes out of Camp Copass,        day,” he said.
                                                                                                    Dad’s Day is also a day to be a part of their
so that when difficulties come during              He added that no boy would ever go
                                                                                                 time in seeking the Lord, having lunch with
a game, the boys can say to each other,         through Camp Copass by himself, but
                                                                                                 them, and even running a play in their son’s
“Remember Copass.”                              with his friends, coaches and family, he will
                                                                                                 position, Loch said.
   Liberty father James Hollingshead said,      thrive and finish.
                                                                                                    Hollingshead said that his first experience
“Copass is a place of beginnings, where            There is also a lot of fun at Camp Copass,
                                                                                                 at Camp Copass was 10 years ago when his
new players and new families come to            including showing movies and going
                                                                                                 older son was a sophomore. He said that on
understand what it really means to be a         swimming. Skit night is held each year by
                                                                                                 an end-of-the-day run, his son was tiring on
Warrior.                                        grade, and coaches are also a part of the
                                                                                                 the final leg of his run, and the entire team
   “It is more than a place to learn football   jesting.
                                                                                                 joined him and literally carried him over the
plays; it’s a place to learn to be a team.”        “Seniors make fun of the coaches and vice
                                                                                                 final leg in front of the dorms.
Hollingshead added, “Copass is a place of       versa,” Bowles said.
                                                                                                    “I was crying like a baby,” Hollingshead
sacrifice, where the coaches take time away        “What happens at skit night stays at skit
                                                                                                 said. “I had never witnessed such heartfelt
from their families to pour their talents and   night, for good reason,” Bowles joked.
                                                                                                 camaraderie and genuine friendship.”
energies into helping young men become             Price added, “We lighten the mood – you
                                                                                                    For Liberty father Darcy Anderson, he
better athletes and to model for them what      have to laugh.”
                                                                                                 said that it was not easy sending his sons
it means to be a godly man.                        Another tradition that began at Camp
                                                                                                 to Camp Copass, but he knew they would
   Hollingshead continued, “Copass is a         Copass was Dad’s Day.
                                                                                                 learn from the hardship, blood, sweat and
place of finishing strong, when the seniors        Jeff Loch has attended as a dad and said it
take that last walk around the field on their   was a time where he could cheer for his son,
                                                                                                    He said his sons dreaded Camp Copass
last day of Copass and get a small taste        run with him, take water to him, and be a
                                                                                                 every year but always came back with
of knowing what it means to hear ‘well          part of his life at Camp Copass.
                                                                                                 added self-confidence and a feeling of
done.’”                                            He said it was great to see the coaches
  Liberty father DeeWayne Cullum said           display a Christ-like nature to the boys by
                                                                                                    He said his oldest son Corbin recently
that Camp Copass to him is the boys             encouraging, motivating and nurturing
                                                                                                 finished six weeks of cadet basic training
seeing Christ modeled by their coaches and      them.
                                                                                                 at West Point, which is one of the toughest
                                                                                                         training experiences for any cadet,
                                                                                                         both physically and mentally.
                                                                                                            But Corbin said, “Cadet basic
                                                                                                         training was really tough, but not as
                                                                                                         hard as Camp Copass.”
                                                                                                            In the end, Camp Copass has
                                                                                                         brought together the best of both
                                                                                                         worlds in preparing young men to be
                                                                                                         great at Liberty Football and great in
                                                                                                         the Lord’s Kingdom.
                                                                                                            It’s a Christian camp to build
                                                                                                         strong Warriors – at Liberty and

                                                                                                                        Fall 2009       Page 9
                                                                                                         Our Living Yearbook
                                                                                                         is an online photo database that
                                                                                                         allows Liberty parents to browse
                                                                                                         and purchase photos taken of their
                                                                                                         children throughout the school
                                                                                                         Early Childhood Education
                                                                                                         and Lower School are organized
                                                                                                         by class, and Middle and Upper
                                                                   Sunset on the Sea of Cortez           School are organized by activities

Lizards, Scorpions, and Stingrays                                                                        and organizations.
                                                                                                          Photos may be candid shots taken

                Dr. Jody Vogelzang
                                                           ... I returned
                                                      energized to share my
                                                       knowledge with my
                                                                                                         by parents or teachers, or they may
                                                                                                         be professional photos taken by a
                                                                                                         contracted photographer. Candid
                                                                                                         photos are taken during school,
                Liberty Science Teacher

Teacher Studies in Mexico
Many think the life of a teacher is enviable
because of the long summer vacation
                                                         biology classes.

                                                snorkeled with sea lions and whale
                                                                                        “                on field trips, during class parties,
                                                                                                         after school and at sporting events.
                                                                                                         Athletic and team photos are also
                                                                                                         available. All photos are posted on
where we do nothing but put our feet up         Along with all of this fun were classes that    for
and enjoy the sunny weather.                    ran throughout the afternoon and into the
                                                evening in 100-degree heat.
For most of us, that is not quite the reality
of our summer break.                            In spite of no electricity, running water                 Our Living Yearbook encourages
Teachers use the break to learn and to
                                                or flushable toilets, I returned energized                involvement from parents. The
                                                to share my knowledge with my biology
revise and develop new materials so
                                                                                                         success of the program relies on a
classes stay fresh and organized.                                                                        collective involvement in taking
                                                This trip was a transformation as I relied
This past summer I had the unique
                                                totally on God for the strength and                      and uploading photographs
opportunity to study biology internationally
in Baja California, Mexico.
                                                stamina to complete each grueling day.                   of classroom and after-school
                                                I know that I was held in God’s hand the                 activities. Parents may donate
My Global Field Expedition class was
                                                entire trip (those whale sharks are big!),               photos to this secure site to share
a part of the master’s program at
                                                and am impatient for next summer so
Miami University. I was drawn to this
                                                I can repeat the experience in another
                                                                                                         with other Liberty families. These
program because it offered class work                                                                    photos can be used for Liberty’s
                                                strange and beautiful country.
in conservation and ecology, but even
more importantly, it included a strong                                                                   yearbook, Web site and other
experiential component which would                                                                       developmental materials.
enhance my classroom teaching.
                                                                                                          If you would like more
My time in Baja was incredible. We
captured and released chuckwallas (an                                                                    information or to find out ways to
indigenous lizard), marked scorpions                                                                     get involved, contact Roger Lane
for further study (at night with a black                                                                 at 940-382-4296.
light), snorkeled over the top of stingrays,
and viewed the most beautiful fish and
mollusks imaginable. I also swam and            Dr. Vogelzang (center) with natives of Baja and fellow

