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AN 203


									                    Mid Exam (Spring Semester 2009-10)
                          AN – 203         DVM 4th Semester
Q. 1: Give the characteristics of a good marker?
Q. 2: Give the specifications of metabolic stall or crate?
Q. 3: Calculate the TDN from the following observations:
                       Composition % on fresh basis                  Digestion coefficient
       CP                     113.5                                          60
       CF                     28                                             45
       NFE                    33                                             60
       EE                     02                                             70
       Dry matter             84                                             56
Q. 4: Name the factors which affect the digestibility?
Q. 5: Explain net protein ratio (NPR)?

                Final Theory Exam (Spring Semester 2009)
                          AN – 203 DVM 4th Semester
Time Allowed: 80 minutes
               Maximum Marks: 24
Q. 1: Link chain of events leading to hypocalcemia in dairy animals. Feeding
       high dietry Ca offers a practical nutritional remedy to abate
       hypocalcemia. Do you agree? Justify your yes or No.                   (2+2)
Q.2: Why do we supplement water soluble vitamins in ruminant animals
       despite knowing that they are capable of synthesize these vitamins?                  (3)
Q. 3: Enlist facts that affect nutrient requirements in lactating animals. How do
       they do that?                  (2+3)
Q. 4: Briefly      discuss     biochemistry       of    “ketosis”.     How        does   niacin
       supplementation reduce ketosis?                       (3+3)
Q. 5: How does adequate level of vitamin D ensure sufficient serum calcium
       concentration?                 (2)
Q. 6: How do different techniques protect proteins and lipids for increasing
       their bypass value?            (2+3)


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