Page 10       Liberty Life
“Run, run, as fast as you can...”
         Kindergartners Hunt for the Gingerbread Man
                                                                           Private School Students Prepared for

                                                                             “Night of Worship”
                                        Mrs. Cindy Sanchez
                                       Kindergarten Teacher                  Private school students from the Dallas
                                                                           and Fort Worth areas came together for
                                        Theishunt for the
                                        man a Kindergarten
                                                                           the “D/FW Private Schools Night of
                                                                           Worship,” Saturday night, Oct. 17, at
                                        tradition at Liberty.              Trinity Christian in Addison.
                                           It is a fun way to take our         Students from private schools across
                                        little ones on a tour of the       the Metroplex met on their football field
                                        Liberty Christian campus.          to worship together and pray for God
                                           At the beginning of each        to move in each of the student bodies
    Kindergartners search for the       year, we read the story “The       represented.
 gingerbread man with their teacher     Gingerbread Man,” but we add
       Mrs. Christy McCallum                                                   Students had the opportunity to lead
                                        a little twist to the ending.      the service and share their testimonies
                                                                           about what God is doing in their lives.
  In the book, the                                                             Recently, several students from
gingerbread man gets eaten                                                 Liberty attended Grapevine Faith’s
by a fox, but at Liberty, the                                              chapel service, and Luke Fife, senior,
gingerbread man jumps out
of the fox’s mouth, hops out                                                                  spoke to those in
of the book, and runs away.                                                                   attendance.
  The only thing the                                                                          Stephani Sterrett,
gingerbread man leaves                                                                        junior, who also
behind is a paper version of                                                                  attended Grapevine
himself with a message for                                                                    Faith’s chapel service,
all of the kindergartners.                                                                    said “Being able to
  The message tells them                                                                      worship with other
to “run, run, as fast as they                                                                 believers was an
can, they can’t catch him,                                                                    incredible experience.
he’s the gingerbread man.”
Then the message tells                                                     It was so refreshing to be in the presence
them where he went next.                                                   of the Lord and share that presence with
 The first place we try to                                                 our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
find him is at the LCS                                                         “It not only boosted me spiritually but
flagpole, just to find another                                             encouraged and pushed me further in my
paper gingerbread man                                                      relationship with Him, so that we would
with another message.                                                      all be unified as the body of Christ.”
  We are sent on a hunt all
around the campus. We go
to the gym, the cafeteria,            The gingerbread man bulletin board
                                        the nurse’s office, the library,
                                        and even to Principal
                                        Watts’ office, to try to find
                                        that gingerbread man.
                                          After the gingerbread man
                                        got some loving guidance
                                        from Mrs. Watts, he ran to our
                                        classroom and left us a snack.
                                          To this day, we cannot
                                        figure out what has happened
                                        to that gingerbread man.
                                          If you are curious about
                                        where that gingerbread
                                        man went after he left our
                                        wonderful school, you
                                        might want to ask some                      Senior Luke Fife speaks at
                                        kindergartners. They have                Grapevine Faith’s chapel service
    Students in Mrs. Shiflet’s          some wonderful ideas.
Kindergarten class decorate their
       gingerbread man

                                                                                                 Fall 2009      Page 11
  Liberty                                    Second Baptist. After the game was
                                             postponed due to thunderstorms the

                                             previous Saturday, the two schools
                                             faced off on Monday. The game was
                                             broadcast at Liberty Christian School
       No. 1
                                             on one of the school’s flat screens so
                                             students could share in the victory.
      at State!         Dakotah Jesel,
                                               Scoring for Liberty were Chase
                                             Cooper, who had a homerun; Dan
                                             Drake, who had a 2-base hit; and
   The Liberty Baseball team was             Justin Stephens, with a 2-base hit
 recently honored in a ceremony              that also brought in a player on base.
 recognizing the team’s state victory
 in May. The varsity players were              Michael Smith had the winning
 given their state rings during a pep        pitch for Liberty. Jason Simms also
 rally and were also introduced at           played a great game, striking out four
 a halftime ceremony during that             out of the six hitters he faced.
 night’s football game.
                                                                                                Coach Isom honored at halftime as
                                               Coach Isom said of winning the                      Baseball Coach of the Year
  The team clinched the state title on       game, “I first fell to my knees, and
 May 18 in a 6-4 win over Houston            my first thought was to praise God.”

                                             Baseball Team Celebrates Winning State!
Little Masterpieces Illustrate the Bible
               Mrs. Cindy Sanchez              Now, we still teach the Bible lesson on one day and the children draw what they
               Kindergarten Teacher
                                             learned in their Bible Books the next day. Every Friday we send home their Bible
                  Kindergarten Bible         Books to share with their families.. Some parents even write what their children
                Books started more than      say on the picture, which helps preserve the sweet lessons our children learn from
                10 years ago as an idea      the Word of God. It is amazing what the Lord teaches our little ones.
                from a parent. We started
                out just taking “notes” on           1. Kindergartner Ally Farris draws
the Bible because we wanted our students             in her Bible Book 2. A creation
to remember what they learned. We                    drawing by kindergartner
shared a Bible story one day, and then the           Amalya Graham 3. Students in
                                                     Mrs. Shiflet’s class create original
children would draw pictures of what they            drawings in their Bible Book
learned the following day.                                                                                 1
  The pictures were then sent home that
same night to share with their families.
One of the parents of a kindergartener
decided she wanted to keep all of the
pictures, so she bound them together in a
book for a keepsake. We loved that idea
so much thatLiberty Life
Page curriculum.adopted it as part of our
Bible 12                                             3                                      2
            Liberty is Ireland-Bound
                                                        Upper School
                                                             Youth Pastor
                                                        Chris Searcy and
                                                        Upper School
                                                        Choral Director
                                                        Ann Smith
                                                        prepare the way for
                                                        Liberty students to
                                                        minister in Ireland
                                                        this spring break,
                                                        and spread the
                                                        Gospel through
                                                        drama and singing,
                                                        while visiting
                                                        schools, ghettos,
                                                        orphanages and
                                                        hospitals. Students
                                                        will also be a part
                                                        of the St. Patrick’s
                                                        Day Parade
                                                        and minister
                                                        during and after
                                                        the parade. To
                                                        learn about how
                                                        you can pray or
                                                        give financially,
                                                        visit www.

                                                                                   Students Minister
                                                                                      in Uganda
                                                                                    Sharing His Love

Bailey Harrison shared Christ’s love with      Mandi Marsden took care of a
  children of the Uganda orphanage.         Ugandan girl during Liberty’s summer
 Students spent two weeks out of their                trip to Uganda
summer to reach out to this orphanage

                                                                                        Fall 2009   Page 13
                                                            Profiles in
Name: Kailey Claborn                           Name: Taylor Schmidt

                                                                                             Team Ca
Organization and Title:                        Organization and Title:
DanzTeam Captain                               DanzTeam Co-Captain
Three words people                             Three words people
                                               use to describe me are:
                                                                                                and C
use to describe me are:
                                               Spontaneous, caring and
Outgoing, bold and honest
Most proud of: The                             Most proud of: Winning

DanzTeam                                       State Soccer
Favorite school subject:                       Favorite school subject: Science
Math                                           I wish I knew how to: Break-dance
I wish I knew how to: Ballroom                 intensely
dance                                          I get inspiration from: My mom
I get inspiration from: Watching older,        The best advice I ever received: Put your     Name: Matt Hall
professional dancers                           past behind you and live out each day         Organization and Title:
The best advice I ever received: The           better than the one before
                                                                                             Key Club President
choices I make today will determine the        If I could do one thing to make a
                                               difference in the world, it would be to:      Three words people use
choices I will be able to make in the future                                                 to describe me are: Strong,
                                               Adopt every orphan or homeless person
If I could do one thing to make a                                                            funny, and sweet
                                               and take them into my home, and give
difference in the world, it would be to:                                                     Most proud of: The way
                                               them shelter and food
Help the children in Africa                                                                  God has worked in my life
                                                                                             to help others
Name: David Smith                              Name: Mary Beth Holland                       Favorite school subject: Economics
Organization and Title:                        Organization and Title:                       I wish I knew how to: Play Ultimate
Football Captain                               Spanish Honor Society                         Frisbee
Three words people use                         President                                     I get inspiration from: Music and the Bible
to describe me are: Funny,                     Three words people use                        The best advice I ever received: Be willing
loving, and athletic                           to describe me are: Smart,                    to do God’s will when He calls
Most proud of: My family                       serious, and devoted                          If I could do one thing to make a
and friends                                    Most proud of: My work                        difference in the world, it would be to:
Favorite school subject: Economics             ethic combined with creativity                Decrease poverty
I wish I knew how to: Play the guitar          Favorite school subject: English
I get inspiration from: My parents             I wish I knew how to: Play the guitar
The best advice I ever received: Do            I get inspiration from: Music and Scripture
                                                                                             Name: Emily Selby
everything 100 percent, and never stop         The best advice I ever received:
                                                                                             Organization and Title:
loving people                                  Everything turns out all right in the end
                                                                                             Cheerleading Captain
If I could do one thing to make a              If I could do one thing to make a
                                                                                             Three words people
difference in the world, it would be to:       difference in the world, it would be to:
                                                                                             use to describe me are:
Put homeless children in homes                 Help bring people to Christ
                                                                                             Positive, encouraging, and
Name: Hayden Anderson                          Name: Jennifer Clintsman
                                               Name: Jennifer Clintsman
                                               Name: Jennifer Clintsman                      Most proud of: My faith in God
Organization and Title:                        Organization
                                               Organization and Title:
                                                   g                                         Favorite school subject: History
Student Council President                      Volleyball Captain
                                               Voll yball C ptain                            I wish I knew how to: French braid
Most proud of: Eagle Scout                     Three words people use                        I get inspiration from: Reading my Bible
Favorite school subject:                       to describe me are: Funny,                    The best advice I ever received: When
English                                        outgoing, and positive                        faced with a problem, wait three days and
I wish I knew how to: Play                     Most proud of: My Family                      reevaluate the situation
the drums                                      Favorite school subject:                      If I could do one thing to make a
I get inspiration from: My dad and             Math                                          difference in the world, it would be
grandfather                                    I wish I knew how to: Play the piano          to: Help children who are deprived of
The best advice I ever received: Do your       I get inspiration from: Music                 medical care

                                                                                                        Lead t
best in everything                             The best advice I ever received: Always
If I could do one thing to make a              do your personal best at everything, and
difference in the world, it would be to:       that is enough
End hunger                                     If I could do one thing to make a
                                               difference in the world, it would be to:
                                               Feed all of the starving children
  Page 14       Liberty Life
                                                Name: Sarah Stanley

                                                Organization and Title:
                                                Volleyball Captain
                                                Three words people use to

                                                describe me are: Athletic,
                                                outgoing, and spontaneous
                                                Most proud of: My success in
                                                volleyball and the relationship

dents                                           I have with my parents
                                                Favorite school subject: Math
                                                I wish I knew how to: Build a miniature
                                                                                                Name: Andy See
                                                                                                Organization and Title:
                                                house                                           National Honor Society
                                                I get inspiration from: My peers and their      President
 Name: Michael Smith                            accomplishments                                 Three words people use
 Organization and Title:                        The best advice I ever received: Go after       to describe me are: Smart,
                                                everything; you’ll never know what you’ll get   athletic, and fun
 Football Captain
                                                If I could do one thing to make a difference    Most proud of: My flying
 Three words people use                         in the world, it would be to: Go to places
 to describe me are: Funny,                                                                     Favorite school subject: Calculus
                                                around the world, find out what the poor
 outgoing, and approachable                                                                     I wish I knew how to: Relax
                                                people need, and set up an organization that
 Most proud of: Winning the                     would get those goods delivered to them         I get inspiration from: The snow,
 baseball state championship                                                                    mountains, and skies
 last year                                                                                      The best advice I ever received: Put
 Favorite school subject: Math                  Name: Justin Stephens
                                                Name: Justin Stephens
                                                Name: usti Steph    hens                        yourself in a position in life where you can
 I wish I knew how to: Play the guitar          Organization and Title:                         make decisions for yourself; life doesn’t
 I get inspiration from: When no one thinks I   Football Captain                                decide them for you
 can do what I am being called upon to do       Three words people use to                       If I could do one thing to make a
 The best advice I ever received: To have       describe me are: Not funny,                     difference in the world, it would be to:
 confidence in yourself when no one else        athletic, and kind                              Join the Air Force
 does                                           Most proud of: Winning a
 If I could do one thing to make a              State Title in Baseball
 difference in the world, it would be to:       Favorite school subject: Math                   Name: Michael King
 Change people’s lives in a positive way        I wish I knew how to: Play the guitar           Organization and Title:
                                                I get inspiration from: My father               Builder’s Club President
                                                The best advice I ever received: You miss       Three words people use
 Name: Ben Dowling
                                                100 percent of the shots you don’t take, so     to describe me are: Funny,
 Organization and Title:
                                                go all out                                      nice, and cool
 Golf Captain
                                                If I could do one thing to make a               Most proud of: My dogs
 Three words people use
                                                difference in the world, it would be to:        Favorite school subject:
 to describe me are: Kind,
                                                Find a cure for cancer                          History
 funny, and open-minded
                                                                                                I wish I knew how to: Speak to animals
 Most proud of: My work
                                                                                                I get inspiration from: Everything
                                                Name: Audrey Deaver                             The best advice I ever received: Follow
 Favorite school subject: Psychology
                                                Organization and Title:                         your dreams; don’t give up
 I wish I knew how to: Play the guitar
                                                Volleyball and Cheerleading                     If I could do one thing to make a
 I get inspiration from: My friends and
                                                Captain                                         difference in the world, it would be to:
                                                Three words people use to                       Have peace
 The best advice I ever received: Don’t
 sweat the small stuff                          describe me are: Friendly,
 If I could do one thing to make a              giggly, and uplifting
 difference in the world, it would be to:       Favorite school subject:
 Do away with greed                             Chemistry
                                                I wish I knew how to: Play the piano

he Way
                                                I get inspiration from: The little reminders
                                                I get from the Lord reminding me to strive
                                                for the important things
                                                The best advice I ever received: You can’t
                                                always please everyone, so don’t beat
                                                yourself up over it when you don’t
                                                                                                               Fall 2009      Page 15
 1. First graders Matthew Kevlin from Mrs.        1       2
 Stacy Stateson’s class and Reid Palmer from
 Mrs. Lisa Morris’ class become fast friends
 on the playground 2. Enjoying friendship
 and the great outdoors: Gina Brown in Mrs.
 Kim Douglass’ class, Samantha Arthur in Mrs.
 Angelia Steffey’s class and Reagan Liddell in
 Mr. Joshua Williams’ class 3. Sammy Nichols
 sings about his book in Mrs. Kim Cothes’
 preschool class 4. First graders Jennifer
 Stevens from Mrs. Lisa Morris’ class and Addie
 Woodworth from Mrs. Patty Parker’s class play
 piggyback on the playground 5. First grader
 Robbie Goss from Mrs. Patty Parker’s class
 celebrates a birthday in the lunchroom 6.
 Fifth graders make friends, get exercise and
 enjoy the sunshine at recess

                               3                      4   5


Page 16     Liberty Life
1   2
        1. Eleventh graders Scott Gee, Ashley Hopkins and
        Madison Oliver cheer for the Warriors decked out in their
        navy paint 2. Mrs. Gay Marrs’ sixth grade art class prepare
        to tie-dye their art smocks 3. The Varsity Volleyball team
        gets charged up at the game 4. Ninth graders and JV Navy
        Girls Volleyball teammates Paige Woodall and Blair Lynch
        before a game 5. 11th grader Stephani Sterrett in Mrs.
        Heather Lytle’s physics lab performs a basic experimental
        design to determine the best bubble solution 6. Martin
        Family Softball Field Dedication

6       3

5       4
                                            Fall 2009      Page 17
                      No. 1 atNo.StateHearts
                                  1 in our

             Upper School Principal and Girls Varsity Soccer Coach Ed Cook congratulates the team

                                           Soccer gives me strength both                 “It is such a privilege to
                                           physically and mentally that can be
                                           maintained as I get older. Soccer has         have a school where the
                                           built determination, competitiveness,
                                           teamwork, perseverance and moti-               sports program centers
                  Taylor Schmidt,
                  Senior                   vation into my character, and all of            our focus on God and
                                           these things can be applied to almost
                                           anything later in life, such as future        playing all out for Him.”
 What Soccer Means to Me
                                           Soccer motivated me to never give
 Every time I step onto the field, I am     up and realize that anything is pos-
 overwhelmed with excitement to                                                      Liberty Girls Varsity Soccer gets the ball
                                           sible with God. If we love Him and
 play the sport that I love.               focus on Him, then our plans will
                                                                                                  past the goalie

 It is incredibly exhilarating to be the   succeed. This lesson will be carried
 team that went all the way to State.      along with me as long as I live.
 We pushed ourselves to use the            Liberty is the best place that I could
 talents that God gave each of us to       experience high school. The soccer
 become No. 1.                             team, coaches, teachers and my
 Even though winning State was a           classmates are all such a blessing. I
 huge victory that our team worked         would not have as much passion for
 so hard for, we give all of the glory     God as I do today if I were not at
 to God for giving us the ability to       Liberty. It is such a privilege to have
 work as a team and succeed.               a school where the sports program
 We are No. 1 winners because we           centers our focus on God and
 played for our No. 1 fan. Now we          playing all out for Him.
 just have to live up to our title and
 win it again.
Page 18    Liberty Life
                                                              Living Out the Great
                                                              Commission in Peru
                                                            Mrs. Kathy Hall, Liberty Chemistry Teacher

                  Teacher Kathy Hall with Peruvian women

  Thank you for your support on my recent mission trip to Peru with Titus 2 International and
Denton Bible Church. Your support, whether by prayer, kind words, and/or financial resources, was a
tremendous blessing to our team. This trip fulfilled a lifelong desire of mine to serve the Lord through
  Our destination was Requena, a fishing town located along the river in
the jungle. The homes in Requena are simple, with thatched or sheet metal
roofs. There are no cars in Requena, only taxis. Requena is a place of
stark contrasts: tremendous beauty and startling ugliness, great poverty             “…the young
and modern technology, and bare homes with television sets.                     unmarried girls were
  Our team divided into three smaller teams, each with a specific ministry. challenged to prepare
A team of men taught theology to students at a Bible institute in Requena.
A team of young people conducted an evangelistic outreach to the children to be godly wives and
and their parents in town. My team with Titus 2 taught Biblical principles
to the women. I saw 75 to 80 women at our meetings each day, which
                                                                                pray for their future
meant that I received 150 to 160 kisses every time we met, one kiss when              husbands.”
the ladies arrived and one when they left.
  We had a wonderful time sharing God’s Word with these women. Titus
2 is a foundational study that begins with a personal relationship with Christ, and then teaches holiness
and purity, authority structures, relationships, submission to their husbands, loving their children,
and honoring the Lord in their homes. I taught the lessons on purity and loving their husbands, and
also helped with the other lessons as needed. This trip was the first time I had taught through an
interpreter, and it was an adventure.
   At the end of the conference,
many women told us that
they had never really been
taught these things before
and were challenged to be
godly wives to their husbands
in a new way.
  About a third of the ladies
at the conference were young
unmarried girls who were
challenged to prepare to be
godly wives and pray for
their future husbands.
  There were so many other
moments during the trip that
I would love to share. I will
carry the joy of this trip in
my heart always.
  “Now to Him who is able
to do far more abundantly
beyond all that we ask or
think, according to the power
that works within us, to Him
be the glory in the church
and in Christ Jesus to all
generations forever and ever!                                                     Thatched homes in Requena, Peru
Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21
                                                                                           Fall 2009    Page 19
                             1. Mrs. Shara Collins’ 5th
                             grade music class practice
                             their notes 2. Lovelace
                             Family Baseball Field
                             Dedication 3. Girls from
                             Mrs. Jude Zimmerman’s
                             pre-kindergarten class play
                             dress up 4. Freshman JV
                             Gray Volleyball teammates
                             gather outside the gym 5.
                             11th grade cheerleaders
                             Ivy Combs and Molly Parker
 1                           are all smiles about Liberty
                             sports 6. Adair Palmer from
                             Mrs. Lori Eager’s preschool
                             class gets exercise and has
                             fun with friends


                         6   2

Page 20   Liberty Life
1       2

6   7




        1. Coach Tyler Curbo prays with middle school students before
        their cross country practice 2. Sixth graders create a volcano for
        science class 3. Katie Barcroft in Mrs. Kim Cothes’ preschool
        class makes an art project 4. First graders Madison Lindsey
        and Emily Reese from Mrs. Patty Parker’s class enjoy the
        new additions to the Lower School playground 5. Liberty
        students play extreme dodgeball at Fifth Quarter, a
        fellowship for students after the football games 6. Ninth
        grader Lucas Kay gives his best at the Marcus X Invitational
        held earlier this fall 7. Coby Gladney plays with toys during
        playtime in Mrs. Kim Cothes’ preschool class
                                                    Fall 2009       Page 21
Keyboarding New                                The “Case” of the Library Display
to Sixth Graders
                                                                                              Mrs. Yvonne Lacy
                                                                                                Head Librarian
               Mrs. Kathi Melo              Since the fall of 2006, we in the Liberty Christian School
               Sixth Grade Teacher          library have hosted a colorful variety of special exhibits
               “I am typing faster!”        in our locked display case. We have been surprised and delighted by
               “This class helps me         the diversity of the collections lent to us, as they reflect the interests
               with my projects.” “I am
               learning to type the right   and hobbies, and the achievements and whimsies of Liberty students
               way.”                        and their families. Parents and grandparents have brought us signed
                                            autobiographies of American First Ladies, a deeply inspiring collection
                The introduction of a new
class called Keyboarding and Business       of memorabilia from a U. S. Marine veteran of World War II (who was
Computer Applications has been a            only 16 when he enlisted after the attack on Pearl Harbor), and an
blessing to sixth graders.
Before keyboarding class, sixth graders
used two fingers to type and their
thumbs to text messages.
The first two weeks of class were both
fun and challenging, because they were
not allowed to look at the keyboard – no
It was a slow start learning where all
of the letters and keys were, but now
all of the sixth graders are typing with
confidence without looking at their
hands, and their speed and accuracy
increase daily. They are having a blast.                       Seventh Grader Hannah Liszewski’s pagent crowns
                                            assortment                                            of American Girl
Throughout the year, the sixth graders
will learn many things, such as: the        books and dolls. Liberty students have shared other important items,
functions of computers, Internet safety,    like their cross-country medals and awards, “crumple creature” fantasy
the different styles of writing research    sculptures, and Disney-themed commemorative pins. Members of
papers, and PowerPoint presentations.
                                            faculty are also eager participants: they have showed mementoes from
                                            a stay in China, Coca-Cola collectibles, miniature tea sets, precious
                                            porcelain Beatrix Potter figurines and Mr. Potato Head sets. Currently,
                                            we are exhibiting middle school student Hannah Liszewski’s pageant
                                            trophies, crowns and sashes, earned over the past four years. This
                                            student is involved in organizing a pageant for girls with special needs.
                                            It would be fun to have more parents, families and students participate
                                            in our exhibit schedule.
                                            Please contact the library at 940-294-2113 if you are interested, and
                                            please stop by to see the current exhibit.
                                                                                            Liberty DanzTeam poses for a picture after
                                                                                            helping a cancer patient through locally run
                                                                                            Mission Reality

Mrs. Kathi Melo, sixth
grade teacher, helps
students in her new
                    Creating the “Spirit of the Liberty Family”
                    Mr. Augie Zimmerman
                    Tech Department
                        The concept of “walking in the Spirit” is how we overcome our problems of
                    sin and the fleshly nature. As I studied the eighth chapter of the book of Romans, I
                                         noticed that the “Spirit” was emphasized strongly. After studying
                                         and going through the book of Romans many times, I concluded
                                         that how to “walk in the Spirit” was never addressed. This issue
                                         left me confused until I realized that if an explanation had been
                                         clearly written telling us how to walk in the Spirit, we would
                                         probably put that explanation into law, voiding the work of the

                                                   Another time while studying through the book of Ephesians,
                                               I noticed that the sentence “being filled with the Spirit” in
                                               Ephesians 5:18 (KJV) did not end until verse 21. The description
                                               of “being filled with the Spirit” is described throughout all
                                               four verses. The strength we need to walk in the Spirit is in
                                               fellowship, worship, thanksgiving and service. After much
                                               prayer and walking in the power of those scriptures, I was
                                               impressed to share it with the Liberty family. If we can maintain
                                               this mind set, the Holy Spirit will bless Liberty Christian School
                                               without bounds.

                                            Students Learn as they Compete
                                                                                       Mrs. Yvonne Lacy
                                                                                         Head Librarian
                                      Last year Liberty students checked out an amazing 20,636 books from
                                      the school library.
                                      They also participated in hundreds of library story times and research sessions, enjoyed
                                      two book fairs, and spent many hours of quality time reading, studying and having fun at
                                      the library.
                                      In the midst of all this “bookpalooza” was a very special event in February called “Quest for
                                      the Crown.” In this second annual event, students in grades three through six read from
                                      a preselected list called the “Children’s Crown Award,” and competed to be on the four
                                      teams that participated in the Quest.
                                      On the day of the Quest, teams vied to answer questions from the 20 books on the list,
                                      and competed under such names as “The Green and Purple Toaster Waffles” and the “Fast
                                      Flying Winners.”
                                      This school year, the “Quest for the Crown” will take place on March 11, 2010, with
                                      panelists drawn from the third through the sixth grades.
                                      The books on this year’s Crown list can be read from now through the middle of February.
                                      These books are found in our library and area public libraries.
 “Quest for the Crown” winners are
  “The Bookworms,” who are Anna       If parents are interested in helping their children get a synopsis of the books, they can
Sitzes, Cole Porter, Hannah Ricketts visit and click on the “crown” link.
        and Kirie Psaromatis
                                      The staff at your LCS Library would like to meet you and show you our Parents’ Collection
                                      and our adult-level Christian fiction, as well as visit with you about the Crown program,
                                     Accelerated Reader, and opportunities to volunteer with our book fairs. See you at the
                                                                                                           Fall 2009      Page 23
                                                                                      liberty Christian School
                                                                                      Giving Initiatives
                                                                                          Join us in continuing the legacy
                                                                                         of providing innovative programs
                                                                                        which further the advancement of
                                                                                      the life-changing Christian education
                                                                                        that Liberty provides. Your giving
                                                                                        initiative packet will arrive in your
                                                                                      mailbox soon. You may also visit our
                                                                                        Web site for more information on
                                                                                           how you can make an impact.

                                                                                        equipping today's students
                                                                                      building tomorrow's leaders


...coming together, working together!                                                 Word from the
                                                                                      Advancement Office
Dedra Brynn                                                                           The Legacy Foundation
Executive Director of Advancement                                                       Planned Giving is one way to assure
                                                                                      the financial stability and future
 Liberty Business Connections is one      School has an inordinate number of          growth of Liberty Christian School.
of the most beneficial programs that      families that are tied to the real estate   Planned Giving provides one of the
the Liberty Advancement Office has        industry. This quarterly magazine           best and most tangible ways for us to
established, and it came about from an    highlights those families and allows        achieve our vision and mission.
idea brought forward from a group of      them to showcase their respective             Your gifts infuse institutional
Liberty families.                         businesses to the Liberty constituency      stability, visionary possibilities,
                                          at large.                                   and inspiration for others in the
  LBC is a group of Liberty                                                           community to give.
professionals who participate in            When a Liberty family or friend
quarterly breakfast meetings to discuss   chooses to do business with one of            In addition to priority gifts given
their businesses or professions while     these home-related professionals, the
                                                                                      to the local church, Liberty Christian
                                                                                      School encourages you to consider
networking within the Liberty family.     businesses will give back a significant     the long-reaching, positive effects of
                                          portion of their sales to support           giving to a Christ-centered educational
   In addition to offering a networking
                                          important initiatives benefiting            institution.
breakfast, all Liberty families may
                                          students and families at Liberty
register their businesses and job                                                       Ways we ask you to consider giving
postings on the online business           Christian School.                           are in Bequests and Testamentary
directory. All of these options and          The Liberty Home magazine is             Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts,
additional information regarding LBC      mailed quarterly to all Liberty families,   Charitable Trusts and Life Income
is located at www.LibertyChristian.       grandparents and community friends.         Plans, Gifts of Cash, Gifts of Property,
                                                                                      Gifts of Securities, Life Insurance,
com/LBC. The next business                If you would like additional copies,
                                                                                      Remainder Interest in a Personal
connection meeting is scheduled for       please contact Dedra Brynn, executive       Residence or Farm, and Retirement
Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 8:30 a.m.           director of Advancement, at 940-294-        Plans.
 Under the Liberty Business               2323.                                         Contact Bregg Smith, executive
Connections umbrella is Liberty                                                       director of Major Gifts and Planned
Home magazine. Liberty Christian                                                      Giving, at 940-294-2331 for more

Page 24     Liberty Life
Sign on the dotted line                                                             FUN at LIBERTY
Mrs. Christy Besett
Lower School Fine Arts Teacher

It is my desire that students build confidence and develop their spiritual gifts
and talents while growing a love for theater. Acting can make one feel so
vulnerable, and I did not wish for apprehension to create self-consciousness
in class. I prayed about what I could do to ease nerves and let the 5th and
6th grade students have a safe place to express themselves without worrying
about being made fun of. I opened my Bible and looked up scripture on
gossip, slander, self-control and encouragement. The Holy Spirit just led
from there, and I wrote a couple of drafts before I sent it to Vice Principal
Marcy Nicklas for proofing. I give the Lord all of the credit.

       The Drama Trust Contract                                                     Kindergarten student Jordyn Price cheers
                                                                                    for the Warriors at a football game. Jordyn is
                                                                                    the daughter of Athletic Director and Head
  We, the students of the 5th and 6th grade drama class, hereby agree to do our     Football Coach Greg Price, and DanzTeam
   part and glorify our Lord by “refusing to gossip, or harm our neighbors, or      Director and Aerobics Teacher Julie Price.
               speak evil of our friends,” as stated in Psalm 15:3.

 “As we learn about drama and perform in front of our friends, we refuse the
 temptation to make cutting remarks, and remember “the words of the wise
 bring healing,” as stated in Proverbs 12:18. Our prayer is that we may learn
 wisdom through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

                                                          We are privileged to
                                                          be here at Liberty
                                                          Christian School
                                                          with the freedom
                                                          to learn more about
                                                          God and seek Him
                                                          in prayer. James
                                                          1:26 says, “If you       Band members Hazel Park, 10th grade, Bum-
                                                          claim to be religious    Suk Park, 11th grade, and Won Jeong, 11th
                                                          but don’t control        grade, perform during a recent pep rally
                                                          your tongue, you
                                                          are fooling yourself
                                                          and your religion
                                                          is worthless.” We
                                                          pray that through
                                                          the power of Jesus’
                                                          name we control our
 tongues and glorify Him in all we do and say.

 For the Scriptures say in 1 Peter 3:10, “If you want to enjoy life and see
 many happy days, keep your tongue from speaking evil and your lips
 from telling lies.” Our fun-filled days in drama will be a joyful learning
 environment as we keep each other accountable to the Word of God.

 In closing, we choose 1 Thessalonians 5:11 as our prayer, “So encourage
 each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.” May we
 be pleasing to the Lord in all we do and say in the 5th and 6th grade drama       JV Volleyball player Hayley Fowler plays great
 elective.                                                                         for Liberty
                                                                                                          Fall 2009        Page 25
Alumni Successes and Celebrations
2008                                           2001
Whitney Hand played outstanding                Natalie (Hardage) Whitson and her
basketball for OU last year as a freshman.     husband, Blake, were married on April 4,
Whitney, named one of the nation’s “Best       2009, at the Gaylord Texan Resort Hotel.
College Athletes,” was chosen as a member      Natalie has a career in real estate, and
of the 2009 Women’s World University           Blake works in the sale and consultation
Games Team.                                    of orthopedic implant devices. Blake is
                                               originally from New Orleans; the couple
2006                                           met after he transferred to the Dallas/Fort
Zach Barnett and ’05 Tracy Paget are           Worth area due to the Hurricane Katrina
engaged to be married in June 2010. Tracy      evacuation. They now live in Fort Worth.
graduated last spring from Texas Tech with
a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing,
and Zach is completing his studies at the      2000                                                   Please visit
University of Texas.                           Andrew Carroll married Rebecca Stephens
                                               on March 14, 2009, at the Episcopal
Kyle Watson completed his junior year at       Church of the Good Shepherd in Dallas.                 LibertyChristian.
the University of Oklahoma, where he was       They reside in Lewisville.
inducted into two honor societies. He has                                                               com/alumni
been nominated for a $25,000 scholarship
to Oxford University and received a
                                               Matt Bowles, junior high youth pastor and
                                               coach at Liberty, married Lindy Murphy
                                                                                                        to view
$12,000 scholarship from the Michael           on Sunday, June 28, 2009. Matt is a 2005              alumni news
Price School of Business. He is treasurer of
his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, and chief
                                               graduate of Howard Payne University, and
                                               Lindy is a graduate of the TWU School                and update us
justice for the OU Interfraternal Council.
Last summer he interned for Congressman
                                               of Nursing. She is a registered nurse at
                                               Children’s Hospital of Dallas. The couple
Michael Burgess in Washington, D.C., and       resides in Denton.                                        YOU!
visited the law schools of Vanderbilt and
the University of Virginia.                    Emily (Habern) Rozell and her husband,
                                               Clay, have a new baby boy named Calvin
Sky Buffington finished his junior year at     Clayton Rozell. He is welcomed into the
Purdue, majoring in Industrial Management      family by his big brother, Rev. The family
and Operations. He returned to Texas last      lives in Denton.                                   In Memoriam
summer as an intern for Dell in Austin.
                                               1998                                           Nick Lipscomb, class of 2005,
                                                                                              passed away in 2008.
                                               Barrett Hardage is a member of the Liberty
2004                                           staff and teaches the Christian Humanities     Lauren Green, class of 2003, passed
Kristin Tolleson and ’07 Garrett Ashworth      course to seniors. He is the varsity           away in 2008.
were married on August 22, 2009, at St.        linebacker coach for the football team, the
Andrews Presbyterian Church in Denton.         head JV Gray baseball coach, and the varsity
Kristin is a graduate of the University of     outfield baseball coach. He graduated from
North Texas and is a debt consultant at        SMU in 2002 and will graduate from Dallas
Resqdebt in Allen. Garrett is a paramedic      Theological Seminary next summer with a
student at Brookhaven College and is           master’s degree in Biblical studies. He and
employed at Kiewit in Fort Worth. After        his wife, Janet, have been married for two            For this God is our
their honeymoon trip to Cancun, they now       years and live in Little Elm.
reside in Denton.                                                                                   God for ever and ever:
                                               1996                                               He will be our guide even
2002                                           Zan-Marie Wood and Justin Baesman, both
James Mitchell and Candace Yarbrough           of Denton, were married on May 24, 2009.
were married on June 6, 2009. James            Zan-Marie is a graduate of Midwestern                     unto death.
received his Bachelor of Arts degree           State University, and is employed as a
from the University of North Texas, and        radiology technologist at Baylor Medical                Psalm 48:14
is employed at United 1 International          Center in Trophy Club.
Laboratories in Farmers Branch as their
director of sales. After a honeymoon to
Scotland, the couple resides in Plano.

Page 26       Liberty Life
           Alumni Spotlight
And the Band Served On                                                                                  “Because I went to church every chance I got,
                                                                                                        I had all of the head knowledge that a Christian
                                                                                                        should have.
Most bands come into town, play a few songs,
then leave. But not Glowing Blue.                                                                       “The problem was I had not accepted in my
                                                                                                        heart what I knew to be true in my head.”
Alumnus Bryan Brady, ’06, and friends from
Dallas Baptist University put together a band                                                           After attending church camp and Vacation
that travels as most do. The difference in                                                              Bible School, Brady was faced again with the
their band Glowing Blue is that they stop at                                                            question of where he would go when he died.
churches along the way and do yard work for
the elderly, put fresh paint on church buildings,                                                       “That night I talked with my mom and dad and
and any other kind of work to reach out to                                                              accepted Jesus.
churches and their members.
                                                                                                        “My life after that did not dramatically change
They don’t ask for a penny in return; they just            Alumnus Bryan Brady                          like it should have, and I still lived a lukewarm
want to be a blessing to someone.                   “We have no idea how God plans to use us –          life where I just coasted through.
                                                    we just pray for knowledge of God’s will and
“They are so in love with the Lord; all they        for courage to pursue it no matter the worldly      “It was not until my mom inspired me to read
want to do is minister to people,” said Cheryl      consequences.                                       my Bible through that I began to feel a call to
Brady, Bryan’s mom.                                                                                     serve others in the ministry of Jesus Christ.
                                                    “We hope to gain a deeper relationship with
Following the example set by Christ, Glowing        God through this trip, as well as a deeper          “For a long time I struggled with knowing
Blue hopes to reach out to people through a         understanding of the direction our lives are        where to serve and what to do with my life,
servant ministry and their music. According to      heading.”
Glowing Blue, faith cannot just be words on a
page, but rather something lived out on a daily     Glowing Blue seeks to live out the Great
basis.                                              Commission in Matthew 28:19-20. With
                                                    the trip that began last month, their hope to
The name “Glowing Blue” is a reference to           minister to anyone with open ears and an
the blue part of a flame, which burns with           open heart is becoming a realization. For
intensity. The band chose this name based on        every penny they get, half of it is set aside for
Revelation 3:15-16, “I know your deeds, that        missions.
you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were
either one or the other! So, because you are        Brady, one of the original founders of Glowing
lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – I am about        Blue, writes songs for the band, as well as
to spit you out of my mouth.”                       sings, and plays guitar, bass, ukulele and
                                                    drums. He is also a driving force in the service
Their prayer is to reveal from Hebrews 12:29        projects the ministry undertakes.                        Glowing Blue band members
that “God is a consuming fire” through a                                                                    Morgan Adare, Jessica Myers, Goeff
ministry of service and praise music.               Brady came to Liberty his senior year. He                   Sirkel and Bryan Brady
                                                    said that going to a new school his last year
The band headed out for a church relationship-      of high school was a tough transition, but
building trip last month. They stopped in East      added, “After getting to know the students and      but now these days, I feel God calling me to
Texas and then migrated down toward Florida.        teachers, and seeing the example they set for       continue in the service of others and to praise
                                                    the new students like me, I began to realize        Him through music.
Geoff Sirkel of Glowing Blue said, “We              God had led me here for a reason.
are very much stepping out of this boat of                                                              “A verse which has always been an
comfortable safe living, knowing that God’s         “I was truly blessed to be in the company of        encouragement to me is 1 Timothy 4:12, which
hands will be there for us to rely on.              those in my class and the teachers who led us       says ‘Don’t let anyone look down on you
                                                    through our last year in high school.               because you are young, but set an example for
                                                                                                        the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith
                                                                      “What amazed me the most          and in purity.’
                                                                      was the faith-based system
                                                                      the school ran by.                “For me, this verse challenged me to be on fire
                                                                                                        for God in a world that is going downhill, even
                                                                      “Even though I only attended      though I was only 11 years old.
                                                                      Liberty for a year, the life
                                                                      lessons and examples set for      “I hope to continue to learn more from God
                                                                      me there will always be a         through the starting of our ministry and to
                                                                      guide for my future.”             touch the lives of everyone we come in contact
                                                                                                        with through the journey commonly known as
                                                                      Brady’s desire to serve God       life.”
                                                                      began years before he came
                                                                                                                  Faith cannot just

                                                                      to Liberty.
                                                                     “I accepted Jesus as my Lord                  be words on a
                                                                     and Savior when I was 11                     page, but rather
                                                                     years old on June 11, 1998.
                                                                     The life I had lived before                  something lived
                                                                     that day could have been                      out on a daily
                                                                     considered by the world to
    Glowing Blue in concert                                          be ‘good.’ I was a ‘good kid’
                                                    that was blessed with a family who provided
                                                    for me, loved me, and took me to church every
                                                    time the doors were open.
                                                                                                                              Fall 2009         Page 27

    1301 S. Highway 377
     Argyle, Texas 76226

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